World law fails: because leaders worship power, and want to command FEAR ME, or I will have you killed. Tyrants exist: in fear of retribution, and scream FEAR ME to keep the people at bay; or play god, by believing nothing will touch me. Democracy fails: because leaders want the pride to say, LISTEN TO ME, I make all the decisions/ worship me; Or I will have you arrested, and thrown in prison. Societies fail; because people want to be rich, and they refuse to be equal;because pride wants to be the winner. Therefore the rich rise, and destroy as much as they can: in order to make you say, “they are the winners”. And the games (I can defeat you) begin, because humanity wants, what it wants. So the question is why? But the answer is simple; as a herd of animals, grouped close together in fear; there is nothing to do but complain about the others, and make up stories to pass the time; as is the purpose of gossip. “find a grain of sand/ turn it into a city”. And people say: who gives a damn about “data collected”/ but reality says; they align you with their decision “gossip or not”. And then make decisions; such as removing your ability to buy anything; search and destroy, because you belong to a group.  Deny and degrade, because you do not belong to their group; and all things associated with only a tiny few get to decide. “push of a button, and your electronic money disappears, and you can’t buy food, etc! As is, only the beginning; as is the result of weapons of mass destruction/ and especially a robot army to kill you with just one command “push a button”.

In contrast: TRUTH BUILDS A LAW FOR JUSTICE, not power. Governments for democracy (we rule ourselves) build with FAIR PLAY, to insure peace and security, not pride. Societies WILL turn to limited capitalism; so that humanity itself can potentially survive its rulers; or it dies, by disgrace, as does our world. LAW GOVERNS LIFE, or extinction comes: because the end result is, with 8 billion people all screaming MORE/ OR ITS MINE; law or war is all you get. A FINITE PLANET, of “biological miracles”: CANNOT continue; with the endless curse of human decides now/ as our reality proves true.  Are you young: “your future is dead”. Because they want what they want; just like you: without a single care, beyond self. All shouting NOW, NOW, NOW, TO HELL with the future NOW, DAMN YOU, NOW!      As the cost of consequences becomes your extinction.   and the people; scream: YOU CAN’T SCARE US. As reality proves: the population of this earth has risen by at least 3 billion people in the last fifty years. Each intending to live “one hundred years”; by eating other living things/ which are also going extinct. ADD IT UP WITH REALITY!  “find a brain, in YOU”/ not a cult, claiming they know.  As is university led to threats surrounding all life and earth.   OR, more distinctly: humanity is overwhelming this earth, and causing all its Creation to die. Which leaves us with: EITHER THE LAW WILL enforce “no you can’t, throughout this world”/ yes you will, protect life and earth. Or human want will prove extinction is your only other choice.  “even a university educated idiot” knows that is true. But they all SCREAM: “not in my lifetime”/ which means, every child dies.

a footnote: one of the main reasons space heaters cause fire is, the house outlet goes bad. which then results in the heater electric cord and the outlet become hot (more than a little warm). these need to be replaced/ or plug into the alternate outlet; as that will be different from less use.

Of the more elemental core values of life and living 

The certainty of our existence can be reduced to what is true. Religion starts here, but needing more; so they too can participate and claim superiority to the rest; things are added on, to make themselves more important.

I find only one religion of importance, although each contributes something. Christianity is the expansion of JESUS, into a religion the masses wanted to illuminate themselves with; once it was considered safe and valued. Which is the reality of all religion: humanity lives as a herd, and as such the prey always want to be safe, and find themselves where value for life exists. But being prey means; there is always a predator/ and that always elaborates the living, is an existence with fear. Therefore rules are required/ critical training and the demand; BE LIKE US exists/ remove the creatures unlike us, because they cause you to fall/ and never go outside the lines, where you can fall victim to an attack. Is the life of an animal.

I am not a religious man, simple as that. BUT THAT does not mean, I have failed to be influenced by the life story of JESUS; as it is true, that I have. Instead of religion and its rules, I chose to accept his life was a clear depiction of the difference between love and hate. Nothing in this world, even in the last 2,000 years; has proven to be MORE CLEAR; of the difference between love and hate; than was his life. So, I choose love; and discard hate: BECAUSE the end result of that choice, is the life we will lead.

In addition to his service to this world; for that act of “reality is here”/ the foundation for learning, HIS LIFE was more than just a simple distinction between love and hate. And exists as the example; for a living heart, that searches with respect, for the values of life, the dignity of friendship, the courage of discipline, the examples of order, the balance of truth and justice, the essence of fair play, and especially the ascension of love is happiness. Not only today, but even within the complexities of an eternity. Or more distinctly: JESUS is the evidence that we were not simply designed and created to be forgotten/ but have the opportunity to join within life, as a living example of our own truth; as love builds life to rise within our destiny. The creation of soul (participation with GOD ) within, and beyond; simply self.

Religion needs rules, because the animal lives by want. The human leaving animal behind lives by truth, and ascends into the grace of love, by accepting the true value of life is beyond human conception. Therefore we must accept: that eternity cannot be known; but love can become the foundation of our heart. The rhythms we create in our journey beyond self. Where life meets life, and love knows the future lives with joy.

Belief is the alternate to faith. Where faith is the acceptance of trust, by the elevation of truth decides for us. Belief is: we want what we want/ therefore what I want is true; regardless of the evidence or reality being decided upon.

There are two types of belief: common belief identified throughout societies as the source of something they got, they wanted or needed; so they believe/ irrespective of the cost now or long term; the decision is to believe, because I got what I wanted to get. Let the world be damned: I WANT what I want/ therefore I believe in whatever gets me what I want. Who the hell cares about you.

Religious belief is different in that it exists primarily to describe a life beyond death that you are willing to accept as true/ regardless of reality. It too is “I want what I want”/ but it is relegated by religion to the rules of this particular herd. Wars are started over this: because “an eternity matters”/ therefore I must be right, and if I must be right/ then you must be wrong. And that matters if your ways and words infect my family or friend.

