brain first



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Reminding each: you can’t meet a friend/ UNLESS you meet a stranger first.

The quest of life, is to understand: regardless of circumstance, living is the gift of a miracle/ as is everything Created: that lives here on earth with us all. We should rejoice: “because nature built life, built us/ and not a single living thing, can we build for ourselves”.

The cost of reality is: unless we think first/ we fail our own future: as is the evidence of this day, the price for, being wrong.

The decision to participate in living (the demand to survive): either personally or as a world. Confronts us: with our own extinction/ due to choices made.

Recognizes RESPECT is mandatory, because living is not a game/ there are consequences. Which must then be dealt with; or happiness dissolves into chaos. As is, the proven truth, “of our everything”.

Conversation is a choice: “seeking solutions, among ourselves” is a choice as well.

Brain first: searches and divides, “those who are serious” from the rest: for life and world.

A business service: that makes NO GUARANTEE OF SAFETY/ only the guarantee of opportunity, from which you make your own personal choices. And accept your choice: is to own personal or business risk. WE ARE/ YOU ARE, BY INTENT: “going to talk to strangers”; in an environment which requires respect. That is offered only within these business parameters.

YOUR choices, are your own choices.

THERE ARE FOUR PURPOSES/ OR SERVICES intended: offering these opportunities

    1. for people meeting people, to share a meal; “each seeks something” / simply understand that. Meeting scheduled, no more aid. Partial copyright Txu 2-083-110

    2. for people needing people; “to acknowledge, I am among the living” (especially intended for those who live alone). A daily automated phone call: requiring your “two digit” phone response. Your choice: when, or how often, before: our Members who participate, inquire for your safety, if you do not respond. Best they can. Partial copyright Txu 2-083-110

    3. for conversations which shape society, through human understanding; a discussion of knowledge/ not want: reality. A choice to join by membership invitation: to share a meal, which will be offering a conversation starter/ if you want it. YOU offer the question you wish to discuss (most votes win)/ a lead in description offering direction will be added to that; and found on this website; in that venue. If, you do not find “the endless conversation” provided by useful. One alternate question per week: if you wish; for you to share.

    4. The final partition; is for building complex relationships: “BRAIN first”. Among the people who search honestly; “meeting people to share a meal; THIS METHOD is used; to participate more intimately in the conversation of living: with a purpose. Functionally, We avoid “the first date syndrome”/ and: if you choose it, THEN: you may share your answers As privately, to the questions provided, as possible. It is suggested, do not exchange unless they provide their own answers at the same time you do. That purpose being, “now I know” as best I can; what the future with you, might become”. Thereby making a difference in both life and living, by removing questions/ removing the time: that it takes to find even a few of these answers; which, for a long term relationship; you do need to be know. With hope to understand “our reality”: becomes fundamentally, “now I know”.

You will be asked to create an opinion of each person who allows you to search: a separate opinion for those who declare they have dated. Defining in your OPINION; are they lying/ telling truth/ or refusing to talk: other. “So the next one may know”.

The discipline of this service: is to create or allow to be created; primarily, an opportunity for people to meet for a meal; within a framework they choose. At a time, date, and place for all invited members. For up to a suitable number for each specific restaurant: or venue: where people, who expect to attend, commit to that time and place. NO list of participants/ only the number who expect to come.

The order of that service, EXPECTS:

TO LIMIT INVITATION; for attendance, to those within age; and other specific ranges.

Those: Claiming heterosexual lifestyles

those claiming: other lifestyles

specific groups: such as, all women/ or all men/ or all other


this is NOT a dating service.

This is a “friendship intended opportunity”; that uses primarily a meal; to create time and place for meeting new and different people. For polite conversations: NO guarantee of safety is given/ your choice is your choice.

IT IS, however the opportunity, to declare yourself open to dating someone, if you wish! IF you choose! to participate in the more intimate “living definitions” questionnaire. Provided for, by the “brain first method”; as each being a member: the need to spend time with this person, will become a choice: based upon understanding “what our future might become”.

Each question illustrating for your decision: the knowledge of me/ formed from understanding my decisions. That reality is: brain not body first; the difference between you and me.

LOVE measures HOPE, TRUTH, and COURAGE define themselves: VALUES shape themselves; before your life commits to “go further”. Down a path, where no future will come. Knowledge is a basis, or foundation, formed from truth/ NOT lies.

HATE judges to assert power dominates, or pride wins/ and want hides, with lies: what is true. Bear it in mind. Let truth decide, because want is the foundation of every lie. “if you don’t want/ you don’t lie.”

Membership comes with:

ONE of seven types of name tags to be worn; specific to what you choose.

Random selection (if membership is sufficient); will decide who gets invited where.

THE RULES: anyone can join for a small fee

“people meeting people for a meal”: which offers on this website: both a time and place for you to meet others who have chosen the same thing. With that membership you get to access the site; to search for information, about meeting places, time, etc. YOU agree: to respect or be banned.

People who need people: are offered sign up for an automated phone call: at a time you select each day. YOU then respond with “a two digit keystroke”; to indicate you are still alive and able to respond. If you do not respond: other respondents who have signed up in your area: will be notified to this purpose, and are asked to check up on you.

People who join a meal with: “social conversation”.

Will be provided; by email or text; or given a sign-in opportunity to know; along with a badge used for this membership. The invitation is: with a different time and place than other purposes of membership here; who do not, share your interest. Dependent upon numbers; and area selected. Options exist, only when reality proves options exist. YOU agree: to respect or be banned.

