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THE EVIDENCE, against university theory!

  1. The sun produces energy by consuming atomic fuels. We know that is true, because we know no other energy source known to humanity can sustain that long term expenditure of energy. Reality proves it is so/ when gambling the fate of everything on earth:  we should at least depend upon truth, NOT theory!  Or, we know nothing about the sun at all.
  2. The sun is a mass on fire, as is clearly viewed from this planet: we can see the flames! The machines of men are trying to melt atoms into ignition by stripping away the laws which govern atomic existence. So they ARE trying deliberately to ignite atoms on fire with plasma.
  3. Fantasies are not allowed, when gambling with every life on this planet; even the solar system itself. HOW IS THAT NOT TRUE? We need not know everything to know: the cost of being wrong, is our world becomes a sun. SAME FIRE, same result: WE KNOW, “sun fire exists”/ therefore it can come here!
  4. The core of the sun Is not on fire, because that would indicate: the entire fuel source of those flames is being consumed at once/ and the fire will go out. The release of energy proves fuel is being consumed.
    1. A supernova event which is an exploding sun, proves it is so. Because the reality is noted to be: the sun grows three times bigger during that process/ and if you have no more fuel to introduce into the fire, that cannot happen.
    2. The critical stage of a supernova event is when it explodes: the mass is so large, that all the energy released, cannot escape instantly. Therefore by the law that for every action there shall be a reaction of equal force. The consequence of that is some energy in a large enough explosion will be turned back toward the center. This is the basic definition that allows for a black hole to be established. What is force can escape through tunnels in the energy forced inside/ but what is mass, is affected more grievously by that force, and is pushed without electrons or its space into an ever tightening compaction. Which then produces the black hole/ or dark matter.
    3. Once that proton mass is captured, without the room to even radiate: the process of dark energy forms. The energy that goes inward, has become strong enough to suck in the mass that would go outward: because the captured force is greater. When a “ball initiating a black hole is formed”:  it meets in the middle and the outward force is evicted through the subsequent passage between the opposing sides which complete the ball. That tiny tunnel ejects the outward force of energy being consumed, by making it turn into an opposite energy to get through the tunnel.
    4. This becomes the neutron of an atom, as it is ejected into space at incomprehensible speed. Where it captures a “proton mass” of similar proportions/ and the impact creates the electrons.
  5. The national ignition facility proved two hydrogen atoms cannot be forced to become a helium atom in their machine. Which ends the theory that fusion (we can control this) exists.
    1. IF HELIUM were being produced by the sun/ with every btu it created. THEN THERE WOULD be enormous amounts of helium released into the universe by all stars. Not true, helium is rare.
  6. The sun is not a large pressure vessel which simply radiates energy because of that pressure. Consider the reality of that: the sun is said to be about one million miles in diameter! So you need a reality of strength, not only capable of holding a million miles of mass together/ you need a reality of energy capable of pressuring that vessel into releasing energy that can affect planets at a distance of 3 trillion miles away or more. So they demand “a graviton (something so massive nothing on earth resembles it) must exist”.
    1. The only known possibility is “same as a black hole”. But black holes don’t emit light/ so it is not a black hole (consumer of planets and stars) on the inside.
    2. The periodic table references all known elements/ NOTHING ELSE exists apart from a black hole, that we know of. Which makes the assumption of a graviton nothing but a fantasy.  Gambling all life on earth, because of that fantasy!
    3. The fire produces solar gravity. Because we know that an outward force of energy CANNOT be held in place as an atom/ UNLESS there is also an inward force upon that energy which binds it into an atom, which is then balanced and able to sustain itself throughout time. When you burn that bond, the outward energy is released as “time”. While the inward energy is also released as what constructs solar gravity. Since we have two opposite energies/ they exist in completely different space:  one is pressure and heat/ the other is cold and vacuum.
    4. We know that there are limits to physical mass combining. Because the law of an atom in physical space is:  these CANNOT be forced into a smaller place than the atomic forces will allow/ UNLESS, the atomic structure of time itself, is dissolved. We also know that it is the electrical/ mechanical forces involved in atomic structure that make it possible to combine atoms into mass. Once you exceed these limits and boundaries placed upon mass:  they can no longer hold the mass together, and it fails to sustain itself. Which means gravity is more complex, than just saying more mass equals more gravity. An element taken from thousands of feet deep in the earth/ still weighs the same as an element on top of this earth. NOT compressed.
  7. The sun is NOT made out of hydrogen/ the lightest element we know of, CANNOT be made into the heaviest mass in this solar system. Simple as that/ not even with tremendous heat & pressure. Rather the hydrogen atom is small, and a few escape the nuclear fire as an ash cloud (what did not successfully burn).
    1. NO possibility exists that the sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen: because the energy release, and time known for the sun to burn/ ABSOLUTELY FORBID that as a fuel source by reality itself.
    2. If hydrogen was being burned: then the visible size of our sun would be shrinking in time. We know from thousands of years of recorded history; the heat this earth receives, has been constant.
  8. Before energy can be expended to heat our planet, another form of energy must be used to create that heat. If their fantasy graviton exists: then by what method could enough energy be created to assume these lies?  Answer a nuclear fire resides at the center of their vessel. Which means again:  the universities are trying to ignite atoms on fire.  Gambling our entire earth on the theory, that the fire will just extinguish itself. Even though it burns atoms in their pressure vessel.  WHAT FORCE keeps that ATOMIC pressure contained?
  9. The critical relationship of gravity to life and planet comes in two parts: what is solar gravity; as does come from nuclear fire. And what is the gravity joined to mass? We examine the earth:  and find ourselves “barely hanging on”; substantially enhanced by the weight of atmospheric pressure. So we question:  IF the accumulation of mass is the reason we have weight/ THEN surely when we go thousands of feet into a mine below the surface:  will a man not either increase in weight or decrease in weight, as the influences of mass have changed? They do not.
    1. Dark energy and dark mass come from a black hole/ which is reversed energy (energy in); that then removes the space in an atom, to make it simply a proton involved. That does produce a suction, which consumes planets, etc. To do that all outward energy must be forced out of the atom. Which is initiated by a supernova event.
    2. The gravity of mass consists of pressures contained by limits and boundaries/ defined by atomic laws governing space, time, and force defined as that mass. The potential energy of a rock, to remove other considerations: is governed by the ability of atomic forces to combine in a balanced state, and sustain the structure. If you have no structure, then you have no rock.
    3. So the critical part of how a rock stays together/ which is the attraction of one mass to another as well:  is developed using the mechanical and electrical properties of an atom.  Electricity is: The energy pulling in versus the energy pushing out, as the bond is tested it becomes elliptical, and this gives a pulse! Electrical properties exist between the proton and neutron (they turn like a motor), and are exhibited through electron acceleration, in motion.
    4. The second part of gravity encounters the chemical bonds already known. Electrons share orbits/ some electrons are freed, until captured again. Greater orbits of electrons indicate more freedom exists in that electron; so it escapes more easily. The mechanical reality of a freed electron from one atomic atmosphere to travel within and without the environment of another atomic atmosphere: IS MOTION captured in weight being moved. The electron does have mass/ and that mass does have an impact however small on its environment. The consequence is a tiny vacuum created by electron movement: which then adds to the electrical effect of the atom itself.  Given the “unimaginable scale of electrons in motion”:  the cumulative effect is planetary gravity.
  10. Heat is not fire/ heat is the radiant signature of an atom being shaken. An explosion is not fire:  it releases the energy all at once.  Fire releases energy over time. Do you see the difference?
  11. The elements here of dark energy, or the signature of a black hole as it contains the outward energy of an atom: by combining a proton (outward) with a neutron (inward). Does not constitute an excuse to claim a graviton exists from the fire. Even if it did/ igniting an atomic fire here; would then release the same gravity here as is on the sun. Altering obits of planets.
  12. The thermodynamic signature of our sun is: that with intense heat being released/ there must be an equal amount of distance from the fuel source as is needed to keep the entire fuel source from being engulfed by the flames: which would cause the sun to explode.
    1. That means there shall be distance between the expression of that fire/ to the reality of its fuel source. Just like a candle flame does not fully engulf the candle itself/ because thermodynamics causes the heat to rise above the fuel.
    2. That means the sun as a mass, IS MUCH SMALLER than the flame we see exhibited thereon. Because it requires distance to sustain the fire, and keep that fire from the fuel.
  13. SO THE QUESTION IS: CAN YOU DOUBT, that the university gods, perhaps be wrong? And is that doubt too small to say:  we must protect life and planet/ by stopping their experiments that clearly threaten extermination of life and planet itself?  Answer, because once the point of no return (fire ignites atoms) passes us by/ you have no further choice.
  14. My open statement to you, and to all is:  EVERY LIFE deserves an opportunity to know, WHAT THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG CAN BE. How is that not true/ when “the priests of university”;  gamble with this entire world, and every living thing, forever.  I offer:  even if I am wrong/ your world still lives.  In contrast:  IF THE UNIVERSITIES are even a tiny bit wrong/ OUR WHOLE WORLD, becomes a sun forever!  IF THE UNIVERSITIES are even a tiny bit wrong/ the bodies of life, that are called nature; will cease to exist as they are.  Every single one!

