Work End
ONLY, In case of a “real world need”; all further work for www.justtalking7.info or www.brainfirst.info shall appear on www.workend.info (not open at this time) none is intended  or expected. Sealed so you can work with these as best you can. IF, the site becomes active sufficiently to warrant a need (donation for costs/ or advertising to pay): that will appear on the www.workend.info  site. You decide/ a full accounting will be given. DO NOT be deceived/ only as described.   THIS WORK, is not perfect/ but it is sufficient to your need.  YOUR CHIOCE:  LIFE OR DEATH, of our world. BECAUSE as the constant of history proves true:  MEN ALONE, will fight for war.  Male “like I have been”; will rise for truth. Women will decide for themselves!

The greatest disgrace in human existence: “is a believer”/ (NOT religious). Because you can believe anything you want. And want anything you believe in. but reality is not a belief/ it is a fact of our existence as is determined by truth. These are truths, that require your acceptance/ rather than your belief.

  1. Whosoever makes the law/ RULES the nation or world. IF, you enforce that law. WAR is about removing law; so men can take whatever they want. IT IS, THAT SIMPLE.WORLD LAW; “our law over leaders”: removes “weapons of mass destruction”, and limits the armies which use them.
  2. Power HIDES truth, so that corruption can control the law; by making rules (which then pick out a prey/ to make the others fear).PROVING: WHAT CAN GO WRONG, makes this our choice/ limits and controls the realities of universities expertise.
  3. Pride wants to win; therefore others must lose. Conspiracy and collusion arise from pride; because want controls life. OVER population of humanity is one of these!
  4. Resources decide, which includes the planet itself: if you live or die. Because competition, “leaves no stone UN-turned”. The future has needs.
  5. limiting capitalism”; removes the threat of war/ by demanding we will all share, realistically; by what we do. NOT less, “than three times more”; people earn it.
  6. Redress of grievances: IS, the literal form of “power to the people” we must enforce. As OUR RIGHT, to decide for ourselves: through the evidence: by our own investigation; our vote, to determine, what we find to be true.
  7. Balanced for both sexes, justified for life and world, fair to establish peace, hopeful that hate will be contained, respectful to the values accepted by all, legitimate to our needs and honest for all life and living on earth. Gives, to our existence; a life called hope.  EQUAL, not less!


all the fossil fuel you can afford to buy, and more! / BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: global warming will kill you, and every future life, including your own child. Global warming lifts weight into the atmosphere, and global winds/ detaching the atmosphere from this planet will soon take control; ending life on earth. Fossil fuels release HEAT, and pollutants/ BUT THEY ALSO CONSUME OXYGEN; which is a finite element, that is not made; but used once. Currently at an extreme rate. For absolutely nothing of real value; such as driving a vehicle endlessly/ or flying in a plane, or a thousand other things: the cost of which is “HELL: we cannot live here anymore”; and must die.


all the children you could want, and complete control over life! / BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: overpopulation is killing this earth/ life extinction has multiplied to an extreme rate/ all plant an d animal and everything: other non human inhabitants need to survive. have been lost. This world is filled with pollution/ poisons/ weapons of mass destruction/ garbage mountains. AND THE WATER YOU NEED TO SURVIVE, IS BEING DEPLETED EVERYWHERE.


to believe and do cult worship universities as god! BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: believing in them has led to all the misery that is coming. From genetic chaos in nature as is Armageddon. To the ignition of “same fire here as on the sun”: as will be “Hades: the lake of fire/ consuming this planet”/ to its explosive conclusion; as will change this universe.


all the resources you can find, and then throw them all away! BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: you have no brain; because this is a finite world, and you have chosen to create HELL. The oceans are filled with your garbage; hidden from sight/ but all that life feeds over a billion people; and it will soon be gone. As you have destroyed their environment with your ways. As is you want to play god, and believe as the universities taught you to believe: that there are no consequences for you. But truth knows there is; many of which can never be turned back to life or world: as is the crucifixion of everything: because humanity did not care.


the money you have to mean something. BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: that your government employees lied, stole, betrayed, cheated, terrorized, failed, fantasized, deluded themselves with “experts”/ and claimed there are no consequences for us. BECAUSE WE WILL DIE/ BEFORE THE DEBTS COME DUE. THEREFORE MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY; was “the universities solution”. As is the constant of universities in charge.


to believe in whatever you want death to be. BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: there is no truth in that, and the reality of “an eternal life”/ fails in you. Because that is what you chose; as led by the universities who claim evolution is god. But offer the only evidence they have: “this looks like that”! Which means absolutely nothing; but sewage is found here.


to believe in trump will fix it. BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: he has played by the rules first/ but threatened NOW he wants to make the rules; as hitler did do. Biden has no solution beyond spending money that does not exist; and giving the entire world over to “university expertise”/ as is the end of life. These are of course OVER STATEMENTS/ because without their army of insurgents (lets kill democracy): neither one can succeed, in what they do. That is done with: “discarding your law/ and replacing it with mine”; to take whatever we want. As is the constant of US government today, and their claim “debts don’t matter (let the slaves pay)/ and counterfeiting gives the nobility (university is god) their power; as is the communist takeover under way). “the university solution/ enforced by media blanketing you with their propaganda”! Just take a look at the consequences, “believers all around”; and add another million more costs/ for the failure they installed.

