A disclaimer means: you cannot change the contract we entered into/ even if you believe, by whatever evidence you want to believe; that it is necessary. ONLY TOGETHER, by our mutual agreement/ can that change legally exist.

In the essence of governmental democracy, the foundation of a constitutional contract is: YOU CANNOT, AND YOU SWEAR YOU WILL NOT: ATTEMPT, OR IN ANY OTHER WAY, TRY TO RULE OVER US. That, is rebellion, and constructs a treason! WE HAVE RIGHTS, WE ARE THE OWNERS, WE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; and in absence of that only the congress can make a decision for us; until the day we challenge that for ourselves. NO committee; etcetera; can make that decision for us! Redress of grievances legally exists, for that challenge.  WE ARE THE EXPERTS, IN OUR DEMOCRACY: WE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, by vote.

When democracy does not matter, and the foundation of constitutional law is revoked: reality has proven, not only does an insurgency against the USA exist. But we have been overrun and overwhelmed: BY THE ENEMY. Who intends by those actions, to remove “we the people” from our government/ so they can play god, with our lives. Fear is an enemy, and a weapon, like any other: the literal choice of EVERY INVADING ARMY. To BELIEVE, “the expert”: is to remove OUR RIGHT TO KNOW, what is the evidence which proves you know?

The constant of religious freedom is: yes you can believe anything you want. BUT the freedom of religion is: you may NOT force that belief upon me. AS FOR ME: I will let only truth, as is proven by the reality of evidence established: so that understanding, will let my own wisdom, decide. US first amendment: congress shall make no law, respecting the establishment of religion….{this makes the demand, to stop assembling, or control the congregation by wearing masks: an act of treason}.


More distinctly, our constitutional contract identifies a purpose and a desire by designs originating in the preamble of our constitution. These demands are refined in our understanding by amendments, which sustain liberty, justice, and freedoms as our own. Everything else in the constitution gives the oath of office: a distinction of duties and rights/ as each of the three sections of government is laid out: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED/ OR YOU MUST. The desertion of duty, as is found in both the congress and the judiciary in removing these safeguards; to let the governor, or a president decide instead: is cowardice. And develops as the crime against our democracy; called desertion; a reality sustained by impeachment. Extreme debt construction, which cannot be paid: is treason.

A war has erupted due to the claim of a pandemic: those hired to be our employees/ now want to be king or queen; and destroy our nation or state; by ruling over us. Discarding democracy itself. While there is the claim of an attack/ there is NO AUTHORITY, to declare war on us: to prove your own beliefs/ your own religious expert (we know it all) matters more than ours right, to protect our lives and our government. While FEAR WILL SHOUT: “you are vermin, infecting us all”. REALITY SHOUTS BACK: show us your deaths, and prove what you say is true. The claim of tests, are IRRELEVANT/ as only death proves a pandemic.

The claim of deaths, that do not approach the realities of population growth. The characteristic of a pandemic IS DEATH: that exceeds population growth.

They will attack, claiming “life safety issues”: but no politician or governmental agency has the jurisdiction to assert or assume/ they own your risk or behavior, as is the end of freedom itself. Every form of legal jurisdiction REQUIRES “fair notice, and an opportunity for the affected parties to be heard”. It requires both clear subject matter jurisdiction, as well as personal jurisdiction. And no court has such jurisdiction unless it is explicitly conferred by federal statutes 28 U.S.C. 1330 ET SEQ. IN THIS particular instance; any attempt at jurisdiction must establish a pandemic with massive social impacts: by the death numbers, over and above the norm; exists. No such reality can be proven true. NO court/ thereby no law, can asset personal jurisdiction over society itself. Which does end all claim of a legal right as governor to proceed.

IN TERMS OF GOVERNMENT BY DEMOCRACY, as the basis and foundation of  this government: IN THIS USA, that means of the people/ by the people/ and for the people. In terms of democracy: from the virginia bill of rights section 1: that all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity, namely the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possession property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety. “added is FROM OPPRESSION”.

Section 2: that all power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people. That magistrates are their trustees, and servants, and at all times amenable to them.

