It is unfortunate but true; that parents teach their children how to want first/ as their efforts to keep life and communication simple: then turns into a lifetime “of simple first”. Complexity shapes us, with values interlaced among the miracles; by our association with thought/ not simple. Consequently whatever we learn as the process of growing up, must be undone; in order to achieve the disciplines, order, and balance; which respect life itself. The more critical lessons are; search for your heart, listen to the miracles of your ascent into life, honor the basis of nature as is the compositions of your time, search for truth as it turns to GOD your Creator, live in the treasury of love so that you may rise above self; to become a true participant in life.

We then begin this discussion, on the differences: between animal in time/ or, human being alive within thought. It is not an intellectual gap; but a decision of respect.

WANT, by its definition: illustrates a wide variety of human conditions; everything from the claims of love, to the destitution of poverty, to the climb for recognition among your peers. Which does conceive of most conditions associated with living in time, as animals do. Pride, the definitions associated with turning life and living into a game; constructs more, as the primary participant in violence and hate; “behavioral alterations”. Power, the decision for judgment; as is I can play god with your life/ with this world/ or your gender, color, whatever I choose; opens the door to hell: both in you, and in what you do. Each of these are elementally simple in construct, and requires no respect for life or world or conception of friend.

To become human, by being alive in the grace and miracle of thought transforming time into existence, as shown by experience, expression, and participation. The values of each refine respect, by the transition of movement and its reality associated with living; with a choice, that we each individually make of our own free will. That foundation of living, then meets with thought, in order to conceive of life or living, beyond the limits of self; as we each learn, “life (our existence) describes more, than simply I/ or we”. Thought, the participation within space, as an active relationship designated by our desire to share or care with regard to both expression and experience; translates the essence of a miracle into being alive inside the definitions of heart. Time is a heart, that beats within the rhythms which allow “our time” to exist. Therefore we search both within heart, the conception of nature; and the elemental rise of rhythms, as our connection to existence by an environment limited and bound: as the distance we will go, by time lives in us.

Asking of discipline: we assemble the foundation of love, having accepted respect as the values we owe to life and Creator; the order of love understands how we care, and what we share; become the ascension of truth within our lives. It is that truth which honors knowledge: the opening designated by truth, to reveal a path beyond self, from which life will then rise to meet existence, as the expressions and experiences which identify heart beyond self, is soul. The rhythms which shadow, an eternity. Or more distinctly; “by looking into the darkness”, of life beyond death as time; the relationships which begin as our recognition of space, turns from time into thought; as thought journey’s beyond self to become a value shaped by trust.

More distinctly: respect aligns with truth, to open a door known as thought. Thought aligns with the essence of space; as a participant searching for life beyond the point of self/ whereby experience and expressions are not limited or bound by time. Where rhythms are the base of our connection with soul; and life is its heartbeat.

We then ask: HOW, does thought create within its “environmental space”, a rhythm which forms the discovery of life? The answer rises from love!

Therefore we must search within love, to construct the relationship; which becomes life itself. This is your beginning; each love configures a value that interweaves and binds into a relationship beyond self. While soul searches for GOD through Creation; that value begins with loving as a human, “being alive” by the knowledge; “truly we are miracles/ beyond all conception of an accident or anything less than thought did this”. As a gift, building life from heart.

Life is not free; it is a gift paid for by your Creator.  The recognition called being alive, is not free;  it is our relationship with love/ as defined by JESUS, a life witnessed too; within the Christian bible.  That is not a discovery of religion/ but an essence of love, shaped by respect.

universities exist primarily; to destroy, “living has a value, beyond self”. AS is proven by what they teach; beyond the realities of, their simple truth.

