Insanity is the pit, into which hatred shall fall! The lesson to be learned is:  don’t let hate consume you/ step back, decide truth itself must lead. Defend yourself, from all things hate! Even if, the reality is unfair.

The question is:  why does insanity exist? The answer almost entirely is devoted to believing “I AM TRAPPED”. By the deliberate decisions, or accidental fate caused by yourself or another. Insanity begins by creating an enemy, thereby “something you can do (good or bad)”; to alleviate this trouble. The failure to find that solution:  drives some people deep into depression/ others to drug abuse. The failure which is to make some other living creation an enemy:  discards the reality of your own input into this situation, and creates a pit.

The question is:  what is insanity, and what must be done to contain it, or discard it? The answer is:  by making “your own pit” into which the enemy is thrown/ by whatever means possible for you. Insanity then becomes, the dungeon of your own mind. As it is now a prison, because you cannot escape your capture of the enemy;  you must guard it at all times/ or it will attack you again and again. Which means you will attack or defend yourself, at all times.  Which means, the degree of violence acceptable to you will rise exponentially, because that is what it takes to control what has become your hate.

The question is:  what is your hate? The answer is:  hate isolates the mind, to focus on “one single thing”. When that is all there is too you/ then, that one thing becomes your owner:  therefore you hate it. Hate then translates too:  “you stole my life/ and I will never forgive”! The reality of insanity then becomes:  to remain sane, each one must forgive, (contained) and forget that judgment they made (discarded), against another creation.

People become trapped within their own delusions:  I CAN solve all my problems by blaming this one!  Because they want an easy solution, that does not entangle them in the reality of work, to make this better! Change is work, and change requires that the isolation inherent in the measurement of others/ must end. Which means measure NO ONE.  Because that becomes a judgment for or against; and with that judgment the opportunity to blame, or condemn, or conceive of as an enemy arises. When you claim “someone is a trophy”/ and they then let you down, or discard you as “Unnecessary to their own life”. The consequence of that becomes hate:  “I did so much for you/ even though you did not”.  I don’t deserve this from you;  whether true or not, this is a reality of human life; that simply must be endured. I don’t desire this from you/ even though you refuse to accept it;  which means, I am now injured/ my life is now changed, because of you.

The constant of insanity is simple:  “I feel powerless” to stop the realities of my life, that I don’t feel justified or fair to me.  Therefore I have made an adjustment:  NOW, I am free to steal/ free to kill/ free to take whatever I want from you;  because you deserve what I am doing. Simple and plain.

When that is not enough, violence takes over:  to prove NOW I have power over you! The end result is whatever proves “I hate you”. Even if “the enemy” does not even have a clue, why!


So, lets review

  1. Judgment becomes an opportunity to hate/ which can then easily become a violence, which cannot be taken back.
  2. Insanity has trapped your mind in a circle (I can’t let go/ I won’t): which narrows itself into a vortex (taken over by the need for power) that causes you to descend into the pit (trapped by my own wants) you yourself have created.
  3. Forgiveness unleashes the chain on your soul. Discarding your judgments, gives you back your life.
  4. Fighting for the value of moments, so that love may find a home in you: gives us a future.
  5. So the question is: if life and world and time have a value/ can you accept, truth must lead?
  6. The reality is: even if living has been unfair/ are you willing to surrender the values within your heart that make life worth living?  Just so you can hate!
  7. The answer is: remember every miracle life presents. YOU ARE, literally surrounded by them!  Given that truth, accepting that serenity:  because you are a miracle within yourself. The path forward then becomes a respect for our CREATOR, along with an understanding of love. This didn’t have to be:  as it is clearly visible in every part of our time here on earth. Not even the richest man on earth “can buy his own time”/ it is a gift. Thereby you are equal;  just remember, time is neither an enemy or a friend. It is simply the opportunity to make choices, and identify where these things will go. So that better choices can be made:  “before eternity comes to get you”!

The value of every life, is found within its purpose. The love of every life, is found within his or her desire. What is true, will surface/ because it must;  all lies die. The heart is what you accept, among the things you have learned to choose.