Faith does not allow either form of belief to be accepted; as the reality of truth, cannot conceive of “Lies win”. Therefore what is true must decide for itself, as the reality of human decision is not reliable enough to decide. So what is true? The answer to that begins with: “THE MIRACLES OF LIFE”, and by the evidence which surrounds us all, we KNOW, “A CREATOR EXISTED” to give us this reality of our choice. While truth does not allow for any form of description be given to our Creator; because we cannot know what is true. What we can know is the level of thought which does exist in the evidence of life itself; is beyond ANY form or conception that this is an accident of any kind. Which elevates truth, as a source to be searched; where life itself visits as our own existence. The place where we do meet thought, and can enter within its realm.

In contrast: the conception of chaos builds life without even a brain: simply is too preposterous to be more than a lie of outstanding stupidity and disgrace. But then that, is where we come to the universities of human endeavor: and find them projecting this very thing; as their god of life.

So the question is: HOW, does a universities diploma equal an infection of stupidity and ignorance so diseased and disrespectful of life; that it kills the eternity of billions of people, who might otherwise have lived? Answer is: they gave you what you wanted, by counterfeiting money, and terrorizing truth; to present humanity with lies by fear this. A world filled with weapons of mass destruction. And the people fell into the chaos of a cult. Because a cult means: you cannot question your leader, or, “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY” is all you get; along with your bribes. Which have compiled into extinction is coming; because of the consequences you chose. Cannibalism, mutilation, assassination of every child and life, disassembling order, discipline, and balance; to establish chaos, violence, and hate rules here now. As is the direct cost of your bribes; even though you have blinders on. Truth is truth.

And the world SHOUTS; WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT! As it falls into the belly of complete destruction, to fall through the sewage of hate, and its horrors.

Failing life; in a descent of pure violence.

So, we ask: WHY?

The answer replies: the animals want to play god/ even all of them. So they lie/ destroy respect with pride/ and use that game to measure and then defeat the realities of truth; by human versions of knowledge.

Or more distinctly; as we see among those who claim “nature was wrong”/ an acceptance: if we lie/ then we can be anything we want. This is playing god with life in yourself. The game is: you can’t stop us. And the reality is: power measures, so that judgment can exist. Therefrom people exercise their claim of superiority; by descending into the grip of chaos, that is hate. NO, you cannot judge them if you are beyond an “animal”/ because life made them free, to be who they chose to be: just as it did for you. YOU are not judge/ it is not your life/ nor is it your eternity: where the law MUST intervene, then it will judge; but not you. Unless you are animal; playing predator or prey. YOU ARE allowed to testify: to what you accept is true; that is your contribution to their life choices; beyond the age of child. It is not a game: eternity exists only where truth survives.

Or as we see in universities playing god: all of humanity knows, “they can destroy us all/ everything we need or depend upon/ causing harm beyond comprehension”. And yet the animals simply believe what they want to believe; because as predator and prey; all that matters is what do I get to eat today. To hell with the rest; there is NOTHING, “but me”. And the cult knows; it cannot question the leaders, because then the entire “house of cards” will fall down. The excuse: “we cannot stop them/ they are too powerful”/ but the reality is: even YOU KNOW, if you do not stop them with law; the future is dead. Because that IS WHAT YOU CHOSE TO DO. OR, more simply: the universities exist in doing what they do/ because their followers push them; and complain WE WANT MORE; damn you to hell/ give us what we want. While the reality of government proves: “nothing is better than a game”; even though life itself is facing extinction, because you failed truth and life and earth and child and respect; to your shame.

And so the universities lie, and claim they know with lies, and build a tower of babble to cover and hide what they don’t know/ as media uses their lies to sell another round of delusion and fantasies in order to keep the powerful happy. As politicians always looking for another vote grab the game of lies, to make promises they cannot keep; to cover the promises they cannot keep. Until the entire truth of it is a MONSTER, which will harm us all, if the lies are found out. So the people say; even knowing what is true: SCREAMING LIE, CHEAT, STEAL; anything; but do not let that monster out of its cage. We live in fear of the consequences. So the humanity of earth: let this entire world die; to hide from their truth.

And all the parasites, and leeches, and worms, and failures, fools, liars, cheats, traitors, thieves, terrorists, haters, and more gather round to feast on the carcass of the damned. SCREAMING: “YOU CAN’T GET OUT NOW”/ we own your soul.

So, that is you/ while the core element of me is different.

LIFE and body are different realms within the same dimension of time. The two independent realities of life in time, are male and female. They are distinct from each other, and not the same either by dimension or conceptions in time as the living requires each to be different; thereby a balance to each other. Animals cannot realize an expansion of life beyond want; so they are left behind, to be what they have chosen; “they want to be”. Life is a freedom, rather than an enslavement. Which gives to each, by the decisions they chose; a value they constructed by their own truth.

Given that elevation of life beyond body, by the ascension of thought; conceives of miracles. Our freedom resurrects the question inherent in a miracle: as to what is, the purpose of this? The answer replies: beyond time, is a universe; as we look into the stars, what is most apparent is the lack of life established by that source of truth. Therefore the essence of love allows: “what a difference a friend, would make”!

While none choose an enemy, but animals playing games; the reality of disciplines that shape our soul (the inherent search for life, beyond time); comes from the evidence and its truth; nothing about the miracles of life here, are by accident. Therefore “the science” of knowledge; shapes our decision to understand: more than what humanity can see, must exist. The biblical story of JESUS, offers the guarantee: that we are more, and if found worthy, can become eternal. So the question is about truth? Can the story be accepted? The answer to that if aligned with belief; the third factor. Or more distinctly, while knowledge can point to evidence, and understanding can accept the foundations upon which laws are known to exist; wisdom is required to accept “truth is truth”. Because nothing less can. So my definition of wisdom expands to include: JESUS is exactly what HE claimed to be. Making eternity, an environment beyond time (no action or reaction; is no body of time), where life itself can exist.

So the question is: WHAT is life, and HOW does it exist beyond the framework of what we know, is an environmental limit or boundary; which keeps the pieces and parts from simply escaping into the dissolution, of an eternity without life?

The answer is: conceptual, as it requires the distinction of life itself, beyond a body; where only thought and energy reside. Mass does not, as it forms from an interaction of both action and reaction. So what is life, and how does it retain a limit to discipline reality, or a boundary; to conceive of order? How does that balance the energies of a sustained life?