People who join with the intent to establish relationships.

Agree to be graded.

To receive one of these four choices in badges: to identify your desire; as is separate from the rest of members/ not interested in this intimacy; who are using this business.

You must answer at least one of the questions in each of the ten categories given. That number will then appear on your badge; and your answers cannot be changed for one year; only on renewal/ once saved as true. IF you answer all the questions: in just one category: the color of that category will appear on the border of your badge/ indicating your primary interest.

If you answer all fifty questions: that number will appear on your badge, along with a gold border; to indicate passion (willingness to work). If warranted; people may be used to insure real world answers were given/ before this badge goes out: TO BE DETERMINED, by interest in the business itself. This is a members decide reality.

Your zip code/ coded name or number chosen, will be used on your file; to open it. The value of your answers, as are graded by preferably at least ten people (that will appear on the opening page of your file; will be the only thing allowed to change, year to year: choose carefully). There will be 3 questions to grade, for the person “just met”: 1) was this answered honestly. 2) did the person presenting it, write it? 3) can this person be trusted? Each question= 0-5 points/ all three together “000” no trust/ “555” fully trust; or whatever is in between these limits. That offers a three digit read out. A second three digit read out: hidden names, will offer, “yes” safe/ or NO, not safe”.

Particular attention is given to those who have dated; have a separate grade. YOU agree, prior to dating: BY MEMBERSHIP: to allow this opinion, TO BE USED; for this grade. You agree, this will be allowed on your opening file page. YOUR picture MUST be used, if there is a short statement, chosen by you. These may be added, if you wish, to that page. But content of the questions and your statement cannot be changed until the expiration date; to renew.

While anyone can reach the open page, to your file (with your coded name or number used). The page purpose is: to describe the grade of other members given to you on: “truth or lies”/ in our “members opinion”; by your peers. IT MAY also contain a short description, without hate or anger: of your own choosing. To open the file itself: the one who owns it, must provide the code; with you/ in order to, allow you to do it. Opening the file of answers, will require a code change from the owner. You may choose: their access limits (time allowed) and boundaries (how many times allowed)/ for people you choose to share with.

While protection of your file, is to be realistic/ you should understand: it is NOT guaranteed.

Bear that in mind as well. It is the intent to provide for relationship members; the opportunity to file; if you are going further with this person/ what times and dates/ where and so on. Once you open the file; so that a record, by your choosing is kept.

RESPECT REQUIRES: No screaming in anger/ no transferring fear (I have an enemy/ to keep my mind from death); either. Or you can be removed from invitation; for not less than one year.

the business service; which operates without judgment/ short of hate!

CHOICES, you would make; “love or money”; is yours/ mine/ or ours? QUESTIONS, you would ask; “hate or forgiveness”? None are perfect.
VALUES you would share; “we would share by caring” how? RESPECT: you demand; “my work/ my choice”. IS this fair?
HEALTH you need to know; “will you hurt me”. Because the world has sexual and other disease. FAMILY IS, as you need it to be; “how much is too much”. What do you need or want life to be?
HAPPINESS, by your definition; “the value of living requires”; what does your heart say? RELIGION, as your own definition is to be; “what do you want to believe”/ or is faith enough?
MEASURES taken by you, with regard to others; “is life equal/ even if not the same”: is justice, fair play a choice. Or do you know better? “searching for life and society”/ politics, law, living, death, etc. Seeking solutions among ourselves. Information to prepare you for joining honestly, in these conversations.

Sign up at      this is a preparation link, filed here to begin “the journey”, as of 11/07/22 for that site which is as yet unprepared/ but expected soon.

Within these “living parameters” or social constructs: there are conversations: which allow, for a more accurate view of who we are as an individual truth, capable or not; of sharing life “with me or you”. Or as a society, who we are “united, by law, our conversation should establish truth; by understanding choices”. GOVERNMENT exists: because only a few/ can curse all the rest. Therefore limits are necessary!

The liar seeks “to tell you what you want to hear”/ in order to manipulate you for their own purposes: as is, don’t use your own brain. The selfish, endlessly use “I, this or that; I,I,I,I,,,,,,,, as is always I am first”. Or, I am winner/ you lose. The hater judges others, while hiding all other truth: to claim “YES, I can”. Pride (the sound of anger, and contempt) uses ridicule, hidden in a tempest, to assert loser; and wants gossip to intervene, by “claiming yes, I know”; regardless of reality. While want will tempt, manipulate, control, or betray your intent to share {which means be careful, “with keys, to your heart”; because love is not found, in want}. SEX muffles your voice, to remove the conversation; so respect will not grow/ only lust (I can use, just your body; without “you, Inside”). Do not hide yourself in lust, chemicals betray trust: it will fail, as so many marriages prove true. Do not define yourself by a first look; repeat and understand. The answers; that search into the future for what our lives will be: “require questions”. As to dating: it is wise, to Remain “In public” until truth reveals the beginning that is: called trust. A NOTE: especially for the young, “sex produces chemicals, which are addictive”. As with all those who become an addict, of any drug: very poor choices, can be made. JUDGMENT ends in tragedy, when they measure you worthless to me; your life is in danger. Sex will not stop that.

As to business: Opportunities will be searched, for making life safer; but the end result is up to you; to protect your own business. Be fair, so that harmony may result. Be safe: anger can be mitigated/ hate cannot, as all predators do, they will hide; if found in the open.

