It is, functional, fundamental, and true; that to be a better world, we must address the basic issues of reality which deny that peace and security to us all.

The elemental cause of our disgrace as a world is: “want, pride, and power”/ which leads to anger, violence, and hate. Simple as that, until needs overwhelm; and realities shift to decide who is going to live or die; because we cannot all survive what we have done.

The elemental truth of our defense against these things is LAW; because law is the power of us all, to enforce a level of discipline, order, and balance that then governs what our lives in society, nation, or world is going to be.

Law that is disciplined: shapes us with the understanding of duties, born of reality, and determined by the cost of being wrong. It has no concept of color, size, or other.

Law that is ordered: relies upon the truth shall decide, because nothing less can. Therefore the elemental grace of evidence, to conceive of a choice, and decide within the constraints of laws we formed as peace and security; will then guide us, into the cost of being fair. Versus the reality of damage to life or earth.

Law that is balanced: conceives of freedoms, and forms the basic truth of life which is; I don’t own you/ you don’t own me/ I don’t have to endure your eternity, nor you mine. All of which points to; we are free to decide for ourselves, the life we will lead/ so long as we are willing to accept: the price of being wrong is your own. The reality of your choice shall not overwhelm “us or me”; only you. Which then allows: those younger than the real world age of 18; shall be protected by society, until they realistically should, understand better; what the cost of being wrong is.

While hate can be identified; by judgment, which then leads to actions intended to cause harm or death. People playing god with life! Measuring and denying: you too have a right to live, and be who you choose to be; even if you are so clearly wrong. Hate cannot be undone; and must be separated (never again). Belief however can be undone; if they are obedient to truth beyond self.

Anger is more vocal, and commonly shouts “FEAR me, damn you”; because of something that triggered this, and became overwhelming in one form or another; even 50+ years ago. Because you refused to accept; they have a right to be angry too. It is nonetheless commonly true; this can be remedied; if the brain (knowledge returns to truth) still exists.

Violence is shaped by revenge: the desire within pride to win/ and prove I win over the winner; by making him or her pay with their life, instead of a trophy. Violence shapes abuse, use, enslavement, perversion, and more; by participating in hate. The decision beyond life, where death participates as the sewer inside. Again separated and lost forever; to a different place. No coming back.

Power, results from the measurement of others; which then allows the participant to believe they are like god: I am the superior one. Tyrants begin here, as does all forms of vile sewage linked to things like mutilating genetics/ believing in evolution/ altering energy to produce life ending results; and a long list of “universities do this”. A separation from the possibilities, and a warning NEVER enter here again/ or we will find you criminal, and potentially guilty of warring against life and world. Punishable by death.

pride shapes the decision: I want to win/ which causes humanity to believe all I have to do is follow the rules. Which leads people to believe all I have to do is change the rules. Which leads people to compete with aggression to prove: I can steal the prize from you. Which leads people to assemble the cost of mass hypnosis: which is, IF I can make them all believe what I say/ or make them believe, they must fear/ or make them believe they must obey/ or make them believe they all know the same thing, and can then JUDGE without responsibility. Because they proved to themselves how superior they are. The cost of being winner is: now you belong to the herd, and will follow without “a brain”. Feeling safe, because “we can’t all be wrong”…..which is rarely true.

Want, where all the struggles and behaviors and failures of human existence begin; is a tragedy of excuses. The place where every lie begins; as people struggle with their own decision: “I want, what I want”/ which then becomes “to hell with you/ I want what I want”; and life is discarded or enslaved to produce the manipulation, temptations, control, ridicule, gossip, and other consequences of. I will take what I want from you; because I know not how else to get what I want.

IN CONTRAST to that is

a better world is not the result of want, pride, or power/ nor its results.

You cannot prepare for battle, with weapons hidden or fears shouted from the rooftops “so to speak”. You can only prepare for a life constructed with law, to enable peace and security to create a value which aligns with what we did pay for as a society. Weapons of any kind; realities of any kind; that can be used by you/ can also be used against you; in one form or another. For example; People have accepted “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”/ but creating world ending destruction, and depending upon “the sanity of leaders”; is utterly insane. Leaders having proven throughout time; to be fools as often as those who have been valued instead. Like a bullet; “can’t call it back/ or change your mind”. Too damn late now.

SO OUR REAL WORLD CHOICE IS LAW. Because only law grants that the decision of the vast majority, when protecting life and world from the invasion of failure, tyrants, and fools. Gives to us all, the justice that secures life and nation and world; from the curse of all that is bad. As best we can.

LAW as every nation knows: regardless of how well it starts or is intended to be/ is corrupted mercilessly, by the sewer of human existence. An intellectual war, by a few; against life and world; to get what they want/ instead of protect and defend our future, happiness, hopes, values, love, or the essence of respect.

