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The essence of a human being is time, the reality of a human being is choice:  “to be what I can be/ or not”. the value of a human being relies upon love/ but the consequences of what a human being will become are dedicated to want & pride; a violence to the human heart. Because want (I alone matter most) will not care/ and pride (I am winner) will not share.

In addition to that comes the reality of survival, which is determined in this day, by the tragedy of “university knows”; which has done everything it could to destroy the opportunities of men and women to choose their lives for themselves. Giving that reality of existence to a tiny few, by corrupting every possibility for justice, fair play, and equality with lies:  “no, every fantasy, theory, delusion, betrayal, conspiracy, collusion, corruption, desertion, failure, and fool;  does not get to rule”; when truth lives instead of their lies.

We then add in the money, which is a disease unless apportioned fairly; and of course those with pride gain power through money; the only thing they worship/ and live for the delusions of want, which is to take everything so they can declare themselves to be god. With university rules life, that has been an unending betrayal to nations and the world.

So the question is:  what can be done for life to remain or return at peace? Because the future is a guaranteed turmoil, which leads only to chaos, Armageddon, war, and all the realities of “hell”!

The answer is:  that the counterfeiting, or more correctly the endless bribery (just sit on your couch and do nothing) accepted by humanity/ or never look up from your slavery to see a different life: and let those who are destroying a planet and all its life forever;  continue. Stop accepting the money, and the game dissolves into chaos/ where only reality can fix the future, by assigning a new way of pursuing “our lives”. Rather than their money. You have no money, because numbers don’t matter; resources and labor do! In democracy we can take over the resources, by first amendment (we the people decide) redress law/ and we are the labor.

The critical reality involved is;  HOW do we survive the transition between, “the few who own everything/ and we the people have built our own true democracy, by understanding what the constitution is, and allows.”

The elemental answer is: to take control of the money for ourselves, as a government of we the people who do own this nation; as constitutional liberties will allow by law! That law is:

