world of me


THIS IS, a world of miracles; “universities” stole that from you with lies. The consequence of my work is then to reveal what is true, by the evidence of our reality. That is my purpose as a human, being alive. There is no other, among you or in this life: other than to respect GOD OUR CREATOR, identify JESUS as “my savior”, and accept the value of love is truly beyond description. The value of thought, a destiny created by and beyond “the spiritual world of life”. Your beliefs are your own. Your destiny is your own. Your truth defines you: whether good or bad, it is your truth.

So, then the rules of this discussion are: that I am not your leader/ I don’t want your money, reward, title, admiration, or whatever it is that you would want/ I don’t need your companionship or sex; it is not required, although it would be valued from someone who cared; and is at least a little similar to me. DISTINCTLY NOT “homosexual”/ or similar. I am not your savior, save this world for yourselves; as it is true, humanity is the primary threat, and university has become your enemy. I won’t be participating much beyond what I have already done. Because I have already done this work for over forty years (you said NO). I am basically ONLY STILL here, fighting with you: because it is LIFE OR DEATH OF OUR WHOLE WORLD, and its future.

That includes me too, along with all those who cannot fight for themselves.

So, let whoever wants to: say whatever they want to say about me; as I absolutely don’t care. However if it goes to a courtroom; be prepared to prove what you have been accusing me of/ or be sued. The reality of the decades has been: “people love me/ then fight because of jealous/ then accuse or war, because of pride.” So, regardless what you believe; it is with considerable certainty, “I have been down this road before”. And it will not, cause me grief.

All you need to know is: that I have literally nothing to do with the statistics and realities of threat that are in evidence here and throughout the world. That is not me/ it is you. Don’t let the army of the insane; trap you into believing anything/ make them prove it. UNDERSTAND, nothing about life or death of a world, has anything to do with who, or what, or why I am “anything”. Because the truth of the evidence is about threat/ it is not about me. So any attempt to focus on me: is a diversion to make you look from threat, to their excuses. DON’T let that happen.

You are free to use the information here however you like/ it is free, for the purposes of life and planet, and even eternity. A gift to you one and all. No response will come: do with it as you wish/ but do keep in mind, eternity will know, because what you do, and why, is YOUR truth.

I am not religious/ religion is constructing a life by rules. Beliefs are about what you want; regardless of the evidence. I am given to freedom, and the opposite of rules: which are laws that focus on us all, proven by the evidence of truth, as reality demands/ rather than on me. Even if I sound religious, I am not that way. I am a searcher, whose journey into the evidence of life itself; has centered on the reality of proof that is. GOD CREATED THESE MIRACLES (no greater definition is needed). The reality of evidence that is JESUS, provided a path, and a teaching, and a degree of evidence in “HIS story”; that I find to be true/ and that fact has directed my footsteps, and did create the fundamentals which shaped the life that I live. The spiritual world is truth: and until you resolve in its entirety, what is true of you/ it is impossible to pass beyond that level of thought. I did accomplish that, but then turned to search, and ask of “female destinies”: WHAT WOULD YOU DO, to keep this earth alive; as I had no other to ask. Truth is a separate distinction of its own, in thought.

That became a reality of consequences far beyond my expectations; but they are written in these works I provide.

Whether you live or die as a world: is entirely up to you. It is not my job, to be your leader; etc. Although I do wish you well; my relationship with the spiritual female who became a part of my life/ does not allow for decisions which would alter that discipline. “its complicated” and you would not understand. It is spiritual, by its core essence; and that means more powerful than I, in this world. Do not be concerned: NO HATE exists of any kind/ however the essence of female, is very unhappy with the realities of men; that they have endured throughout time. And I am required to acknowledge: what life is, from the “opposing view”. That fact has actually made it possible to finish this work. So, I am grateful for that/ less grateful, for the cost of being educated to understand that. Currently it seems, “with limits and boundaries and realities I cannot escape, that just keep mounting over months now; the probability begins; this is at least somewhat like what being pregnant; as best a man can understand must be. I find it very confining, I complain often, with no relief allowed. Things men never consider; “its just not our world”. Not a fan: want freedom/ want my body back.

