The summary conclusion, of humanity itself, in this day, and at this time; particularly as it applies to this USA. Fundamentally proves, without any room for doubt, that our lives are in danger “from a thousand different threats”; of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. A reality shared by this entire world; because extinction looms large by the evidence of our truth. Behind hidden doors, the cost of being wrong, has grown to what will become: horror/ terrors/ tragedy/ catastrophe/ and Hell; just to begin the descent that will end life on earth.

The conclusion of that is: change or die.

The summary of that is: either accept, there must be new and different ways of living; different ways of thinking/ or there will be new and different ways of dying, as conforms to extinction/ because university leadership, has left you no other way; to survive. Itself being responsible for a great many true threats.

The possibility life on earth will survive, is small: you have behaved very badly against life and planet/ even each other. Your fears are pointless, as they cannot save you even a little bit. Therefore surrender them, and accept only truth can lead to life. Therefore the endless journey is: to find, and accept, what truth will reveal is the direction of life itself/ when wisdom is applied. In other words; not only must you search for the evidence that gives life “happiness”/ you must participate in that happiness to survive. It is not a competition: the games humanity has always played. Rather conception is: an essence of thought, as it conceives beyond truth, to bring life its purpose and desire. We are elementally shaped by time, in the treasuries of our own desire. The values we achieve, become our purpose. Just as respect becomes the direction we will go. Only what is true, survives into eternity; which means whatever is not true, will be lost.

Even so, the lecture is over; as reality changes our ability to decide, by the cost of your own consequences; to “let universities decide”. To believe, whatever the news media will propagate; regardless, if it is wrong. To believe: “let the children pay”; lets you be free. Each is a tragedy of its own making: but it is nonetheless, what this nation chose, by its own humanity. You wanted a bribe, and the universities taking control over all currency and decisions: provided every bribe you wanted; as they inflated the currency to spend trillions on themselves; hidden behind closed doors. And the media would not report it, to their shame.

Yes, the endless sewage of want, and plague of vomit that has been pride in “university knows”; does draw me back in/ because you must know: what you trusted, was your enemy. Want and pride use each other to create judgment; which then becomes we can play god, and take the power by claiming superiority.

BACK to the future, that at this moment does not exist: because you chose to throw it all away. Even so, until the point of no return: which could occur literally at any second/ at least the possibility this earth survives still remains. So we look to life, and the directions assigned by respect for truth itself; and assemble “what can truth lead us to do”?

TRUTH divides the possibilities for survival into seven distinct groups (disciplines), of change must come. Each is a distinction of order, that presents itself according to the best we can be, by accepting the need to balance our purpose and desire with life, and earth, and a future for every child.


  1. to investigate and prove: what is and is not a threat/ by the consequences they represent, and the realities of what it will mean to be WRONG. That is a wide ranging elevation of the facts, which will prove change is needed, without question/ or not, as truth will decide. As the evidence will show: extinction looms large.
  2. We MUST choose for life and planet comes first. No more waiting for tragedy to force you into submission/ by making you cry; making the earth itself “weep”. YOU WILL do better than that, and accept “what you want”/ is generally traitorous to life. Truth alone decides, our future: whether you like it, or not. NO MORE “playing god” with life or planet.
  3. The fundamental called truth is not open to discussion: as it is literally, whatever it is! NO assumptions, or delusions, or failure to accept what is true. The discussions that are functionally needed to arrive at an HONEST conclusion to what is, or what is not, or what must be held to the side and not decided “at this moment in time”. Are all subject to the cost of want: want is the basis of every lie/ and you will hold yourselves in check; as reality serves us all, to prove what is true. And the best we can be: is to open every hidden door, so that our own decision will be for truth.
  4. We MUST live for and within JUSTICE; as the price for anything less is war/ and this earth shall not survive a major war: which means you cannot, or you die as a world. To achieve justice, it is absolutely paramount; that humanity must decide for the laws that they will adhere too; for themselves. One hundred laws are enough; by your own vote, you will choose them to be the foundation of both nation and world law, and rights. So that all will know/ and all will enforce; because they are, “our choice”. Open the courtroom doors, and judge the judge; so that he or she remains within “our contract of this society, with each other”.
  5. We MUST be FRIENDS; because without the truth of friendship, and the honesty of caring: we are so many people, it will become impossible to survive. That REQUIRES RESPECT; and nothing less will do. Respect establishes a foundation for friendship, and becomes the ascension that identifies love. Without love, you will fail.
  6. We must divide and separate those who hate, from those who love: because these are in fact the only two choices of life itself. What is survival operates between the two; but it is more the terms of our current reality/ than it is choice. To identify two distinct opposites, requires sorting out the liars. All liars being with want/ and all want begins with the assertion called jealousy: I want MORE, than I have/ OR, I want them to have LESS than I have. From there, hate becomes indicated by violence, revenge, ridicule, and the decisions which make people unequal; “so they can win”. LOVE LIVES WITHIN RESPECT. Love and hate do not choose to live together, as they are true opposites in choice.
  7. People group together to “form herds”. Every herd has its own particular traits, that help them in their own chosen journeys; and it is as species warrant, a reality that should not be abused or treated as if it were not so. To discard the herd has consequences/ but it is, the only way beyond animal: to become alive, in the journey called human. To think for yourselves, instead of believing “we can’t all be wrong”; is elemental, to creating an identity, that is in fact your own truth. What is not true, cannot attain eternity. Therefore the path to an individual decision that is YOUR LIFE; cannot be made by others. It exists only as the truth you chose, by your own elemental desire, and your own purpose as defined by the values of your heart and soul.