The elemental road of men is:  GO GET SOMETHING, take it if you have too/ steal it if you must; and when things are better, throw it all away just to prove you can! A reality that is your curse.

The elemental disgrace of men is:  that nothing matters, “but me, and what I want”.

The foundation tragedy of men is:  the future means nothing, today is all that matters to us/ because tomorrow always brings war.

In an effort to do better, universities were born; who then took over life, and with the prize in hand; destroyed the future with every conceivable method they could fantasize about. Destroying economies. Destroying resources. Destroying currency; fraud, deceit, manipulation, propaganda, “everything hateful” they could find, “just to prove they could”. Destroying the future with weapons of mass destruction. Destroying nature. Destroying oceans. Destroying the balance of nature. Destroying the disciplines of living chemistry to bring mutilation. Destroying the order of life itself, by the satanic ritual, of playing god with life/ sacrificing the food chains, the ocean chains, the water, the living chemistry, population order, and absolutely everything they could touch: with pure arrogance and disrespect.

Women are far less clear, and since their leadership, and substantial choices have been very limited;   what is clear is, they aren’t much different than men when it comes to “we want whatever we want”.

While it is true, that I have spent more of my time among those with an education than those without; finding among them little difference, other than those without seek respect, and commonly don’t find it. The reality of discipline says:  as always, although the majority follow and thereby support the common society as it is/ it is the leadership that points the way, and many times refuses to allow for change. Leadership comes from university; as they took control: by changing the language, introducing foreign language, altering the courtroom, destroying democracy, crucifying life, cursing with weapons, spending trillions of their toys, spending trillions on themselves with hidden inflation, dispossessing the citizenship, to take greater control; enforcing extreme debt thereby slavery to themselves. And every other form of failure that can exist in humanity. All courtesy of the diploma. With very little value to show for their choices and direction in society;  for life.

The fool says “I know”/ when in fact only truth can know. The failure says “I will”/  when in fact life and body itself will decide. The difference between LIFE and time, is a decision to accept being free. The difference between LIFE and death, is your choice has been removed. So the critical question is:  freedom has no value, unless life can be happy/ therefore wisdom will choose to build. While the fool simply wants a moment. Wisdom will seek to produce and conceive of justice. While a failure will always try to lead, a mob (we want/ we don’t think, we are believers).

The tragedy of a university is, the very same as with all religious enterprises:  with a tiny success, they immediately believe “they are god, and must take control over every aspect of life, world, child, and future”. The poison of a book that is given the credibility of “god”/ is that with their book, they assert NO ANSWER must be given beyond what the book says. “because the book is god”! In that way, the religious zealot cannot be confused or proven wrong, because their book is god, and god has all the answers; therefore a follower should never question the book.

The universities in addition to their books, did and do deliberately plan, create, and instigate a true insurgency in this nation and beyond: as is the poison of the mind, that infiltrated and changed America over the decades; seeping from the sewage of an arrogant religion/ into life. The entire purpose of the university elite in America was to destroy everything the nation itself built; and replace it with their own dogma/ as is consistent with the same religious purposes, seen throughout history. We are in control now/ and we want everyone to believe whatever we say is true. No matter how ludicrous, foolish, blind, or outright ignorant:  as is constant with religion “WE have the book”/ therefore we are gods.

People go to university, to escape reality and continue therein playing as a child with no responsibilities to life; “It can be fun/ why should we work”. They leave a university with maybe one small skill at best; and it rarely works for society, or its business; so they must be retrained by the “common worker” so they can in fact at least try to do their job. Which of course they then get paid for way above the people who actually make work happen. But hey, the games of men and women; are all about being a child with fantasies, for as long as you can. Ask almost any professor; no reality needed.

The list of tragedy, failure, fantasy, or coming catastrophe, from “a university mind” is very long/ the list of accomplishments that meant something valuable to life is short. After investigating healthcare as to substance and value/ “there are no miracles in medicine”; only people with a job, some good/ some poor or bad/ most simply doing their job, just like everyone else. The realities of over population, whereas human growth rate is now one hundred million more new mouths to feed than deaths every year; can in part be attributed to healthcare. But that is obviously NOT a blessing, and our entire world is dying because this can’t go on as it is. You changed the reality of chance, and now we face extinction. The consequence is: if more want to live longer/ then fewer must be born; or there is an age limit when you will go. Because the world is more important than the individual.