The color of membership cards or name tags: will be according to the category you select! “white; black lettering is for, people meeting people”! A silver or gray border on the badge: a “ conglomerate of things”, to indicates; for social conversations: “basically”, no topic is off limits. Other colors represent categories, which are specific for opening a discussion, “with me”. For those selecting, “relationship searches”; (IF, he or she, has answered each of the fifty questions; they receive, a gold border) as people who decided “life”! Sharing what is, “first” in the values of your own heart; to aid: I search, I provide: what we all, need to know. IF, a relationship with you: could work?

While the intent is for: private to you, and whosoever you choose to reveal: your answers too: as with everything in this day of “failed privacy for all”. The reality is your file, can be corrupted, shared, deleted or whatever “the cursed can do”. You should bear that in mind. AND NOT attach personal information, in your file: beyond what is comfortable for you; to have society know.

Be honest and fair; as that is, “the best we can do; for life, and self, in time”. Be courageous as well, because without calculated risk: the world can be, a very small and dull place indeed. Accept who you are/ or change it, as we all: can do. OPEN YOUR EARS, don’t let want control: USE BRAIN FIRST, before making a decision with consequences. BE, as safe as you know how to be; WITHOUT being “shut behind closed doors”. GENERALLY, that is: keep to the public spaces, out especially in daylight, and on the weekend, where people have more time and energy to participate.

A NINETY DAY: trial period shall govern, whether this business, moves forward; to become operational. As shall be determined by “people participation: visiting this site”.

YOU MAY VOTE: yes I wish to have these services available to me/________

OR: no, I do not believe this will be of benefit to me ____________

DO YOU WISH TO INVEST: YES_________ OR NO_________

in the last 30 days of this trial period: the numbers will be revealed, and your option to actually register and or invest will go forward, IF THE RESPONSE is warranted to continue with establishing this business.

You may however access the questions; for relationship membership. To conceive of your answers. In the second thirty days, you may file them: if interest is found. During the last 30 days: you will be allowed to grade what is filed. At ninety days: this business will start or expire, dependent upon your interests.

SOONER IF, it is clear; the business will serve your interests.

Anticipated start date: November 12, 2022 opens the door. And a week will be granted for introductions. Making November 20, 2022 the initial start up date.

Thirty days later you may begin filing relationship answers: December 20, 2022

thirty days after that January 19,2023 opportunities to grade answers will be allowed/ investments allowed to be given: if appropriate.

thirty days after that: February 18, 2023 the business either will be operational/ or dismissed as undesired. The decision is yours.

THE QUESTIONS, defining what living means to you/ what you are willing to share: with someone chosen by you. The consequence of that or those decisions however; alters the concept of , “your privacy”. { 300 words or less, per question } recognizing, this business is limited in what we can truly protect.

