the essence of cult worship


The essence of cult worship is very simple:  I refuse to deliberately choose for my own life/ because I don’t want to be responsible, for what goes wrong!  Therefore, “if I believe”, then everything that happens to be wrong, can be blamed on someone else.


Fantasy is very critical to this relationship of lies (I can have whatever I want/ so long as I believe). Instead, people steal whatever they want, because they believe; and that belief gives them the right to judge, “for themselves”. The purpose of every fantasy is to remove reality, so that I can believe whatever I want to believe/ regardless of the evidence, or its truth!

In contrast, reality proves that you cannot avoid the truth/ which means every lie, will at some point return to deny your belief and destroy the foundation upon which you gave your life away.  Setting you adrift, in the reality of your own failures to keep life disciplined, orderly, and balanced so that the future could be ALIVE.  These are grievous mistakes, and will end badly;  because life is not a game/ as is pride. Pride threatens, and fools believe the enemy is another;  it is not. The enemy of humanity is pride itself/ because the game makes the enemy real, and want is used to claim “we can take whatever we want, regardless of how much the other must pay for our decision.”

The hard core reality of life is very simple as well:  no excuses will be allowed for the decisions you make, that destroy your future. Judgment will occur based upon the deliberate decisions that you have made which destroyed the future of another life. The consequence for failure is grief. The consequence for pride is war. The consequence for “unbridled freedom” is the tragedy of finding yourself imprisoned by what you wanted/ because reality, by its own truth, doesn’t care. The consequence for allowing fools to lead, is catastrophe.

A cult worshiper has only one goal:  to get what I want, without taking any responsibility for what I do. As in I had to do this/ or I had a right to do this; so says the leader. The herd is a cult/ because the entire purpose of the herd is to create a situation, where all I have to do is whatever I can do, to get what I want. The herd believes it is safe from predators/ but if there are no predators, then the herd increases to destroy the environment, and literally kill themselves with starvation and natural destruction.  Safety then lives:  in the respect required, for a life in balance. Fantasy removes balance/ discards truth/ destroys evidence so that it may not participate/ lies to all, and especially to self/ believes “I will escape”/ and sacrifices the future for what I want right now. The horrifying reality of “university knows” religion is:  our future over this entire planet is lost, because of the deliberate choices they made to lead us into an abyss of destruction caused by their insanity. Nothing on earth, has proven more destructive, more fanatical;  than a university diploma. Igniting sun fire on earth/ mutilating nature/ destroying even the possibility of survival/ threatening the entire solar system/ and so much more; is all the evidence required for that singular statement.  “too complex for you”?  Not a surprise considering, the university lives to destroy your brain:  NO, you cannot think for yourselves/ “just believe” whatever we tell you.  Like all cults do.

The fantasy of lies, endlessly propagated by the delusions of media;  conceive of a life that is not destroyed by university decisions, “don’t worry/ be happy”;  just let us do whatever we want to do. “Here’s a bribe”/ stay quiet! Bully the rest into submission.

The realities of truth however, by the existence of evidence which cannot be denied:  is absolutely insistent, our planet and all its life, WILL soon be dead. Without the slightest chance, of survival. Because that is exactly the choice your leaders, with a university label, and all their fantasies;  the diploma’s did make.  They are thorough, attacking everything to insure NO POSSIBLITY exists, for life to continue. Terrorists to the extreme!

And all the people said, as all herds do:  “I SEE NO PREDATOR”/ life is great!  But the insidious truth of that is:  not only is population catastrophe destroying the entire future/ EVERY SINGLE DECISION, based in a fantasy; is a world-wide curse caused by arrogance/ greed/ selfishness/ and the horror of want without a right. They stole the future from every child;  proving let the world stop here.


The true predator of humanity is want, it is leader of the pack. But the pack also contains a large measure of grief:  as in pride is a member/ greed belongs/ hate forms the teeth/ lust growls/ selfishness is a claw/ and judgment initiates death.

The true essence of humanity alive is:  nothing can destroy us more, “than ourselves”. Not even murder, because we are the only ones, “that can go inside our soul”. Where life resides, for the eternity that we choose.

The value of being human, is a life worth living:  because love becomes our chosen life. The value of love is, a life we have learned to cherish; because it lifts the soul into eternity.

The disciplines necessary, control freedom so that it brings happiness/ NOT grief. The order of a friendly life, allows for forgiveness:  because truth knows, with understanding the consequences of these things can be changed. Granting life back, its heart; so that eternity can rejoice in another living soul. The balance of destiny, is not found in belief. To believe is to want/ what you know, has not been earned. Instead balance proves the decision was made to build a future with happiness through truth. That evidence identifies destiny, and constructs the pathway that becomes our relationship with soul.  Soul being:  the essence of creation, within our own distinct individual choice! I CHOSE/  not, I wanted; so I lied!

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