lawsuit state

lawsuit state

When confronted with tyranny, and the complete desertion of both congressional and judicial treason: in failing to do their assigned jobs; which they swore (legally punishable) to do. The fact that the governor for this state of IL has forced tyranny upon any and all business owners in this state/ by overreaching his authority to make those decisions. The law allows: the federal rules of civil procedure 19-23 to be enforced; under Joinder. “uniting several causes or parties to unite in a single suit.”

this is formally a joinder of issue: and the defendant is the governor of IL 71 CJS 513. ALONG WITH all conspirator y parties.

In accordance with that lawsuit: NO ENFORCEMENT of what is now described as taking control by force; of this democracy shall be allowed until the public lawsuit establishing a redress of grievances; HAS BEEN RESOLVED.


IF, you choose to aid and abet the enemy; having been forewarned. Who is forcibly taking control, from our democracy; to rule over this state of IL. That would be an act of treason; committed by you/ should this case not favor the governor. 24 A. 2d 85,87.

The critical relationship between law and life is: that we the people, may resolve our differences, through the development of evidence, as does predict a verdict in and of itself. By establishing truth! Assessing that knowledge presented by that truth, and through understanding becoming aware of what wisdom would do.

The formula of law is: present your evidence, and establish your argument, to society. That justice must intervene here, in this matter; either for the purposes of liberty (we choose for ourselves), or the realities of freedom (Do, I have a right/ or not).

In the fundamentals of democratic governing, the foundation laid for organizing a response: when confronted with the possibility of a pandemic occurs in three distinct steps.

  1. Prove it is a pandemic: by significant deaths accumulating beyond the expected range for this society. Lowering population growth, for the nation; below zero percent, on a periodic basis. Deaths Particularly in the below 65 year old range, shall be deemed more important; as that, is the future/ not the past.
  2. IT IS, the public that is impacted by a pandemic/ and it is their liberty and right within a democracy to acquire and demand: a full description of the evidence, by its own truth. Proven to be “without bias or lies”. So that by vote, they then make their own decisions; regarding the response. Their lives/ their society/ their choice & consequences.
  3. NO JURISDICTION exists, to remove freedoms or liberty, in order to assert dominance as is: WE, KNOW MORE THAN YOU “the claimed expert”. That is an insurrection against our democracy. Which means your duty is: to prove what you know, and substantiate that claim with facts, that do fully support or identify your concerns. So that we the people can decide. And if we need to: call you before a courtroom trial, to inquire and prove, the validity of what you present.

GIVEN that none of these three elements of society, when faced with a potential disease beyond what has been known confronts us: are in evidence or being used, by the officials of government. Our democracy can then be stated as under attack, by those who assume to lead us. YOUR OATH OF OFFICE, governs your response and duty to our lives and our society. Redress of grievances; a true and accurate accounting demanded by the people; and within THEIR: COURT OF LAW. Must then exist to identify what was or was not in the best interest of society/ or did that employee response; indeed cross the line, to become traitorous by its effect?

THE RIGHT OF REDRESS; is a first amendment law, guaranteeing our legal participation in this democracy is: to demand the evidence of whether our employee(s) did indeed keep their oath of office to us, and to our society. Anything less than our right as owners/ our authority as we the people who claim this democracy as our own/ who hire and fire our employees. Would be a violation of the terms and purposes, which would be consistent, with democracy itself.

Therefore trial must begin: the first of those trials, to be established against the state of IL; and its governor. Because the cause and reality of evidence associated with: taking control of our lives by altering, hiding, or changing the evidence and conceptions, of a disease. Does in fact construct the intent to destroy democracy itself. The disclaimer law is 67 P 662, 663.

the question of conspirators is clear: therefore those who have been either purposely corrupting the evidence/ or assisting in that effort against the people of this state of IL shall be brought to trial law is 47 F. Supp 395, 400-01

once you get past the disclaimer portion of trial: THEN, you can proceed to the distinction of whether this was a “harmless error”/ or in fact an illegal act, with substantive consequences that shall then be prosecuted in accordance with: criminal intent. Both civil and criminal Penalties; then ensue.

