Whether you go to hate, from your want, pride, and power; is a decision only you can make! OR to love, from respect, truth, trust, value, courage, discipline, order, balance, happiness, and joy; is entirely up to you. I have little further involvement in that: I rely upon life/ you rely upon time. I rely upon GOD who created me. You rely upon Universities, who have done all they can to destroy you and this world; producing endless lies, terrorism, betrayal, and threat. Yet you are their cult; and a cult cannot think for itself, it must only “believe”. Believing whatever you want to believe, does not make it true: even if you assume “the book” knows everything. The division between us, is real and begins to separate.

When understanding the difference between accepting: GOD IS TRUTH. Or accepting the universities as your god. The reality is quite simple: every miracle of living, is an existence of life that cannot be explained by anything less than thought; in a world made of truth. Whereas in the fantasy world of universities: everything that is life is an accidental surge of endless chemicals, that all just simply came together in chaos; and through magic suddenly became alive; and literally built itself, one piece at a time; without a tool, a brain, a value, the opportunity to move; or literally anything else we know is needed to make a decision; which is the first part of knowledge (the recognition of life itself). Or more simply, the universities god is a delusion built entirely upon lies. While the truth of thought, and the construction of disciplines as are consistent with order, and the balancing of energy to form the basis and foundations of living.

Truths: Are neither simple nor so plain; even university ignorance sounds like god, unless you are like the dead inside. LIFE means get up: a command of order/ rather than the universities command which is: enter chaos, “that is where your life begins”. When in fact, it is where your life will end.

Here, the challenge of division is: YOU can’t prove thought came first, or even did all this! Because you can’t prove how thought came to be in order to create life itself. Therefore we can believe anything we want.

While I will not attempt to form the basis of thought for you to wallow in, and attempt to degrade, disrespect, and destroy as is the constant of human failures/ the fantasy of human universities. I will point to the truth, that you know very well: nothing you build, is by accident/ even when you are wrong. Because without thought, there is literally not a movement you can make. And universities claim by evolution: “the brain came last”. Establishing they believe chemicals are god, and built it all: without instructions, or boundaries, or limits, or controls, or methods, or mechanisms, or communications, or ANYTHING of any kind/ that YOU KNOW, is required to build literally, ANYTHING. So, while I need not convince you of thought came first; you have proven without doubt/ nothing less, could have built life on earth. Unless you degrade yourselves into “less than life”/ as is the judgment people make about each other. Or more critically true: you chose hate as your god.

Even so, “we will wander into the essence of life” just a bit; so that some degree of conception will arise for the few.

Of things that are purely intellectual (where does thought begin), I find one of interest from the bible Luke 19: 40. “Jesus replied; if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out”. While others find an interest in power, and the possibility of pride. JESUS was not a liar: therefore, I find an interest in the disciplines of rocks, and the possibilities of life.

So the question is: could life (the elemental search for thought), be buried inside the atomic structures of potential energy as is found in the order, balance of energy, and disciplines creating boundaries: as is consistent with both human life (the controlled motion of energy, balanced by choice, dignified by discipline, and a body ordered by or at levels below distinct human decision)?

As atomic elements form the basis of all existence in time; including both rocks and humanity: that elemental beginning, must then share some of the distinctions that are consistent with “get up”/ rather than simply, lie down. The critical definitions will not be discussed.

Instead, we can move to the distinctions between the four element forms of controlled, or disciplined existence, that humanity represents: a living/ a life/ a spirituality/ and the identity you form by your truth.

Living means: to construct and identify the structures, limits, and boundaries that sustain existence itself; and perpetuate the value of being alive.

Life means: to identify the distinctions (called a heart) that separate ourselves, from everything else; therefrom dividing life into the choices we may make, as are: love/ hate; and to a far less extent the needs which form our survival in time.

Spirituality means: I (the essence called soul) have expressed and experienced a destiny beyond self, that exists only within the truth (no lies) that is thought exposed to existence. Within the boundaries of what you can survive.

TRUTH is: the identity that serves the purpose of law, and law becomes the foundation for being ALIVE.

Into these four areas of participation, the desire for eternity must form; or you remain “as an animal”. Devoid of the basic test, that will prove if you remain as life/ or dissipate as time lost/ or as chaos removed. An animal has its only life here; because the elemental test is for thought. That is not an intellectual test, but relies upon the foundations of heart, soul, truth, thought, and law. Functional purity is required!

So the question is: CAN these five things rise above death of a body, and assemble the formation of experience, expression, and desire?

Elementally they will fail on their own: because two more are needed. TRUST is the first part of existence; as is “I will not fear”. LOVE is the second part of discipline, which forms the boundaries of where could I live.

We now shape the future, as a destiny created by you.

The first question is: WHAT is your connection with body, its time allotted: as does determine, a life?

Answer: the body is a boundary line, between you and dissipation as order will leave with that body. The limits imposed by body form the basis and foundation of your own control over energy. The expression, and experience of your own decisions. We then see in body: the five symbols of life in time, a boundary/ a limit/ an energy/ an identity/ by your decision. So the question is: are these life; or is it something less?

The critical question becomes: as is the reality of heat and motion, “speed doesn’t count; in life”/ it only counts in “the living”. More distinctly heat is a participant in motion; but heat initiates, and thereby occurs only through intensity. Speed magnifies intensity, but it does not create the force that is fundamental to motion itself. In the elemental rise of contained energy; as is necessary to exhibit and construct control over that energy; the foundation of force itself must be understood. WE WILL NOT be discussing that/ but it exists.

The conception of destiny is then functionally attached too; your intensity as a living force of life. Truth decides what that is, by elevating your desire for the five symbols of life in time. A symbol is: the measured response, of evidence; that will prove your truth. It is more simply understood as: “what lives or dies in you”?

Humanity says: “what do you WANT”? While life says: “what is the truth of your own desire”? The difference is; want does not interpret truth as a barrier that cannot be defeated. Therefore lies erupt. Whereas desire does interpret truth as both a boundary and a limit, to what I can or cannot achieve of my own accord: by that law of my reality. What lives, is created in truth. What dies, is defined and associated with lies. Which makes eternal life, a discipline of truth.

The critical question then becomes: IF, I have truth, and adhere to the limits and boundaries of my reality/ can I then become eternal? The answer is: truth is not enough to become eternal; because the energy required cannot be found anywhere outside of GOD OUR CREATOR . Simple as that, HE decides/ because the life eternal, is not a game. Without death, your desires form the basis of eternity as “our home”/ not just yours. Therefore the quest to enter inside, is neither small nor simple.

Even so: to accommodate love in its various forms and levels, the value of those who are like you; are allowed to live together; “at a distance”/ based upon purity.

These are the first functional elements, discovered by thought; and your ascension beyond the simple mind of an animal, must begin here.

The statement will exist: you have not proven “beyond the shadow of a doubt”/ that there can be an eternity!

To which I reply: you have not proven “beyond a shadow of a doubt”; that it does not.

Therefore the quest of each life: is to determine, what will become true in you?

What we can agree upon IF YOU are true to reality is: ONLY TRUTH WILL DECIDE WHAT IS TRUE.

Warning is given: Beyond the boundary of humanity, as is death, “there are no second chances/ and no fundamental mercy, beyond what truth proved in you”.


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