In this America; tragedies surround us all, with extreme consequences for the nation and the world. Because leadership avoided all forms of information regarding what the future needs; and elected, as men always do; to take the easy way out/ and then play god, by simply “let the universities do it”. Who stole (sold you out, nothing left of business but debts), betrayed (used covid to steal trillions and use fear against you; to play god), cheated (giving away the nation to foreigners, to hide their theft and failures) , lied (educating for a cult), are terrorizing (changing nature itself), manipulated (use media to propagate they are your saviors, etc), corrupted (the courts will not question the universities; claiming they are “gods”), conspired (have taken over democracy itself, and refuse constitutional law), destroyed (debts without reality; can’t be paid), sacrificed (threw away all forms of reality in currency; creating the fantasy of today), mutilated (changing what nature gave and gives to life; by playing god over genetics), rebelled (proved the law does not matter with covid), and defied life itself (sacrificing every child to a future which does not exist); fully intending to ignite this planet in “just like the sun”, a nuclear fire (using delusions to hide the truth; “they just want the money, power, and pride of saying we are gods; we can play with the same energy as the sun”. To their shame.

Cult worship: “we cannot question our leaders/ we must obey, fear, and believe; whatever they say”. Is now the American way, proving beyond doubt as with covid: you are just cult worshipers. And you will do anything the universities say, without regard for truth or reality; as is giving your own children “their claim of a vaccine” / even though nature did not participate. So now your children are experiencing respiratory distress; “I wander, could it be; universities elite only wanted the money, power, and pride of saying; we are gods now”/ as you let them prove over you. Shame on you.

The list of failure is beyond belief; as nothing stands between you and extinction; except delusion, fantasy, failure, and imaginations of a cult. Religious (we don’t need no damn proof) believers without a brain; worshiping universities as god. Shame on you. So I bring the message: CHANGE ALL OF THIS; OR YOU WILL BE EXTINCT. Because that is what you chose, by letting universities play god. As the insurgency of this group, has infiltrated government, mutilated religions, rebelled against constitutional law, propagated failure and fantasy, lied, cheated, hid, stole, and done everything they could to prove: “gods of death and destruction and terrors beyond belief, as are coming”. Shame on you, for your belief.

Do what life and planet needs; or this world ends. Because of you.

And the people say: you are nothing, as your claims of a “spiritual woman, prophecies and so on” prove is true. WE WILL believe anything we want.

Reality however states: truth does not care/ mercy will not come; you chose to defeat yourselves by letting a university diploma (found in every leadership position) choose for you. Even denying, “they don’t” KNOW how the sun works/ and fantasize instead; even denying what you do know: as is IF the sun turns hydrogen into helium/ THEN WHERE is all the helium?

Nonetheless, using me as your excuse: exists with ease because of the claim, “a spiritual woman and I” exist; as the messenger united for the purpose of presenting you with this message: THAT YOU ARE FACING EXTINCTION IF YOU FAIL TO CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW! Not later/ NOW.

Bringing you the message simply: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, WHAT IS NOT TRUE, AND WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG; to yourselves. So that you can make your own decision, proving to yourselves; based upon the best we can do; in matters that are realities ending in extinction. What our own truth, and consequences; shall be. Nothing in that, is about me/ it is only about you.

As to the spiritual woman and me: its a quandary, can’t be woman without all the parts and pieces (every one)/ can’t be strictly male, “within the female spiritual dimension”. Can’t prove; anything in between/ never going to try: not my job. MY JOB/ OUR JOB, as is proven by “she balanced me”: was to deliver the message: change or this world will die! Together, believe it or not; we have done that, for you. What you do with the message, is not my concern. YOU WERE TOLD.

I provide, what I honestly hope, is a final warning: although nothing has functionally changed between “male and me”/ DON’T assume or try anything sexual with me; or HADES will be your result. A warning from the spiritual world, not me. However all other things remain exactly as they were; “friends, work together; same, same same”: nothing homosexual, transsexual, or other. “just plain me”, but spiritually locked in a female dimension; believe it or not. NOT privileged to any information; you can’t imagine.