Once you get past conspirators part of the trial: THEN, you can proceed to the purposes of criminal fraud 310 F. 2d 262, 267. and hostile possession 468 P. 2d 702, 706.

we then enter into the secondary issues of government; which includes the deliberate discussion of closing schools. Whether the owner of those schools controls the decision/ or whether the employees of those schools can take over control and decide for themselves. Reality says: that is overreaching by the employees. 112 So 2d 838, 841. and substantiates a reckless disregard, for the endless number of youths that will be left “to fend for themselves”. 305 P 2d 752, 757. an employee may in fact quit their job/ but that shall in fact, destroy their claim to pension/ healthcare/ any right to union/ or return, and so on: you will be replaced, as the owners desire it to be so. As the owners here do in fact take control: it is their money! The critical contest: as to whether favoritism “the enslavement of one group/ to favor another group” by government officials. Will be determined after trial for overreaching or reckless disregard has developed. Fairness doctrines isolate a direction society desires to go/ whereas false pretense is a misrepresentation: being paid for work that was not properly done. As would be indicated by how many students, drop out/ or fail to be prepared for actual living responsibilities beyond graduation. 183 N.W. 2D813, 815. developed along those lines are the evidence as is described: the first two years of college, are to teach what students had failed to learn in k-12.

YOUR face mask; is like all other types of military uniforms: it signifies I am one of them! Which means you are aiding and abetting the insurgency against this USA/ this democracy of choice, and freedoms that are guaranteed NOT to be removed. Which you participate in doing against life and constitutional values in this USA; by letting fear lead you to death. the blind leading the blind.

The army of the damned; have chosen to threaten business/ so they then can threaten you into submission. They propagate fear, so you will be afraid, and question nothing: even though the facts are in fact fake news; by the “monkey whores” of media, worshiping; university is god.

You want to be safe: but it is impossible for you to be more threatened than you are in this day; and that is why “the devils of death” want you scared. So you can do nothing with information that will become your own extinction. As is the presence of people defined by university: who are literally trying to genetically destroy nature/ ignite atoms on fire/ and so much more. To your shame, you let them; wallowing in your own made up fears. Even the numbers they submit are filled with lies: as the reality of their numbers include pneumonia and influenza as well as covid. So they can claim MORE, and make you FEAR. As if it was all “just one new thing”/ it is not.

Alas, over forty years: the one certainty that all but a very tiny few offer to life or planet: IS LEAVE ME ALONE/ SO I CAN CLAIM I DIDN’T KNOW. Therefore I can’t be held responsible/ and I don’t have to pay/ or do anything I don’t want to do: LET SOMEONE ELSE. Which simply means: let life and planet be damned to extinction/ which is the reality of your choice. And it will stick with you, as your own eternal truth.

Unfortunately for you: last chances do run out.

Make your choice deliberately: because it is your choice/ and eternity at its core, is limited by what is true; as are you.

If you must wear a mask to obtain food or the like; don’t die instead. GOD will grant mercy, where that is your only real choice. It is not your job to make someone pay for your choice: help them fight for better if you can. Let the damned be damned: it is their choice. Fight for your world, where you can; because we have no other in time; and that is truth.

If you are a business/ then be aware: that you cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of another. IF THERE IS NO LAW/ then there cannot be any penalty. The judiciary IS SWORN (LEGALLY PUNISHABLE), to uphold that mandate of constitutional law. If they fail: it is treason: because they deserted their duty/ their sworn oath to obey and uphold as is sacred to democracy itself. If they fail/ then every trial MUST be held before a jury: and every jury has the option, and every business in support of the law that is our constitutional freedom; has the opportunity to inform our employees. That consequences will come: we have rights. And are not legally held responsible for your fears, or beliefs. The foundation is simple even beyond constitutional law: prove it is a true pandemic by substantial death rates above the expected average. Or anarchy exists: they tore our freedoms, and they destroyed our liberty; just to prove they could make you fear. As is to fall down (fear owns me), and worship (they are the power of life) the university expert, as your god (we cannot defeat them).  to your shame.

There is a compromise to this: each section of society, by city or state or town; can create their own BY INDIVIDUAL VOTE OF THE PEOPLE TO BE HELD TO THIS DECISION. Even each individual business can decide if they are in support of anarchy/ or not, by the removal of freedoms for fear. In other words, if the people themselves choose to fear in an area/ let them. But make it clear, that is your choice: and we won’t be giving you any money or support. As would be the expected response in the other direction as well. So long as democracy remains untainted; it can be done. That is not so, today; as corruption overruns the sewer that is “university leads, and makes every decision”; as they ridicule you into the ground. By failures, that cannot be reversed.