You can and will believe anything you want. But I caution you not to believe anything but the evidence, and what that will prove/ as you have no means of returning to life as it was: beyond the point of no return. You do stand on the brink; even if you don’t know why. Investigate, and learn.

As for me: I teach, and I deliver the message: change or you and this earth will die. How is that not true?

Massive population rise/ massive pollution, poisoning, depletion of resources/ massive heat release, changing the planet forever/ massive destruction to the oceans/ massive numbers of people; mutilating nature/ massive energy experiments intending to release “nuclear fire and chaos”/ massive biological changes in nature itself/ extreme plundering/ extreme failure by university delusions/ no work for soon a billion people/ weapons of mass destruction/ extreme currency fraud and theft/ garbage mountains/ people playing god; and much more. Any one of which is enough to cause: “HELL, on earth” and more. Because truth has consequences. Such as the Yellowstone volcano, is a real threat; to billions; extensive extinction; water depletion; adds more than fear can avoid.

And the most people will do, for the last forty +, years is: yell, DON’T TELL ME NOTHING/ I DON’T WANT TO KNOW NOTHING: because then you can’t blame me for nothing; and I don’t have to change/ I don’t have to pay/ and I don’t have to do NOTHING; but what I want. I won’t believe NOTHING; but what I want. And I WON’T pay one damn penny; because “let the children pay” is enough; to get me to the grave.

And then of course, as always: people fear truth, competition, or change; and they ridicule, demean, or deny; to prove to themselves “just how brave they are”. Because instead of running away entirely, “they made raids” to damage and destroy what they fear; in “the secret darkness of their own mind”.

NOW: while you can have a tiny bit of conversation about me/ that is an excuse NOT to tackle and communicate about what YOU ARE GOING TO DO; for your world, and your child. So the purpose here is to point you back, to your own reality: as that, is where you need to be.  To remind you as always, “fear will not save this world”/ and the universities are far more “the enemy”, than your savior. We would not be surrounded by threats of our own extinction: without “universities”. They take all the credit, generally undeserved/ but they steal it for themselves; so let them take the blame as well. “the universities are exactly like the puzzle game of Jinga”;  where blocks are taken out, one piece at a time to make the erection of what we can do “even taller”/ until it all falls down; destroying everything.  Only instead of a game, it will be our lives and our world; that can never be put back together again. Ending us all, forever; because the damage is too severe.  NO  “GOD, is not going to  put it all back”:  because you chose to do it to yourselves/ you chose to worship the universities as “your god”. and that means: you got, what you deserved. Truth has consequences.

In case you missed it: millions are playing the university game of “jinga”/ each group shouting, with any change “Hurrah”. But alas, they cannot stop themselves/ and the people making money on universities will not let them stop themselves: because then the game ends, and all playtime is over. The money, the pride, the power;  “all dead”/ so they keep pulling out pieces. And have decided: when it all crashes down:  then they will be saviors; after all, who but them could possibly put it back together! alas, it is one thing to tear a structure of disciplines and order apart. it is another to put it back together. DNA is the chemical dimension in the construction of parts/ RNA, is the intellectual dimension in the realities of biological life, that balances order, immunity, and dimension. YOUR universities contribute chaos, tragedy, failure, fantasies, delusions, and terrors;  that will no longer be controlled for you. Because you let them play god, with life; by your own choices as humanity on earth. Shame on you.

I leave you (this is no longer, my fight) with a tiny bit of conversation for life, and its living. That above all other elements in our physical world; truth keeps life alive. Above all other elements in our spiritual essence; are the dimensions of hope. Beyond truth, thought and the destinies created by love, honor and respect those who choose “the disciplines/ balance/ and order” called being ALIVE in that love, by recognizing the honor of what “miracles” do mean. Without respect, there is no relationship. Without a relationship, there is no eternity of value. Without an identity shaped by your own truth, there is no future. Choose truth, and let the world itself, come alive.