  1. WHAT do you truly want from living; where is the boundary of what is enough? Is want an abyss: “got to have a new car every year/ etc”? Describe your limits and boundaries. Expectations of me? Be fair, I have a right to know.
  2. WHAT do you truly need from life: is it love/ hate/ or simply survival? Do you need to make life into a game of winners or losers and you? Is love enough to define happiness/ or do you need hate; to protect yourself, by using fear? Do you need control? How much?
  3. WHERE does judgment take you: if not to play god? Do you need to be rich and powerful; proud? Or do you measure living: as can’t tolerate your “close to poverty” lifestyle? Or simply, how much money, is your god; “where do, your values live”?
  4. HOW do you make your money for life and living: what are your means to an end? Or, are you a dreamer; what do you want those dreams to be? Are you ok, with what you do now?
  5. WHO do you say you are/ without lying, even to you? Do people agree? Did you ever change by your free will, a choice? Are you perfect, or can you forgive?
  6. WHY do you desire friendships to expand? What do you seek, that you do not have or desire from living now; that is not yet earned? A trophy, or a person?
  7. WHEN do you believe sex is appropriate? Identify yourself, and be honest, with quirks, and issues/ complaints and desires? HOW MUCH do you need, to be happy? Be safe, but fair. Accept this can change: with desires. “with shared response”/ not just me, doing for you.
  8. WHAT do you consider to be FAIR? “an hour for me/ an hour for you”? Is that the same as justice for you? What matters in living: to achieve “being fair, with each other”?
  9. HOW many children are involved or desired or planned for? Be fair, be plain.
  10. Are you financially stable/ balanced/ or potentially in trouble: therefore looking for an easier life? Do you need to be/ or find: a hero? Remembering a credit check is possible.
  11. WHEN do you believe a “vacation” is earned or needed or necessary? What kind/ be fair, which means truth? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF ME?
  12. Specific groups are always MORE stable than mixed groups: do you agree? Explain that, and be specific. SHOULD diversity remain: as is consistent with stable independent individual groups? Or mix them all together; is better?
  13. Describe how important “looks, body, and age” are to you? Recognizing beauty is a relationship with freedom, and the dignity of owning the right to be, as you decide for yourself to be. Where does physical fitness/ activities/ and size fit into your designs for living?
  14. Describe your health, and any contagious disease you know is important: because if you lie here, where I am depending upon you to grant my own safety is important to you too. A lawsuit could be the result; if harm results from your lies/ safety first is fair. WHAT DO, “I NEED” to know? Those with similar disease, do require their own opportunities to meet others with the same. That search, will require your participation; or won’t be done.
  15. If you were in charge of life and society; WHAT would the living be like, because of what you did change? What is your solution: to a better future for us all?
  16. If you were in charge of life and society: WHAT are the limits and boundaries and punishments you would create and enforce? Are you being the righteous one; who makes rules for all the rest to obey? HOW would that occur? Would not “freedom to do anything” risk all the rest?
  17. WHAT does justice as a foundation of society mean? Should we judge the judge, replacing as needed: a legal right of democracy. Should we prepare laws which we can defend for ourselves; throwing away the rest? Is that defending democracy, or is it rebellion against leaders?
  18. WHEN does happiness exist? WHY? Is there something specific, we can or cannot do, to be happy? How do you believe “life should get to be happy”; if someone joins you, therefrom sharing together, as if one?
  19. DO YOU have friends of value, sharing your life and time; or are you alone more than you wish to be? The question is need/ needs have a cost, or a benefit/ as do friends. Explain time?
  20. Is family important: what do you contribute or take away? Where does friendship fit into your time and purpose? Do you rule “your kingdom”, or do you offer help, as shared because I care? What kind of care is that?
  21. WHAT IS: the one thing, which identifies you most/ that critical choice, that does prove what is true about you? What are you passionate about; shaping your own world, or hopes; to do this one thing?
  22. WHERE does money as is possessions; fit into your life? “nothing less than: this much stuff”: is required? Beyond “sustainable”/ you believe, you must have it? How will we spend the rest of our lives, getting that? What does work mean/ or is something else your intent?
  23. HOW much work, is too much work; for a relationship to work? The choice is what? WILL YOU SHARE the work, so we both have time and energy to spend for life and love? Will you surrender wants, so we can have time?
  24. DESCRIBE, “what the rest of your life will be”/ with the truth of what could it be, if you could change just one thing: because I helped you do this?
  25. Describe: WHAT FEMALE means to you? Their rights and responsibilities to you/ your right to enforce on them; is what?
  26. Describe: what MALE means to you? Their rights and responsibilities to you/ your right to enforce on them; is what?
  27. Describe: what Children mean to you? Their rights and responsibilities to you/ your right to enforce on them: is what, and to what degree are you “the owner” here? Rather than an equal, yet responsible participant. WHAT do they need to do, for you?
  28. HOW MUCH TIME, do you honestly have to spend with me, and when is that too much to ask? Every one needs space/ everyone needs “warmth”: How many hours a day, beyond sleep; should I expect; to give or receive? In ten years? What decides?
  29. HOW much time do you need to spend with others, in pursuit of different things, than just me? “alone time/ game time/ friend time/ etc”. How will your friends fit in our lives?
  30. Describe RELIGION, and where it fits into your life or living? Do you believe (means what)/ do you have faith (means what)/ do you not accept, death? Why or why not? WHERE are, the limits and boundaries of your passion? Your decision to live, is for what?
  31. HOW MUCH do you value an honest relationship: which means, what are you willing to change, for me/ if I change, for you? Ask the question/ prepare the answer? Don’t lie. A reply means: What do you give in return?
  32. Today, we meet: because life says a choice has been made; between us both. FAIR means: “what must I be, or not be; for you”/ in order to “search with you, for the potential called love” in us? It is no guarantee! Are you able, to accept that? Is marriage a goal, an intent, a desire, purpose; living together offered instead/ shared life: now or never or someday how long ______________ what is your design? WHAT does marriage/ or other: mean?
  33. Describe FREEDOM for you and me/ for life and child/ as a living response to what we share? As sex is earned by trust, according to truth: what is your truth, “anything goes/ nothing is allowed”; what? Reality accepts; the choices we make, become our identity; what then will we chose, for us both. Lust fails life; always, because my ownership/ my body: is mine/ not yours. Unless we share honestly, by caring with respect.
  34. Describe JUSTICE, and what it means to be “EQUAL; but not same”? When does parity go too far? Is justice: to allow extreme experimentation risking life and world/ to be called; a freedom, a right, or a threat democracy does not allow? What are limits and boundaries of freedom; the price of we cannot let these people be wrong, on someone else s’ life/ or our own?
  35. Describe PEACE, AND HARMONY require these things to be chosen by our lives: with care, respecting what we share. WILL you join me in the burden of work, as equals with me? Will we choose together; or will one or the other decide? When is it my turn: to choose?
  36. WHERE does physically fit stop for you/ where does it begin to shape our lives/ or change our existence? The world does offer more, to the physically fit/ so where do you intend to stop? The price of body works, is an active lifestyle. The price of participation: depends entirely upon what you believe, you can, or wish to do? WHAT is that?
  37. WHAT does HOPE mean? Should want or truth decide? Want participates for greed, lust, selfishness, manipulation, etc. People use want as the foundation for their lies: to take what I want; or hide what I don’t want you to see: with lies. Pride makes life into a game: to prove superior. Power judges, and then plays god, with measurements. TRUTH LIVES, TRUST CARES, RESPECT SHARES, HAPPINESS EXPANDS, SEX “liberates joy”, COURAGE shapes, and VALUES SHOUT who we are, as truth decides; what our passions truly mean. Who are you?
  38. How many “critters” are involved in your life, home, future, or in our living, for real? How many plants, dolls, “obsessions” are involved?
  39. Describe the web site explain its purpose or design and use. Identify what is meant by information offered, so you can join almost any conversation honestly? To understand your world.
  40. Describe death and eternity, to you? Fear is a tragedy, which commonly transfers hate onto something or someone else: as is, “I believe, I can defeat (lies don’t matter)”. Which is “selling your soul”. Reality states: I deserve to know; your level of courage! It will affect me.
  41. Identify, what a weapon, such as a gun; means to you? Is second amendment law; about criminals/ or about tyrants and genocide?
  42. Identify, “the state of this world”, and what must be done/ or not done according to you? Are you content with the predictable future of life on earth, as it is? Or must we investigate, to prove what is true or not true; because we cannot be wrong? Global warming is becoming “true to you now”/ but fought against, until now. Where do you stand on being wrong?
  43. Identify: WHAT does abuse, used, violence, or hate mean to you?/ where is the line; the boundary or limit of “too much”? WHY, do people fail each other in this way? WHAT IS, “the cause”?
  44. What is the difference: between law and a rule of law? Is the law our government/ or is a leader our ruler? Or should law be our government, and leaders remain merely employees who work for us? HOW many rules are enough to control specific individual choices? HOW many rules destroy democracy and its intent for freedom, rights, and your own life choices?
  45. IS limited capitalism: we vote for ourselves, to provide the limits and boundaries for this society; of what is economically fair; to all? A decision with consequences we should make, as a democracy: or refuse for want? As in, for example: no more billionaires?
  46. IS world law, we enforce upon every leader OUR LAW, as we the people of this world choose this for ourselves. Thereby forcing the end to all weapons of mass destruction. Using law decides now, not rulers: to create peace and harmony as best we can/ the best we can do, for life and world and planet; or not?
  47. IS the attempt to ignite the same nuclear fire here, SAME, as is on the sun/ even though science can prove nothing of their theories: risking our entire world? WRONG asks the question: can you control that fire: “it burns atoms”? IS, their decision; Worth the risk?
  48. Does allowing “university” to gather or create: every form of disease possible/ grant our safety; OR, like covid (the release of a biological weapon against us for money and pride), risk and steal, our everything?
  49. Is the cult worship of universities; used to indoctrinate every child, to force the majority into debt: “believe the university is god”. A VALUE? Or should not education mean: to prepare every child for a real world existence; by participating in work/ law/ happiness/ family/ friend/ responsibilities/ as respect for life and world allow; or more distinctly, RESPECT: “ LIFE AND PLANET” FIRST. Rather than fantasies, delusions, theft and failure, fools and imagination: as is “university”. Proven by the evidence of disgrace and disrespect; being found in this day.
  50. Is GENETIC CRUCIFIXION OF NATURE ITSELF, claiming they will “dry every tear”: by injecting chaos/ crossing species genetics; to create change: WRONG? As is being done everyday, in genetic labs around this world? Because although they can kill nature: they cannot put it back together again. SO THE QUESTION IS: ARE THEY: releasing Armageddon (nature in chaos) on us all?