These are the primary functions of life, as it exists in time. Do not get lost in the details/ because they are irrelevant to the greater picture of what can be found.

In evidence of that, is the certainty: that any tiny objection that can be made (I found an error), is pervaded throughout media; as some major event. Even though it is not/ it is used as a reality, that then becomes a sword for destroying you/ by destroying the evidence of value; with the puke of fools. Do not let them do that to you.

One such element of failure could be: that I have used the temperature of the sun is roughly 10 million degrees F. A description that was the estimate of science at an earlier day. They have now changed that to 11,000 degrees. Primarily, because people became concerned: when they learned the universities were trying to release that energy source here. Changing the reality of that work into EXTREME LIES; allowed people to continue as the cult of “university is god”.

Even so: when they come at you with HE IS WRONG; the temperature is only 11,000 degrees (which it may or may not be/ I have made no investigation). BUT I DO ASK YOU THIS: given that the sun heats our planet (burns your skin in summer) from direct radiation off the surface of that object. The critical question is: since that conforms to an area of heat release less in size than the earth itself; as is consistent with “what lands on us as earth”. And the sun according to scientists: radiates out an effect on this solar system, “by a degree of two” all the way past Pluto. What other measurement is needed?

Far more critical to that release of energy that strikes this earth: is the cost and consequence of radiation: as by our own atmosphere, we know that it is not the heat that travels from the sun those 94 million miles. But the effects of radiation. OR MUST MORE specifically, the distinction of solar gravity looms large in the discovery of what can or cannot heat this world. Anything active, has consequences. So the question is then: what part does solar gravity play; when the release that occurs because the balance of an atomic energy contained in an atom, is not only outward/ but inward as well. The fundamental question serves the purpose: why does it matter, to your life? The critical construction of an answer is then: WHY does a university matter, to your life?

The universities exist to refine the possibilities found by others, into “the best it can be”. When president Reagan gave them control over the currency/ destroying the securities of real property and values: that changed into. “let’s all fantasize, we can be gods”. And they took the American nation, and threw it away; to play their game. Power is corrupting/ but pride is the enemy.

YOU do, know enough to construct: “our world/ our nation” is going to change. If you fail to participate in that change: power/ pride/ and want, will destroy you, the nation, and this world. Therefore wisdom knows: you must participate.

NO, YOU CANNOT “play god”/ like those did, who brought us here to be confronted with our own extinction. That, will not work for life to survive.

YOU CAN: do as duty and life asks for you to do; which is communicate to the others; that we need to confront this. We need to investigate all realities associated with the potential to change our lives. We need to make choices for ourselves. We need to refuse belief in the universities, and media: so that we can then make a decision for ourselves. As the evidence will allow, rather than; want demands.

Anything less, Is hiding the truth that could keep us alive. Which makes you, the enemy; “even if you just buried it, like some treasure that will never see the light of day/ in your backyard”. The result is the same: you made a decision: that denied their right to change/ and as a consequence to your actions: YOU, let this earth die.

Congratulations: now you get to be like me/ or not; as reality proves you did do.