As to all things female however; the reality of my life, has been changed to female in charge. She can and does control: “its like being hit with lightning (seems like to me)” Which literally means to all men/ do not interfere; between “women and me”; it is not your concern; your own consequences could be grim. What, why, where, when, how, who, etcetera; is beyond my understanding. I DON’T KNOW. Or more distinctly: I have been relegated to the “back seat of this vehicle in motion”; locked in, without a say/ as is proven by female in charge. I DON’T KNOW; whatever this is, or is to be; will not be by my choice; as life continues to prove to me, every single day. Female decides, not you. “its complicated”.

From a lifetime of “being in charge of everything male; disciplined, orderly, free (as best reality allowed)”/ forced to admit defeat; therefore searching “for what would women do (no answer here)”/ to now, a reality of being in charge of nothing male (no disciplines (not my choice)/ no order (only if allowed) / NO freedoms (not your right; owned). The apparent “final answer”, is women in charge of everything. While I don’t accept that as the answer for life in time; I do accept that is the answer to justified laws in time, and changes that reflect world society created by balance, as something defined within peace through law; OR, the acceptance of truth decides “not you”. Respect informs by the evidence; no more fantasy, delusion or imagination/ no more disrespect, arrogance, or apathy. Or more simply DRAMATIC CHANGE, by those who can think differently.

Humanity forced to accept: “women are here as equals”. Women are providing this chance to recognize change. Women decide for men; as it is their turn. To substantiate that claim: I have been given “tits”/ it is not my choice. It is, like competing for “the ugliest girl in the world” title to me; honestly not what I had in mind. Or something less, than what I expected; “from old age”. Even so; my life has been spent, to keep this world from dying; and the spiritual woman inside helped me do that. Whatever else this is, need not be “macho”. but from working together/ to now, she controls nearly my whole life. Is more than anyone needs; and yet I am reminded: MANY women endure the same thing. So, I guess, I am some kind of sounding board or something similar to that. Who knows?

HER TRUTH is “a woman’s world”;  my truth is not: she knows/ I don’t; simple as that. Yes, I know the words are just endless.   but I have no real say/ my work/ our work/ her work.

SHE DOES, intend to make it clear, that her contribution is real/ the demand for female equality is certain & men shall not escape it: “one way, or another; CHANGE has come”. OR, this world will die.

And universities, their cult worshipers, and fanatic zealots of media, religion, and more: all shout, WE WANT OUR GAMES/ WE WANT OUR FANTASY/ WE WANT OUR DELUSIONS/ AND WE WANT TO IMAGINE a world where the only reality is what we want. THAT is what politics, and courts, and education, and propagation, and manipulation, and drama, and even violence and hatred are for. “to hell with you/ WE ARE liars and thieves, one and all”. How is that not so, as the truth evades you, and reality proves to be too much to ask.

So, the end result of it is: LIFE, is a decision! Your choice is: to love, the passionate embrace of sharing and caring through respect/ to hate, the intent for chaos, manipulation, violence, and failure/ or to simply survive as time, and be done with living at its death in you. Who do you choose?