You want:

to survive and be happy. BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: you did nothing to keep your world alive/ and everything the universities could find to insure there is no future. Hiding every truth/ denying every reality/ poisoning every future of life and earth: because they did not care, as the majority in war against this earth and all its living existence. Because they do believe; they can play god: [but can only be Satan]. To your shame, you let them do it.

What did you exchange for your greed and selfishness? Answer; look in your garbage/ and understand you sacrificed your child, even your world: to HELL. 8+ billion people/ cannot do: “what 4 billion people could do”. It is that simple/ your world did change; humanity became “god”! And if you don’t stop what you want; you go extinct. Because greed breeds hate/ and hate turns into power/ and selfishness turns into judgment; and then arrogance takes over to produce “Satan on earth”/ as is “lets destroy the future of life”. “winner though”/ right? All hail the king or queen of chaos; was, the consequence of your choice.


to be done with this job, as you continue to fail life and earth. BUT THE CONSEQUENCE IS: OUR WORLD IS DYING, because of human existence and decisions. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO SAVE IT: and that is teach you to care. But you are believers/ and the lesson of believers is: the evidence does not matter/ truth does not matter/ consequences do not matter/ failure does not matter, “until its you”/ fantasies are embraced: humanity SCREAMING MINE, its all mine/ delusions are constant/ and the universities are your chosen curse, sacrificing your children: by choice. Ending with terror/ as death stalks you with extinction. So the reality is: while I will hope/ because hope is essentially the living part of life. I am not a believer; in you.

Yes it is: “just a little more”/ but you kill my world of life in time too. And that: is after a lifetime: trying to make you stop. Finding only greed and selfishness instead of life requires truth.

I paid: revelation 12:1-2 (standing on what is foreign “moon”/ the child to be born is: “change this world to law leads, not leader”. Change this world to limited capitalism; to end the tyranny of money is power: is “from me”) & 17:3 (riding the beast called “man, is me”) comes true/ in me; and the spiritual woman will now decide. Because believe it or not: what is male “seems to be locked in a small glass box”/ and completely unable to participate. As she decides for me; now. “its complicated”! I have no clue how it ends, or what now? “He”, literally “seems done”/ evicted to some degree. “I never would have guessed”; simple as that. Nonetheless, my entire lifetime has been spent on the reality: you are choosing extinction/ and even love does not survive that, on this earth. SO, it is a fight to the end; men will war. Only women can stop them, by offering law, with truth decides; not you/ with justice and fair play for all. But apparently, its not my fight/ anymore. “she decides”.

THIS IS a warning to male, and all its derivatives. WHAT IS; strictly between “female and I”/ IS strictly between female and I; and in no way offers anything to male. No, I don’t know why? NONETHELESS: At the cost of your own eternity; stay away sexually or violently from me ;(friend/ worker/ “normal” is fine, and accepted)! Whatever has been determined, for me, by “GOD” : has nothing to do with you. REMAIN “an audience only”/ it is not your place, as male; to help or hinder or decide. NO: I do not know what that means; to me. I have lost control; she decides. I don’t know why!

Nor do I know; “if you ever find your brain”/ in the sewer of beliefs indoctrinated, and created by; “university is god”. Or fate takes control/ as the consequence of your actions: becomes our world is EXTINCT! Because you want “no reality” in your lives. SHAME ON YOU.  WAKE UP/ your fantasies are dead.    Delusions will not let you survive.

The last warning is:

that humanity itself will not survive genetic tampering/ even though you believe “more food” proves it is so. But nature DNA/ RNA is not simply a numbers game, and all it takes is one “terminator effect”; to destroy it all. Even your face, your body, your pregnancy; ALL OF IT; can easily be gone. And there is no way to bring it back; because unlike the universities delusion “of just one tiny thing” the endless real world combinations cannot be returned to their truth. It is a gamble; waiting for catastrophe. And that is the truth. You want, will become a graveyard called “Armageddon”. Simple as that/ believe it or not is irrelevant; it is true. The price for being wrong is extinction; by horror.

Same is true of trying to ignite atoms on fire: which in the real world is exactly what they are trying to dowith the claim of fusion; already proven false”. But with trillions at stake, they want what they want. And are willing to gamble and then sacrifice every living thing; “to the lake of fire” as is the sun. here on earth/ no going back. The price for being wrong: is extinction, by terror unleashed.

The endless tragedy of human behavior; “no consequences for us”/ will fail. Because every truth has a consequence; and your lies are dying. Every failure of leadership is disintegrating “to the sewer of your foolishness”. The price for being wrong is extinction; is hell.

You cannot continue as you are: this is a finite planet/ and it cannot survive the human population explosion; simple as that.

Add: ten thousand more/ and decide if you are willing to die/ as the price for being wrong? Or are you going to change, by letting truth decide what we can or cannot do. Ending gambling with life or earth FOREVER. Because that is the cost of survival.