You have come to the boundary line, between life or death for this earth:  what you choose, from this point forward is your future.  Not a game, just a reality of the evidence. Since you are believers “in anything you want”; it is impossible “to scale the walls”, and present evidence of value/ all doors were closed, guarded, and access denied among your organizations as well. When I spent the effort to tear down those walls with truth and evidence/dragging university believers out, “with a bulldozer” so to speak:  so that truth, and evidence could participate. EVEN WHEN THEY THEN KNEW IT WAS TRUE, and committed to that. in a short amount of time, every single one went racing back into their hole; because it is easier to believe; than to accept truth will decide.  Religion is the same. people want what they want, and when faced with change and realities they cannot separate from the truth:  they still want what they want, and simply refuse truth, by believing what they want to believe. Because a lie, gives them what they want. Particularly when your own truth is less than it should be. Since you have rejected me, and all the change or knowledge for life; the cost of consequences for being WRONG: that I represented for forty plus years. I leave you to your choices. To the realities of cost; and the consequences of what you did do. NOT my job, I have retired.

The difference between us:  “you believe in books (university or religion)”/ whereas I accept truth as the basis for forming knowledge from the evidence, that is our reality. You plunder and destroy shouting: we are gods. I try to save this earth and all its life: with the respect it does deserve. Whereas you accept “university chaos, like evolution (chaos built this world)”/ I demand truth, as is the honesty of miracles, (order, balance, disciplines, thought, everything conceiving or able to conceive of life): points directly to our CREATOR. Whereas you assume many things with regard to life or living or dying/ I have searched life itself, to journey where thought would go. Whereas you are like the people who say:  “the water is not poisoned yet/ so we can keep on dumping chemicals”. I demand:  once it is poisoned beyond repair, WHAT will you do then? The correct answer is: “cry and die” because that reality is now so wide spread. etcetera/ etcetera/ and more.

we are, VERY different!  But you do irritate me badly with your fantasies and delusions; so I have written, and you have ignored. I search for answers/ you assume, no problems exist: discarding the evidence just like your trash, as is “we don’t want this to be true”. or more distinctly:  the shout is WE DON’T WANT THAT/ so it can’t be true, and you can’t make me believe the evidence;  until I am forced, by life itself.

YOU, in combination with the universities, as their cult, ARE:  the monkeys in the sewer plant, who chose to create a plumbing line; so they could dump raw sewage onto one of the prettiest gardens in the universe. While you say “that is fertilizer”/ reality points to your own truth, and says:  NOT in these amounts. Chaos in nature/ Chaos in climate/ chaos on the ground, in the water, in the oceans, in every chain of life, in your lives; will soon prove that true.  to your shame.

I DO NOT HATE YOU; and in fact have proven beyond all doubt, to be a friend. Few will survive into eternity; the universities stole that from you; when you became their cult. Nobody gets to win: you lose this world/ I lost a life in time fighting for this world. Reality knows we are equals: but, I do not respect you; as you have proven beyond all doubt: to stand on the edge of completely destroying this     earth.   DON’T come to me, when reality proves you failed life and planet:  at that moment you are done/ and not one single thing in this world, nor an entire humanity praying for mercy; is going to change the truth: YOU CHOSE FOREVER, DEATH.

My timeline here is a very simple one: while I am not religious/ the evidence of what the future will bring is extremely clear. Even so, the critical time line is not given by the evidence, but by an old testament bible warning in Daniel 12. That religious (we know, these are the choices of men) prophecy is the countdown of days; the very last days of earth. The countdown begins with “the great abomination rising”. There is NO GREATER ABOMINATION POSSIBLE; than humanity trying to bring the same energy source here as is on the sun.

. THE cult of universities: LITERALLY BELIEVE: HUMANITY CAN CONTROL WHAT THEY DESCRIBE TO BE; AT A MINIMUM “ONE MILLION MILE LONG FLAMES/ THAT SPEW OUT RADIATION WHICH WILL KILL YOU IF NOT SHIELDED FROM 94 MILLION MILES AWAY.” no greater abomination of delusions could exist: this is it, and the machines are running: the biggest.

AND THE INSTANT OF IGNITION: NO GOING BACK NOW!  CAN BE, AT ANY TIME, DAY OR NIGHT: “BECAUSE THESE MACHINES ARE RUNNING”/ OR WILL SOON BE RUNNING; at various places around this earth.  and they no longer hide the fact: they intend to ignite plasma. NOT the fantasy of combining hydrogen into helium.