As to me, I will make the concept, more complicated. Life allows, “for a walk in death”/ if you are invited beyond time. But it is not free, truth will become isolated, and love will be measured for trust. Failure is death/ trying to return to time on your own through fear is schizophrenic; “going to far into death to escape”. I was never that. But I was able to participate beyond time, in the elements of truth that do challenge the quest for eternity. Turned back “NOT yet your time to end”/ life must accept, “the opposite side of a view called living: which for me was now female”. It is a dimensional shift; as is pushing to the edge of life is male/ and then being pulled back into living as time; becomes an association with female. That is, massive change; and it results In the reality: spiritual female (the truth of woman existence) lives in me, as my connection with the essence of living; as is the law of spiritual truth: our connection with life itself. Back in time however means: I remain in this male body as life beyond the limits of death; even though subject to it as a body: but not bound in eternity as male. Nonetheless female truth cannot be “contaminated”; so I cannot be bound in eternity as female either. Caught in the middle, but the spiritual world controls, as is the essence of all truth, creates the law which gives to life its boundaries. Male being; Caught in time, which can change or be changed, as life demands; to become whatever it is I will be. More complicated than that, you will never understand. It is a quandary, our work exists as being done. Whatever is left, “is her work”; and I, as male; am merely the passenger locked inside. My hope would be: that realities NOT associated with the need for change in this world, will be avoided/ and women will find me a source of value to their own work for life, world, and law. As is required to remove extinction from this world. My hope however does not count; and it will be, whatever spiritual woman inside demands of me. But within that realm of reality, comes the truth of what women, being free to choose will or will not do, as well.  I have no clue, how this turns out. But the flip side of that coin is: the evidence of your extinction is mounting, and will soon not be turned back; proving extinction instead. By your own choices.      Not my decision to make. YOURS!       My reality:  “4 billion female, to just one me”;  what could go wrong.  I can just feel it (my tits are driving me crazy, lost all control);  not a middle ground anymore, I have been turned over to, the female dimension.  NO, it is not “a happy day”. I have no clue,__________. {traded places}, what could go wrong.  No, I don’t want to know.

EVERYTHING that GOD built; is orderly, disciplined, balanced, respectful of life and its limits and boundaries and purposes in survival; beautiful and shaped for values beyond our comprehension.

But when looking around: EVERYTHING that men have done, is disorderly, undisciplined to the extreme, unbalanced, disrespectful to all life and purposes beyond death. Shaped for violence, destroyed of the sanctity that is beautiful, and fails value; as hatred proves true.

Women have not been “in charge of this world”/ but they know how to participate “with cunning”; if they can.

And this world of male and female, by its decision has said of GOD ; we don’t need you anymore/ the universities are our gods/ the universities are our savior/ we are in charge now; using evolution (genetic chaos) to destroy everything GOD has made. Using fantasy to ignite the same fire as on the sun here on earth; to prove we are gods now. Using delusions to destroy the future itself. Using imagination to claim: we don’t need no damn reality; “we are gods”/ counterfeit the money, create debts that cannot be paid, worship weapons of mass destruction as your saviors, and discard your face as proof of the cult owns you now. To your shame.

You wanted what you wanted/ you chose “your gods”, and followed them without question. You do, deserve what they gave!

PRAY GOD WILL INTERVENE, to save you, and your world; back to life: or be forever lost. This ain’t no game.

Unlike, the middle part of my life as man; “with nothing left to do but wait and prepare; for when something big enough to shake you, into listening occurred: 9/11”. There is no trying to “give you something else to think about/ rather than university cult worship/ as in find your own brain”. With things presented unlike what you expect: you could not. Things which require at least a tiny bit of thought/ distant from the cult. That is, long abandoned.

THIS IS simply, for the last time; wake up to your reality, and accept the price is: “we cannot let these leaders continue to be WRONG”. WE MUST KNOW, what is true, what is not true; and we must UNDERSTAND, the price for being WRONG. Because anything less is extinction.

While media; is the framework for “university is god”/ the reality is: by counterfeiting currency and claiming debts don’t matter to “the leaders”/ as is let the slaves pay. And the courts are corrupted entirely by power wants this.

THE COST OF SURVIVAL; IS, the acceptance of redress, as is constitutional law. Or more distinctly, when confronted with “our employees” have failed us/ NOW, it is our turn to decide for ourselves; what we can or cannot trust, to create a future we will survive. REDRESS IS: “let the power of the people to decide for themselves be judge, by constitutional intent and law/ thereby we do choose to remove “the power of money, and its pride in weapons”. SEARCHING IN TRUTH,   “FOR JUSTICE”, AND THE RIGHT, TO SUSTAIN OURSELVES, AND OUR WORLD.