So law MUST be protected from the sewage of human existence; by framing it with, WE ALL MADE THIS DECISION/ and it will NOT be contaminated with your curse; because we contain the vote, and insure it is enough. By proving it will NOT be changed unless a greater percentage of humanity votes to change it/ than was established by those who caused it to be our law. In other words if 70% of the people made it law with their vote/ then it cannot be changed unless 71% of the people decide it will be changed.

The puke and vomit shout: we can’t do that, the libraries are filled with laws/ governments are filled with people making laws/ lawyers and judges make their living by corrupting the language of laws, and installing rules to insure they own the power; of stealing, cheating, lies, and failure to make the rich richer/ and destroy the power assembled as WE THE PEOPLE.

But they lie, as all people who want do. They want to win/ to prove “we are the superior ones”. And they want the money; to make you their slave; as from the beginning of human existence: to own you/ rather than be a friend to you. So all of government is a war, to play the game: of who owns who. With “the liars law”.

REAL LAW IS NOT like that, at all. Instead, as is seen in the biblical ten commandments/ and the US constitutional amendments: what we need is simple, direct, as untainted with delusions as possible, and assembled strictly for the purpose of justice to all, as we can do for ourselves. Making the disgrace of humanity which is a library of laws/ into not more than one hundred one page laws, which govern everything! Which then allows the vast majority to KNOW what the law is/ defend this nation or world or themselves with that law/ and enforce an understanding through education on all the rest. Making wisdom our contribution to society; as we all then journey along the same path; into peace and security BY LAW/ NOT by leader. WE BUILD OUR LIVES/ BY OUR CHOICE; removing leaders. To replace them with investigators: who then report to us, about those who refuse to obey our laws. Enforcing THE LAW WE MADE, with our own policing. Shaped by those who are presented by the society over which they will enforce justice, by establishing fair play. Instead of “livestock herding”.

We will decide the punishment.

We will determine; where hate will go; SEPARATED, and with very little chance of coming back to any society. Only their own.

We will decide: what and how our environment shall be protected.

We will decide: WORLD LAW, and removal of weapons of mass destruction. WHICH INCLUDES ALL FORMS OF EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION/ and every form of mutilating genetics. No more/ no more/ no more; or you die.

WE WILL own our own lives, and demand “limited capitalism”; in order to control those who have always corrupted existence, with the claims of money, power, or pride; by wanting us to be their slaves.

DECISIONS; that only truly affect the lives of women; SHALL be only decided by women. Same as decisions which only truly affect men; SHALL be only decided by men. Those who claim; “nature was wrong” have no vote here.

Nothing is so descriptive of that; than pregnancy; wherein the male contribution is so small/ even though necessary, to that pregnancy; he has no say. Even though the infant to be born, “is connected”. But in contrast: if a woman tempts, manipulates, and lies in order to convince a man to have sex with her; secretly deciding to get pregnant. In order to have that man then pay her for the next twenty years; because she wanted her child. It is akin to raping that man. Forcing him to pay for what she wanted, and physically took.

Here we view law, within the focus of complexity; as there are numerous claims from many directions associated with “these DECISIONS”. However the judiciary is NOT aligned with what you, or they want. But is dedicated to providing through law, what the verdict of society en mass has declared justice through fair play for all; shall be. The claim of power should not exist. The power of law, governed by the reality of “fair to all” decides. Where that focus fails: the best we can, is give the decision to the one who pays, with their life, the most. The owner, is the owner; just as democracy declares, we the people are the owners here. Therefore WE DECIDE: NOT, our employees.

And more.

as is, in this USA; the constant reality of shame is: that the cowards of the Vietnam era/ hid in universities, and became our leaders; as the failure of “their government” sagged into rebellion against democracy itself. The treason most apparent: the counterfeiting of currency/ the complete disregard of debts/ and the utter failure to respect our constitutional laws. By those who claim they are superior; and use betrayal, lies, fraud, terrorism, insurgency, propaganda, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, robbery of the American people, bribery, manipulation, the disease of university knows, and the intentional mockery of law; by claiming the constitution is their toilet paper: open to any use or misuse by their interpretation and rules defiled by a university diploma; as they see fit. Destroying this economy/ destroying all protections of democracy/ destroying the foundation of justice, by removing liberty to install the servants of power. Deliberately infecting this society with the intent to create civil war and unrest. Discarding the discipline, order, and balance of NATURE; to infuse chaos, in worship of evolution. A religion strictly forbade in government decisions. Bastardizing education with the indoctrination of NEVER question your gods of universities. Destroying the foundations of business and industry. Selling us out, in all categories; to cause havoc and harm to this American people. Destroying freedoms, to align with ONLY A TINY FEW shall own anything/ as you give away the nation to foreigners; to cover your betrayal of us. Just to start. and even aligning yourselves, with such an extreme experimentation with energy:  that is TRYING TO IGNITE, THE SAME FIRE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN.  Which means being WRONG, causes our world to incinerate all life; because of you.  “the university elite” who proved to be a cult, worthy to be called;  of Satan himself”.