We begin with truth; as only truth itself survives! A reality that supports and intertwines our own existence with the elemental rise of thought: NOT an intellectual game/ but a dimension graced with values that assert a respect for reality. Truth knows that energy is the difference between motion, time exists (distance expanding); and the lack of motion commonly referred too as death. So the capture of energy is a primary basis upon which life does reside. That energy begins, NOT as motion/ but as the reality of what does cause motion itself to begin. Therefore it is sustained as potentially “expansive”/ but retained as an order, completely disciplined by balance. Not a mass defined by atomic structural elements; but an expression that experiences the interplay between time and eternity; as a separated reality.

Even so, the critical compilation of energy is not conductive to the elevation of thought; but exists as the framework from which will arise; a valued existence of identity. Identity means: by itself/ this has formed value. Therefore it can be “mined”, so to speak. The critical test of that value is found in truth. Truth confronts us as time.

It is elemental, that the rise of life is insignificant to the creation of value. Existence is not conceived as value, just as the universe itself is not confined to a value. Instead life has the value of love/ or is the descent called hate. That conceptual difference is judged by the respect for law, as gives rise to order, discipline, and balance that will be used to identity life/ rather than the chaos of hate, and its intended destruction of all things alive. Freedom lets both elements of life, and the animals that reside in between; decide their own fate.

Discipline says: that in order to achieve a freedom, there must be an order by which thought might rise in the creation of its own identity. To provide for that decision by which life is separated into the categories of EITHER love OR hate. There must be a balance point from which each is distinct and developed by the choice of “who you are”. Therefore time exists: to separate, and identify what is true.

Law becomes the vessel from which we do understand the decision: to let truth decide for life and love, peace and hope/ or hate decides for destruction and violence to the living, the chaos of hell inside. A key, to distinguishing hate: is the lack of hope/ replaced by revenge; which does surface as taking something away. But make no mistake; the predator exists because of stealth and camouflage ; so beware. Another key: ridicule is used to disguise the attack, which says, “fear me, I can hurt you”. Pride exists in hate; “to stay alive in time”/ a reason not to die, which is I can, secretly; make you lose. Power then uses judgment to assert: I will make you lose. Beware of the proud; “someone has to lose”. Beware of the liar: someone else, has to pay. Beware of the people who judge: they want a rule, so they can play RULER over you, and inflict their form of playing god. The traitor: wants you to pay. The thief says: “you owe me, and I will make you pay”. The terrorist says: I deserve to be god, hear me roar. The rapist says: you will remember, I hate you, by making the penis, is my weapon/  even if I worship your body for lust; as is the penis is my toy. “your fear is my trophy; because I proved YES I can”. the extortionist says: your life is a trinket, an enslavement; I possess. Jealousy is an admission of “I cannot compete/ but I will never surrender you (my trophy, MINE; nobody takes it away)”; abuse exists, to enforce that. the pedophile says: “i just want what I want; EASY”; but then a witness exists, and murder sometimes follows; so the demand for fear is real. The arsonist wants to play god: “YOU cannot have anything either, I have the power, to take it away/ or I, will have better”. People fight, to prove they can; to claim the prize, fear me. Anger has a cause/ hate is done with causes. The difference is anger is still alive inside, and exhibits the cost of fears. But make no mistake, the least stable (most likely to make a mistake) of all people: are those who fear.   Do, you see all the “evidence of I”; which is given when the only thing that truly matters “is me”. Therefore beware of “I want, I need, I am,,,,,,,,,,,I whatever it is.” Selfishness leads to crime. Mass murders, “want you to cry; as proof, I hate you (as cowards do)”/ they are “the pedophile, of murderers”; requiring, the easy target “its a surprise/ you can’t fight back”: I get to play god.  Serial killers want, you to fear: “for superiority, as is fear ME, I play god”.

 MENTAL collapse, is the evidence of self preservation; nothing is working for me/ therefore I must create a new world, for myself. It completes the cycle, of hate versus love; “a fight that cannot be won”/ because there is no way off the roller coaster. The war, has to stop, and mental collapse means it cannot. The reality: I cannot have what I want; depression and other forms of mental collapse exist here as well.

I prefer to think of life; as an elemental truth “hidden behind the glass walls” of an energy that is neither friend nor enemy. The energy is our environment/ but the glass enclosure is our conception of life, within self. The reality of that is “Hope, represents the glass”. Therefore self as is a body of time, translates the decisions that we make as life, into self. The result is our truth; based upon our hope. Without hope, life fails inside. Therefore particularly with regard to the young: it is necessary, that you listen, and not decide for them; to be honest and forthright with their own hopes. As best you can. The majority truth of most suicide: “no real friend, to share my life, or care about me; exists”. When: Not even want, survives; the end is close/ and critical to those who care. But alas: liars lie, and learn how to act. The critical question: “what does it mean to care”/ what does it mean, to lose this life, to me? And that “demands the question”: WHAT will the price of my decision, cost the others, who depend upon me and my time as well; because nothing is truly for free. Unfortunately, this is one of the traps used by the young; “mostly girls (help me, help me, help me: but don’t tell no one else)”. As is sex will solve this problem; “chains”. Growing older accepts: if you or they, are not willing to “tell all who might need to know (help us)”/ want is hiding here; and want is the basis of every lie. But make no mistake; every form of this, hides a truth somewhere/ and fear of that truth can end in suicide or murder. “a new environment” can be needed; to find what is true. YOUR protection, is to tell the others who can help; and then believe what the evidence will allow; even if that is not “what you want to hear”. Lies fail us all.

Death is the reality: “the glass is now broken/ door opened”/ and the spiritual transition between time and eternity begins as truth removes all that is not true. Whether energy consumes you; is a decision you have made. That begins: in the second of your death/ that is: “either to look back, abandoned/ or go forward with the energy of life that is: going home”.

That assembles life into a creation of thought, and thought becomes our translation of time, into the energies that express and experience what life can become in this arena called motion. So the question becomes: HOW does life, become a creation of thought? We apply the distinction as a relationship to the animals of this existence: they are alive/ but experience very little thought. Same can be true of humans: but each one owns the ability to change that, into the creation beyond self.