Let the evidence be brought from around this world {as we truly are, ALL INVOLVED}. DON’T let any escape the command, prove what is, or is not true/ without any disguise of any kind allowed: so that the vast majority will truly understand. Then accept TRUTH MUST DECIDE; as it is true, that only truth will survive as life. IN THIS USA; you are commanded to lead this fight. As it is true, by your universities; you led to this gate called HELL.                 FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, or you will lose it.

I am not your excuse/ not your leader/ not your guru/ not your enemy or friend or anything other than: “as described here”. Simply, “the messenger”: CHANGE OR DIE. And not more, at least to my own understanding/ what is female however may have other plans; “who knows”/ certainly not me.

Finally, WOMEN of this world; are instructed to take control over your lives, YOUR WORLD:  and participate in producing a clear documentary of what men do wrong! What they should do “right”/ and thereby define a different relationship: for world peace. By using laws to create what this world needs to survive, and CHANGE; for a chance to remain living on earth. Critical to that change is zero population growth or less/ because on this finite planet, you have no other choice but extinction. To accomplish that birth control is absolute and permanent; beyond one child. Because you do want to live “to one hundred years old” for most. To enforce, you must reduce the size of nations; to “same group here”/ because one group cannot enforce population birth control on another without consequences; no excuses allowed. To survive; you will without exception: prepare dead human bodies “for fish food, and the like”. Because you stole their world, their food, and if you don’t save the oceans; at least a billion humans will die from that loss. It is a very long list; which is worthless to write; UNLESS you participate in fighting for this earth. Look around you/ don’t want; throw pride out; don’t judge: and recognize the cost of being wrong; as truth defines it to be: as best you can.

NOW SEARCH YOUR HEART, AND SEEK YOUR SOUL; FOR LIFE, not the death of tragedy, as is the “dirt and dust of evolution, formed from the sewage of university plays god”. COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS, AND DECIDE: if you are willing to die/ or willing to fight for your world; “WITH LAW”. Do what you CAN DO/ as is, the duty of us all.

Reality says: I as male, have been trying hard, to complete this work; to the satisfaction of “spiritual female inside”. Together we balance the disciplines and order that is necessary to establish respect for life and world. Today however, it feels like “male has been devoured”/ and all that will be left is female in me. While the body is now mixed; life has changed. It seems; the work is completed. No, I don’t know what the outcome will be. But it does remain consistent in me: that the price, to accomplish this work, has not been too high/ even though, it is a complete surprise.         LIFE IS A CHOICE, and sometimes that means CHANGE or die.  NO, “not transvestite, homosexual, or anything less than simple and plain”. The foundation, is clear:  to accomplish anything this world needs to survive, WILL literally require both male and female working in balance with each other for the benefit of all. AS male led us all here, particularly through their universities: to the edge of our own extinction. Truth states: it will be female who leads in the law, now. AS it is the law, which serves to define and create society itself. It is the law, which removes weapons of mass destruction; and gives life and planet, one last chance to survive. Without it, “proper and plain”/  your world dies.  BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE, says it is so.