Reminding each: you can’t meet a friend/ UNLESS you meet a stranger first.

in the balance of life, the desire for friendship surfaces as one of our most important mental supports; for a life shaped by love, or merely the balance of not being alone.

Therefore a friendship opportunity, that uses conversational starters; as the means to share the moments that shape our relationships. Is an element called: care.

The discipline is simple:

this is a primary service intending to provide: “a lunch/dinner/ or other, opportunity” to meet new people; by providing both time and place.

Therefore you: knowing, by membership badges: each one there, ”is open, to a potential conversation with you”: The first step is taken: intended with respect by all. Be kind.

Reminding each: you can’t be a friend/ UNLESS you accept the risk of meeting, a stranger first. By participating honestly!

Your choice: simply agree to meet. Agree with respect, meeting to discuss the reality of our lives in conversations; expected by this group.


The order, to search for “a living relationship”, is simple:

by presenting a non personal/ but specific to you: questionnaire: primary to your “thinking”, as is your description of the world. The value of your answers; rather than details, of your life, as is, your description of critical thinking. Revealing that: The more critical truth of: how do you fit into my own life, “will appear”/ if lies are sorted out.

your opportunity to share, with another chosen individual, in conversation; as much as you like, begins. “first date (information gathering) is over”/ now we know.

As to your own personal choice; to use or deny access to the information you do provide. Your chosen code defends: your file (as realistically as possible), from public knowledge. But upon releasing information to anyone; privacy can be lost.

YOUR DECISION; to give information personally, to someone else. IS A RISK you choose to take.

UNDERSTANDING: that person then, has the ability to copy it or other. And understand more about you,than they need to know; if not interested in “real commitments”. By what you write.


this site provides 10 categories of living conversation, rather than specific to personal content. Your decision/ your definitions, which describe how you see: “human existence”; either self or world. Describes how life and living with you might be. “as best we can”. That aligns with the knowledge to make informed decisions/ rather than guess, manipulate, or other.

Each member WILL answer at least one question honestly, in each category/ OR, you will not be allowed to join, the relationship group.

Liars, “players”, failures; are up to the members themselves to weed out.

INVITATIONS are: TO JOIN FOR A MEAL/ other: that, is age specific; SEXUAL ORIENTATION specific/ and whatever else the members choose for themselves to receive, or not receive: as an invitation for potential conversation, through “time shared”, with a meal. Its up to you, but no guarantee is given. People do lie.

NO protections are implied: HOWEVER your answers are NOT for public consumption/ and will not be revealed intentionally. You alone decide, who can or cannot read what you wrote! But make no mistake, once you give that opportunity to someone else; your privacy could become less secure. I suggest you trade/ at the same time: to insure “fair play”. What we provide, and intend to provide is:
“REAL LIFE” CHOICES. NOT guarantees.

