take me to court

take me to court

The liars, traitors, cheaters, thieves, bastards, and fools have had their way long enough. The consequences of their actions are visible/ the reality of not accepting truth itself must lead: has been proven valid/ or our whole world will die.

That literally means: those who lead must be challenged, to prove what they are in fact doing and have done/ and what the consequences of their being wrong, about so much;  means to life on earth.

The disease, destruction, cancer, and death of a university diploma in charge of our lives, our nation, and our world;  is established, by threats. Nothing is more certain of death to our world, than igniting a nuclear fire just like on the sun, here! Nothing is more certain of cancer (this does not belong) throughout nature than mutilating, or changing DNA. Little is more destructive to humans, than to discard respect for their lives; and counterfeit their money through hidden inflation:  WAR erupts, with weapons of mass destruction. The tragedy of university infiltration into our lives, our work, our living, our survival, our nation, & our world: establishes, the assassination of the future itself. That means your children are dead, they don’t stand a chance, in a crucified world; as is the end result of this time on earth.

We begin this journey, by understanding the primary cause such a pandemic of worldwide destruction began. It builds from two distinct definitions of a changed reality on earth:  these are weapons of mass destruction (too scared to argue)/ and the introduction of evolution (chaos created life/ so it doesn’t matter what we do). BOTH MUST BE CHALLENGED, and aligned with “satan (destroyer of worlds) on earth”. Because without the religious connotations our world is being destroyed; by a wide variety of threats caused by men. Do men not lead? Does the university not control the lives of men? Indeed they do!

OUR ONLY OPTION AS A WORLD:  is to remove all weapons of mass destruction by deliberately constructing WORLD LAW, and its enforcement by all nations together.  NOT as it is done through the united nations;  a useless disease on life. But as the law itself, created by we the people of this world:  TO RULE OVER OUR LEADERS, and bring them to trial, or death:  if they fail to obey our laws. World law, is a law to govern leaders/ NOT peoples, as that is entirely different. World law SHALL be applied to sustaining borders, so that nations do not cross:  to achieve that, the military shall be limited in both size and scope, throughout this world. The money and resources saved:  used for life, not war.

NOBODY IS EXCUSED/ NO NATION IS EXCUSED/ NO LEADER IS EXEMPT/ NO FORCE shall arise to take their place and threaten us instead.  A reality that is achieved by making the world peace keeping force, a revolving door of employment;  as in nobody gets to be employed in this work or its progression for more than 8 years or thereabouts. THE ENTIRE world policing force, will be renewed in that period including leaders/ BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW WHICH DECIDES, NOT THE LEADER. The court will be public throughout, the penalty shall be constant, the reality shall be true.

Evolution is a dead fools’ paradise! It offers nothing else. If not for the ridiculous abortion that was religious fervor in “the monkey trial” which began this delusion, and gave it credence;  evolution would not exist. Therefore BACK TO TRIAL we must go; and remove the ludicrous fantasies from life, government, education, and their cult worshipers as is the “university is god”. The horrifying stupidity, and consequent rape, ravaging, violent attack on ALL life:  thereby SHALL END.

IN AMERICA this involves redress of grievances; so as to force trial, and establish we the people rule here:  as is the law itself. Under first amendment constitutional law. You can find an explanation on www.justtalking2.info

In America:  I have refused to pay taxes since 2012;  having forced both federal and state governments through a previous tax revolt: to take me to court.  So that we can let the law decide for life and nation.  THEY THREW ME OUT, once they knew where I was going. In a tax question, “the courtroom is open”/ and it goes where I will take it.  TODAY, even if you have no courage in you; for life, child, environment, or even you’re own future.  I KNOW you still have the blind arrogance to demand of your officials:  “make him pay”.

So do what you do, “for frivolous things”/ and march or whatever it takes: TO FORCE YOUR LEADERS, to take me to court. PAY ATTENTION ANF FIGHT FOR YOUR DEMOCRACY, by demanding THE LAW must be applied.  And I will bring you redress of grievances, which is literal:  POWER TO THE PEOPLE.  But make no mistake, your situation is bleak; because your leaders made it so, by simply giving up on life. Instead of fighting for your future, they abandoned life, and chose to worship greed:  “so they themselves” could take as much as possible:  as they literally watch you go extinct. Beyond trial, it is a fight for truth/ a reality come to life that will not be abandoned, or you die.  Your choice is that:   or be like them, and surrender life on earth.  MAKE YOUR DECISION, but remember “this fight, is for everything”!  NO second chances. Simple and plain, with massive threats surrounding us all, we must understand the cost of being WRONG. Every single one.

In that regard to that:  there are three things you must not let be discarded, for your own sake.

  1. The courtroom must be open to the public, all lights on/ NO assertion of behind closed doors negotiations; as I will NOT negotiate/ they lie.
  2. I do not refuse to pay taxation, it is literal and necessary for the value of society/ UNLESS, AS IT IS TODAY. That taxation today; is merely hiding the people who are using our work and our needs; to EXTERMINATE OUR LIVES.
  3. The purpose begins: TO DEMAND TRUE DEMOCRACY, as in we the people rule here. Which is identified most clearly when we make our own laws. NOT BY VOTING for someone to vote for me/ but by voting on the law itself, and enforcing that law, by hiring investigators/ INSTEAD OF legislators:  to examine reality and prove or disprove OUR LAW, is being obeyed, by those in power.


The purpose is: to put the universities on trial! To identify and determine WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG/ when they are deliberately:  trying to play god with our lives, our nature, our environment, our energies of life, our chemistry of existence, our world, your children, and our future.


The purpose is:  TO REMOVE THE REALITY OF WORLD WAR, with weapons of mass destruction/ or any other type. By replacing their military power of leaders, WITH OUR LAWS!

To fight for what is true, you must believe in what can be beautiful again. To understand value, you must have the courage, to accept yourself. The treasury of your own soul, knows your decision.


There are an endless amount of people who believe “they are happy/ therefore everything is perfect: DON’T change nothing”. Because they belong to the army of insurgency that is a university diploma. Or more specifically, “I got mine, & I sure as hell is coming; DON’T care about you”. That is the basics of why Syria is what it is today; the USA is simply a step behind. The reality, having given your money, thereby your working lives to a university to create something more for your child:  they now own your options. Can’t speak/ can’t talk/ can’t work without them/ can’t do nothing; and if they don’t help you collect some money back for that whole investment. Then you are stuck forever with a tremendous debt; for absolutely nothing, or very little, of value. Don’t change nothing assumes:  life will not change/ you have all you need. But that is not true for any cause or reason. The terrorists of university elite; are literally going to ignite a nuclear fire (planet itself on fire). Going to destroy nature:  mutilating DNA, and creating weapons of biological terror, whether on purpose or not;  death don’t care. Discarding every resource, thereby killing the future; and that does mean your child too. Destroying the sanctity of everything we need to survive; and much more. Even if you cannot see the truth of what the consequences of these decisions is going to be:  you CAN understand the basic reality of what I describe. You know, there is no escape from the consequences of these things. You know, “nothing is right” in this America; because fools and their fantasies took control over government. All that life is, has been under attack for decades. All that life will be:  is decided in this day/ so I ask you plainly to open the courtroom door, and let us all investigate, examine the facts, and make our own decision as to what the future of both life and planet is going to be. We have the power to do that together. I have no power to intervene, because the courts have proven themselves corrupt:  by discarding constitutional law. Fight for your democracy. Fight for life and world, or you will lose it forever.

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