The reality of university knows religion is, as they have decreed it to be:

By claiming, superiority of the mind, they have declared and by counterfeiting our money through hidden inflation:  built machines to escape the boundaries of physical energy that keep our world alive. As is the purpose of igniting a nuclear fire. “we can play god/ what better proof, than control the same fire as is on the sun; here on this earth”.  Literally nothing could be more arrogant than that, and yet they believe: we are god. And the cult of followers not only follow, but invest their world, and every life on it.  They can’t extinguish a flame, that burns atoms for fuel; as is what happens on the sun. A clearly proven fact! To your shame, you let them throw away your world, every life/ THIS ENTIRE CREATION.

By claiming superiority of the brain: they have declared evolution to be their god, “life is just an accident we built ourselves by selecting each thing life needed one piece at a time; without even a brain until last”.  Pure fantasy; and yet with that religious dogma and absolutely no substantial proof of any kind:  they have decreed as gods, we can mutilate nature/ we can create life for ourselves. Because nothing we do has consequences;  evolution will just repair it “in a billion years or so”.  And the cult follows, and even gives life itself over to the fools and their failure, corruption, and horrendous acts;  to our world. Even a two year old can comprehend:  life ain’t no accident. As is proven by all its pieces are required, or a living body dies. How long before without a kidney you are dead/ or a liver/ or a lung/ or an ANYTHING created by design? Answer, the body cannot be built one piece at a time/ nor can it survive without an entire planet prepared prior to that existence. To your shame, you let them throw away your environmental world, every life/ THIS ENTIRE CREATION, that is a living world.

NOT ONE THING, that the universities have taken credit for:  is as it has been propagated to consume humanity (they are great) and initiate slavery (we don’t need no damn reality; let the numbers be whatever we want). They are not great or superior; they are merely intellectuals, which through fear over a nuclear weapon became leaders. They are the builders of traps, with a clear and true intent to control our world for their own toys, trinkets, and purposes as is consistent with most religion. They invaded the schools, because fools went to court with Darwin charts, and the fantasy of a book was all the other side used to say this is wrong. Utter idiots without a brain;  “the first wave of university zombies” called adaption all the evidence they need. Nothing could be less true! Adaption is merely the evidence of perfect design, as in “I knew this would be needed later”/ so it was designed into the whole. The reality of similarities is as simple as you use a piston engine in every vehicle, with only small changes; because it works.  The sewer of poison that is “university knows” claims humans are 98% the same as apes/ yet reality even at the numbers given by the pestilence of a university mind, suggests 98% of 6 billion known instructions; is one hundred and twenty million changes. The curse of a university god is, even this number has absolutely nothing to do with the reality of how the entire genetic code works. Because it is far more complex. Which means the disease of monkeys in charge;  are fighting to destroy life itself, by making it their toy.

As is true of most religion:  there are values hidden within, that can benefit life. These are generally discarded when power arises; because leaders want what they want for themselves/ as is so clearly true of “university knows religion”. Just take a look at what they did:  world economies in ruin, by fantasy numbers created in deceit of hidden inflation. Quadrillions spent in every possible method to bring the universities their toys. Weapons of mass destruction to make you fear, and keep you from asking questions. The incarceration of freedom, by taking away communication with value:  only they have a voice. The corruption of courts and democracy. The devaluation of education: bow down to us, and worship the university or we give you NOTHING.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera; as the world sacrifices everything: to exterminate itself! To your shame, you let them throw away your world, every life/ THIS ENTIRE CREATION, for nothing more than a mountainous garbage dump, where many have already thrown their soul. DAMN FOOL. How is that not true?

No, I am not going to beat you into submission; to save a world. RISE YOURSELVES above and beyond the cursed, or be cast aside into the scrapyard of failure.

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Jim Osterbur

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