war games

war games

WAR GAMES;  the insanity of men, playing with pride/ by leveling cities, mutilating life, raping the environment, and destroying all possibilities for peace.  As history proves:  “its what men do”!

The unfortunate reality is, “with men in charge/ NOTHING HAS CHANGED” over thousands of years in proven time.  Absolutely nothing except the weapons. Because pride is the only thing that matters, when pride and aggression forms the playground for those who want to consider themselves “god (I can/ and YOU can’t stop me)”.

So, today the foundation of misery coming for our world again, is an endless series of arrogance;  trying to prove “I can & you can’t stop me”. From both America and N. Korea; as well as other places around the globe; as preparations for the end of our planet continue to gain steam. The consequence of pride is:  since you couldn’t stop me/ our world will die. Making everyone sad for the very last time.

Because of that fact, the reality of trying to make a difference continues; regardless of the propagation that is “we can’t be wrong”. As is media, ever since it was born and mutilated by men.

Nonetheless reality states:

  1. The foundation enterprise of N.K is simple: they want to be power players, who get whatever they demand; because now they have a big threat.  “So you have to do what they say”.
  2. Playing with the USA gives them substance to their threat; because the USA plays along and makes them “bigger than they are”.  As is the constant in this USA,  “fear them”.  Or more correctly the bastard of power rises to control society, because whenever fear is present;  the powerful take whatever they want. So it works for both sides, because power worships hate; it is their tool.
  3. People in both nations demand of themselves “believe we must”/ until of course war begins, and then faced with the truth of what that means; they cry, and find their lives, and their future murdered in one form or another.
  4. So what to do? Give up and walk away from threats preparing more defense? Or attack, and kills millions igniting the resolution among all major players with weapons of mass destruction. As in WE CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE/ we must attack first, to win.  And the world falls into chaos.
  5. There are three critical definitions of this “male pig (fucking you is great) ritual”.
    1. By knocking down any further missile tests/ clearing telling them;  because you have been warned, and this is considered a threat in international waters, you no longer own this.  which proves:  what you have done will NOT come to your expected end.  Thereby all your planning and all your expense, and all your everything: means NOTHING. You failed, and so knows the world and your nation itself.
    2. Conflict can be said to intensify because of US presence in S. Korea. Therefore is the united nations peace keeping forces take control over the border. With a declared mission from all sides involved: DON’T attack or we WILL destroy you.  The political excuses, then fade away. And they are left with a military nearly worthless.
    3. Every reasonable effort should be taken to “VISUALLY REINFORCE”, in N. Korea;  WHAT IT MEANS, to be on the receiving end of a nuclear missile. Including the fact, even one missile can be said to carry ten independent bombs, which will be released in succession covering the entire nation of N. Korea.  “not a game anymore”;  rather “death in a box”.
    4. Given the three things done above, the reality of a relation either changes: or the N. Korean nation becomes “the living dead”.  Or more simply:  the dead have no rights/ the dead have no say/ the dead have no function in society or on this planet, therefore they have no needs;  which includes starvation or any other situation which could garner international help. From this point on.
    5. Playing the game of fools, which is undertaking the intent of war crimes. As is the potential death of millions if not billions/ due to your own pride. Eternity allows:  surrender to the law, or be destroyed yourself, as you would have done to others.


These things are the substance and reality of removing the game men play. As It is nothing but a game/ until life dies.  Like all games, just because it went too far;   nobody gets to go back in time.

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Jim Osterbur

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