Ignition is, “a 4,000,000 times MORE THAN CHEMICAL RELEASE; instantaneous expansion (AN EXPLOSION): ”AND YOU LET THEM DO IT,even in a major city; not that it matters”!   BY RUNNING AWAY TO HIDE; OR to ASSUME THE UNIVERSITIES ARE god (or claiming, I can’t possibly know more than “university”):  I will argue TRUTH KNOWS MORE (not me)/ along with their proven fantasies do not exist. which means, you have NO BRAIN. Which means, you ain’t worth my trouble.  “don’t worry the universities say”: cause there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire!  THAT, is their plan.  So, I ask you now:  CAN YOU SURVIVE IGNITION, OF THE SAME FIRE AS IS ON THE SUN?  HERE, CAN YOU EXTINGUISH THAT FIRE, IF THE UNIVERSITIES ARE WRONG?  answer the question, because it is YOUR life or death by HELL!

WRONG MEANS: this planet turns into a sun/ incinerating all life and earth/ even changing the solar system itself. YOU CAN’T BE MORE FOOLISH: TO GAMBLE OUR WORLD, OUR EVERYTHING/ on theories that have no substance; simply because you want, what you want. Nonetheless these machines exist: and the very first machine which could have ignited that nuclear (burns the bond in atoms) fire. Started its first experiment at Lawrence Livermore laboratories on April 1, 2012. The beginning countdown starts.

The end of that time line: earth dies: is sometime next spring, I think april 21 maybe/ don’t remember.

While you can discard that prophecy. It is joined by Revelation 1-11 in the bible new testament. The evidence proves: at this point in time, all those predictions inherent in the words; can now be proven entirely possible. You created the means to that end, with universities. War, weapons of mass destruction, mutilating nature, ending water supplies, altering the food supply, poisons everywhere/ redistributing unknown trillions of tons of weight; will cause earthquakes and volcano’s in different places/ destruction of chains in life, nature, habitat: the intent to ignite a nuclear fire (THAT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL). Will ignite the oceans/ WILL eject the atmosphere/ WILL draw into the fire, humanity along with all the rest/ erupting Yellowstone super volcano; will eject “one hundred pound weights” and throw them far. Lots of things predicted, are clearly visible: they all, can easily be done; as a consequence to your choices.

In contrast to both of those prophecies: is the alternate of Revelation 12-22; which as it begins “with a spiritual woman involved {I tell you true, she is here}”. Is the version of our world at the crossroads of our existence: which will prove to be, CHANGE has come. Women will be far more in control; and unlike religious prophecy, men cannot predict what women will do. So the preceding predictions fail: but that will not succeed unless women work for life, planet, and the society that is “better than this”.

Regardless of all of that: as I will never try to make you believe/ and I am required NOT to make you fear. As fear is an enemy! Only truth aids and abets life! The evidence remains: this world cannot survive the choices you did make. The reality is:  this time line for a world, WAS NOT created by me; which means I am not responsible for it. IT IS, WHAT  IT IS; and whether you get to survive past its predicted “dead line”. Is certainly NOT up to me. Don’t believe in the bible period? Well truth says:  what you believe is absolutely irrelevant, as truth will decide/ not you or me.  Just remember this:  an instantaneous ignition [A FIRE/ NOT AN EXPLOSION], has no off switch/ and you have only fuel “to throw on the fire. Not fire your scientists say:  WELL LOOK AGAIN AT THE SUN; because whatever you call it/ that is what they are trying to ignite. And your moon is only a quarter of a million miles away;  while they say, a solar flareup can push mass out for 12 million visible miles of FIRE.   still claim you have a brain? try using it! GO AHEAD, tell me how you believe everything the universities are doing; and they can’t be even a tiny bit wrong! NOW, in the history of this earth:  NOBODY can be more religious (WE KNOW) than that. Oh wait, YOU are a cult; as is proven by nobody has a brain but the leader.  Oh well;  the children don’t care, right?

