extreme catastrophe


Extreme catastrophe’s come in only two forms:  nature did this, & men did this! what nature does or does not do;  gives us life and the living which helps us to survive. There is not one thing, that nature itself does, that it does not use to create, or use to balance life and living with. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant; the fact nature sustains all life, and gives us all things of beauty and value in living:  proves without the slightest argument, it is CORRECT. And we should not intervene, in more than very limited ways. To do so has consequences, that men never consider/ and causes catastrophe (death by chaos), instead of rebuilding value for all life.

In this America, the one thing that “flashes out” from people is:  “MEDICINE IS GOD”.  Because they want to believe, that all things medicine will save them/ and they DON’T want to know anything to the contrary, because it ruins their hiding place of “the university is god”.  But let’s review:  today by the numbers, medicine collects “averaged out”;  ten thousand dollars per each American citizen, per year/ NOT including the military.  So the question is:  if you are do damn healthy/ and so extra special taken care of by medicine. THEN WHY do you need so much care? Would that not indicate an organized crime instead? Indeed it would. Paid for by counterfeiting currency as hidden inflation. So the universities in charge of that US currency have stolen all our work/ all our savings/ all our resources to hide their tragedies of terrorism;  as is trying to ignite nuclear fire/ as is deliberately trying to make genetics fail, so they can play god even more/ as is the endless reality of threat, by a university demand or consequence of actions. One of the most threatening to this world is:  medicine, as over population of humanity literally threatens extinction for this entire planet.  Somebody does have to die, or the entire globe ceases to function. So men create war with weapons of mass destruction, which they call their saviors (too horrendous to use).  But given the fact these are now in the hands of millions of people world wide; and it only takes one to ignite a fire storm in nuclear and biological extermination.  Just a tiny bit of knowledge to release a chemical catastrophe like Bhopal; in millions of places around this world.  Their savior is SATAN (destroyer of a world). And it will be released/ and it will be your extinction. Unless the horror and absolute hell of genetic mutilation does not take over first.  Or the nuclear fire, which your leaders already know they CANNOT EXTINGUISH, is actually ignited first. Or war. Or food crisis/ water crisis/ extinction of the chains which provide life on earth. Or chemical contamination of the living processes which keep us alive. Or a billion other “university knows; how to be a terrorist best”; realities of our existence suddenly make it impossible to keep life on earth.  As is the result of your university gods playing with life, nature, energy, environment, weapons, and realities that have NO POSSIBLE consequence other than the end of life on earth. That is their gift of “university knowledge” to you, and to all.

Life of all kinds is dying all around you. Every life on the planet is threatened with extermination from all sides.  The planet is in jeopardy. Even the solar system itself is threatened by another sun igniting to destroy this earth. Your university gods are SATAN.

And humanity has no courage, not even to investigate the reality of a fire that cannot be quenched. The crucifixion of all life, by genetic manipulation/ unleashing biological weapons of mass destruction. On purpose or not;  these too, cannot be recalled. Chemistry that alters life itself/ changing plants, insects, and creatures of every kind. Poisoning water on purpose. Setting the food supply on the edge of becoming poison, and destroying itself.

And humanity says:  “our university gods, love us/ they wouldn’t do that”.  Even though all the evidence says otherwise. Because the foundation of all university religion is:   all life and environment is just the product of chaos, and completely unbelievable accidents;  and we can do chaos, and we are lucky (life is good to me).  So we will win the games we play.

Reality is not a game though. Life is no accident, and only a fool assumes or allows itself to be told:  every body of life is merely chaos organized by the lack of even a brain;      no tools;   no anything. “just an ooze rising out of the ocean/ without even a membrane to hold it all together”. Not even a single food source to survive with.  What is not a religion about that?  Their priest and prophets (professors) tell you “Just believe, we are your gods”.  Yet everything they do, brings us into HELL!


(knew better/ but did it anyway), and its army of terrorists (threatening life itself), traitors (they sold us out/ to get more for themselves), liars (intentional storytelling as if it were true), and thieves (they stole our work, by counterfeiting our money; spending anything they wanted on fantasy and threats).   Or die, as the fools they led you to be!