You are reminded: every generation of men, have said “now we know everything”/ and every generation of men were wrong; nothing has changed. The universities have replaced men shouting we are gods today; but reality says “same/ same/ same”. NO, they don’t know;  as is proven by the fact, “if you knew biology/ then you know, how to create it, they do not. “They say we will learn/ just give us time”. INSTEAD as it is proven true;  mutilation NOT “science”, is done by injecting chaos to prove you can change it/ IS, just to prove you can change it: by crucifying every life they touch. AS is, the predicted ARMAGEDDON (NATURE IN CHAOS).  That is destruction, not creation. LET LIFE BE SACRED, or die.  YOUR geneticists/ universities: crucify every life on this planet, everyday; crossing and mixing species boundaries/ creating pandemic/ designing disease/ collecting trillions to pay for their “death walk into HELL”.  SAME, as every generation in history; “if only we could make them sick/ and then charge for a cure”: WE WOULD THEN “be trillionaires”. Now ain’t that so?  And if you don’t work to stop them all/ THEN YOU are in support of what they do.  ONLY a very tiny few, work for life/ all the rest fight to play god. by creating “the road of death”/ same, crucifixion; just different lives on display;  to remove the curse of YOUR OWN BODIES, that is behind their closed doors. If men were wise, then no weapon of mass destruction would exist. IF SATAN; “the arrogance, apathy, and disrespect needed to scream: lets destroy this world/ we will burn atoms with fire; like the sun”, was not here/ THEN the reality of people trying to ignite a nuclear fire, would not exist. NOR would endless pollution, poisons, destruction of habitat, changing the global planet, death of every chain of life needed for the living, extinction for everything within view. The game of war (lets steal/ by murdering them) would not exist. Etcetera, and more.  Belief (whatever we want, we claim to be true; evidence nor truth matters: we want what we want) would not exist either. Separating hate from love; as opposites, never intended to remain in the same place; would be different. Survival itself, would be different; because without murder/ truth must decide.  CHANGE DEMANDS DIFFERENT; and that does leave female, as the only option available; believe it or not/ like it or not; is irrelevant.

DO NOT ASSUME; as women are clearly NOT able to take control from men/ they are unprepared and uneducated in being able to control men as a majority group; manipulation fails. INSTEAD, the value of women:  requires, that you disconnect yourselves from the influences of men/ so that a new and different elemental conception of how our lives  as a human world, could be changed, or might erupt. In terms of controlling men: without force, men do not know how to control women/ so you do have time “to create”.  But women descend into manipulation to control, pushing men “to get me this”; and both lose respect, as it is only want. Which means RESPECT is the value that must be given its due, same for both genders: EARNED by truth/ or lost to failure. Women are NOT better/ but they are different & women are NOT tied to war; which makes life and a future at least possible.

getting rid of men, is NOT your problem or solution! Getting rid of hate is; but then you face the truth of “university catastrophe’s” which is our reality has changed from “enough to sustain us”/ to a fight between sharing, caring, and survival itself. The easy answers are dead! THEY ARE, in your  trash; but hey, according to the older male generations, “our garbage is their gold mine”; so dig in; RIGHT.  but, “let us not forget what replaced that; for the last fifty years, among nearly all men”:  NOT IN MY LIFETIME.  So, I guess these are all dead, right? Because reality is not wrong, and truth never lies.

To all women, and this world of men who need them to survive. I REMIND YOU: that power is nearly always a curse, for everyone involved: few are able to survive it intact. Pride is an enemy, with horrific consequences; when coupled with power. Want is the basis of greed, selfishness, and lust: enemies each one. THEREFORE be kind, gentle, loving, ashamed of hate, and searching for life within hope, truth, earned trust, respect, love, and values which complete a life shaped with destiny, worthy of an eternal life.   JESUS is the example of difference:  “between love and hate”/ learn it. HATE IS  a disguise; learn to recognize it. Everything else is animal; share and care, construct the combination of all religions; so that you can defeat that tragedy for them. And look beyond yourself, INTO MIRACLES, as is life and planet and truth.    MORE, is at stake here, than you!

As for me: the values of my heart, live within the love that Creation itself has shared. The truth that is this earth, and all of its foundations to life and living construct soul, as a respect never to be denied. Although life seems to be reshaping me: it is not without cause, and thereby a value to be recognized as true. What comes of it, is not up to me; I will hope instead. As to our future on this planet/ the sanctity of life/ sacred values of Creation itself/ foundations of living/ respect owed to love/ or happiness being sacrificed to horrors instead: these are up to you/ not to me. I did do “my part”, to reclaim your future for life. My desire for you; is that you live. But you are far from that truth.

My final statement to you is: that every whore, liar, cheat, thief, murderer, terrorist, traitor, etc; “all shout: I just wanted what I wanted”/ as that is my excuse.

Just like all the rest who scream: “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ none can blame me for that; I only have one life to live/ and this is it: SO GET OUT OF MY WAY, or do what I want you to do”. Animals are no different.