DON’T WORRY, as the zealots all wait for the propaganda to be told what they think. RELIGION already knows:  “we are gods children/ and none of this can happen to us”. BUT REALITY SAYS:  just like wars, earthquakes, and such; that you have no such, “get out of jail free card”.  YOU ARE EQUAL to the rest, not better. YOU ARE subject to the decisions all of humanity makes/ just like they are. YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR THIS WORLD, OR ANY OF ITS LIFE; that is not you: SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE. YOU, are believers in university too: ain’t that so/ no matter what they promise, or claim as in evolution: a fools disease! Consequently, you are letting this world die; and your god is the university, as is proven everyday; by what you say, do, and think. How is that not so? How is: believing whatever you want, DIFFERENT than all the rest? Oh wait, I know:  just like the universities “you have a book”! and the Christian book says:  this earth and all its life nearly died once already by water; and only a tiny few were saved. That flood by the evidence was absolutely true:  the existence/ the evidence of fossil fuels prove that is so. no other proof is needed; but there is much. OH WAIT:  I know, you gather money to have geneticists mutilate nature as much as they can, “to cure a disease”, for a tiny few people. Sacrificing the lives of all {oh no, nature itself is ruined}/ for the sake of a few:  “cause you are too caring to let them die”. By the rules imposed in nature: cause you know, YOU are more caring than your Creator.  “save them all”; Now ain’t that right? Even though, that fact; as is our human population:  now threatens life for everything on earth.  But hey, who am I to challenge you as god/ right? Sure, “you can do better”/ after all, didn’t everything men touched throughout history “improve”. wars are just a lie; right?

YES, I DO know the cost of that. MY 9 month old nephew, who lived a mile down the road; died of “thirst or starvation” due to a brain tumor. with added complications;  due to the hospital.

Just for the sake of the religious:  I would suggest to you, that this covid pandemic that is not; fundamentally is, what was predicted in Revelation 12: 9.  “the great dragon is fear, of what cannot be seen”. Satan is an arrogance so extreme, that all the life on earth is “just a toy”.

As for me: reality proves, even though I merely present the evidence that is critical for understanding the need for an investigation; so that you can make up your own mind. PRIDE will convict me, on a wide scale; of “ruining your life”. Because reality causes you to fear the foundations of your own wants. Alas, nearly every want that is pursued, is built upon a lie: plotting/ planning/ manipulation/ temptation/ etc. Nonetheless truth ends lies, and people worship their lies; by believing whatever they want to believe. When they face their own truths; they lie/ because reality then requires change; and they don’t want change. EVEN THOUGH truth will prove that is necessary/ 99% will all demand, “NOT until you force me”. And even then, NOT longer than reality makes me do it. To insist: many people turn to hate, and then to revenge in one form or another: to prove their pride will control; by making me out to be what I am not. Pride is an enemy/ never a friend; just how it is. It is generally not really hate: rather it is the shout: I WANT WHAT I WANT! Which is why humanity and history never change. The assertion is: YOU CAN’T MAKE ME/ because I am greater than that. But alas, I will not make you do anything: even at the cost of a world itself. Only truth can do that, by your own free will: because humanity itself, is the problem.

IN CASE; It is not clear, pride is the game people play, to prove they can be superior to each other. Those who win, want to win. Those who lose, commonly spend their time wanting revenge. Those who just didn’t want to play, just leave me alone; are forced to submit; because the vast majority do want to play. I don’t play the game; because we are equals, not more, regardless of your position in life. Equal because life, is so far superior to anything humans can do/ that it makes no sense to accept anything else. Equal: because I was born with what my abilities are/ even though I enhance them; the human body really is just a gift. And that makes us all equal. It is however true; some are certainly far more lucky, than are others. Nature is given to be “the gift determined by chance”/ particularly in humans. The reality of individuality, which we do all admire that it is so: precludes everyone can look or be the same. That ends individuality, and demands “a herd”. So, accept whatever value you received; and do the best you can: as that literally is, YOUR life. You cannot steal someone else’s life: be happy with your own. That is, the best we can do.