Evolution is apparently a beguiling snake (it wraps around, discards all other facts;  and fails to let you go) to you; as it has no basis in fact whatsoever/ yet you let the university gods you worship, even teach your children to obey their cult. Shame on you.

The human body, as is every single body of life:  IS EXTREMELY INTRICATE AND COMPLICATED.  So much so, that nothing is truly known about the realities involved in  its automatic generation of life on earth.  What we do know is:  the human body for instance is extremely well engineered, and architecturally perfect by design for what we need and want it to do. We know: it works within very limited chemical boundaries of which extremely small amounts of complex chemicals generate all the controls which give us the freedom to make our own choices, as a body within our control. We know: that the tiny amount of complex chemicals we call food, are so efficient/ that our bodies do survive on extremely little;  because of chemical perfection. We know, that the stomach uses highly corrosive chemicals to break down the food source/ but does not kill us instead. We know, the process of pregnancy is complex, beyond any true comprehension. We know, that thought gives us life itself;  because without the comprehension of life/ there can be no true freedoms. We know, without blood/ your body dies. We know without an immune system, your body dies quickly. We know a vast amount of realities, which all prove one single thing:   DON’T TOUCH THIS MACHINERY OF LIFE.   BECAUSE WE TRULY CANNOT FIX IT BACK to the way  it was.

       The universities find this to be nonsense;  as they invade and threaten absolutely everything this world has to offer us;  in every single way. There is nothing sacred to them. There is nothing that cannot be broken and thrown away. There is nothing that cannot be mutilated and crucified (captured, beaten, and cut until the pain is insufferable). There is nothing about life, society, energy, or planet:  that they DON’T infect and attempt to destroy, as so to prove they can play god with life. How is that fair, or justified?


       and all the people say:  “we want leaders/ so that we don’t have to take responsibility for what goes wrong”/    instead, we can just blame them!

Reality does not agree:  as the truth of our situation in this day is simple. YOUR LEADERS, ARE EXTERMINATING LIFE ON EARTH!  How is that not your fault as well/ YOU let them, and even give them money, and worship like a cult:  so they can do it. To your eternal shame.

CHANGE THIS, and disband its army of terrorists, traitors, liars, and thieves.   Or die, as the fools they led you to be!


The universities threaten extinction; rarely do they save life/ or even benefit it. The list is long.

Nonetheless, something very simple identifies this truth:  a nuclear reactor blows up because of extremely poor planning/ or human decision. Radiation pours out, when the failure to accept proper procedures are cast aside.

  1. There is no cause for a nuclear reactor to explode: IF, THE PUMP that is driving the cooling machinery, and the reactor fluid is run with steam generated by the reactor itself. A very simple truth; which would use an electric driven motor for backup.
  2. Having the reactor below the water cooling level, so that gravity would take over in a state of concern/ is a very simple fix. Put the reactor below the lake/ or build a lake above the reactor. So long as you remember: when the coolant temperature goes above 600 degrees, the rise in pressure begins to multiply greatly. So don’t push the water in, if the core is already too hot/ or push it in slowly so that steam generated is not enough to explode the container.
  3. Cavitation occurs in all boilers, which means any reactor that has been in service for decades is a potential leak under duress conditions. Public inspection of these boilers: we see by video/ as you do it.  Subsequently a ring of steel placed on the outside of the reactor, can increase the stability, and retain it in operation safely;  when required.
  4. Picking up radioactive materials on the ground so as to clean the area: requires a digging tool, that remains shallow (don’t mix It in)/ lifts the dirt and debris up by conveyor to an identification chamber. Where a blast of air: pushes an identified particle into a separate container.  Thereby selecting to remove sufficient materials to return the ground to usage. Trees and brush can be shredded to attain the same result with a similar machine.
  5. Secondary backup on all major components for safety is mandatory. The failure in Japan, was not the tsunami: it was putting the generators in harms way. Another “university horror story”, one of very many truths;  as does happen everyday in energy and genetics and more.

Grow up and find your brain:  what is difficult about any of these above things?  Yet your “scientists” can’t comprehend simple reality:  they only love a good FANTASY, with a taste of complete DELUSION.  As they THROW US, “under the bus”/ so they can feel superior.  Oh wait, I know:  the university does not need a brain, “they are like evolution:  it’s all just chaos”.

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