In the real world of life and death

time decides, “the message of your heart”.

It is through an understanding of the environment, which has been shaped by those who preceded us; by choosing for us; what they did do for themselves.

Every message is a search. Every search is a journey into desires and hopes, which do lead to soul.

The destiny of life honors thought, as the treasury of you love, as has been shaped by your own desires and choices. Love honors truth as the value called trust; the formation of living that constructs our discipline, order, and balance; of an individual.

Our relationship with energy will form within that individual identity. Where home then begins; as the rhythms we do share with life itself/ the courage of our own caring: then conceives of everything our life can become.

Life understands the essence that is called “MIRACLES”.

While living accepts “only loneliness and chaos”, can keep us from Joy and happiness”.

Where truth keeps life pure enough to know what love can be. Love keeps our lives whole inside, with the truth that does not doubt “because of you”.

If you cherish the moment: “I AM ALIVE”. Then you know soul exists.

In this world we stand alone, in time: to create “living, is my choice”.

We stand apart in this time: to establish NO ONE, can share the verdict, of life or hate in me; I AM, “my own judge”.

NOT by want, pride, or power/ but by TRUTH, LOVE, HOPE, AND LIFE.

Which means: I have made the decisions, which life gave to me.

Defining my identity, one choice at a time.

James Frank Osterbur.

The foundation of all mental health is: that I am not alone, even in a crowd. Because someone, who shares something with me/ cares enough to be my friend.

It is that simple, within the understanding: there are limits and boundaries to all friendship. IF you are married, and fail to spend time together/ fail to listen, when they need you, or fail to show you care, by sharing what you can.

The consequence is: they feel alone.

The foundation of parenting, with the purpose of becoming friends when they grow up: is based upon, “taking the time and honesty to listen” as they grow.

Remembering: “even a two year old has ears/ and although they may look like they are playing; few are not listening to you”. Particularly when talking about them.

In contrast: every form of depression is: “I didn’t get what I wanted”/ OR, I did get what I wanted, and it was not enough, life is escaping/ and I am unhappy.

People fall into fantasies, when the reality of people is: “they do not care enough, about me”. The fantasy replaces humanity, with what I design life to be/ and if it overwhelms; “as is I am alone, and lost”. The consequence can become a very wide variety of mental health crisis behaviors; from suicide, to mass murder. Because the end result is: “alone, even in a sea of human beings”.

Delusions are the alternative to that; representing the universities in particular. As is, “I can play god” if only I do this. Or I can imagine, and create a new world, if only I do that. But the end result of a delusion is: I cannot do anything/ UNLESS, I convince those who do the work and spend the money, “to believe”. When too effective, as is the addition of media propaganda (every ten minutes, for ten minutes: shows packed with a “gun is the answer/ death in all its gore/ liars cheaters thieves perverts and more/ news shouting university is god/ threats from every side/ people ridiculed, and placed in situations of endure or play dead”). People screaming inside: manipulated, threatened, discouraged, denied, disrespected, devalued, destroyed, panicked, forced to choose, forced to deny, forced to accept, controlled; and so much more. That a cult arises, from the “sewer wash”/ that is, all I need to do; is believe the universities are god.

Mental health destroyed, by the “kinder garden of failure, that is universities in charge (imagination and fantasies, are all we need)”. And now being threatened with extinction; by the consequences (life be damned/ we want what we want) of “university knows”.

Every form of behavior

is based upon what you do or do not believe to be true.

Is based upon what you do or do not fear to be threatening you.

Is based upon greed, lust, selfishness, pride (I win/ or lose with consequences)/ or power as is I measured you; and found you worthless (therefore I can do anything I want; with you). Every lie arises from; what you want.

Every form of winner, needs a trophy (people or things)

every form of loser, needs a solution: to win.

Every form of suicide, including addictions; lives to escape.

Every form of tyrant; exists: either to prove I can/ or you can’t.

While the reality of honest mental health: is to know, that I am accepted and valued, among those who choose to participate in my life; either as family or friend.

The more critical construction of spiritual health is: to know, that I am accepted and valued; even though I stand alone. As a distinct identity formed from the disciplines that will prove what is true regarding me.

Order creates truth, by understanding knowledge.

Balance creates sanity; by forming itself into wisdom.

Respect isolates that wisdom, into thought beyond self.

In this USA; the cost of television, media, video games and more is: you replaced friendship and family with this. MORE, than any other influence for the vast majority.

You replaced nature with air conditioning; thereby removing the displacement of people from inside their housing “away from people”; to what used to be, a community sharing existence, and communicating what they found important.