Reality proves: that along with the chemical crucifixion of life, by understanding RNA is linked to the intellectual side of existence; the damned/ the dead/ the cursed/ and the devils of human existence; will now begin to pick the pieces of biology apart again, in new and different ways. Just like the do with DNA crucifying everything they touch. But not to worry, they will promise you “the world”; as they fully intend to be gods over life/ and then you. Your dollars for research, as it has always been go to playing god with biology; which makes you their benefactor: the person who hires the torturer, and provides the murder. But you don’t care; because maybe one more minute can be added to your time/ so that eternity itself will not close in. To your eternal shame. Don’t worry, hidden by your heart of deceit: who would know/ right!

What we learn from the world of university is: they like the people at the IL water survey, who knew; but refused to step in and stop an ethanol plant that was going to steal the water resources away from thousands if not millions of people: because they would lose their job. IS TRAITOR/ DESERTER/ FAILURE/ FOOL; and the tragedy of human disgrace wants their own job, more than what will happen to untold thousands or more. The opposite of that is of course JESUS; who knowing, that human existence itself was failing, because of the powerful/ who had no respect for the rest, but simply wanted them to fear. Let HIS own life, HIS own love be taken, even crucified to prove what the difference in our decisions really is. The difference between “heart and soul/ versus liar and thief”; proves in human existence.

There is no bigger curse, than a university! Simple as that, because now they have attained the levels of pure chaos is possible; and they won’t stop. Because that would mean: “they are just like you/ and not children of the damned”. No respect for life; is an absolute certainty; as the gambles they are willing to take/ the realities of what they are willing to do: EVEN THOUGH, every life on earth could be destroyed. Is horrendous. The saying goes: nothing is more certain than death and taxes. But that is not correct: because nothing is more certain than the universities are going to destroy this earth and all its life/ to prove they can. That is called SATAN. And they do it, to prove they are god now. Even though destruction is nothing like the building of life: they believe, and that is all they want to believe; so the lie is, “they scream its true”.

But hey, you want what you want; and you don’t want to die: not even if there is a heaven/ because you want what you want, right now. And so men never change, as history does prove. They are as a vast majority, as they have always been. JESUS DID make a change; that kept human life from dying: by bringing back love. But after 2,000 years; you lost that, with university glee: “we can be more”. You are not more, but far less; as reality would prove, that never in the history of this earth, have there been more truly lonely people than today. Locked in your little or big rooms; with “media to save you from yourselves”/ locked in air conditioning, so you never meet your neighbor/ and now being forced into isolation further by the dead (no living thing matters but me), the damned (I can slaughter, torture, maim, and destroy life any way I like), and the devil (I am god, let anyone who denies it be crucified): whom you worship as “your saviors”. As the disease of knowledge without sense, respect, or reality to guide life; into anything BUT HELL.

I searched ten years; for a possibility that this earth could be saved from what you are doing. What I found was IT IS NOT possible for men to save it! This is the best they did do/ this is the reality of what they choose, as a majority in charge. This will not change; more than just for a little while; because it is what men want to do. So, I searched for the spiritual door of women: as they were too afraid to talk seriously about anything. While “her” only answer to me, was: “let women try”; the reality of being “pushed into their lives”/ balanced mine; as war was never an answer.

The critical test is, “what could women do”? The critical answer is: a primary difference between what women do, and what men do is war. In this USA the suffrage movement went on for seventy years; as women fought to be their vote. Men would never have done that; and power would never have let them try. It is nonetheless true, that by vote on the realities of law and society itself/ NOT SOMEONE to vote for me. That power is removed, and the reality of what can women do: becomes valid and true. Critical to the test of removing power from society: is limited capitalism. Our right to limit income and property holdings: so that we all get a chance to share. NOT be subject to a tiny few; as is the way of men. Or more distinctly: “the spiritual woman and I” work together; and the end result of it is: together we find more. Even though having done the work, our relationship has changed some; it still works for life.

LIFE IS: measured by some/ and lived by others. The difference is: what do you want! If you want something/ then everything is a game to be won or lost; a trophy or a reason to seek revenge. Even against your Creator; as is the reality of evolution. IF instead of wanting something: you choose to see life, as life itself, the essence of miracles which create the kaleidoscope of all things Created beyond anything we could do for ourselves. THEN you have achieved the discipline of thought, and need no assurance that you will not die. Because death is an element of body, and a reality of time; whereas life is the distinction of thought, and its ability to create through realities beyond our comprehension. Happiness exists, within the truth: JESUS is the guarantor of eternity, passion recognizes the disciplines of that fact, through trust. NOT through belief; but as a reality sworn by someone who proved HE cared/ and did in fact know more, than any man before or since.