        DO WE NOT “OWN A VOTE”, upon whether our lives, EVERYTHING, even our planet can be put at risk? THAT IS OUR ABSOLUTE LEGAL RIGHT, and their absolute failure for taking it upon themselves to endanger our lives with their arrogance.

        Media, the courts, and your leaders all refuse:  claiming they are too dumb to question the universities/ so they are excused.  The problem with that claim is:   YOU AREN’T TOO DUMB TO DIE!      When reality proves them wrong.


    Redress of grievances, {first amendment constitutional law} allows we the people to vote for ourselves:  if the consequences of being threatened with extermination are allowed.  In which case you die, if you; taking every life/ this entire creation with you, when you are proven wrong.

        Go to court as a mass of people who will NOT be turned away.  MAKE IT HAPPEN, LIFE OR DEATH FOR A PLANET IS ENOUGH OF A CAUSE.

        I WILL help you as needed! Although the information already contained on my sites is enough/ I will help you anyway;  because our world is threatened with extinction!


    You can find two redress of grievances cases docketed in the US SUPREME COURT/ that were then turned away by the secretary of the court. AN ILLEGAL ACT/ as none but a judge can turn a case away once docketed.  Therefore they still exist, and can be enforced.  You can find them on down the page a bit; links in red area, I think.  Demand a moratorium across this world:  until the trial is over on all experimentation! TURN OFF THEIR ELECTRICITY, AND CLOSE THE DOOR ON THEIR LABORATORIES.  No excuses, make it happen.


  15. Even without a courtroom, YOU CAN BROADCAST OR TRANSMIT the reality of this threat to our world. And gain the power to demand a courtroom for life! Use the internet/ use your money/ use your life/ use any legal method you can find, including buying the time from current media; and protect your world.

    What you cannot do with media is create a moratorium, and stop the experiments. NEITHER can you force them to stop threatening our world:  you need the law, because a gun is not enough!  Every single day, an experiment is being done in this world that can end in our extinction.  Which means deliberately:  you have no time to play left. DO IT NOW!

    Is your world not worth the trouble? Then dig your grave, you don’t deserve to be buried by someone else.

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