No guarantee of absolute security, or personal safety exists; only the intent to safeguard: NOT for the general public to know. YOUR CHOICE is your reality.

The value of your answers, give a conversational outline: for a more intense search; between people. Of what could our future be? By presenting friendship as your desire: that is a choice you made. You have the potential to share in a somewhat controlled environment; and learn more about each other quickly: than a year together would probably grant without it.

This service ALLOWS YOU: to offer your answers to the standard questions presented/ and read theirs! THIS DOES represent; the basic parameters or simplicity of; a “first date” offering (lets choose, to learn something, about each other: to understand the future, or go on to another).

For your conception: IF THEY DON’T agree to let you see their “relationship offering”/ then they are not interested in you; at this time; or hiding something from you. Accept it, and move on.


THIS IS: the opportunity to meet people in person, that might never be known without that chance meeting. If you then choose to date someone: whatever it is, you both choose together/ through this meeting, or whatever form; that is your choice.

EACH member will receive

a physical membership card”; will be bought by you.

Each member is tied directly, to only one phone number.

With your “acceptable” chosen recognition code; to hide or open “your offering”; for another.

BEFORE your file is released, to be used by you (no recognition offered)! Your file will be opened (by members in alternate, randomly selected; zip codes); so that those members can grade it; while they cannot connect it to you. Indicating their opinion of not less than, truth or lies.

If no one believes you, or it is substantially less; than reality expects; that will be reflected on your badge, which follows. OR, you will not be allowed to join.

If no one grades it; then you will be allowed, for a three month trial. If failed: by other members. Then you cannot be a member, for at least one more year.

EACH MEMBER will be given an assigned number indicating how many questions they have answered: so that you may know, before you fully agree to look or share information, with each other. By Presenting: just how open, and honest does this person intend to be?

As is the purpose of the questions/ the conception of a future to share; is YOUR DECISION. Subject to your opinions only; as are to be asked by you.

Opportunity, for the sake of membership: will be given to you, to grade. Once you see their offering: to grade their descriptions simply. As IS YOUR opinion: of truth or lie. Failure sufficient; is removal, from membership. That GRADE will then become a component of their information page; when initially opened. On Their membership badge.


this service will endeavor to create or allow to be created; various meeting places, “for a meal/ or other” with conversations, intended by all who participate”. That however remains your responsibility.

More simply: this is the potential of: “people meeting people”, with various levels of desire. Who do desire to create new relationships, or expand friendships with those who have an equal and similar purpose or understanding of living or life.

Those who prove to be “unfriendly”: particularly to all; can be removed from that invitation source; if the members request it.

As a chosen “relationship member”; you may choose the style of your name id: badge. To choose your own from our selection of four.

Leaders will be chosen to facilitate “balance”; and will be considered “a franchise”, as needed.

For social conversation members: the constructions of; an expected dinner conversation, or other: with those who have a similar desire or design or need. Will allow:

An alternate or specific conversation starter will be provided; on site: if you wish to use it. You will provide the disciplined questions, for this. The service will provide, at its discretion; an appropriate answer to identify a directional path, you may wish to take. Thereby leading you to begin your own construction of a conversational choice or need, you chose by vote to have. BASIC conversational elements and direction, or complex ones: are already on “a conversation in every paragraph of every link”.

YOU WILL REMEMBER: that a meal comes primarily within a public restaurant/ these exist to make money. Your invitation to come; includes, “they cannot operate for free”: keep it in mind. So, this service will ask for an hour of their time and space, in exchange for you eating, or drinking something. In exchange for using their business. As your participation in a shared response, to life, and living. Remembering, “they need their seats” to make money: time limits are necessary, “so you don’t get banned”.

Suitable environments or activities; will be allowed to post time and place for you on their own here: with specials just for you if they wish. BUT YOU shall grant to them: an expectation to attend: therefore sign up, for that service. So they can prepare as needed.

This service also; cannot operate for free: probable charge $________ per year; plus cost of badge $______. But the price, need never be oppressive, and always fair to all; as best we realistically can.

This business:

will not be fully operational or accepting money for membership/ badges/ or other for the first 90 days.

UNLESS, a clear desire is shown; making the money spent a risk worth taking.

Initiation of this service, collection of money, etcetera; will begin when it is deemed enough people have visited the site. To establish a beginning or ending: your choice. Voting decides: IF this service, should it go to completion, AND BEGIN.

There is an opportunity to participate as a leader; thereby organizing restaurants, messaging times and places, if needed: THIS becomes a franchise. Separating groups; and taking (as consistent with) care of “one thousand people” or so per leader: required for this declared service. IF THE MEMBERSHIP desires it, and is willing to pay you for services rendered. The alternate is: everything goes through this site.

To be a leader: You will answer all fifty questions, are to receive a vote of confidence from at least 50; to be considered for the job as a leader.

At a pay yet to be determined. ALL messaging/ payment/ badge-ing etc: will ONLY; go through DON’T BE FOOLED.

There is: as a secondary element: the mechanical/ physical construction “of a public identifiable badge”;

used to facilitate the understanding, simply by being in public: showing this badge. That, “you can talk to me.”

That: Allows for, or requires

Wearing the badge visually outside; indicates: “I will be friendly & may, or may not (if it is forgotten) wish to talk to you/ within fair and honest parameters of respect”. Or not today, is a choice; to be remembered!

Thereby allowing the personal everyday public presentation of; “we could be friends”/ I am willing to try.