I suppose it is only fair: to inform you, since my work here has been done; “sufficient to your needs”. The shift has been, to inform me that she is now in complete control; and I like so many women in the past, will understand exactly what that feels like. Or, more distinctly; even though I never participated in any of that, and have treated women with respect. I literally am treated like some beast, that must be controlled. Our reality changed, when I decided “this is enough/ I quit”. Unfortunately for me; that was the “wrong thing” to do; and our relationship, has not healed yet. She DOES have more power than me, to enforce her will: whether I like it or not. It isn’t hate; but it is sheer determination; that I must know, what women hate about men; or more distinctly WHY, THEY hate that, and as a consequence what must change. There is no escape/ there is no hate; but I do wish for “better than this”. Reality tells me: SO DO MANY WOMEN, as well. Freedom is important. Life is important. Relationships between male and female are important; and so is this world. But that is up to you. I did do my job, this is extra.

Of realities, that are “hard to accept”: is the truth, of nature itself, when it comes to choosing a life partner. We need to participate in each others world (even if we love each other; the reality of a lifetime is, “together we walk/ or this falls apart”), and not simply let the other one do all the work. When it comes to choosing a sexual partner, the reality is very simple: “genetics do matter; to each and every child”. You cannot simply undue what you chose to do: each child lives their lifetime with that choice. At times it seems possible; genetics come before true love, for the sake of a child. But reality always turns back: because love is greater than a body of life. Even so; the child you create, is a body of life that goes beyond your love. The end result; nearly all try to choose “the most appropriate parent coupling they can; simply because nature demand it of us all”. When you are not simply driven by lust. Every single child, desires the best body he or she could get. That is the reality of our choice. It should never be taken lightly, or without honesty. If however the parent does not truly love the child; tragedy in one form or another, is rarely far behind.

I will offer you this as well: that boys are not men, until they learn their penis is not a toy/ and real world consequences exist beyond what can be “simple”. To end the tragedy of boys that fail to grow up into men; especially before they do things that cannot be undone. I do suspect, after puberty boys should be introduced to a machine that would “excite them farther than they want to go”/ to prove you are no longer in control; as is the constant of woman. Thereby ending the fantasy of just how far would it go/ and proving or removing the idea that woman, is NOT just the means to use your toy. But a human being, with life and living and values far beyond any version of a toy.

I am going to give men some advise: sex ain’t a rodeo, and if you are timing yourself/ it is a guarantee, the woman you are using “don’t need or want” any more of this. Because it certainly is not love. When agreeing to share an intimate relationship, respect is first; the value of your desire (NOT lust, but love) is second; the decision to “meet in the middle” and balance each other with honest caring, as is the sharing of moments that are true; and can then be trusted as safe. Will bring you far more pleasure: than taking your penis into bed; so you can use female parts. Or, “woman not welcome/ just want body; as is lust”.

IF IT WAS NOT CLEAR: I mean, meet in the middle, of happiness, trust, desire, passion, courage, discovery, values, experience, and expressions that are more than chemicals, as only love can provide.

I am going to suggest to you: that women are the temple of GOD {the place where life rises up} here on earth/ and men are its worshipers; without both, neither has a need or a purpose, beyond self. Each gender should then be careful what you do, to each other; only truth is fair, in love! In the essence of what faith in miracles does mean: the validity of “going to church”, because it has value is true. Meeting with people who are trusted, to be a little more than the average for life and world; provides a place for raising children who then can understand. It is not what you do for a living, or how you live and care; but who you have chosen to be, with your life. Religion does aid humanity in making that choice; does aid the children, in learning there are choices beyond the outside world; to be made.

INVESTIGATE YOUR FUTURE; AND UNDERSTAND, there is no going back; once you pass the point of no return. All mercy ends, and “unthinkable terrors” will begin; as extinction takes control. That is your choice: life by true and sustained change/ or extinction by remaining the same.

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Jim Osterbur

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