the elemental path



Discovery is the distance we must travel, to learn “something new”. The value of that discovery is determined by what it will or will not mean to the life we do live/ the world we do exist within.

So, let us discover truth! As it has an inestimable value, for an eternity beyond time.

TRUTH demonstrates law, while law creates the foundation called life, and gives it hope through environmental expressions. That means experience can be achieved. Which allows for freedom, to make an individual choice.

Truth is then at its core, the elemental rise of knowledge.  The constant discipline of a search beyond self. Knowledge is not found in a university. Knowledge is found in truth. The difference is:  a university tells stories to hide the facts and realities they do not understand. Making every tale they tell, filled with lies.

Truth is a discipline, it knows not want; nor any other of the numerous tragedies, created by men and women;  which then invade a human life. A tragedy is:  lies told to invade or evade what is true. There will be consequences/ and the heart of humanity itself, gets torn.

Truth is a freedom, because it exists far beyond the limits of humanity in time.  Consequently the search for truth lives beyond the measure, of what it means to be human.  Human is: the right, to try. The human experience is:  the right to express. The human heart is:  our ability to understand freedom, and choose for love. Human knowledge, is a measurement; and no more. Human love is, the distance between our lives, and its creation.

So we search beyond the limits of being human; by recognizing TRUTH is a journey unto itself. Which means:  knowledge forms a path/ but only understanding can walk it.  That understanding conceives of spiritual existence, by asserting:  even though I stand here/ the very essence of truth itself, lives beyond this existence. To the question is:  HOW, may I recognize the journey? The answer:  become true within yourself, and then identify the truth which holds the key, to defining what will come next. Spiritual destiny refers to an existence beyond time. Spiritual truth conceives of “love or hate” beyond that moment. The consequence being:  one direction or the other/ as there is NO middle ground, past death!

The question of truth, has NO essence of a decision/ IT IS, what it is!  Therefore the law in question, has no excuses either. Truth is the distinction, “of a parallel framework”/ that gives to the wise a discipline to understand:  one side, versus the other side, of the same distinct thing. Or more correctly, the value of a distinction in truth itself, is the understanding which leads to thought.

Law concentrates truth, into an environment:  so that the elements which rise from each distinction of thought, form a creation. Within that creation is the measure of value which makes the soul stand up and shout “ALIVE”.  Love alone discovers the treasury, that is “time in a bottle (destiny achieved)”; as memory provides, in this first clue/ as to what eternity can become.  The critical question:  identify truth in love?

That search puts love ahead of truth, as the existence established beyond a framework that gives structure to the universe.  Or more distinctly, love is “eternity”!

The elements of that search, are not for human consumption.   Simply accept MERCY exists, for those who choose it honestly, and live then accordingly!

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Jim Osterbur

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