the theories of your crucifixion


The theories upon which universities and governments have declared:  they know enough, to gamble every life on this planet/ every future life/ the planet itself/ and even this solar system.  Because if they are wrong: the ignition of sun fire here on earth, does not extinguish itself, means/  our planet becomes a sun.  NO second chances, we cannot put out that fire.


  1. they demand: NOT enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ “so the fire will just escape into space”.  Based upon the idea that the sun is made out of gravitons:  a fantasy element that does not exist. Fifteen times heavier than lead, or with an atomic weight of over 3,000 electrons orbiting a single atom fifteen times larger than the periodic table allows.  By inference: Thereby declaring the sun is a “black hole” really/ even though light itself is not captured.
  2. They demand: the core of the sun is extremely hot, and from that comes the intensity of energy that is our heat.  Another fantasy, proven false because we know:  that if all the fuel is on fire/ which it must be if the core is the hottest part.  Then the fire cannot be sustained/ it will go out, because fuel for the fire will be consumed.
  3. They demand: our heat comes from fusion, which they declare to be, “two hydrogen atoms are being combined into a helium atom” per every btu the sun produces.  Another fantasy clearly proven false, because helium is one of the rarest elements known.  IT WOULD BE, one of the most plentiful, if the sun (every sun) produced helium with every btu.
  4. They demand: enormous amounts of hydrogen, fuels they sun.  yet at the rate of burn we know exists/ the sun would shrink visibly, as that hydrogen was consumed.  We have records from thousands of years back:  that indicate the temperature of this earth has remained stable throughout that time.  Which means the fuel source cannot be hydrogen.
  5. They demand: extreme pressures exist within the sun core to cause gravitational rotation of the planets we know as this solar system. Another fantasy, because for something to be “pulled inside”/ there has to be something that can be pulled inside, and that “inside” needs to contain it. They have no conception of what or how:  “they simply believe” like all religious zealots do.
  6. They demand: that hydrogen, which they claim to be the main component of sun elemental  structure/ is also the “heaviest mass” in this solar system.  Even though we know that hydrogen is the lightest element known. Hydrogen cannot be turned into a liquid, cannot be turned into a solid: without extreme cold/ not the sun.  So they say “a trillion pounds of pressure must be applied at the sun core to force condensation and hold it there (pure fantasy). And yet they say the core of the sun is its hottest area. HEAT MEANS PRESSURE OUT/ not pressure in!
  7. They demand: the sun must be an endless release of energy by atomic explosion OR the extreme release of radiation by a pressure vessel (core of the sun)/ which radiates heat instead of producing fire.  Pure fantasy, which again relies upon an element fifteen times denser than lead, which does not exist; unless it is a black hole. But black holes do not radiate anything/ which is why they are black. A black hole does not contain atoms with electrons, nor does the proton inside move; it has no room.
  8. They demand: they can see into the fire of the sun/ when a solar flare (more fuel involved), or a solar tornado (less fuel involved) erupts: because it causes a ripple effect surrounding that area. They also claim the sun flames, “are a million miles long/ with solar flares stretching to an estimated 12 million miles beyond the normal state of flames. Pure fantasy, they cannot judge what happens with human instruments one million miles beneath fire or its radiation.  Does this not indicate pressures out (as is radiation from the sun hitting our planet, to create heat), not into the sun core. If our heat is from internal pressures of the sun/ THEN  how does radiation reach this earth and beyond?
  9. They demand: that pressure is the cause of sun fire. So they created the national ignition facility in San Francisco at Lawrence Livermore laboratories. By using 192 lasers all pointed onto one tiny spot. To establish what they claim to be as 180 million degrees/ at 500 billion pounds per square inch on that spot. They failed to ignite sun fire/ they failed to combine two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom and gave up; hiding their results.
  10. Since pressures failed, They demand: that they can ignite a nuclear fire with the tokomak’s they have built. Which substantively melt atoms to create a plasma which is then accelerated by electricity and computers;  to become 10-50 million degrees hot.  The purpose is to by its effect “vaporize the foundation of mass itself/ breaking down all atomic disciplines to create chaos”. Uncontrollable chaos (discipline/ balance/ order removed) is atomic fire. Which means it has no limit or end to the flame; so long as there are atoms. The tokomak reactor in Germany uses turbulence to make it even hotter, and have all but succeeded (they have proof) in igniting a nuclear fire.  The iter reactor machine which is in France; both of which are largely funded by American counterfeiting (hidden inflation) of US currency. Will be using more fuel involved; and will soon be operational, if not already. Tokomak means:  they have abandoned pressure, as the source of sun fire heat;  and are concentrating on nuclear fire.  Which means the bond holding an atom together is broken to release the energy of that bond.  Much like a chemical fire, which releases the bond holding molecules (complex combinations of elements) together, to create the fire we know. The sun is obviously a nuclear fire:  because that is the energy we know exists;  and do see.
  11. They demand: igniting a nuclear fire here on earth will solve every problem with energy and pollution/ therefore it is worth the risk. The reality of being wrong:  which is not even a fantasy, because they cannot be right:  is death to our world, our planet, and damage against this solar system itself. Because a nuclear fire burns the bond in atoms; and no possibility of containing that fire exists/ EVERYTHING IS FUEL.
  12. The media, and essentially all your leaders worship the cult of “university knows”/ NEVER QUESTIONING, the cost of being wrong: they believe whatever they are told, like all religious zealots do. The cost of being wrong is:  everything including you, is consumed by a nuclear fire!  The entire reality of university knows ANYTHING, is built upon the idea and the cost of:  we will just keep doing the same thing until we accidentally get it right. BUT A NUCLEAR FIRE CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED, BECAUSE IT BURNS ATOMS!  Therefore upon ignition, there is literally no going back.
  13. So the reality of your involvement is: ARE YOU WILLING TO GAMBLE YOUR ENTIRE EVERYTHING;  on a university theory, that is based entirely upon fantasies?  Or will you stop them from proceeding:  by understanding, EVERY DAY machines try to ignite sun fire on earth.  Which means your time to play is pasted/ your life, your child, YOUR PLANET;  is or will be crucified, with the game university plays.  They have MANY MORE;  each threatening extermination to life and world.  And the media says “don’t worry/ be happy”, the universities know EVERYTHING!  After all, we can’t all be wrong/ with hype, cheerleading by media, counterfeiting with bribes, and propaganda, we chose these leaders;  “and they love us”.  Now is that so, or not?

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