Thought is an ascension into the Creation of life itself; as does exist beyond the limits and boundaries of time. Those who attain soul, rise to meet their Creator/ those who do not attain soul; fail, and are found less or lost. It is that simple. Soul is the search in truth, by law; for the foundations of a miracle that is you. It is not, “whatever you want or believe life to be”. FAITH is required, and faith demands: only truth can decide “a destiny”. But if your truth is wrong, then your fate is futile; belief has ended the quest for eternity. Consequently belief is a dangerous thing. While truth leads to wisdom/ want leads to death.

Which brings me to the present day of my own reality. Truth can also lead to change; even when want has nothing to do with that change.

Instead: having decided this world was lost, and I don’t “want too” watch it die/ after a ten year search among men to find a solution; which they do not own. I decided to abandon this earth and ask to be taken into eternity; as the spiritual world can define. The answer was no: “you are not done yet”. Which made the journey back into time, much to my surprise: a reality which faced the opposite direction in living: which is guided by “spiritual female”/ a dimension without male. The end result being: that I have surrendered male as of this time. She has literally disassembled everything male (but a penis; so far)/ and is in the process of making me female instead (no clue, but I do find a new and different world begins to open, to my search). NEVER my plan, but it does seem to be my fate. I don’t know how it ends or why; it is a surprise. What I do know is “nothing but a miracle” is allowed in me. So the end result is: if GOD can find a use for me, in this way; then I accept/ but only if that is so.

Its complicated. No you don’t understand; simple as that. Yes I am required to tell you. And reality demands: whatever this is to become, it seems we will all learn together; as time decides what that is. I have no clue; don’t understand either/ as male was my life, and never once did I have an interest or search into what female might be. It is completely new. No you cannot follow behind. No you are not the same, as a spiritual world creates. No this is not a fantasy or delusion. No it is not imagination in overdrive. It just is, what it is; and that cannot be determined without more evidence as to what time will deliver. LIFE IS NOT “male or female”/ but existence is. A reality far more complex, than you can imagine.

My own guess as to the reality of this departure from “critical knowledge”/ is to understand; this “world Creation”; simply NEEDS: a human experience or expression of either “male bent toward female/ or female bent towards male” in order to survive the costs of failure; due to your extreme descent into want.  “merely a guess”/ I do not know. However, The “male part” of that, is apparently done.

And women will argue: “its just a trap/ like all men do”. Because its easy to blame men for everything: that too, is not true! But reality says: it is the women that trap/ while the animal called male is either found to be a predator or prey. Beyond animal, where male understands life is not a game/ woman is not a toy/ and there are no trinkets capable of making you happy for long: everything is about truth. Truth argues for me: that I am NOT allowed to be male/ and I am not allowed to be female/ and I am not allowed to live by my own choices/ and I am not allowed to learn what is demanded, I am only allowed to learn “the life or living” of what women under the control of a male animal must tolerate to survive. Or in more simple terms: if a billion dollars was outside “ten feet away”/ and all I had to do was go pick it up; being physically and mentally capable of doing so: I CAN’T do it, without permission: the list is endless. Simple as that. No, not a game/ I already lost. So the question is WHY; does my life have to be imprisoned, utterly controlled? Her reply: women live this way, and so shall you. Some would argue: “be a lion in a cage” if you must/ but ten thousand high voltage shocks later, and “a lion is worthless”; because there is no door. So the truth is: for whatever cause or reason, I have traded places. There is no escape, and I don’t know what the future, or eternity will be. Because the end result of it, is far too many men failed women, throughout all of history; and for whatever reason, I have to pay. I don’t know why. But I will remind you: this is time/ not eternity, and as such the laws are different here. But that too, is subject to the truth; and the truth is, I literally do live more as if female today/ than male. So I cannot even guess, at what the “consequence of me” in the spiritual world beyond time: which is “to create the purity of your own truth” will be. There is no middle ground/ no excuses/ no complaints: one way or the other. What is true? Reality says: today, “More female than male”. Nope “not a clue”. I would never have guessed, the whole thing is beyond my comprehension. Nope, I have no clue; how this is suppose to help this world survive. Perhaps I need to help the spiritual woman who has taken over my life, heal her own “cost of male”; before she can find her own eternity; being completely tied together as one. Maybe she needs to see life from the other side? Women who do get that chance are rarely different than men; to any real world degree. HOW, is that helpful, to love or life? Nope, don’t know; “its complicated”. No clue how it ends.

Instead, reality insists: everything male that was my life, has been stripped out and shredded to remove what stands in the way; of what female now demands. No, that is absolutely not “homosexual, transgender, other”. It is the cost of a decision, to avoid the consequences of a dying world; and all that means: by simply asking “let me die instead, of watching that come true”. So, in fact I suppose, I got my wish; as male seems to be ending; in favor of “female continues to fight”. But even so: I did spend my life in time, for this world to continue; as a Creation too precious to lose. If that is now the price, it is just the price. No longer a male war; but female (whatever that is) has a long way, before law has a chance. Humanity wants to destroy itself/ humanity believes life is a game/ humanity worships the power to make you pay, or be a slave; and all of that ends life and earth. To their shame.

As to a sexual trap or other: I have lived, the last forty years or so, “without so much as a kiss”/ I can continue, at almost 70 years old. If you fear female/ then you fear female; what has that got to do with me? Life has changed.

Just so its clear: I have offered in the past; “in a small way” to provide work for a lady of unspecified beauty or age: healthy enough to do a realistic construction type job, at a realistic wage, through a realistic time frame. To put back together all the things which have fallen apart at this little place called home. But as always; people love their gossip, and 98%+ is always wrong; but they don’t care. It was just an offer of work with me (thoroughly capable, decades of experience); for, agreed upon pay; but since it was limited to female; condemned as always. It was limited to female, because at near 70 I have never worked with female for more than a day, once every year or two. And reality says: I am not interested in real hard work; because it just goes to those who inherit. Might as well try something different, before I die. Never a trap, not a demand for sex, never searching for a friend to save me or something: just a job, and as with all work, I choose to work with those who are at least not enemies to me. Simple as that; so get your mind out of the gutter; and accept “beyond an animal”, we simply care, sharing destiny; as humans, facing eternity, one by one. Whatever else that can be, is whatever else that can be, if we both choose it should be so. Nothing more than a real world job, without grief intended, so don’t believe the gossip; as does go, as broad and long as human behaviors can fantasize. Even so, I will be honest, while I never cared what was said: I AM, literally tired of “since he don’t go out with women/ he must be gay”. Or whatever the current claim is. Severe Tinnitus, makes a difference; just so you know; less caustic now. That, is a trap I fell in after my little nephew died of a brain tumor. As with fools everywhere, “i assumed the damage, would heal”. But was wrong. Reality no longer makes me confident, I would be allowed to do it.