Through the use of a membership badge, worn on clothes, hats, etc. That is now being recognized for this purpose. Or, is advertising our main purpose as members here, is: A FAIR CHANCE, TO BE ACCEPTED FOR WHO WE ARE. By joining as members; perhaps for a meal, by our invitation. Is also a choice you make for yourself.

When known, as worn: this is a public opening; allowing you to talk: to this person. That badge then becomes an everyday witness, “I will talk”; when displayed.

Stating publicly, for you: that I am not afraid of talking to unknown people. Those who are expected to be: kind and polite to me. BE FAIR.

Color and style of badge indicates what kind of topic I care: to talk about. Honor that.



while it is feasible to initiate and run this business without financial aid; assuming it is embraced as a value to society.

I see no purpose in that; as I am 8 months from 70 years old; and have no great need “to claim it all”; and without wife or child. “excessive money” has no meaning. That, is Assuming business success: your choice to participate.



  1. NO MONEY is collected by anyone for this purpose: UNTIL THE DECISION IS MADE TO PROCEED; AND THEN ONLY ON THIS SITE, AND NOWHERE ELSE. DO NOT, be fooled. There will be a date listed here__________________. When (if early) or if, that starts. Check the domain name carefully; as people make typing mistakes; and thieves know that. To facilitate safety: this site is linked on the website I own; so click on that; when investing starts. And then click back onto this; if in doubt.

  2. This is SMALL INVESTOR FIRST. Or more distinctly ONLY, if enough small investors cannot be found; will greater numbers be allowed. Amounts: twenty or above dollars; will be considered minimum. Five thousand dollars will be the expected cap; unless higher numbers are required, for startup, due to participation is not being met. Total or current investments will be; established, before any investor money will be taken. EXPECTING TO PROVIDE: So that “nothing, you need to know; is hidden”.

  3. This is private enterprise; and these investments are NOT guaranteed, to produce a return. A return OF ANY KIND: WILL be based ENTIRELY upon: how well this, business does financially. NO, investor money; will be taken/ once the business has shown ITSELF, to be successful (no longer needing help)/ or IF failing (we stop here).

  4. However: with clarity of numbers and: professionally opened books to insure what is or is not true. Which can be investigated by anyone who pays for the audit by professional accountants. ANY TIME, after the first year. Your money should be/ is expected to be: treated fairly and with respect. But make no mistake: as with all investments, there is risk.

  5. THE NUMBERS, being offered:

    1. based upon solvency first: the business requires that all base line expenses shall be met. After ALL, these credible expenses are paid: whatever is left is the income. Which will include: that I the owner shall not take out money for income, during the first year. Shall not sell this business during the first five years: IF it is operating successfully at over 3 times more income than expenses. Or evade the cost of my own personal work (unless someone is hired to replace me: which is a legitimate business expense, at a realistic cost); or other need as may arise. Until such time as the investors get to be paid as well. However if the business does make 25% more than expenses in the first year; my originating paid out expenses; for start up, shall be returned to me at that time. MY WORK has value! As an integral part of this business: expenses incurred by the companion site are included. I,am financially stable, and this should not be a problem. You will be informed, if a medical issue or other changes that; on this site.

    2. Elements of business are: “various forms of advertising when needed/ or believed to be justified”. These are a secondary expense, and aligned differently than what is “required to operate successfully”; which includes “professional and justified help, utilities, web services, and so on”. The purpose of advertising is to increase business/ thereby increasing income. Investments are largely targeted to this purpose. And may or may not include “international operations”.

    3. YOUR investment: is required to be stationary, for one year. If it is needed, and financially can be returned by this business: upon demand by you, within that year it will not gain any interest. It is expected; the business will thrive; but not guaranteed.

    4. YOUR investment: is guaranteed to receive as a return for using the money, beyond one year. By the following schedule: IF THIS BUSINESS PRODUCES, more than three times its expenses (which includes all investments taken in) in that year. Then each investor will receive 25% interest on their investment, per year. IF THIS BUSINESS PRODUCES, five times or more than its expenses in that year. Then the individual investor will receive 30% interest on their money. If you do not take the dividend, or get out: the interest, will be rolled into the initial investment for you automatically. IF THE BUSINESS MAKES AND SUSTAINS, a 25% income over expenses: each investor will receive a ten percent yearly interest payment on their investment. So long as this is stable or better; for the first five years.

    5. For the first five succeeding years: dependent upon true business income: these three statements shall govern the return; if investments are left within the company for the full five years. Upon the five years anniversary, if successful: this business itself will be offered, for “public participation” through stock offering. I the owner shall NOT own less than fifty one percent of the business/ and therefore shall hold the controlling amount; within these terms. But the rest of the stock, will be offered first to any and all investors who have remained with the business from its conception. At the initial price. You will have a vote, after five years; with regard to the company, and what should occur from here. Based upon the financial success of the business: the better it does, the more say you shall have.

    6. Financial success means: the business is generating over ten million dollars in income per year; and is stable. If it meets this goal; the decision to allow or accept a public offering of stock: assuming that is a valid expectation. Will be given to the investors to decide if it will or will not be done. My option would be, to buy back your stock; at the going public price if I desired to do so; or sell mine at my own discretion.

    7. THIS IS: THE BASIS OF A CONTRACT BETWEEN US/ pertaining to this and only this business; should reality allow it to PROCEED. THIS IS A PRIVATE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, HELD COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM ALL OTHER FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF MY OWN PERSONAL ASSETS OR INCOME. OR, any/ every investor agrees, they shall accept the same.

