When we examine the possibilities of change WITHOUT going into a true depression: there are three basic realities which must be addressed properly.

  • There are no solutions in violence/ which means ONLY THE LAW can be used. Constitutional law called first amendment redress of grievances, is the established LEGAL GUARANTEED RIGHT for we the people to take our employees to court, and demand an accounting in reality. Providing penalties to be applied by ourselves to each individual: should they refuse or lie.
  • There are no solutions without equality and justice. That means: we begin the journey back to reality, and a fair assessment of opportunity as society can provide. By determining from the bottom up: what there is to divide and share. The richest man is last; he has already had his reward. What then can be, is determined by limited capitalism: therefore you vote first to determine what that is/ and then you divide accordingly. AFTER you have created by constitutional amendment:  that the NEW currency to be divided is controlled by the population count/ and cannot be further multiplied or changed without a 70% majority of the people agreeing this must be so.  WAR, can be declared/ the military cannot be used:  unless the people themselves declare war must exist. The military is restricted to strictly “HOMELAND defense”.
  • The opportunity for political officials of EVERY KIND, from the bottom to the top; to create a debt for the public; is removed. Once the laws have been set. You move on to establish specific taxes that cannot by constitutional amendment: be combined with any other thing/ or used for any other purpose than what the public vote has accomplished. More simply tax shall be:  to build or repair roads:  there shall be taxes on fuel, tires, cars, etc: that are strictly used for roads.  If the roads need more repair: this tax shall be increased by the public, as they see fit to vote upon. You cannot build anything, or borrow any money for public use; until you have collected what is guaranteed to be “half the money”. Nor can you increase taxation of any kind, without public consent. The public shall decide the pay scale for their employees, and all considerations such as give the illusion that “the employee is government” shall be dissolved. The constitution is our government, and it shall rule our nation/ state/ etcetera; by guaranteed rights.


You begin these things by demanding redress of grievances IS THE LAW, AS GUARANTEED BY THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE, AS ONE NATION UNITED, for what we believe will sustain and protect our lives.

THEREBY ESTABLISHING A COURTROOM, TO TAKE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES TO TRIAL; the right to know and fully understand, exactly as much as is possible for all the people:  WHAT IS TRUE, WHAT IS THREAT, AND WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY ARE WRONG!  Which does establish a legal moratorium. A distinct right to stop immediately all extreme experimentation across this world.  In energy and genetics and chemistry and the corruption of a nation or world: that CAN LITERALLY DESTROY US ALL. Because we cannot go back; once the point of no return has pasted.

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Jim Osterbur

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