And the world says to me: “you ain’t nobody/ you ain’t been doing nothing/ and you are a liar; because we don’t believe NOTHING”. In my own defense, having been defeated by simply pointing out the facts/ the cost of being wrong/ and completely ridiculed by those who refused to care about anything “but a trophy, trinket, or toy”. The only army of fighters available was the law; and I had to learn. The only battle that mattered, was to defeat those who hid behind “university is god”. The only reality of life that demanded definition, was religion. And the only option allowed, due to tinnitus (closing the door, to nearly everything)/ and a blood clot (stopping a physical escape) that closed the door to nearly everything else. Left me with an endless amount of work; and no one to help. So, I did do my job; and I did survive a long list of “you will learn”; regardless of my complaint BUT WHY? Ending with, the work I have produced in your defense of a world. NOT SAVIOR, that is your job; life or death of this whole world is up to humanity itself. I was a messenger (few cannot), delivering the cost of being wrong; is far more, than you can imagine or believe. I have finished that work; which means male is done. Whatever is left, is not “my job”.

And the world screams back: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; damn you to hell.

To which I reply:   truth will decide.

as to you, the core element of existence: now gives to you information, which allows a transformation into the complexities of thought/ rather than the cult of universities, who use you in your beliefs; to hide their truth.

That decision, intensifies your choice. A reality of time is running out, and your own ability to make a change for life and eternity; is failing due to the cost of what humanity has done.

the cost: “this is a world of, common believers”/ which means: truth and evidence is worthless, whatever you want is your answer, because that makes pride your ability to claim superiority; which gives power the right to play god. And nobody opens the door to let reality come in; because that is not what you want.

So in the past: I DRUG people out of their “cage of beliefs”/ with unavoidable truth! But the end result of that is: they all turned back to fear, and ran to their cage: but now the lock was broken, and it was not safe anymore. So they turned to me; transferring hate, fear, and more; “its all my fault”/ and claimed whatever they could think of. Because want was greater than truth. So, I quit working directly; and IT IS NOW YOUR JOB; to deliver the message: WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE IN HUMAN DECISIONS/ YOU WILL SOON BE EXTINCT. Without the slightest chance of turning that back to survive; “cowering, in the curse; of I want what I want; TRUTH BE DAMNED”. Because in fact, you chose death by want, instead of life by truth. To your shame.

So I remind you, in this “man’s world”; that want is a terrible thing, the foundation of every lie. Pride is a terrible enemy, the curse inside of a voice that leads to death. Power is the critical judgment; that will never let you forget, what you did or did not do/ to make life pay because you played god.

What can female do better? They have only one claim; “they do not immediately turn to war”; as history proves, the majority of men shall do. Making extinction certain.

THE QUESTION: WHY, do men fail life and world ON PURPOSE? The answer, as repeated again and again and again: WE WANT TO BE RICH (me, me, me, me, I am the superior one; look and listen only, TO ME; damn you to hell, if you don’t)/ GET OUT OF OUR WAY. And so with reality after every war; the vermin begin chewing to claim the prize; “lets take theirs”/ and it all starts again. the game accelerates, and the losers want revenge. Which makes the leaders hide in war; “can’t get me now”. ARE WOMEN BETTER? The answer: NO, but they are different, and that fact allows for the last hope you get.

The second part: “you can’t be a true hero or villain; without war”/ nor can you sell “a trillion dollars” worth; unless, they destroy what does exist. So the wealthy “work for, and demand war”; instantly fighting to gather “more for me”/ when the opportunity comes; as is war ends.

And reality shouts back: WOMEN WANT TO BE RICH TOO, “MAYBE”, even more than men. So the question is: confronted by the choice, of a dead world, dying in horror and hell/ your children cannibalized/ your body raped and ruined and mutilated; OR FORCE THE MEN, and WOMEN:  TO ACCEPT LAW DECIDES, by the realities which DO KEEP OUR WORLD ALIVE!

AS IS, “let limited capitalism” REMOVE the game; and give every life a realistic chance to claim “I won”; as is, “life was good to me”. Thereby denying to the few: the means, to grow every army. Or, the claim of money makes power, and rules this world.  CHOOSING, for life and world:  JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, will rule INSTEAD.

What do you choose/ because there is soon no going back, for a single living truth of life or world. As the damage continues to mount into a horrifying world ending result. So says the evidence of universities failed, and people LIED, refusing truth. As is: THIS AIN’T NO GAME. THE CONSEQUENCES ARE REAL.

As with the Ukraine war; since you failed as a world to stop it. What you have left is to begin assessing the damage done by Russian leaders to an alternate nation. THE WORLD SAYS TO YOU: That your leaders shall go to prison/ and your nation shall pay the costs, of invading them; with your own natural resources, to rebuild and repay with your future. Identifying the top 1% of the wealthy in that nation: as the people who select, and make government what it is. As a consequence: THEY WILL PAY, to start the process.


    GROW UP/ or die.