NO, like me; you cannot escape truth. Nor can you simply discard the decision or place it on someone else to do. NO, you cannot let the young fight for themselves; as they are unable to do so. Like it or not: duty calls you too. Because simply reading to any extent, of my work; indicates you do have a brain.

This is not the junior grade schoolyard: shouting “I know something you don’t know”; is worthless.

Reality says: YOU will argue, “this world is doing just fine/ even if the nation is suddenly not”: WE ARE SAFE, as a planet.

While I argue: the things that threaten us, CANNOT BE UNDONE, past the point of no return. And that fact proves: when looking into the future, we absolutely MUST know what is, or is not true. Not a game/ not a theory: just the facts as best we can.

The compromise of that is: we need a courtroom, to verify the facts, and contest any construction that may or may not be real; whether theory or not. Because nothing less will convince humanity they must change BEFORE, it is literally too late.


  1. Top of the list: universities and governments have banded together to “bring the same fire as is on the sun” here to this earth. Depending upon pure fantasy and lies to claim it will be safe. TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK, at the sun/ and prove WHY we the people of this earth, do not deserve a choice. Because what can go wrong is: our earth does in fact become a sun. just like covid 19 is not a pandemic/ even though universities and media and politicians all claimed it was. Being wrong with igniting a nuclear fire (burning atoms); on a planet that is all fuel; can go wrong. is the largest, and they have claimed: we are going to ignite plasma/ which is igniting atoms on fire.
  2. Top of the list: GENETICS ARE NATURE ITSELF; as this is the builder of every body of life on this planet including yours. Playing god with that is equal to SATAN HIMSELF. And the reality of their work, when asked is: we want to break genetics down into pieces/ and cause it to be catastrophically broken. So we can then investigate the wreckage; to discover what and how to make this work as we want it to work. To be gods for ourselves. They will be gods of destruction/ the end of life, and the beginning of pure chaos and living terrors.Today, with CRISPR, they have changed realities; because today they can splice in anything they want; and just watch it die, or be crucified.  IF, they cut off your leg/ and then sewed back on a crocodile  tail:  WOULD THAT, be “crucifying you” or not? THAT is the basic reference to what “genetic research is”.
  3. Top of the list: EVERY CHAIN OF LIFE, every resource that keeps us all alive: is being torn apart. Every ocean is being destroyed by human behaviors. Trillions of tons of poison and pollution are being released on earth. Your geneticists are changing the structure of our food supply, and causing it to be subjected “to just one thing”. Which opens the door to catastrophic consequences. “just to start”.
  4. Top of the list: our water supplies are ending/ from all sides; the population growth of humanity has reached its limit, if not beyond (search reality). Which does mean: HORRENDOUS WAR, as reality proves/ you can’t have our water, gives you only a very short time to find something else.
  5. Top of the list: weapons of mass destruction will be used/ UNLESS WORLD LAW AND POLICING makes them go away. Laws we design and create as humanity on earth to govern our leaders; are required or you die.
  6. Top of the list: the Yellowstone super-volcano, is clearly attempting to release/ which will cause immense trouble for this world of life. OUR CHOICE IS: to remove the gas that makes the eruption violent/ and cause it to be instead, as the Hawaiian volcano’s are.
  7. The endless counterfeiting by “universities are god” of governmental currency/ discarding reality for their fantasies. Proving “let the children pay” is their “leadership choice”. Is a cause for war/ a reality of distress and distrust and all things associated with WORLD WAR 3. if you cannot control yourselves, and be fair. You will have world war three.
    1. WHATEVER 8 BILLION PEOPLE DO, OR BELIEVE: THEY DO EVERYDAY; on this now, very limited earth.


    As for me, I have spent all but a few teenage years; battling to keep this earth alive with information that would keep you from doing all the things you did do. But you cared not at all; and were consumed by greed instead; as universities made bribes available, and hung out their claim: WE DESERVE more.

    I owe you nothing. YOU owe your children much; as you consumed their future, for your ease. I spent: body, life, time, and every opportunity for more/ because a world threatened with extinction is so much more. But you didn’t care, because “the universities are your god”. Proving want, is more powerful here, than love or respect.