Even love shouts, “I want you to live”/ while hate screams: “if you don’t give me what I want/ then I WANT you to die.

BUT TRUTH REMINDS EACH ONE; that the foundations of life are not animal, as is want/ the enemy called pride/ or the curse that is power. Instead along with the true differences between love and hate; PROVEN by JESUS, who did provide those examples, for an entire world/ which does understand. Not even love is enough, to keep “life from dying”.

The cost of that lesson is: BEING ALIVE INSIDE, requires more.

So, we again look to JESUS; as the best example of love: to ask, what more do we need? The foundation of that, “looks to OUR CREATOR”, and identifies the miracles of life and planet which give us time; do seek our acceptance of respect, as the value beyond self, which proves the possibility of who we can become. JESUS proved to be the example of love, which the world cannot defeat; because it is true love that was displayed in his life/ testified too, by witnesses. That HIS life returned; as evidence: we were not simply born to want/ but born to participate with value, respect, and love as is guided by truth, trust, and justice for all.

The reward for that: “is offered as an eternity, to participate beyond the miracles of this life; where hate will never enter again into our world: where our CREATOR lives, and love never dies.”

And the people scream: YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING/ I want what I want, because that is all there is.

But as for me: what is proven true, and without doubt: are the miracles of life and planet that are on display/ and hate is now trying, and succeeding; to destroy, as “universities playing god”. But I am old enough to have known better than this, and remain seeking the truth: we must not let life, child, or planet die; by those who are so plainly WRONG. And all the world screams: I want_____________rather than I am, “alive”. To your shame.

Every miracle is a testimony to thought, which translates our existence into being alive. And you know that is true. Consequently life is, “within thought” as the basis and foundation of life itself/ along with the energy, which makes all things possible. Yet universities say, “its all chaos/ by accident; offering only this looks like that”: to their shame. While reality offers: you know nothing good (tear it all down) comes from chaos as is war/ and every accident proves less than one in a million is a result desired. While genetics, where roughly the instructions which built the body of life called nature: are constructed to be, “with few mistakes for us all”. An eloquent assembly of numbers which represent 1,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or more possibilities; arranged to create the specifics of every living thing. Giving to each a face, and form, and abilities that are “perfect in concept” and purpose; as is given to each one. The symphony of that collaboration, which builds itself as life; without a single construction by humans: YOUR BODY DOES IT, not you. Is more than enough to prove. Beyond the limits of what miracles are, “is a universe” of possibilities so elementally conceived by the love shown here in us: that none should doubt the potential that is more. JESUS was the guarantor, “the evidence”:  we were NOT simply created and left behind. But are indeed, the potential for love, with a value that can in fact last into eternity itself: “as if, a child of GOD”.

As for me; I have proven to be “a messenger”; having delivered this message to you that is: CHANGE, OR YOU WILL SOON, BE EXTINCT. As is evidenced, by the truth of choices; you made, by following: “universities play god”.

And the people all say: UNFAIR, we don’t deserve that.  WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; that is no crime.

But reality replies: “there is a thousand years” of life and living, exterminated by your “garbage mountains”; as evidence against you. There are endless injections of chaos into nature genetics; in your attempts to play god. There is a “mountain of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect” identified by your attempts to ignite a nuclear fire; in an effort to prove you can play god. An entire world, and all its life: dying, because of you. This is a world filled with people; who want hate, to prove their pride is more important/ than your life. And all the religions bow down shouting “the universities, are our god too”. So, what part of that says “unfair”?

Humanity then shouts: “we had to believe someone & they did the most to make our lives better for us: we did not want to die, starve, or be attacked”. Life ain’t free, and neither is happiness, or safety, or hope, or love.

Here, where the cost of “thinking”; is compared to the consequences of “yes, we can”/ the value of every decision acted upon: constructs the identity of who you are.