  1. The constitution is the government of this USA/ not our employees, regardless of rank.
  2. Constitutional documents which primarily include the preamble, the “virginia” bill of rights, and the declaration of independence all speak to what our unity as a nation was created to do. So do it!
  3. The first amendment redress of grievances LAW, is a valid and true exercise of democratic authority that gives us the right as we the people to demand, a courtroom examination of our leaders to address and decide if our leaders who sworn and oath to put constitutional law and purpose before everything else: HAVE IN FACT obeyed their oath, as we see fit to judge them accordingly. IF IN FACT they have not/ then we own the right to take control of our government, and declare a new order by vote within ourselves as a nation or state. Thereby translating the right of the people, into the government of the people.
  4. Where the law exists, our reality is: whosoever makes, and enforces the law, controls the future. Therefore we must not “hire” people to make laws for us/ but rather as true democracy requires:  we will make and vote directly on the laws themselves; as we see fit to do. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ by my vote for the law that WILL direct and control my/ our lives. One vote per citizen; without a courtroom judge to intervene/ except for determining a valid and true level of justice in these proceedings, for us all. The failure to do that is TREASON, the intent to destroy our right, is TYRANNY and TRAITOR.
  5. By taking control over the money in a courtroom defined by redress of grievances: we decide as one people. We find the power to change our lives and even our world. By controlling the power of money, with limited capitalism (by vote we decide how much or how little any worker/ citizen shall have):  we then end the turmoil and disease of money, to capture for ourselves a “justifiable, equitable, and fair society”.
  6. By fixing the currency itself, to a population count (so many numbers, per citizen): we will understand, exactly where we stand, as a worker in terms of fairness with all the rest. By establishing NO GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, shall make a debt for us to pay/ we redirect reality to what is true.  International trade is by resource or gold.
  7. By redefining the courtroom, to WE WILL JUDGE THE JUDGE for ourselves/ as well as every lawyer/ and what the penalties shall be. Failure to make the grade, and a judge or lawyer will be removed from the courtroom permanently.
  8. NO SALE of property that belongs to the people of this USA by their employees, without our direct permission. NO GIVING AWAY anything belonging to the people of this USA without their direct clear participation and decision by vote. NO immigration without the correct response from an immigrating nation: which is distinct and provable BIRTH CONTROL actively in place, and in use.
  9. We will decide through the same basic control as is limited capitalism: exactly how many resources shall be allowed to an individual. We will limit the size of every corporation or other to one location only. We will destroy every monopoly and establish participation among the people instead. We will establish the medical monopoly in its proper place as a utility that will then be governed by we the people instead of privatized or other, business.
  10. We will govern each other by the purposes of freedom: which is to give each other the chance to be whatever you wish/ but limit that with liberty, as is the right to insist your freedom shall NOT risk our own lives instead or with you. That liberty SHALL INVOKE AND CONTROL every form of university or other/ establishing in fact: the liberty to prove YOU SHALL NOT GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, OUR RESOURCES, OUR NATURE, OUR WORLD, NOR ANY OTHER REALITY OF LIFE THAT BELONGS TO THE LIVING CREATION OF THIS WORLD. And you shall only be allowed to carefully with full and complete exposure, consider doing any research or other: UNLESS WE FULLY AGREE to accept the consequences of what your work GONE WRONG, by any valid definition; shall mean, to us or life or world.
  11. The essence of every military might, is the soldier and his weapon. The power to control is a threat: WE will release this on YOU. Thereby producing the many as the “uniformed threat”/ instead of, or onto: the individual. The reason militaries are able to instruct, and command their soldiers into death, murder, and destruction onto the others is: they have NO RIGHTS. Thereby the commander says, and the individual soldier does: because if they do not, they will die or be imprisoned by their own military. Or “damned if you do/ damned if you don’t scenarios”.  In order to take power away from a military leader; it is absolutely critical, to GIVE THE SOLDIER A BILL OF RIGHTS, outlined and created by the public of that nation itself. So as to make perfectly clear as possible what are, and what are not the responsibilities and penalties for the elements of military law that will then govern their own military in the nation and with its citizens or others. With those rights, they need not fear    greatly, the commanders/ because the commanders shall have laws created by the public to govern them as well. Through the creation of world law by all nations; this inherently becomes enforceable by international courts. Leaders exist as the decision makers which lead the others to their own ruin. Leaders are also inherently those who make smaller groups violate the law as well. Each is subject to the authority given to those who must enforce as written: the laws of humanity on this earth.  These same types of bill of rights:  MUST BE MADE for the policing/ and the citizens facing an arrest, as designed by the nation itself. IF THE COURT fails to enforce that bill of rights on either side: the judge goes directly to prison, as is consistent with the penalties to be decided by public vote.
  12. The foundation of communication is knowledge regarding what is, and what is not important to our lives, nation, state, city, or world. Media lacks integrity and produces lies, cheating, stealing, traitorous acts against democracy, betrayal and all forms of propaganda deliberately intended to close the eyes, ears, and hearts of the public itself. In America they trade all that for money and power to control. The tiny few owners manipulate the so called news; to protect themselves, and change our world for disaster. As is so evident particularly in their coverage of threats against all life on earth. Their failure is long and deadly, and they have no repentance; because they find the control over humanity, empowering them to play god. That means without doubt:  that all communication shall be divided into small and individual units which by constitutional law will never be multiplied into another again. So that the competition will grant MORE people to make a decision to protect;  for their lives, future, and world; as is the purpose of news..  As is true of every road or path forward for life, the public must own/ and the rights of the individual to participate fairly and honestly with respect, should never be put in jeopardy. As is so tragic today.

A great leader, is exactly like a great friend:  I know, that along with trust, comes the values of a decision that will never invade or threaten my life, our world, or our future. Because truth claims:  freedom, dignity, and responsibility to life/ is more important than pride.

a horrendous leader, is exactly like an enemy:  making decisions that I will have to pay for/ causing realities of threat, that could exterminate my life/ establishing events and consequences which when proven wrong:  end the future itself.


To be a great leader, does not require:  being a genius or knowing everything. That is irrelevant, so long as the ability and the willingness to learn is evident and true. Truth makes a great leader, because truth builds a future life will survive.  Whereas lies kill, destroy, and damage “everything”. So the reality is very simple:  searching for what is true, by any and all methods based in reality, for the sole purpose of finding solutions which build our future.  Establishes a legacy, others can follow and join. Being leader IS NOT a joy; because it requires a dedication to values which have a deliberate responsibility to life. Being the enemy of life, lets pride rejoice/ until the cost of being wrong; has become the horror it was intended to be.

To identify problems, “we the people face”; is to understand, the value of leadership is to communicate these problems; and let the people themselves search for their solutions. To aid and abet their search means:  to construct the listing of what the problem is/ and then identify in plain and simple terms;  what can be understood. What it does mean in each instance where a decision must be made:  by establishing the price of being WRONG.

The discipline required to make that happen: is to achieve, the orderly construction, of a balanced, true, and distinct elemental search/ that all the people can find, and then with or without help, understand for themselves.  To establish democracy, they then vote for themselves on what the solution, and the consequence that will come from their decision:  for themselves.

Freedom aligned with liberty, recognizes boundaries and limits to that freedom; so that all people benefit, and become as free as life dignified by truth, can be.

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