    The spiritual world gives you one last chance, to prove you are more than everything you have done. If you fail it/ you die. Not because I say so; but because the evidence of threat is so severe. I entered into the spiritual world, to ask a question: and became trapped in a variation of that truth. That is, the prediction of Revelation 12, from the bible. “a spiritual woman: would come”; giving birth to a new child of humanity, through another. Standing on the moon in that prophecy means: she stands on something foreign/ but seen since the beginning of human time. It is a man; and that would be me. It has not been an easy journey.

    You will scoff and laugh; as those who want to hate do. But reality proves, without true change your time on this earth is now limited to “days”/ not years. Just the reality of those trying to ignite a nuclear fire (to burn the bond in atoms) proves that. Another prediction coming true: the second death of this world is not by water/ but by fire. The reality of the first: is very simply proven true, by the presence of fossil fuels/ as they could not have been gathered together and buried at the same time, by any other way. Some of it under thousands of feet of dirt and rock: it was a world wide flood, and a great deal of real life evidence exists. But, your monkeys at “university knows” lead you astray; as you believe they must be your savior/ at the hospital: even though they rob you blind and naked, and give very little in return.

    The religious commonly say: GOD, would never let anything bad happen to me/ or what is important to me! PERIOD. But of course world wars and all the rest, prove that is not true. You were given your life here, as nature provided (miracles in evidence here): what you choose to do with it, is by your own choices/ just as it is, with those who surround you. JESUS, is the guarantor that eternity exists; and did save humanity from itself, by proving what love and respect actually mean (a value to life and living/ choices and truth). An extreme contrast, to what humanity had become.

    I AM NOT your savior/ don’t let anyone point to me, and say “he ain’t enough”! They are correct, I am not enough: I am a messenger, rather like your mailman; presenting you with the message if you do not change/ THEN YOU WILL BE EXTINCT. Simple as that, no discussion to it: change for life/ respect truth/ fight for your world OR be extinct. Simple and plain: CHOOSE.

    BUT KNOW THIS FOR CERTAIN: PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN, there will be NO mercy. Not for a single human on earth/ because that, is what you chose.

    And people say, “it CANNOT happen”; we don’t want that! But alas, want is a liar/ and it has always been so.

    As to cannot: your search into the stars has revealed “binary stars: two stars in the same solar system, revolving around each other”. The reality of that is NOT within the confines of an atomic system formed by gravity. Which means, the second star ignited; a significant amount of time beyond the first. As you stand at the gate; of igniting a second star in this solar system. IT IS, within our understanding to believe: “there were other people; like us” on that second star. Who faced the same decision as you/ and lost, their world, to FIRE. Shame on you, for coming this close. HADES for you, if you fail life!

    RELIGION will demand: “you can’t change prophecy”/ if it is to be, then there is nothing we can do about; and need not try. “it is written in the stars” so to speak. But as always, they lack the foundation upon which prophecy exists. To prove the future, by understanding men: through their decisions/ their connection with each other and this world. While prophecy in these last days is very strong to deny; as critical information that proves it true now exists. The very foundation of all biblical prophecy: IS WHAT WILL MEN DO.

    Consequently: the very foundation of avoiding the prophecy tied directly to men and what they always do with life and earth/ IS TO GIVE THE CHOICES TO WOMEN. Because they are not men: if they lead, they will choose a different direction than what men will choose. Consequently no such prophecy exists. If women lead. Nonetheless, the evidence of our reality remains true/ and will not be denied by anything so small as who makes the final decision: to be WRONG. They must choose correctly, or our reality will fail; prophecy or not.

    And the world of men will say: BE DAMNED TO YOU; we ain’t giving up NOTHING. We BELIEVE, the universities are the answer, and we NEVER have to question their truth: because “they know it all (gods)”. And the world of women will say: BE DAMNED TO YOU; because we can blame men, for everything/ and we can lead, manipulate, tempt, and control men to do what we want. Therefore the majority like this life, just the way it is. But alas: what you want, has absolutely nothing to do with your survival now. WHAT YOU NEED IS TRUTH, and if you are religious; you will know, that a prophecy CANNOT be wished away. THEREFORE, you have only one solution: let women try to lead. IF YOU ARE, a religious man: then you know, the reality of every religious prophecy; is entirely about men!

    I make you do NOTHING. I lead you NOT. I cannot save you. Which literally means: you cannot assert, that I am your enemy and make it seem true. I AM MERELY the messenger, and you have been told. WHAT YOU DO, or fail to do: with that information: is ENTIRELY on YOU.

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