The most singular, and yet world altering truth is: “that our lives have changed”. 8 billion people, extreme experiments, cascading consequences; all prove that is true. Establishing: Nothing matters anymore, other than keeping this earth alive; along with all the life we can save; because we know not, “which one is critical” to survival. Want is abandoned, but happiness must rise; or humanity kills itself. These are the facts, and they cannot be changed with pride or power. More distinctly: you will stop being animals, and rise enough, in thought (this is world of miracles): to be called “human alive”. EVERY life has been changed: because your future is dead. Therefore every life MUST participate as best we can; in returning our earth to a living environment; instead of a dying world. And the people say: TO HELL WITH YOU! But the evidence of your reality says: YOU CHOOSE HELL, for you and yours; instead! While a courtroom to prove what is, is not, and is the cost of being wrong; MUST occur. You continue to fail life and world, because you do not care, for more than self; greed overwhelms, lust consumes, and failure, fraud, fantasy, and fool lead. So, we stand on the crossroads; because no more of this, will be allowed.

And the people say: YOU, CAN’T SCARE ME, because they BELIEVE. But belief is just want hiding from truth; thereby shouting “I want what I want; be damned to all the rest”. Only what I want is true. Yet the overwhelming thirst for conversation exists; and the most easy of all decisions is to let “the TV” tell you what is true; to claim, now I know. So, they are your gods, and they get their information from universities; who are their gods. Because the universities can make you fear/ make you believe, with delusions/ make you obey, “don’t let me die”.

But lets review: humanity hides in fear from universities developed weapons of mass destruction. Humanity believes whatever universities tell you with regard to disease; like covid; which stole your face, your future, your government, your friends, your associations, your MONEY in this USA 16 trillion dollars and counting. Paid to universities: because they decide how much they get/ and they decide to mutilate nature itself as fast as possible in worship of their religion which is evolution (the least science can be; one tiny bit of truth, “this looks like that”; and literally nothing more). YOU believe, because they indoctrinated you as a child. Nothing on earth is more closed and without a brain; than a university campus: the universities elite are god, and cannot be questioned. Poisons all around, climate destroying life, ocean life going extinct, pollution everywhere, resources lost (a thousand years of living; thrown away); and more. Because the universities lead; and you believe. Because they bribe you to stay away from truth. To your shame. Healthcare nothing more than extortion; because they can, and do. A world ready for world war 3. as terrorists begin to multiply, and tear it all down; because nothing is left “for me”; the curse of the computer, proves too much.

So, why does this truth, not matter? Because they all shout: NOT IN MY LIFETIME; leaving the children to die. So, why will people not listen to reality; such as this work: because ridicule is more powerful than disease. Proving what people believe, is where they choose to live; thereby avoiding truth. Proving: IF WE FIND ONE SINGLE THING, “questioned”/ an entire lifetime of work is destroyed, by ridicule. Truth and consequences to us: BE DAMNED. THEY found a “grain of sand; on an entire ocean beach”, and claim, they need no more: “they know”. But the end result of it is: truth decides what our future will become, and the evidence is: EXTINCTION is literally near.

And the world of men SCREAM: HELL NO. WE TAKE what we want, by WAR if necessary.As does prove the truth: unless women come forward, and prove what is justice and fair play by law/ this earth has no chance. Because men WILL turn to war; and that will be extinction for all life and earth. As proven by “universities rule”.

CHANGE, is forever. No going back, once the threat is lessened; because it will reappear more catastrophic than before. Consequently, the life of men in charge of this earth is over; as the law we all agree upon must rule instead. EACH HAS ONE VOTE, none have more; and women shall be treated with absolute equality; or you die. “because GOD, can pull the plug”, and let you die; if you do not.

And the people say: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, to tell us, “anything, about GOD “/ you, are nothing! “we won’t follow you, to the garbage dump” or less: NOTHING!

SO, once again I reply: “I am just a plain man; CLEARLY NOT your savior, etc”. But the evidence is your truth, proves the consequences of your choice; and your choice is, TAKE ALL YOU CAN GET/ and let the children/ LET THE WORLD, die. Because we won’t pay, “for life or earth”. Let them die! That fact, has sent me: “just a messenger” given the job of telling you: CHANGE OR, you WILL be extinct. As is a last chance summation; of where you and your leaders chose to go. CHANGE or die, is real.

Yes, I know: “he claims a spiritual woman inside”; THEREFORE WE KNOW, he is worthless, a “sewer of fantasy and lies”. But what I ask of you is: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ PROVE THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG; and then decide as a world, if you can survive. How is that fantasy or lies?

