examining reality

examining reality

it is a reality of our lives, that we must contend with those who have no “living heart”/ even if their human heart functions fine. A living heart beats in the rhythms, that make life happy for us all; granting the grace of an equality to every life, that is formed from respect. A human heart simply functions, for the purposes of time: to measure/ to judge/ to express, explain, or experience human existence, on this planet of life. Every measurement leads to grief/ every judgment leads to tragedy/ every expression explains your agreement with love, or its opposite which is hate. Every experience combines to form our relationships with this world. Given those fundamentals, the reality of a living heart, does not “rule the world, of our human existence”.

So we must ask WHY, do people judge, even when they know it will bring grief to someone/ because they chose to play god, as in I am superior? The answer is to express something called “more”. The explanation of more is: I RECEIVED MORE, or attained more, or built more, or had more given to me, or am simply more; because I say so/ and by measuring you with less in whatever way that is possible; I PROVE, I am more. Therefore judgment is about the reality of people who want to play god (more than you), instead of being equal, or choosing for society or life. The fundamental of our human experience is:  “come play with me”. The reality of our human experience is driven by the choice of love or hate: which isolates come play with me into two categories. “let us be friends; as in love”/ OR, let us be enemies, so I can prove that I am superior, or to be feared by you; as in hate. The accumulated translation of society is:  that the majority desire friendship, but they are tempted by hate to “be more”; they are corrupted by hate to assume, “these are less”; they are measured by hate, so they judge too;  they use and abuse the others to prove “I have power too”; and they fail whenever another life is affected in ways that will be remembered as hate did this to me; including you’re own!  In this facet of reality that is “university rules society”; the greatest failure every conceived or brought about by men is a university. Because failure surrounds us all, with endless threats we cannot survive; unless we cast aside “university rules” and find the will to belong to “LIFE on earth comes first”. The universities have proven death is their answer; as the evidence does prove.

We then ask:  HOW could love heal this planet, and all these people from the tragedy of their lives; as chosen by university rules? The first critical step is to remove the delusions/ the fantasies/ the lies, stealing, cheating, treason, terrorism, and blatant “satan worship (as is all extreme experimentation)”; of a failed state; failed leadership; and failed human existence. Changing humanity begins with:  destroying the rule of a university elite, over government and society, in all its forms/ and return this world to a democracy that actually works, by proving we the people can rule over ourselves.

The organized gang is very simple to describe:  “without people who join, and don’t ask questions, proving hate”; there is no true power unless you attack the world itself with each and every version of;  weapons with mass destruction. A university caused plague. Even so, the reality of threat so conceived is to destroy everything about themselves as well: which means, they won’t immediately use these, and once they do: life ends on earth. Thereby we are limited UNLESS we the people remove those weapons in all their forms, from our lives.  World law alone, can do that; there is no other way.

The organized criminal gang: is composed of people who will hate with me, to make them all fear us! That threat is the power, which allows a few to control or take from others, whatever they want; because they have formed their own “little army”. When a criminal is exposed without their gang to war with them; they are no longer a gang, and must accept the limits of what they can or will do all by themselves. Which gives the majority power over them, because “we can make you stop”. We can make you leave, separating those who want to rule over our lives, and enslave. It is, “just a matter of law”.

The organized criminal conspiracy that is an insurgency against a nation, to consume its power to sustain democracy. Is conceived by the words “we ARE the government”/ proving they refuse to be employed by democracy, and have fundamentally taken charge over that government, corrupting it, to become rulers. Therefore the critical traitors involved in that rebellion against a nation itself: is found in the courtroom, where a constitutional law or guarantee is never allowed in the room. Destroyed by treason, with irrelevant rules or frivolous innuendo or just plain lies; as has been proven by the trials created  James F Osterbur; plaintiff or defendant. It is again the organized gang (we take what we want/ because you cannot stop us all), which forms the backbone of every part and parcel called power.