There is no democracy without a true and accurate vote of the people on the decision itself. There is no constitutional law: unless the congress makes that law, and the judiciary enforces, “they alone” can do so. That too, is not so today. You are a failure as a nation; abiding and abetting the university is god; they alone decide. A failure: because reality will prove, we are surrounded by threats so extreme; extinction is all but certain, for our world/ nation/ lives/ and even the solar system itself is threatened, by those intent upon igniting plasma into an atomic flame. To your extreme shame; all of nature is under attack, as is your planet, and your child, and life itself.

I cannot save you/ but soon you will never again have the option to save yourselves; because reality as we have known it. Will be dead.

(Source: Illinois Constitution.)

                        ARTICLE I
                      BILL OF RIGHTS

    All men are by nature free and independent and have
certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights
and the protection of property, governments are instituted
among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)
 Interpreted: you are not king, this is democracy.

    No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property
without due process of law nor be denied the equal protection
of the laws. 
Interpreted: the decision to where a mask, etcetera; is mine/ 
not yours. NO variance to proclaim a pandemic exists; 
UNTIL THAT PANDEMIC is proven to the people themselves 
by the evidence.
    The people have the right to assemble in a peaceable
manner, to consult for the common good, to make known their
opinions to their representatives and to apply for redress of
 As is,from me:  You failed us; and we demand a true and
 accurate accounting”.

    Every person shall find a certain remedy in the laws for
all injuries and wrongs which he receives to his person,
privacy, property or reputation. He shall obtain justice by
law, freely, completely, and promptly.
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)
Interpreted: the assertion is, that I endanger the public by 
my refusal to wear a face mask. As has been trumpeted by 
the “university expert”; through media and governmental 
STOP with what has not been proven to be a pandemic. 
Therefore my demand is:  if government wants to restrict 
all possibilities of disease transmission, they shall do more
 than attack based upon one small disease. The only true course 
of action is:  BURY THEM ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE.  “That will
 stop disease transmission”; and it is the only way. NO SINGLING 
OUT A GROUP;  extinction is the only way. OR THERE WILL BE 
undeniable PROOF; this is a pandemic, by the validity of death,
 and the reality of life.
    Private property shall not be taken or damaged for public
use without just compensation as provided by law. Such
compensation shall be determined by a jury as provided by
Interpreted: taking control over business for governmental use; 
is akin to  “soldiering in my house”.  SECTION 21. QUARTERING 
    No soldier in time of peace shall be quartered in a house
without the consent of the owner; nor in time of war except
as provided by law.

    To promote individual dignity, communications that
portray criminality, depravity or lack of virtue in, or that
incite violence, hatred, abuse or hostility toward, a person
or group of persons by reason of or by reference to
religious, racial, ethnic, national or regional affiliation
are condemned.
The right and critical realities of personal GURANTEED
OF THIS STATE AND NATION; shall not be tampered with.
    A frequent recurrence to the fundamental principles of
civil government is necessary to preserve the blessings of
liberty. These blessings cannot endure unless the people
recognize their corresponding individual obligations and
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)
the fundamental principle is: “bill of rights adopted 6-12-1776”
 that all men are by nature equally free and independent, and 
have certain inalienable rights, of which, when they enter into 
a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or 
divest their posterity, namely the enjoyment of life and liberty, 
with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and
 pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety. Section 2: that 
all power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people;
 that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all time 
amenable to them.
	In contrast to those principles: every form of tyranny, has
 been presented/ and every form of insurgency (to take control 
over government and society; by using fear and propaganda)
 have been established. Including threatening the public itself, 
by our officials.

    The enumeration in this Constitution of certain rights
shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained
by the individual citizens of the State.
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)
the assertion of “life safety”; is being used as a weapon against
 the people of this state and nation/ and it does not exist, WITH 
who claim, “they have a right, to destroy the foundations of 

                    ARTICLE II

    The legislative, executive and judicial branches are
separate. No branch shall exercise powers properly belonging
to another.
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)
the protection of separated powers: as is intended to prove 
democracy rules here/ you do not.  HAS BEEN ABANDONED, 
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