Humanity through away happiness for want/ humanity through away friendship for pride/ humanity through away this world, and every child, for power; and created fear to establish belief; TO SHOUT, we know what the TV tells us to think. Instead of choosing law, to create peace. Your great contribution; as “humanity decides, for this time on earth”: MUTILATE NATURE/ DESTROY EVERY RESOURCE/ CONDEMN EVERY CHILD/ WORSHIP HATE, AS IS THE RESULT OF UNIVERSITY LEADS, their curse upon life, as is playing god/ AND FORCE EXTINCTION; because now you can. To your eternal shame.. I am, done; not the owner of male; anymore (still me/ but not me): I honestly, would never have guessed. But then you are so buried in the game you made of life; being granted what you want/ that humanity itself will soon be extinct. The farmers here are an excellent example of that: “university says: a bushel more grain, if you tile everything”/ and they all want to play that game. But reality says: soon the aquifer will collapse/ and not a single drink of water will you get. Because instead of letting the water settle back into the soil to be filtered into the aquifer/ they flush it all away instead. Insuring an even higher concentration of poisons enter surface water, and is consumed by life. Paid for, by the future you stole from your own child. They want to play the game, “me too”/ more than life itself must decide (no trophy here; only truth); to your shame. As the cost of living continues to rise, and WAR beyond measure will soon appear. After all, when the dead have taken everything they can; all you have left is kill them/ before they kill you. As history proves true. So, ridicule away at me, as we both know you will. But make no mistake, that is just a diversion: because reality ain’t no game.

And the universities shout: WE KNOW EVERYTHING. But they don’t even know, boys are struggling with education. Because it is the dad, that constantly gets thrown out in divorce; leaving only the woman to yell “its all his fault”/ and of course pointing at anything male; is the problem, while they yell: GIVE ME THE DAMN MONEY I WANT. Be a better slave, damn it. Welcome to the world, of universities design; as the propagate the end of society/ the destruction of earth. Propagating anything but truth and reality; as media leads this world descending into chaos. Resources dead/ water poisoned/ billions unemployed/ chains of life forever lost/ starvation consuming the world (life needs life), AND MUCH MORE [the final edge, crumbling away]. Along with, all the horror of universities playing god; destroying/ mutilating nature itself, injecting disease into you; and may even ignite this earth into a sun.    But absolutely nothing, can make you care; to the day of your judgment arrives. Only truth survives, SAVE YOURSELF. Because nothing about want desires truth: discard your want. Unfortunately for you:  every part of your truth, demands extinction. because you chose not to care,Finding in greed, selfishness, lust,  pride & power:  the means to destroy this world.

and humanity shouts: “we will never care/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”. let the world be damned; I WANT, what I want.   “until of course, on your death bed”/ undeniable now.  At which time, you will not be heard.  But hey, don’t worry; all that “money” will save you; right. just scream “universities are god”. Surely that will do it; right after they steal it all, and make you a slave. Oh wait; “well, what a pretty coffin” right.  And don’t forget: after “me, me, me, me,,,,, nothing is important but me”;  why eternity will be filled with “nothing but you”. Won’t that be great?  Oh wait, I know; “its just a dirt nap” right? After all, the miracles of life which have surrounded you throughout time;  are just an accident;  like falling off a roof, or getting blown up with a bomb;  “its all good”/ right. DUMBASS, right? To your shame.

Oh wait, I forgot:  “the universities are your god”/ and they say, “life built itself one piece at a time/ just went to the store, and bought it all off the shelf; PRESTO, ABRA CADABRA, IT WORKS”; without so much as a brain.  Because ain’t nobody more stupid and vile; THAN YOU, and your “university gods”: “they know everything, we aren’t allowed to think for ourselves; after all we don’t know nothing”. SO EVERYBODY SHOUT: “WE, BELIEVE/ OBEY/ AND FEAR”;  cause we are nobodies, animals; RIGHT! Hell, who could doubt; “the universities, are god/ saviors/ question nothing”. Even though YOU KNOW, its all a lie; humanity continues to shout;  “we want what we want”. Because a lie, lets you believe life is free. And religion says: “just pay us/ and you bought a ticket to ride”; nearly free. PURCHASE your insurance plan here!

The price of human life is truth, and the price of truth is to think. But in order to achieve being “human alive”; you are required to identify and prove what you accept as true. Because eternity exists, in truth.  “so, UNLESS you achieve, the recognition called truth; you die”.

And the people say, “we want to be happy/ yet you know not, what happiness is”!

Reality teaches: “only the heart, can be happy”. Therefore the rhythms of our existence as is a shared life, turns to care; as we do begin to understand: having a friend of value, is far more precious, than all the possessions of this earth. So the dead, try to take everything: to prove they can be happy, without you/ to prove you CANNOT be happy without them, so they destroy what you need. By turning themselves into pride and power, by submerging life into lies. Thereby they learn to believe happiness is a trophy, trinket, or toy. The difference is same as: “human, versus animal”. One ascends into miracles, as the basis of life/ while the other descends into want, as the proof of; life exists.

To find a rhythm between us; we must each accept the journey we can share as one. That path beyond self, is formed in forgiveness, and the decision, “I will care”.

But unfortunately; as with my ex-wife of 2 years. When things are simple, we can share. But when reality demands: our differences are too great, “she wanted same as the rest; but could not walk away”/ while I could not do that, different from the beginning it seems. Even though we tried; it was bad for us both. Because the heart is a decision, that lives within your most precious desires. Mine was: “life and earth shall come first”. Although when young, I was certain: “they just don’t understand/ this can’t take more than ten years”. I was proven wrong, because you did know; you just didn’t care. Because nearly all screamed: I WANT TO BE RICH/ GIVE ME EVERYTHING; TO HELL, with truth and the cost of being wrong. I WANT, WHAT I WANT. SO, a lifetime later; your claim of “not in my lifetime”; I won’t pay! Holds no truth at all.

“the grave” will never care. Only truth survives, and that means: YOUR truth, cannot be erased. The Bible offers: even truth can be covered up, by repentance, and decisions, that are real. So, if you die today; what will your final truth be: love or hate, because nothing else will truly matter. Not even to you.

And the claimed; superior ones scream: “WE KNOW”/ there ain’t nothing left in that grave; so we need not care, about what is true or lie.

But truth replies: even you, know that what is true, cannot be undone. Because it is, what it is, and that will remain forever true. So the concept of forever exists, and the cost of being wrong is eternal. Which makes “your knowledge”, a description that claims “the dirt” is your god, or satan, or whatever you wish to believe. However that, is only your decision; and it is subject to what TRUTH is.

Therefore we ask: what is truth?