Section 3: ….an indubitable, inalienable, and infeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

Section 4 that no man, or set of men are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community….

section 16: that religion……therefore all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience….

the term of “life safety” is being used as a weapon of tyranny, against the people, and against this nation, state, and democracy. It is a proven enemy: because it generalizes every citizen may be reduced to and by; the corruption of government; to slaves! FEAR, IS USED TO BRING NATIONS TO DEFEAT.

FROM: THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: which controls all state and national governmental rights. Reads as follows;

We the people of the United States [our home, not your kingdom], in order to form a more perfect union [to create peace and harmony, not division], establish justice [NO assumption of power shall be made/ only the law, we accept decides], insure domestic tranquility [acceptance of a need, begins and ends with understanding the evidence of our truth], provide for the common defense [FEAR MUST NOT RULE], promote the general welfare {construct the securities and realities that keep our future alive}, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity {NO let someone else pay, for what we want or do}, do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA. The purpose of that democracy “to me” is: voting on the law as a people/ rather than voting for someone to vote for me. To vote against failure, so that it does not rule over us. To identify truth, and let it decide.

Commandeering my right to choose, for my own life, or business, or living, or organization: IS NOT democracy, it is tyranny. The open rebellion against democracy. I do not accept: your decision to “fear/ to believe/ to demand because you consider it in the best interest of society/ or your assertions that “the universities know everything, and cannot be wrong”. UNTIL YOU PROVE IN A COURTROOM BY THE EVIDENCE THAT IS REALITY ITSELF, without bias as is called the foundation of justice. You have NO LEGAL right to impinge or impede my freedoms or rights, as are legally guaranteed to each citizen; including me. ONCE YOU HAVE PROVEN, by the provisions this society must choose for itself; what a pandemic is, and is not: only then can you make a law, even in congress: that threatens my fundamental guaranteed constitutional freedoms; for the purpose of all. By the democracy that we all basically agree: this, by our choice as a nation (75% accepted), is then needed to be done. Life is not a game, death of the elderly and sick: ARE FUNDAMENTAL to the future of life on earth. Thereby NOT AN EXCUSE. Rather it is as nature intended it to be.

We begin with; article one section one: ONLY LEGISLATURES CAN MAKE LAWS, OR ENFORCE RULES WITH THE INTENT OF LAW upon the people; presidents/ judges/ policing/ public health officials/ nor governors: do not have, nor legally own that right. ONLY CONGRESS!it is my view; impeachment of those who fail to obey that law, is mandatory”. They have ridiculed democracy, and its ownership as is we the people.

In violation of article one section ten. 1. the state of IL has laid upon each citizen here a duty; removing such safeguards of democracy itself; as is the first amendment. Making laws that infringe upon the freedoms of religion, speech, and the right of the people to peaceably assemble as they might: to petition the government for redress of grievances. They have entered into an alliance with “university lore”/ who have claimed a pandemic {having such dire effects, as to cause deaths; which form greater than zero population growth of citizens here? i.e. the population is dropping from disease}. NO SUCH EFFECT EXISTS, as the population of this America continues to rise dramatically. AS THE OWNERS HERE: WE THE PEOPLE, DECIDE where and when a pandemic response is needed. By democracy votes; upon the evidence of our reality: clearly presented without bias. They have abandoned article 4 of the amendments: literally INVADING the security and rights of persons living in this society, disrupting and claiming ownership over businesses throughout the state of IL: threatening GIVE US A BRIBE (we own you, and can do whatever we want)/ OR WE SHUT YOU DOWN: stealing the business, and your living; by our methods of enforcement. Making unreasonable searches and seizures because they assume a fear: NOT PROVEN IN COURT. Which means NO ENFORCEMENT/ NOR PENALTY BY MONEY OR OTHER SHALL EXIST; as is the essence of US amendment 5: no person shall be held to answer ….be deprived of life (my access to what I need), liberty (my freedom to choose), or property (my right to decide) without due process of law. Proving tyranny has occurred! Nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation: which means TAKING CONTROL in any way, over private businesses: requires that you pay them a fair compensation for doing so. True Constitutional authority prescribes it shall be so. A law, NOT given by congress; does not exist. Neither governors nor presidents have any such constitutional right; to make a law/ or enforce a punishment until democracy decides it shall be so. The ultimate authority of this state or nation is: WE THE PEOPLE; by three fourths majority/ but within constitutional intent: we are the nation itself/ or state. And our own vote decides.