I did do; “everything the living allowed”/ as man who fully accepted, our world will be extinct: IF YOU DON’T CHANGE. Not because I say so. BUT BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR REALITY PROVES THAT IS SO! LIKE IT, OR NOT/ makes absolutely no difference to the truth of life or death.

YOU ARE:  “believers”! But lets review;  evolution is the most foolish insanity ever formed/ defining life itself, as built by chaos, with accidents that mutilated what was built to perfection/ without so much as a brain or tool or anything of value!  yet you believe, because universities tell you to believe; and they are merely your former classmates in school.  their evidence “this looks like that”/ all done.

YOU ARE:  “believers”! that universities will wipe away every tear with genetic mutilation of DNA. But reality tells us:  “tear off a limb”/ and they cannot put it back; etcetera and so much more.

YOU ARE: “believers”! And you want “free energy/ without pollution”. BUT REALITY TELLS US: that the ignition of atomic fire is expected to unleash 4 million times more! AS WOULD BE, a candle flame SUDDENLY BECOMES 62  MILES high/ with radiation that will melt you from one thousand miles away.


WHY? Because the world will die/ nature will be lost/ resources will be gone/ the world will shudder and die/ the atmosphere will detach/ humanity will war as it always does/ water will evaporate, and every plant die from the heat:  as your currency is nothing but a myth, and reality knows it.            WHY? because the great solution of “university knows”:  WAS MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY, for what we did do.

THIS IS A FINITE PLANET; and there is literally “only room” for about5 billion people doing whatever they want/ because nature could survive then. BUT THAT was over fifty years ago, and we are now 8+ billion people/ and everything we all do: IS LIFE OR DEATH for our planet. WE ARE, the responsible ones for global warming, and every other threat: WE DID IT, to ourselves/ by leadership that would not accept their duty to respect life or world or needs or child. They chose to sacrifice it all:  for their own greed, power, or pride.  STOP air conditioning/ excess vehicle use/ plane use:  ALL THE CHOICES; which make our future impossible to survive. BECAUSE THAT IS:  THE PRICE FOR LIFE.  NO longer a choice;  a reality of life or death.

580 million terajoules/ per second is equal too=   549733905094.507 million btu x .018 btu to raise one cubic foot of air one degree =98,952,102,917,011.26 cubic feet of air raised one degree per second due to fossil fuel released heat. IT IS THE HEAT, that makes global warming reality.  SO: HOW MANY SECONDS ARE IN A YEAR?, AND what does that truly mean to life?


I leave this work, with a final thought: that I have nothing to gain from the work, other than exactly what you have to gain: the continuation of life on earth. That has nothing to do with “winner”/ and everything to do with “loser”.

Consequently, I seek no money or other from you; other than what these sites might need to continue: FOR YOU/ not for me.

I despise fame/ discard flattery/ don’t lead/ “not your anything’; and would have lived a very different life: had you not been threatening our entire world. BUT NO WORLD, or HELL; by your choices/ left no choice, but to fight for our world. You refused to help/ I sought answers beyond this world/ and reality is: what reality is.

Even so: I did do, in this work; what I committed to do; at 9 years old. When confronted by “the Cuban missile crisis, and its reality”. To stop or confront those who threatened as best I could. This concludes that work/ because the reality of it is: HUMANITY WANTS, WHAT IT WANTS. And refuses to learn, so that it can change.

As with legal teams: claiming 50 lawyers to just me/ the reality is THE LAW DECIDES/ not the numbers. UNLESS the law is not enforced, as is the reality of law in this USA. Same is true of universities (former classmates, everyone) and their cult of followers (we want/ let the children pay): means, if you are, “not on our team; shouting the same thing we do”/ means you have no job, and will be evicted with your debts.

YOUR JOB IS: TO UNDERSTAND THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ and change this world; so that it can survive the cost of humanity. Simple as that.

I have changed my mind on one thing: even though it is a billion to one reality. I would lead for one distinct purpose. TO IMMEDIATELY END ALL EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION ACROSS THE WORLD. That requires world law! And that requires an acceptance of all people (majority)/ that we must in fact do that very thing to protect our lives, future, and planet. Beyond that; the only thing I would provide is: helping you design the laws that would take over for leadership in this world. WHILE you have endless troubles, that must be dealt with to avoid extinction. Extreme experimentation tops the list. THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT! Now, or never.

WANT, is the basis of all beliefs! Which means belief, is the foundation of every lie. BE CAREFUL what you believe, “because truth does not matter, in wants”.

an overview: I spent my lifetime arguing over what is true, about our world. That became from minimal words, to the expansion you see: because “leave a crack/ and mice will go through; leave a small hole in the explanation and the rats will go through; intending to escape”; without a cause. Because belief does not need truth or evidence. “It, he, she”: will hear/ will believe whatever the believer wants to hear or see”. Consequently, no great effort is made “to be perfect”; because even that, “just makes the believer angry”, and violent. Belief is then the enemy of life and world: because all that matters is “what you want, truth to be”. No change is required: because want then decides. As our world dies, from your want.