The answer: created by life, truth is the evidence thought exists! Therefore in turn: thought is the evidence life exists. Therefore in turn, the energies which make each possible converge to become the essence, at the core edge of eternity. You possess life. If you search, you will possess thought (not intellect); but eternity and the energy required to sustain it as real, is NOT up to you. Even so: even you, “know energy exists”.

I should clarify, that I do accept prayer as a valid conception; of our human attempts to be closer to our Creator. NOT in the constant: “its a vending machine to get what you want/ or avoid making your own decision/ or other”; as is the human animal talking. But as a reality, similar to a diary; which assembles the basic framework of why and what am I doing, with respect for life. Without the basic premise of lies and lying and wanting to lie; in order to escape what is true. Prayer is; a dimensional shift; used to open a door into what is true of me. Nothing more or less.

BUT in addition to that is, what we do not control or own or influence; as is whatever GOD might or might not do/ which is completely beyond our ability to understand; so it should never be attempted, “as is you know”/ you don’t.

As to me; throughout the decades, there have been numerous instances, which directed my path to here. Even to my ex-wife, who altered, shifted, or changed many things/ as did tinnitus/ and more.  Places along the journey, that could have gone either way/ but proved to be of value; to this particular purpose as is this work.  Realities of that journey turned back, once a lesson was learned/ or even directed to learn, when all I could think of was BUT WHY? Which became a foundation capable of understanding “more”. There was even work influenced; as with “I KNOW, what I need to know; but cannot see it, even though it is right here, right now; I know it/ but I cannot find it”. As does become the ending of this direction, this work. To become a new direction to learn, or do something else. Its complicated; and I am by no means able to conceive of “why”/ its not my job. But I can tell you this: that the spiritual influences that guided my path here, could care less about your ethics or morals or anything as such. They are considered worthless; because what matters is truth: not want, pride, power, or expectations. So, make your own decision; but remember life is your own decision matters; and they are not made for you. Don’t believe, because that even if true, is based in want; which is the foundation for every lie.

As to me; my living, basically became the “fertilizer [to go, where the others won’t go/ to learn what the others won’t choose to learn/ for life to survive]” for letting you grow; by shaping the information change requires, for or of you: to become more than animals, as the universities have demanded. While there is no gratitude for fertilizers; life on earth would be less without them. Its not a degradation of my life or facts of existence. Its just the reality, of a search beyond where I would have gone; because the need to “identify you” was necessary. Or more simply: life and living for me, was more of a “out of the frying pan/ and into the fire” to be sure of what was true in this maze of WHY, do people do, the things they do. “just my job”; as was given to me. NOPE, not savior/ NOPE, not guru/ NOPE, not “anything”; but a messenger. Required to deliver the message: if humanity will not change/ then you will go extinct as a world. Which is literally sufficient, to accept: “somebody had to do it”. Instead of people and things; I spent my lifetime, with the question “why”?

As to you: DO YOU really need to know, “about me”? Answer; no, I am not your decision! Instead, this work basically became a newspaper in concept; which requires content to keep it “available for conversation”. How few read/ but talking proved to be worthless, as you only hear what you want to hear. Always “jumping ahead” to prove you know; what you don’t know. Always wanting to win, even when we are not playing games. So by writing it down as content: the end result is, go back and review, to find the story, that is important to you. But alas, humanity is lazy, and _____________________. so the question is: ARE YOU, “writing/ reading; a rebirth of human existence”/ or an obituary?     CHOOSE.

And the world says: “we won’t care/ we want what we want”. Until the day, when reality has turned the corner; and you know, “death stalks you now”/ and will not be turned back. Because the end result of it is: the human animal, is not “a living human, being alive in the miracles which do surround us all”. Prove it is not so.

Either way: I DID, my job.

And all the people in this world say: “we don’t give a damn/ WE GOT MONEY/ OR WANT IT BAD”. NOTHING else matters to me.

So, I remind you “for the last time”; your numbers have no meaning without resources. As is “got a trillion dollars”/ still can’t buy a loaf of bread, if there is no loaf of bread. Can’t buy a drink of water either, if there is nothing to drink. Because “money” only means something, to human animals. Whereas resources are “the life blood” of living. And all humanity fights; to destroy every resource they can in worship of “money”. But take a look around: population growing by a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed every year/ poisoning every source of water/ mutilating every form of nature/ discarding all ocean life/ a climate ready to bake you in its oven/ and every resource found: “in your garbage mountains”. Because you can’t wait, to exchange what life needs; for numbers that are purely counterfeit/ and stolen from your child.       J UST TO START!      To your shame.

LIFE OR DEATH, is literal now; as a consequence of your choices. It is no longer whatever you want/ but what you must do, to save this world. The choice is: “you cannot error”, on the side of wrong. Or the final blow, of extinction will occur. YOU, CANNOT discard the reality of “what YOU did or did not do, for life and earth”.

NO, I find no desire to write that/ it is the cost of what you do; and failed to do! NOT me. YOU CHOSE, to kill this world, with want, pride, and power. The foundation of all hate.

And all of humanity screams: “we care about that/ BUT WANT, WHAT WE WANT” even more. As is the declaration of purpose: “NOT in my lifetime”. BELIEVING that eternity does not matter for you. DISCARDING every miracle, as the cult of universities teach, “nothing more than an accident”. Even though, they have no clue, and cannot produce a single hair/ or at their best (without stealing it from nature). A damn cult, that shares no brain at all: as is evidenced by the truth, “you let your gods of university: try to ignite this world into a sun”. With what they claim, can be proven to be pure fantasy and delusion, at best. SHAME ON YOU. IS THERE, a tiny few “humans being ALIVE” LEFT? The evidence supports only the very tiniest few exist. And eternity will remember for love, ONLY those. While eternity will remember HATE, as THE WAR OF WANT; which killed this world.

Find your brain.

And the summary of it all is: “the people scream; YOU AIN’T enough”. As I again remind them: it is the evidence that matters, not me. What is true is true, and that has NO connection to what you want or believe: it simply is, what it is. As to me: I never said I was enough/ instead, I did say, “this is all there is”/ best I can do. But again, that is irrelevant; because only truth decides life or death.