We then turn to the reality of IL and its governor: who has crossed the line of his authority to not only inflict continuous damage on the citizens of this state, but enslave them to do his will. BEING FORCED, to do what you would otherwise choose not to do; UNDER PENALTY for failure to obey/ is literally the same as being imprisoned. BEING FORCED TO DO TO ENFORCE; upon others what you choose for them to do: asserts that either you are an employee (without pay) being required to do “what the master says”. OR: you are a soldier being required to take actions against the society that you have overrun, and now orchestrate by “the armies” own wishes. Demanding involuntary servitude: or, Freedom is dead. Both are strictly forbidden by amendment twelve. The demand that business owners, shall be the army to enforce what the general of that INVASION army now wants: which is to remove democracy itself. A purpose which is clearly to fatigue the citizens of this state into compliance with his measures of fear/ and his intent for absolute control. By establishing fear rules you now. IS TREASON, and consists of waging war: YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS; against us. BY USING FEAR not the evidence of our proven reality: TO EXCITE discontent, and destroy public harmony and peace, with all measure of insurrection against us all. What you believe is insufficient. What you can prove is valid as truth: BUT NOT by sheer volume of propaganda. What is true and insurmountable as a defense: comes only out of the courtroom, where prison stands as your punishment FOR LIES THAT LEAD to conclusions without a basis in the natural laws of justice. Prove the truth, and prove the evidence has not been tainted. So that as democracy is the authority to rule over ourselves: WE WILL then make our own decisions about what this society shall choose.

Amendment Article 9 establishes no claim can be made of such rights to propagate fears/ in order to destroy democracy. Which is our own LEGALLY GUARANTEED right to choose. The alteration of this CANNOT be made outside an “open door courtroom”: where the real life evidence of truth. NOT THE PROPAGANDA of media. Is deliberately informing the people themselves; as the means to prepare for a vote/ or prove the need for congressional actions that are the means of law. A governor has no legal right or authority: to make his own laws. Which are proven by using our government, to enforce his decision: that is anarchy from within.

