The “human octopus”:   traitors in the courts betray us all. By claiming they are superior to the constitution/ and may interpret it; or discard it: in any way they please. Replacing democracy with tyrants (nazi; we are god) and traitors (communists; we, the few; are king): as the owners now.


Reality states: the primary cost of human war is, “we want, we want, we want, we want/ GIVE US MORE, DAMN YOU/ we want all we can get: RIGHT NOW.

This leads to war: because it is an attack on everything nature or the planet can provide/ and it is a finite world: so the curse of human existence/ destroys “the goose that lays the golden egg”; and then finds themselves without what they need to survive. “its all gone”/ somebody has to move or die; because now there is not enough for us all.

This leads to the battleground: of men SCREAMING I WANT MORE/ this is all YOUR FAULT. And racism begins: because the enemy cannot be everyone/ WE MUST pick someone who is less able to defend/ than are we. Consequently genocide follows, when only one group has all the weapons: ITS OURS NOW. WE TOOK IT ALL BACK; from the invaders. As is “trump/ nazi”.

BUT, before that begins: communism, reigns supreme, “we are too many for them to trample/ SO ALL WE NEED TO DO; is overwhelm them, and take all their stuff. EVICTING THEM; so they cannot fight back, by consuming the title to property and the claim of law. Just counterfeit the money; and give it all to ourselves. As is “biden/ communism”.

So the war begins as a game; separating unity, so there can be TWO DISTINCT CAMPS/ two armies to fight and claim YES WE CAN. But the war is built upon: WE DON’T WANT, to destroy everything. So manipulation occurs; and the courts are corrupted: so that taking control will be EASY; as is “lets recreate hitler with trump”/ or lets completely destroy the nation, with intellectual wars; as is “university plays god”, with biden. (both are used as images)/ because humanity needs a flag. both plotting to be kings (communism; only the expert decides/ only the superior ones own anything)/  or genocide; coming soon; because you can’t take back the nation with words.

The cost of a corrupted court: is with this we can war/ without war, and none can stop us, from doing whatever we want; “because god has spoken”/ from within the courthouse door. So the other side consumes media; to propagate and control the masses with their claim to fame. Building into a civil war, with elements of racism to drive one side/ while the other side loses, what they spent their lives to accumulate: so that hate can then conquer them all.

WE THEN “SEE THE OCTOPUS” coming to life; because the foundation of national takeover is determined by blanketing the leadership; as if an octopus were on top of them. “the dog packs howling; I am a predator, too”. AT the end of every tentacle/ there will be, a dog pack of believers; “as the Nazi SS were! Shaking the bushes” to find every prey, to create fear; “obey or die”! That is the failure of everything “democracy”: as university leads has proven beyond doubt, to be communism in hiding.

Covid in this USA was an example of; “octopus blanketing” by government out of control/ just like Nazi. The difference: it stopped due to the price of worshiping universities was so high and destructive to life. As allowed, by both biden and trump! But power is power, and it is a constant: (lets take over business_) ATTACKING the business owners, “with threats they cannot survive”/ taking over their business; to give it to foreigners; who are more accepting of “do what you are told”. So they can all; force their consumers to obey; OR do without what they do need to survive. In that way, you can do the most damage to every society; as possible with the least effort. Another more constant method of blanketing; is to control agriculture/ so as to control food pricing; because if that gets too high; the people revolt against their leaders. The cost: driving agriculture out of business/ but not to worry, it is then communism will take control over all the property, and give it to someone else; with loans to foreigners who are more accepting; “of do what you are told”.

  1. couldn’t stop: universities play god with life
  2. couldn’t stop: universities play god with energy
  3. couldn’t stop: universities play god with currency
  4. couldn’t stop: universities with their intellectual war to take everything
  5. couldn’t stop: universities from mutilating every plant and every animal food source.
  6. couldn’t stop: universities from changing this democracy; indoctrinating lawyers to do it for them.
  7. couldn’t stop: universities from claiming they were experts and would make every decision/ collecting and pretending to be “nobility; the superior ones”. Who made the decisions: we now face.
  8. couldn’t stop: global warming
  9. couldn’t stop: resource depletion
  10. couldn’t stop: the population explosion
  11. couldn’t stop: ocean life from dying
  12. couldn’t stop: world war 3/ refusing world law.
  13. couldn’t stop: pollution or poisoning the water and land
  14. couldn’t stop: the future from dying/ killing every child
  15. couldn’t stop: indoctrination of every child, into the satanic religion of evolution/ OBEY, FEAR, BELIEVE; the universities are god.
  16. Every form of manufacturing ransacked; every job raped.
  17. every form of infrastructure discarded to ruin/ to pay for fantasy and delusions and failure.
  18. every form of title and property sold to foreigners/ even giving them bribes to do it.
  19. Corruption in the courts; discarding the constitution by betrayal. Cursing democracy with lies.
  20. corruption in media; power owns it all/ tyranny enforced.
  21. the insurgency to takeover this nation; “with university experts alone” make all the decisions. Cult worship. Covid worship. Fool worship. Evil worship

