the power to say N0

the power to say N0

The power to say NO!  IT IS, greater than you think. when we are 8 billion people saying the same thing. NO MORE GAMBLING WITH OUR LIVES, OR OUR WORLD!

The foundation of all human activities, is want/ everything you do, everything you don’t do; is basically a reality governed by what you do or do not want. Want is, an abyss; the clamor for more, never ends, and that eliminates the value of you or me! Mix in pride, and life becomes a game; judgment follows. Mix in greed, and life becomes a competition/ “you caused my whatever, therefore an enemy”.  Dissolve yourself into arrogance, and the Demonic descent into “righteousness” begins.

Righteousness is the blatant command:  “I know, I CANNOT be wrong”. Therefore the right to play god over your life is mine.

The arrogance which causes that, is a belief overwhelmed by the religious acceptance:  WE ARE, the only “children of god” here! This other trash, merely fills the sewer, and disrupts my “good life”.

Given these elements of human behavior/ which are greatly enlarged by the hormones which cause sexual behaviors; and you get society governed by human laced tragedy.

The only way above it, is to accept truth must decide; instead of want. Because when truth decides, we honor the law which builds a future called peace and harmony. Not only for ourselves, but for our world, and its children. Respect decides your fate. Reality determines your journey, because it must be so.

Today, the illumination of what a university religion called “they know everything”/ has proven by time.  Visible are the tragedies of what complete  arrogance/ total disrespect to life/ the disgrace of knowledge without wisdom/ the sewer of righteousness/ and the cancer of believing, rather than honoring truth has done. Even though the full blown reality of catastrophe without end has yet to reveal itself:  anyone with a brain, can see the coming results.

  1. Human overpopulation will quickly consume all of nature, including the oceans; leaving nothing but cannibalism and world wars. University discarded balance, and said we are gods now.
  2. University experimentation is destroying nature intentionally by trying to prove they can not only play god/ but be god, by mixing genetics, so they can initiate “something or ANYTHING different than life has known”. The university hates discipline; they want to be god!  Proving by: Mutilating all living creatures as they go/ they can at least DESTROY, and make you weep! Yet the world of human existence; says nothing. To their own shame!
  3. University experimentation in energy, threatens the entire solar system/ will destroy this planet/ and burn every living thing by releasing sun fire here. And it is not even their only attempt to destroy the disciplines in energy that give us life.
  4. The extreme attack on resources, is a deliberate assassination of the future/ and its every child. Soon there will be nothing left, because complete DISRESPECT for both life and child; is absolutely obvious, and cannot be mistaken.
  5. A world threatened openly by university disgrace; is a world filled with weapons of mass destruction. A reality fully intended to be “Satan; destroyer of a world” on earth.
  6. The poisoning of water/ the removal of jobs/ the critical mutilation or destruction of all food sources/ livestock rammed into crates for disease proliferation/ destruction of habitat, along with endless life extinction/ deliberate removal of food sources in the oceans/ the coming horror that is robotics unleashed. Etcetera, and so on.
  7. The deliberate division of humanity into “we have it all/ and you have nothing”. Will intensify greatly (not enough, “it’s all gone”), and civil war will remove every possibility life could have survived on this planet. Because the question is not who has a right/ but who has the weapon.
  8. So the only real question is: is it not more merciful, to allow nuclear fire (the burning of atoms) to destroy the planet and all its life?  Or just let the consequences of what a university led humanity complete the truth:  “satan ruled here”/ but as always, “not for long”. This world: Dead and gone forever/ either way!  But is it more merciful to let humanity carve “meat out of each other”, and go completely and forever insane?  Or just let the fire consume you, so it’s not just human to eat human…. Because without nature in balance, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO EAT. Even though the reality of every university led “this will be great”, is based upon  fantasies/ the consequences are VERY REAL. Honesty says:  as in their first attempt, with true  expectation of igniting nuclear fire. On April fool’s day, 2012:  now why do you suppose, they waited for that Sunday to begin?
  9. But hey, “I can’t complain about your religion” like that/ the universities are god; period! So say the other religions too; “the university is god”/ because the cult cannot be questioned, then the herd is always right.  After all “in this brave new world of humanity is god”; what could possibly go wrong. Trying to remove the disciplines which govern the bodies of life itself. Crucifying the order that controls atomic disciplines in energy. Fundamentally attacking every level of every possibility that governs survival itself. Destroying resources, and making certain humanity is not only ready for war/ but equipped to destroy planet earth.  Now is that not a cause for celebration?  Hurray, human is god/ what could possibly go wrong from here.
  10. After all, complete DISRESPECT FOR YOUR TRUE    CREATOR,  and   HIS   CREATION    ;    can’t really have consequences; “now can it”!
  11. Good thing it’s worth it. Cause the university claims responsibility for everything that has value/ they are the leaders; ain’t that so? They  provided nuclear energy and bombs and radiation poisoning of the earth. They provided evolution, which opened the door to mutilating all life. They provided antibiotics and vaccines/ medicines, without compensation for that change, and world human population has doubled in fifty years. They provided counterfeiting of money (200 trillion in America alone). They provided endless debts (153 trillion “years ago”; now plus, in america alone. So says the federal reserve accounting); and the world sits at the edge of chaos. Because that hidden inflation, is the engine that fuels ALL their fantasies. They provided the “college degree” thereby creating the nobility; to enforce slavery upon hundreds of millions if not billions of people. They created the fantasy, neither debts nor reality matter:  because it’s just a number, and as long as you save it/ nobody has to pay! Alas, they gave away trillions to foreigners, because pride without boundaries/ just doesn’t care.  Giving away the nation itself.  Forming armies: By claiming we are worth “a million plus dollars more” than these others/ giving bribes, “follow us”/  by demanding debts for a college degree, which those not selected by the elite of nobility;  cannot escape. They produced slavery! They caused the “Incarcerated nation (the nobility has rules)/ a reality of people discarded. A democracy without substance: because the court is corrupt, and surges against the people, to play king or queen” as is America, thereby stealing life, heart, and soul from many.  Hiding the truth, by media propagation (the cult zealot):  because,  TO STEAL a nation, and destroy a world/ the people must be distracted.
  12. One should not forget the public however. Which provided the vehicle, the heat sources, and all its roads, to create subdivisions/ which now consumes more oxygen than the earth provides/, produces more heat, pollutes more environment than this earth can tolerate. Which consumes more resources, from every source, because they can; and still wants more. Oceans destroyed. Because the endless chant is: WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY NOTHING back. Let nature do it! All worship the factories as great, although they are the cause of the garbage dump, and resource losses. Although letting a tiny few control all the work, the resources, the labor, and your lives: is the same recipe throughout all of history, which brings war. Only this time, NATURE cannot repair anything you continue to tear down;  cause humanity, or more distinctly the university diploma, is god now. Ain’t that so? And all the people bow down; “cause they talk better than me”.