And the people say, “we are doing GREAT”/ WE ARE, the best that have ever been! But reality replies: if that were so, you would never have fallen into the abyss of destroying your world. MIRACLES ARE MIRACLES, and yet, you understand nothing/ because your want is not enough.

Or more simply: as history proves true, when enough people are left out of what they want; they become “Nazi (we are the power now)”/ and will follow anyone who makes their demand for more, possible. So, this earth is ransacked and ruined to placate and pacify all the unrest/ as they continue to grow into an army which will not be refused. So the release of weapons of mass destruction will be used/ biological weapons as is covid will be released. The chaos injected into nature: for the deliberate intention to destroy life by crucifying order, discipline, and balance; to prove evolution/ which cannot be done. Ends with its no longer life/ but death, and mutilation. While you bathe in fantasy, and worship pure delusions of university is god/ the reality of nuclear fire “is nothing”. But when ignited into “a 4 million times more intensity; per square inch of forest fire”; with flames that will surpass the moon/ and gravity release that brings the moon itself into this earth; you would scream. But alas, since the fire ejects the entire atmosphere of this world first/ you cannot move, because you cannot breathe; and must wait and watch what will incinerate you. So the last who breathe, find a cave; where only slight oxygen exists, to fear beyond imagination possible. As is the cost of being wrong. But don’t worry, biblically HADES (war with GOD ); really does sound like, “you were just thrown into the sun”. So, didn’t even have to travel. OH WAIT, university commands, “its just a dirt nap/ nothing bad can happen to us”. NO “miracle”/ even though, they bring you to threats surround us all, “with extinction”. “what, is not to like”?

no, I am not attempting to lead. no, I am not attempting to control, tempt, manipulate, propagate, or in any form harm you/ or take advantage of you. I have provided you with information you don’t like;  “because you want what you want”.  but your world cannot survive your want, and without true human changes;  your world will not, survive your failures.

You cannot fix the problem of an environment which CANNOT support all the people “you saved”/ by saving the children to exacerbate the trouble even more; causing the entire environment to collapse. BIRTH CONTROL is the only solution.

Nor can you stop putin by ignoring him: HE WILL use nuclear weapons/ EVERY FORM OF PURE ARROGANCE IS AN INSANITY. AND EVERY INSANITY, is built upon pride and power that believes superiority cannot fail the arrogant. so it is the insane who threaten life; particularly IN FEAR of any kind. And if you do NOT CLEARLY INFORM the Russian military; that HE WILL be the target of “returning force”/ instead of the nation itself.You will sink into a nuclear world war/ as reality proves; you cannot simply look away. WAKE UP, AND REALIZE; the university dead (no brain here/ reality died; just pure fantasy left), can’t lead you. GET WORLD LAW, OR DIE.

And the people say; you don’t know nothing: the universities are god. Alas, “gods of death, failure, and destruction”; not savior, at all.

But reality replies: “again I remind you, that the sun does not operate on hocus pocus as the universities say; demanding delusions, instead of truth”. Nor do atoms exist without balance; as the universities insist. INSTEAD we know that the physical energy inside is defined and created by nucleus spin (the kinetic result); which is entirely provable. EVEN YOU KNOW: KINETIC ENERGY IS THE RESULT OF MOVEMENT! And we know that in order for that outward energy to remain in place, “balanced” for sustainability. THERE MUST be an inward force called “dark energy” in actual slightly greater proportion, to make that happen. Imagine a string on a ball, with you spinning it in a circle: EVEN YOU KNOW;  IT PULLS OUT. They lie to you; because they want the power and pride; of “big money”; even though they have proven fusion does not exist/ they refuse to admit it. Even though they know; the sun operates at roughly 10 million degrees; with 12 million mile long flame spurts (more fuel released/ solar flares) which can be measured: they have reduced that to 10 thousand degrees, so you are not scared. EVEN YOU KNOW; THAT A 10 THOUSAND DEGREE FLAME (less than twice what can be achieved with a chemical fire here on earth) DOES NOT HEAT OUR SOLAR SYSTEM; Just as they have reduced the expression of nuclear energy from 4 million times more/ to ten times more; so you don’t stop them. EVEN YOU KNOW; THAT A NUCLEAR BOMB IS MORE THAN TEN TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN TNT! Making physics; the literal worst enemy of life and planet. THEY LIE, OR THEY HAVE NO JOB, NO POWER, AND NO FUTURE.  “so they become millionaires, and risk our world”.

They refuse to tell you: that nothing is free anymore. Because the resources are now limited enough to prove: ANY life you save today/ will be a life you killed tomorrow. No resources/ no life. Etcetera, and more. Even you know: that automation is stealing your job, and infecting your society; BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITIES, are protecting their job, and their money, and their power to replace you. so, to avoid the cost of that (you are unhappy): THEY ARE CREATING BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, AND RELEASING THEM “as is covid”.       BECAUSE somebody has to die; as history proves true/ because there is NO PLACE LEFT to move. WITHOUT HARMING THOSE WHO ALREADY LIVE THERE.

so, we look to the worst traitors; and find government filled with “university is god” worshiper cults/ operating media propaganda to dissolve and create submission to FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.  finding they have counterfeited our currency so badly as to make it dissolve before our eyes. THERE IS NO LABOR SHORTAGE/ there is only those in government WHO CONTINUALLY DISTRIBUTE BRIBES; to keep humanity at bay;  while they dissolve and curse life and earth with university delusions of superiority.  when a job does not exist, to FILL THE NEED OF PEOPLE/ IT FAILS LIFE.  which then fails the world, as war looms large. GO INSPECT and find out:  how many bribes have been given out/ so that the people stay home; and don’t defend, their job, home, nation, life, child, or world.  Because they say “welfare is good”/ but that is never true. THERE ARE “ENDLESS types of WELFARE PROGRAMS; and bribes” used by politicians to gain votes.  one trillion dollars is equal too: ten thousand dollars of payment, per each of one hundred million workers. only workers produce results. WAKE UP, or die.  stop believing: LIARS/ TRAITORS/ THIEVES/ AND TERRORISTS.

NO RESOURCE/ NO LIFE:  which means every single thing, YOU throw in the trash; kills something in the NEAR future.

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