    8. YOU AGREE: WITHOUT EXCEPTION OR EXCUSE: That in accordance with appropriate insurance for the purpose: as is an expense. NOBODY (not you or me) shall be held accountable, for liabilities either expected or unexpected from this business. This is STRICTLY BUSINESS, your concerns financial or otherwise; are your own, they are not mine.

  1. IF THE BUSINESS DOES NOT DO financially well: at the end of each year. The business records of expenditures and income will be published on this site and you, the investors by majority vote; will be given the option; to close it out. Sell it if possible: thereby dividing whatever is left, “according to each investment (same percentage for all)”/ or continue on, hoping for better. It takes a majority vote among you; but I too have a vote/ I agree to listen carefully and respond honestly. If I do not agree, the business is failing. Then I must buy you out or sell my interest as well.

  2. SHOULD I DIE; prior to the five year decision. My personal ownership of this business; shall go, to the purposes and constructions of what is found within my personal work as is . Foremost would be the expansion of knowledge, that is shared understanding of the work itself; with international advertising as well. Those who are initial investors, and remain within the business, for the first five years; by not selling. Shall create the vote, and operate that; conceived of trust. Beyond five years; I may choose differently, as is my legal right.

although unlikely: this contract description can be changed slightly: with clear on site warning, of that specific change; until, prior too: public investing starts. At which time it does become locked by time, claims, and purpose.

It is, the distinct truth, that we all die; because time is not eternal. Therefore the body must depart, and the essence of life itself, must define who we are/ or life is lost. That essence is the value shaped by our own thought: the critical truth of life itself. Our living is then the consequence of our own truth, as it becomes shaped by the realities we endure, or find inside as joy, released from being alive. LOVE, is our gift to GOD our Creator; never judgmental (even if law is required). The foundation of soul being: while life is a blessing/ loneliness is not. Therefore eternity is shaped, by “life’s, desire for love; to earn the right to continue, as a value too treasured to lose. Love has no equal; but only truth decides”.

Hate has no place therein.

“we all share the journey into death”/ but we do not all share the journey beyond time, into life. Where your own choice, decides: the value, that shapes your soul. “your heart” is the message board of your time; “which tells you how you are doing”! Pay attention, change if you wish: because there is “no going back; into time”.

True: For all but the very tiniest few. James Frank Osterbur.

A new type of business, claiming:

  1. to separate and divide those people who are actively participating: in an effort to add “their value”. Created by respect: to life, world, and living by what they do. By scheduled opportunities; intended to bring strangers, “of a like mind” together. Exchanging “our reality”.

  2. Scheduled meetings, for: “face to face” interactions. Intended as: strangers meeting strangers; in a deliberate attempt to balance loneliness, with living.

  3. Deliberate definitions, to create and define: what we need to know, and understand about each other; in order to form a long term relationship. Without spending “time lost”; in that search. A short cut: to hope, “at last”.

  4. A daily phone service, for those who are alone: so that none feel completely forgotten. “bridging gaps”.

  5. Creating a members only; public badge, that identifies: “I am willing to talk to strangers”. Who do respect, I get to decide too.

  6. Creating a members only public badge, using colors; specifically colored borders, and other badge identification; that allows people who view the badge to understand: what topic of conversation interests you.

  7. A business service to individuals: which allows for them to create a foundation of knowledge. By which whosoever they independently choose to give that information too: can understand the choice. Ending the discovery period, of who this person is. To allow a personal decision; based upon the knowledge of living, that we chose to provide and exchange. Thereby shaping our future together; when truth decides.

As time, and respect for this work expands: the opportunities to separate and divide a new category, which is to allow and create “children meeting children” to occur; will begin.

BUT THAT IS NOT up to me.

Instead: that will be decided in full, by those who contribute to the questions that will be asked. The types of interaction that will be allowed. The rules parents demand. And whatever it is that you elect to decide for yourselves: as to the best method, by which the most children will benefit; and define their lives as happy, “because you cared”.

YOU will produce “fifty words or less” statements by which you achieve the disciplines, balance, and order; that will define how this works and why.

You will vote on those “rules for a child” that you select as the basis and foundation for what can or will be provided on this site; through your own decision to participate.

YOU will accept: this is good enough for me, or the best we can realistically do; for life, living, and child; in order to participate in their happiness. Beyond the reach of simply being parents; by making “the real world”, our choice. No more hiding, some risks must be taken, no more screaming: WE ALL WHO COME, chose this, because we accept the value of children meeting children. As is, the desire: for, friends meeting friends.

The critical truth of this is: that every child needs a guardian who cares honestly for their welfare. That WILL NOT be the service we provide.

INSTEAD: we will help you create, what you believe will benefit life, and child on earth. But will withhold the decision as to how much will or will not be done here: until you have decided upon what is to be done. YOU WILL ask for what you wish this service to do for you. YOU WILL accept, that the rules and decisions that you create here for this purpose ARE IN FACT: entirely within the public domain, and free for all to use as best they can. NO acceptance of authority or responsibility will be allowed: until such time as the business is asked to participate further/ and we accept the terms you request. Only then: does an act we create, become our own participation in this specific realm of endeavor.

Unfortunately: this is the result of people who scream too much, and cannot control themselves; particularly where children are concerned. Adults must be responsible for themselves: therefore the business will endeavor to make life a little better for those who are fully in charge of making their own decisions.


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