I could go on, but the purpose would be worthless. As for me, I did give, nearly all of my own lifetime, to say STOP THIS/ our future will die.  Your contribution was “not a single penny”, with very little respect from only a tiny few, throughout the decades; which continues to this day.  Because you just want what you want/ and you know what you don’t want; and there ain’t nothing about our world ending that you want.  AND HELL KNOWS, YOU WON’T STOP DOING, what you want to do/ even though, that is why our planet is dying. Simple as that!  So you’re dead, and I can’t save you; because you won’t save yourselves, by changing what must be changed.

You continue to hide from reality/ you    scream, DON’T tell me no truth I don’t want to hear. TAKE THE DAMN EVIDENCE AWAY, and leave me alone. But reality does not care what you want; and truth is a law that will not be refused. You’re choice then is simply: to stick your head in the ground (show me nothing), because that is what you want to do.

Even though, all you have to do:  to save this world, would be let truth decide, and tell all the rest we must simply SAY NO; to the things which are consuming or threatening life on earth.

Every major threat is human caused;  which means, YOU, and your want, ARE THE THREATS/ making our world extinct.

So, should every citizen/ every human being who has participated in this be penalized? Let’s see:  in America the drunken driver most befits the reality of “fools who refuse to obey the laws that keep us alive”.  Yet nearly everyone, is responsible for doing the exact same thing, as do they:  making a decision that endangers someone else! Like using the phone to text or whatever distracts you. Like using drugs of any kind, and then driving. Like causing extreme distress or depression in someone else. Whatever it is that causes the reality of your own decision:  after all, most just “want to go home now”/ and be at peace.  Not like you at all! How about the thief who steals a little bit/ versus the university elite, who betrayed an entire nation and world; so as not to admit to their lies, failures, and insanity? So should we pick a tiny few to declare them as enemies:  or not? What is your decision: even though the vast majority participated in what is constructively the exact same thing (you followed and said DO IT/ we don’t want to pay “as in NOT, in my lifetime”); a decision to endanger the rest, even the world/ without a right. A decision that assassinated the future, for all children;  on purpose. Obviously the nobility “self-assigned” believe they know everything, and have every right to play god. But as human history proves:  civil war will do its best to find and murder them/ so we need not. as to the rest, what is the penalty befitting you? Not to worry, biblical prediction is July 9, 2019 HELL BEGINS.  Not to worry, particularly in America;  biblical prediction is “blood spilled as high as a horse’s bridle”. Since you have “guns everywhere/ bombs/ chemical warfare/ fire/ hate/ arrogance/ biological weapons/ nuclear/ more”: the level of murder required for that prediction to come true means:  “practically over in two days” for this entire nation.  So, who cares right/ at least you probably won’t suffer long;  what more could anyone ask?  Right!

So you will just wait and see:  right!  Rich, poor, pretty, ugly, powerful or sick;  doesn’t matter, nuclear fire/ mutilated life/ whatever of the true threats that exist; will end your life too. Because a world in chaos for whatever reason, cannot be returned to peace/ life mutilated cannot go back/ disease “supercharged”; etcetera, and so on.  But of course, You can’t blame the university, after all:  “it’s their religion/ as in CHAOS built everything”. Isn’t religion “safe”/ did they not win, “its in every school”?  Alas;  they are zealots, & all they have to do is return existence itself, back into chaos.  Then, they have achieved the relationship they obviously worship, with “their god of evolution”. And of course chaos will give them everything they wanted; now isn’t that so? YOU ARE willing to wait and see, about that too; aren’t you?

I am through with you, communicate/ participate in solutions/ identify truth and either wake up, to the consequences for life, because they were WRONG/ or die. Enough is enough.

Alas even though enough is more than enough; the reality of your destruction to this entire planet, continues to remind me:  nobody is excused.  YOUR ONLY CHOICE, is like mine;  to continue fighting for our world/ because extinction is not an option.  Failure means extermination from the planet.  So, with me or against me, or you don’t care;   in my world, LIFE MUST BE FOUGHT FOR.  Simple as that, it ain’t no game. The evidence is clear.

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