As too, Revelation 12; “the evidence of a spiritual woman” is granted by what is perceived to be a woman giving birth (who else but woman could) brings a new life on earth. Those who surround her, hate her; but GOD does not care. That life is delivered to this world. Revelation 17; “the prostitute is university”/ but defines the spiritual woman carrying precious things, as riding on a beast (male); depicted by the violence and abuse of men against women throughout time. {although I was never unkind to women; it seems to me, I must represent the change life is demanding of men, AS is: NO MORE of “beast”! And to women: take control.   I don’t know how it ends.}Religion being nearly all male in concept; hates her, for complaining, and as always uses ridicule and lies to claim: “she doesn’t matter/ or is the enemy of us”. Therefore the religions of the world, must now choose their own future. But alas: “they want what they wanted” screaming fear MEN instead.   “the prostitute” and the woman; are entirely different. Men and their religions, will lose; the damage caused by university plays god, insures that!

Regardless of prophecy, the reality of my life; “being under control of woman”;

( no, I don’t know, times a thousand +; not in control. Its complicated, No clue)”;  other than, THIS; is not a decision made by me.  WHAT DOES that mean? “no clue”/ locked in the back seat.     More “than I”, exists here; proven true, by prophecy.

So, lets review: in this scenario of time, I seem to be the summary composite, of all men throughout history. “everything bad” is that summary/ but as male, I can offer you that women are NOT perfect either. And if you would get over being angry, by comparing notes; we could find solutions. YES I KNOW, some men have been awful; but many have been kind and valuable; and we all do need to separate that out. IT WON’T happen, by just being angry with me/ won’t happen by taking away everything I might want or need to do/ won’t happen by making me beg “this has to be done”/ won’t happen by refusing to let me be free/ won’t happen, by insisting you “can play god too”/ won’t happen by controlling sex; OR ANYTHING ELSE, that is basically I am angry “with men”. And they can’t fix you with anger either. And NOT ONE life on this earth will survive, unless male and female resolve their differences. So while I never expected to find myself in the middle of that; it seems I am. Which means: LETS RESOLVE THIS, so I can be free, and women can be far less angry with men. TRUTH leads to knowledge/ honesty leads to understanding realities/ wisdom is formed from letting truth identify the laws which keep us alive, and provide the peace and happiness we “nearly all”, desire. No, it is not a game/ and yes, I really would like to be free of anger (men have value too); not of women, but of all the things which destroy relationships that do have value. Simple as that; we need to remove what does not have value with law; NOT by cursing each other, to be blind, deaf, and dumb. MEN DO NEED TO CHANGE, “most”, its a long list/ but women “many”, do too. So like every other law, every other need on earth: we must define and create what humanity needs to know; identify what is the law which controls that; and then enforce it on us all, with justice and fair play; without exception, as equals.

And all the women shout: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; damn you to hell! But reality replies: the law is not about what you want, instead it is the understanding and wisdom to know; what does and does not, bring peace on earth. CHOOSE.

But you better hurry, because it feels like, “I am being run over with a truck; to squeeze every last bit of male out”. Too late then.

As for the change in me, predicted in biblical revelation; chapter 12 and more; it was never my decision. In fact my decision as male; has been thrown away; so it seems to me. Never my intent. But change is change, and I cannot go back. Simple as that. Why, I don’t know! What I DO know is; as with everything, “a machine sits outside the door, which I could have fixed everyday for six months; but I cannot go near it, without permission. Or its a ten thousand volt shock inside of me” that does not quit, until I do. So it sits and sits and sits, reminding me everyday (just one of many);not my choice” anymore. So, instead of your fantasy and delusions regarding me: I do reply, whatever this is, it was not my intended choice. And you, are always wrong. Because you judge as if “I was like you”/ and reality suggests, “slightly different; at least in thought”. I don’t know why?  But if I had to guess: “I felt like I died once”/ but life picked me back up; and I continued on; with a greatly improved sense of truth. “make of that whatever you will”; I don’t care.

As to you: the evidence of your consequences, causing the collapse of our world,   reality says its true. Prove it is not so; or accept the cost of your decisions: is CHANGE, or die.

But reality insists, that I AM absolutely irrelevant; because the only thing that matters today is: PROVING WHAT IS TRUE/ PROVING THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ AND PROVING WHAT IS NOT TRUE, that universities, and the men “in charge of everything” have done. Trying to ignite the same fire here as on the sun (same result here, because THAT FIRE, is burning the bond of atoms that creates the fire) / injecting chaos into nature to prove evolution; which they cannot; mutilating life on earth. Destroying everything, including the future of every child, every life and earth. HOW, do I compare with that? CLEARLY “nobody”. BUT THE COST OF BEING WRONG; IS EXTINCTION; so wake up or die/ speak up or die/ do what you can legally do, or die/ fight for your child, or cannibalism will decide; because that is the reality you chose.


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