Just to name a few.

all the lights are human/ on this finite planet now dying.

so all these things blanket the leadership with failure/ and their pride refuses to admit they participated: but have no solutions. BECAUSE A SOLUTION REQUIRES: THAT YOU LET TRUTH DECIDE/ not the rotting corpse, that is your want. And all of humanity says: THEY ARE RIGHT/ WE WON’T SURRENDER NOTHING: LET US WAR INSTEAD. Because the money is all mine/ and I want it. Yet in a dying world; it buys you nothing; because it is “only numbers/ the biggest liars of all”. Because fraud is fraud.

Nonetheless, with the “blanket octopus” in place; the tentacles reach out; into society/ to suck in all that have a brain left. To insure there is no escape from the mob who now runs the exclusion of others: so they can control the army of our extremes. Giving “hitler” his new powers back; to war upon life and world: because the mob says, “YES WE CAN”/ while the communists say: “NO YOU CAN’T”; BOTH sides being the same. Both sides: using want to decide what they need is an army, to kill the others.

Government is overthrown with failures/ and in this USA, you have nothing to show for the last fifty years of society; BUT FAILURE. Because the universities expert leads. And media was sold to power/ so that courts could be sold to the highest bidder/ so that the fight to control the future: is THE DESTRUCTION OF DEMOCRACY.

So lets review: failure is caused by want/ removing truth will decide. Simple as that; although the lies and liars sustain themselves with intellectual war, by creating the maze: to lose the public within. “distract them”!

But war is caused by: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ we won’t give nothing back: WE SACRIFICED OUR LIVES, FOR THE FRAUD! Because we all chose NOT to care! “give me what I want/ ruled life, society, nation, future, and world”. But now; IN A DYING WORLD/ the life you lived “like a gambler”: is dead. And it will never come back: because the truth of your existence is OVER 8 BILLION PEOPLE MEANS: KILL A BILLION PEOPLE/ AND THERE ARE STILL OVER 7 BILLION LEFT/ which remains too many, in a world men have already ransacked/ raped/ ruined/ changed/ cursed/ and failed. Which means: THE UNIVERSITIES; are soon to remove all chance of survival. Because the only god they can be is SATAN; and that means the destruction of life on earth/ because HELL is all you have left.

and the blanket of human debris: begins to smother the opposition to war/ and leadership turns to power, smothered in pride. Because the end is near, and the reality of turning back the clock as promised: FAILED COMPLETELY. Because you cannot fit 8 billion people into a 5 billion fit here world. IT HAS CHANGED, and there is no going back. So you have to surrender your want/ and accept ONLY TRUTH DECIDES NOW! Or war, which is guaranteed to be your EXTINCTION. CHOOSE!

The alternative is:

IN THIS USA: to use the law called first amendment redress of grievances!


GRANTING, when confronted by a government out of control’

the opportunities to GO TO COURT/ NOT WAR. And find your solutions

BY UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS WRONG: which means you accept the truth instead of your want.


NOT; the dead have risen: to demand “KING”


The employees return: to obey the law/ or fear us instead. Because redress is our answer, to your failures. Our nation/ our vote/ our future.

NOT A SINGLE ONE; owns this democracy/ not a single one rules this government: WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE LAW OUR RULER.

AND WE DECIDE: what our constitutional law and purposes are.

NO court/ NO president/ NO GROUP of any kind.

There is NO PROTECTION, or immunity: from declaring yourselves god.

NO immunity from the declaration of war: that is DEMOCRACY no longer matters.

EVERY SINGLE ONE: is merely a former classmate. “just like you and me”.

And we can take back: whatever redress demands SHALL BE CHANGED.

LET TRUTH DECIDE/ but make no mistake: WANT is dead.

No matter which direction you go.

the curse of the dead: live to defile the law/ and create a rule instead. Because with that rule: the focus of power CAN BE ON YOU/ instead of the truth of life, as is fair play, is the work and justice, required of us all.

Because you have all but killed;  this entire world/ and we MUST

REBUILD OR DIE.  Because soon only war will be left!

no water/ no food/ no money/ no tolerance/ no future/ no hope: is coming.

because I want what I want;  is a reality built upon lies!

more:  https://www.brainfirst.info/best-we-can/

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