That identity instead of working and building for life, respecting the values of planet and forms and nature: became a testimony to hate, growing in greed, selfishness, lust, ridicule, war, gossip, manipulation, intentional fears and deceit, arrogance, apathy, disrespect “for everything”. And this entire world of Creation even being lost to those who play god; by crucifying every living thing, with their claim “we can be gods too”.

While the herd of humans, now unable to think or express themselves with individual thought of their own: waits to be told what they think by “tv/ media”. As the cult of worshipers, chants “university is our god”/ and absolutely refuses to question their “gods”; about even the most HORRIFYING TRUTHS; THAT THEY DO. AS IS: trying to ignite this planet into a sun; using pure fantasy and delusion, as their testimony, to keep you dead inside, and unable to respond. NOT EVEN, to a ten million degree FLAME OF FIRE, which your own universities describe as “a million miles long” on the sun. NOPE, can’t do it/ WON’T question even this: because the cult of university plays god; makes you afraid. HOW PATHETIC is that? Answer the question, because “its YOU”.

As to death and starvation: the limits imposed upon human population so this world itself would survive. THE REALITY of changing that is now evidence even to you: as an entire world of life collapses under the weight of MORE HUMANS, THAN THIS FINITE EARTH, can support; without true change in real world terms of choice.

And religion says: “we don’t want you/ YOU, are NOBODY”! But the powerful said we don’t want you, to JESUS as well; once the money was lost. Religion, we are the people in charge says: YOU are not what we expected, “from our book of god”/ YOU, are NOBODY. But they didn’t recognize JESUS for the value of HIS work; either, they wanted what they wanted/ and refused to change. HIS disciples realizing: it was not to be “greatness, in this world”; as their reward; cried, it is too much to ask. But people came to help, and our world was saved from the hate overwhelming it. Then came universities; to claim it back for hate, with the catastrophe of weapons of mass destruction; which made the people fear enough: to throw love, reality, truth, courage, respect, trust, and hope away.

So, this message was sent: to reclaim what your fears destroyed. By giving you a choice, which can be introduced and established as change.

As to me: certainly NOT perfect, realistically “nothing more than a messenger, or writer” if you prefer. Taught, rather than knowing. Helped rather than enough on my own. But even so: as with the disciples of JESUS. Whosoever hears the message and accepts its value is true; “like me”, you are now responsible: to deliver it to life on earth. Because anything less, “means: you surrendered this world, to death”. I chose, and I delivered this to you: as is, the end of my job as a man, living on earth.

LIFE, confronts us with death; as the reminder: “we are NOT, the owners here”. Nothing is more certain of that, than to enter within the spiritual world; where only truth decides, not you. “the spiritual woman and I”, have finally resolved our differences. She has always been more correct than I, balancing whatever I needed; but removing the disciplines, order, and fundamentals that are “strictly male”; for which I rebelled. Today however, I have recognized the value of it, rather than its cost: and we now join in an effort to do what she needs to have done; in order to balance women on earth. As is elemental, to saving this world. We shall begin with communication, and I will add; as best I can according to what is needed, in balancing her truth, with time. Neither of us “is a savior to you”: but we can give aid, to those who try, as best they can: for life and world. Whether you can conceive of that, or believe it is true: is not important. Instead as is the constant of this world: truth survives, respect lifts the soul to GOD , and only the heart can define an honesty capable of love and its hope, “to be ALIVE”. As an expression of experienced value, worthy of sharing eternity, because we did choose to care.

The distinction of this is simple: while I do have some choices/ the reality is, I am owned, more than free. The passenger, in this vehicle of time/ not “the driver”. LOVE does not own: but time, does not survive for this world, unless you find your heart. Therefore the essence of this new work is: to search for that heart; with honesty and truth. To conceive of RESPECT, for life and world and GOD ; as is, your gift returning to your Creator; as soul. And if nothing else, let that be mine; with or without this world, as is my choice. Best I/ we, can.

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Jim Osterbur

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