You replaced “dating” with sex (we do not value each other/ just use each other); being alive as a human discarded/ to accept, “destroy that” with the universities demand, just an animal; “not a human”. the cost of university indoctrination, as is every school room found in America.

Thereby replacing: MIRACLE OF LIFE, found in the gracious truth, thought cannot accept anything less than; “our world, truly is a gift to us all”.

With the sewer, “where people like hitler/ or lies like evolution”;  were found.

And then there is me: having given up on humanity changing to save itself: I asked to be taken into eternity, roughly 17 years ago.  “nothing left but war”.

I was turned back; REBALANCED, to view and live from: the opposite view of life; as is, “from a female perspective”; and returned to this work.

Being redefined by: since men cannot save this world, “their only real world, answer is war”. The question is: can women save life on earth; because their answer is “not war”? Their reality proves LAW is their answer;  WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS.

That question has not been answered:

but the spiritual woman who is joined to my life, remains working as if it will be.

SHE DEMANDS recognition, as is seen here: for the female contribution to this work.

She demands ownership of this work now: because 4 or so years ago, I again lost hope in you. Basically, refusing to let me quit/ by replacing me; “in the drivers seat/ trading places”. IT IS, a very different view of life/ a different reality of living/ and a reassigned level of freedom, securities, and more. “no wander”, why genders do not understand each other. “changed”.

As to the constant games, delusions and fantasy of cult worshiping university; which continues to curse us all. The question remains: if women, will fight for life, and world, and child: with law?

NO, IT IS NOT something you can attain for yourself; even if you wanted it. The spiritual world is not “an open door”;  only by invitation can you enter or do that. IT IS, a dangerous place, where your truth decides if you live or die. Or if your fear controls.

Because the end result of it all is: entirely UP TO GOD

as every miracle of life, proves true.

BUT: The evidence of your failures is overwhelming.

The cost of refusing to acknowledge what is true; is catastrophic.

 The end or the beginning of real world change: as is needed to survive:  the choice, men have failed/

HAS been given to women.  Clearly it is their turn to decide. AS the final summation of life today, “in a man’s world/ or a university world”, is: without true change; nobody lives.

Whether they, or I like it, or not. Female is “in the drivers seat”. A reality of NEW LAW, IS required.

I am the messenger/ the passenger of this work:  given to explain, your truth is extinction.

UNLESS you choose honestly; to change

putting life, planet, child, and GOD

first, as reality proves true. By your own evidence.

THE METHOD provided in this message is:

THAT LAW, not leaders; shall govern our nation and our world. Thereby replacing weapons of mass destruction with peace and harmony; based upon “world policing” as defined by law.

Whosoever creates that law, and others:  shall then decide, the fate of our world. The choice: either accepted, by our votes: as we the people, to govern with law we choose for ourselves! 

OR, refused, and allowed to “let universities finish” playing god with life and world and,  every child.

WE CAN CHOOSE:  to Rule over life and world itself with our decisions  as humanity united: 

as the law “WE THE PEOPLE” chose: now provides, the future of us all.

There is no “homosexual or other deviation from the natural flow of nature”. This for me is simply: “I tried and failed”/ noting that, I was given a new direction to rebalance, relearn, redefine, and renew the effort that is:  neither life or world or child should die without a real world fight for their survival. Even if poorly done/ it was done.  “its complicated”/ but unimportant.  AS the message itself:   is either change to let the law decide/ or go extinct, as is the truth of what your own evidence does reveal.

good or bad; extinction or life:  the choice is yours

it is not mine; not your savior/ guru/ leader/ other; just a “messenger (as is capable, for nearly everyone)”.  I did my job.   one LAST WARNING:  do NOT come to me as any description of male, “looking for anything, sex”/  LIFE says to me, warn them;  it will be HADES for you/ if you do.     no, it is not my warning/ as I cannot enforce it!

Religion of course expects perfection; but that is never the case, because humanity does not know what perfection is. And reality does not conceive of any human participation that could be perfect. But as for Revelation; it is divided into two distinct differences. Chapters 1-11 describe how life ends with men, remaining in charge. Chapters 12-22 describe how life fights for this world, will be changed; with female leading the way. ending with changes; governed by GOD.

Believe it or not: the opportunity for war was given to me, as male/ a reality far more than you expect. But absolutely nothing was to be gained; only extinction.

The very first thing demanded from the female dimension; of me, was surrender that forever. “I gave it/ she took it”: I know not how that ends. Other than what is now, basically; complete control over me.

The reality of course is: that religion looks for excuses/ instead of the cost for being WRONG. As evidence does prove: IS HORRIFIC things are coming.

even you”; can see that is true.

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