Thereby we know, and come to realize: it is the formation of a gang that rules by hate, to control and take control over what we value/ what we do/ and what we can or cannot be in the society of our lives. To remove a gang and keep them from returning by force:  there must be a greater force to deny that from happening. That force is law, and that law MUST be formed through a vote from the people themselves in their own creation of what our law must be. When LAW ITSELF RULES, then the only power given to any combination of men or women is limited by the enforcement of that law we did create for ourselves. The gang of policing powers, that illuminates whether or not the law will be kept: is governed correctly “as best we can” in a courtroom that we oversee for ourselves. Removing a judge, or lawyer, or policing official by simple and effective means chosen by ourselves. Graded through the courtroom we oversee: ONLY THOSE who we find to be “doing the correct job for us” shall remain in their position. Granting constitutional control over the process: as the VALUES WE SELECTED, as a society, to prove and describe and explain: WHO WE ARE, and what our society shall become. Takes the power away from those who vote, to give it back to the constitution itself; as the foundation of all law that exists. Sustaining that relationship, gives life to a nation/ rather than death by traitors or terrorists. A bill or rights for policing and the citizenry is absolutely necessary. A bill or rights for the military soldier, is absolutely necessary. A bill of rights for the nation itself is fundamental to freedoms and truth as to liberty among us. EACH OF THOSE, is guaranteed and established by the first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (as employees who swore: did you obey your oath to us, or did you not) in US constitutional law.

So, the question of a living heart is:  WILL I PAY, for a better world? The answer is “yes or no”/ as the middle ground no longer exists:  we face extermination, by the accumulation of evidence against life on earth.

When examining reality, we find that the primary cause of nearly all human problems is:  that people, and in particular men do not want truth to decide. Because for the majority, their pride controls all actions:  they want what they want, regardless of what that will come to mean over time. To sustain pride, so that want can continue to rule over life on earth:  is death to our world. To sustain the tragedy of, taking whatever you want: without ever putting anything back, “Just let nature do it”:  is death to our world. To sustain the military as “man’s answer to everything”:  is death to our world. To sustain the university cult, and continue to accept, “they can play god with life”:  is catastrophe, becoming HELL on earth. The consequence of it all is very simple:  without true change no possibility of life surviving on earth exists.

The unfortunate reality of media is:  “being a cheerleader for the university cult”/ does not require them to understand anything!  A simple “ra, ra, ra;  will do”. So every bad decision goes unquestioned/ and every horrifying decision is covered with “the university is god/ they won’t hurt us”;  we love each other.  Completely untrue, or the university would not be gambling with all life on earth:  approaching complete extermination for the planet.  Alas your “university god” is then Satan (destroyer of a world)/ because life is not the important part to them:  their pride is! And so is yours, or you would not let them.

The final summary becomes:

  1. You can’t stop a nuclear fire, and that is exactly what the experiments are trying to create. Once ignited our world is dead.
  2. You can’t stop nature mutilated into chaos, as is the direct and definite desire of universities around this world. Doing their best to destroy genetic disciplines, balance, and order/ even more. Because they literally want to be god over life, “and create new things for themselves”. Once past the point of no return, there will be no mercy;  LIFE on earth will be dead.
  3. You can’t stop the reality of weapons of mass destruction once released. Yet men want the power to threaten; so they refuse world law, and build more weapons instead. LIFE on earth will be dead, JUST A SINGLE missile or other, and your option to stop them is forever over.
  4. Once the resources are all in the garbage dump/ the oceans are empty (as they soon will be), you’re ability to survive will fall to perhaps one percent of the population can live/ creating an endless war. You will wish you were dead, because there is no peace for anyone.
  5. The entire food supply for this planet is in critical jeopardy. Every plant is mutilated. Every livestock facility is completely threatened by pandemic disease and you can’t wait to rebuild. The oceans are all but destroyed now; even if you don’t believe it is true.
  6. The planet is changing, because of heat released by humanity. It is that simple/ along with all the oxygen consumed beyond what this planet can release. You will be asphyxiated. Deserts will expand dramatically. Weather catastrophe’s will become constant.
  7. The list is very long, and it has only one conclusion by the process of wisdom and understanding; given the knowledge of this day. That does not even include all the tragedy coming: because your university leaders particularly in America;  counterfeited all the currency, and spread it around like wind.  “To their army (anyone with a diploma, who memorized what they were told, or mimicked what they were shown to do).  Or whosoever would challenge the people they actually hate:  the American public”.  Because pride cannot stand, “the people who lifted them up”.  Can’t play god, when you owe!
  8. And the people say: let them rule, its too late to change course/ BECAUSE WE DON’T want to pay. We only want what we want, and the bribery has given us that;  until the day we all go to war.  Because they stole our lives, and played games:  with every child lost.  But hey, nobody cares,  because pride is more important than life, at least in America/ OR until death appears, and insists THIS AIN’T NO DAMN GAME.
    1. The horrifying disease, that is the religion called evolution; the changes in living chemistry:  brings us to the nightmare scenario, of a world descending into chaos/ as is the truth about genetic experimentation. When asked what is their purpose in this: it is again, to destroy genetics entirely, because these zealots believe, when it collapses (can’t be put back together again)/ then they will learn how to be god, and create life or change the bodies of life with chaos. Because as all religions are:  “they are believers (we can have whatever we truly want)”.  Unfortunately for this religion: they can have chaos in nature, which is the death and dismemberment of all life on earth. Still the public says nothing;  because they believe in the cult of “university knows”.
    2. For decades, I have talked to “ MANY people” about all the threats we face. Establishing by that truth: only want rules here/ and when confronted by threat, “they all hide in something irrelevant, believing they can escape truth”. It is not so, truth WILL establish the consequences you chose;  “it’s the law”.
    3. For decades, I chose to fight in court; believing the law would defeat want, and reality would come forth. Alas, want rules the court, and it was the law that became completely defeated:  “because none were helping me”. So hidden from sight by courtroom walls/ men did whatever they wanted or were told to do:  to protect pride, want, power, and greed.
    4. We have come to the ending of life on earth, not because I say so; but because the evidence of our reality proves it will be so. Simply adding another billion people every decade, is enough to insure that will happen. Doesn’t take a genius, to know its true. You can’t hide from that. You can only lie to yourselves about igniting nuclear fire, or mutilating life. You steal from your own child, when consuming resources they will need to survive/ and yet you don’t care, not even a little. Or you would at least recycle. YOU have chosen to completely disrespect YOUR CREATOR. A reality of knowledge already in your possession that is absolutely certain by the complexity of our existence;  that this was no accident.
    5. Evolution claims chaos is god (there is only SIMPLE, and nothing else); and for them it will be: as the destroyer of everything takes over your life/ ending complexity and existence by what your universities have done.
    6. To destroy this world of life. To destroy the children of GOD: not the religious/ but those who honorably and deliberately choose respect and love for GOD.  To destroy the earth, and even affect this solar system with your pride, and their thirst for power. Is a guarantee of HADES, whether you believe it or not; is totally irrelevant.  Punishment shall occur. For those who destroy an entire creation of life and planet:  that reality of war becomes eternal. As in terrorized and without death to take the reality away!  To your shame, these things exist.


    CHANGE TODAY, and fight for your world, so that it may not end.  If you don’t/ then your leadership, their decisions, and your purpose to let them will seal your fate:  as exterminated from this universe!  Forever. That is the price of your disrespect/ your willful and deliberate allegiance to “a university as god”.

    You have proven you won’t listen to me/ therefore you have only yourselves to spread the communication of what it means:  TO BE WRONG! For our world. This ain’t no game; every threat is true!

    I am NOT your choice/ I am strictly “the messenger”:  (change or die), simple as that!

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