Amendment article 14: section one,….. NO STATE shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  1. no state of marshal law has been declared; without which no leader has been given the right to remove WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE.
  2. My privilege to enter a business and NOT be inflicted governmental influences controlling that business: with your beliefs/ nor your fears; as Is an absolute guaranteed right of freedom.
  3. Our privilege: to be given FAIR AND IMPARTIAL EVIDENCE/ not propaganda as is biased to steal our society from us. In a courtroom of penalties available: to society/ and against anyone who deliberately alters the evidence or fails to provide TRUTH BY REALITY STANDARDS, as are suitable for justice to occur. Has failed; exhibiting tyranny “we/I, alone make the decision here”.
  4. To be threatened with penalties, that are not legally bound to law/ and proven through a court of law; as is presented by not less than congress: is to have my property stolen, my inalienable rights devoured, my life and living reduced by despotism
  5. these are repeated injuries, and represent a history of usurpations (the universities are god, here. NEVER question your god.) with the clear intent of destroying our democracy by discarding Constitutional law. As was proven in numerous courtroom trials (including the US supreme court docketed trials: 08-1339 & 11-0100 (if memory is correct). They still exist, because the secretary of the court CANNOT legally (that is an act of betrayal, against this USA) remove a case that is docketed means; only a judge, can do that, with his or her signature. They were, first amendment: REDRESS LAW; by James Frank Osterbur (plaintiff).  Which means no democratic authority, by their oath of office;  to deny me those trials would exist/ or by their authority to prove constitutionally why not. Proved in denying public participation of the knowledge that is their own contract and control over our employees; as a legal democracy/ where we the people have LEGAL RIGHTS. Instead, our authority was squelched; proving anarchy, and insurrection against this USA.  instead of obedience to their sworn oath of office; they chose to claim “we are the nobles/ we have a diploma/ we alone are king: nobody questions the universities”; the constitution is dead, and so is the claim called “we the people”; etc. As is the evidence of the court, in removing those trials.  As is the constant of history; any group who gets power, wants more. As to the realities of WHY THIS LINK ON COVID DEATHS, by the CDC does not present itself to the public; when that organization is dedicated to information intended to protect the public from disease. DO, remember this: that during the time the rest of the nation was reporting roughly one death per every 3200 citizens/ Illinois was reporting one death per 2400 citizens; and there were no hot-spots reported here.
  6. The same reality:  is no doubt true of what happened at the IL water survey: when an ethanol plant was to be built. THEY KNEW, the aquifer intended to be used would be dry in less than three years for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people over a wide area. YET THEY SAID NOTHING. When asked WHY NOT. The answer was: we are only allowed to tell those people who come in directly and ask distinctly for the information. OR WE WILL lose our jobs. Proving the farce is, what a government does, and what a government is; can be two different but not easily identifiable things. As the intent or expectation was, this exists to protect us. BUT IN FACT, it is more like a pacifier than not. Particularly when it is noted: an aquifer that goes dry, collapses/ and cannot accept water anymore/ it turns to rock. GO STAND IN FRONT OF YOUR COURTHOUSES, POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS, NEWS MEDIA BUSINESSES: AND DEMAND YOUR GUARANTEED LEGAL RIGHT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. A FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Which means: we the people demand an accounting of what has been happening in our government; by the decisions of our employees. OUR AUTHORITY as owners here, is to then decide for ourselves: what the verdict, and/ or its punishment shall become.          just so you can start: making AN EFFORT, to “gather together”:  first monday :  “week or month”. in front of the courthouse in your area 1:00 pm. It does take a crowd, to make a change: THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Find YOUR way! The foundation event, throughout all of human history is: the righteous become believers/ or the believers become righteous; and that means, now they can judge the others for being inferior. As is the case throughout humanity. That fundamentally means: they then have the right, to prove they lead, by casting the rest aside. That of course, has consequences. Religion seeks to modify these behaviors, but lacks sufficient knowledge or truth to intervene; and fall victim to it, as history does prove; in every single one. Truth alone survives, even eternally. Therefore truth alone leads, in a life worth living. Those who remember: truth is gathered through reality, by the evidence which cannot be tainted; because it is real/ are few. https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/infections-and-contagious-diseases/viral-diseases
  7. https://www.cdc.gov/diseasesconditions/az/a.html There are many types of viruses that cause a wide variety of viral infections or viral diseasesIn fact, there are more than 200 different viruses that can cause a cold or an upper respiratory infection. Are you going to dig a hole, and bury yourselves in the grave you made: because you fear? People die from vehicle accidents, and work: going to stop doing that? Reality is reality, whether you like it or not/ the value of living is not to be found in “your own grave/ surrounded by your own fears”.The elemental truth of life is: that fear is a graveyard, that tries to take your heart and soul. Pride is an enemy, who will always attempt to win; because the game is only: either you or I can win/ and if I don’t win, then I can hate. Power is a thirst, beyond which nothing else is important; because you can’t make believe you are god (over anything), without power to prove it. Want is “the devil” inside; because to want means you will not accept the reality that does exist: therefore the right to lie, cheat, tempt, steal, betray, or even murder belongs to you. Without want, there is no purpose, nor is there the desire to lie; not even to yourself. The value of living is found only in truth. Truth accepts the elemental ascension from time, into love as an experience beyond which we express more in the elegance of freedoms and rights than we could ever know, without that love. Balance accepts our discipline as the basis of form and shape: to prove what order means to “I/ or you/ or us”. The essence of courage is: that life, is more than death. Therefore I can achieve within the value of heart; a destiny that searches in soul, for what can become more; than just me. Life is then, a reflection of what will be found.
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