the contract

the contract

The power of our DEMOCRACY, is the authority to declare this nation, or state, “is ours”. We the people; are the owners/ the landlords/ and the employers; who both hire and fire the humans “Just like us”. Who are then allowed to provide leadership and decisions based within: THE CONTRACT, that is our constitutional description of what we desire the liberties of our society to be/ what the duties and discretion of our employees is or can be/ and the fundamental personal freedoms, that are inherent and valued by us all.

THE POWER OF THAT CONSTITUTIONAL CONTRACT: is granted to our employees, ONLY BY SWORN (legally punishable for failure) oath of office (yes I will); that becomes our guarantee from you. That you will obey our instructions, as are the purpose and desires outlined in the preamble or introduction/ along with the guarantees we provide to ourselves; in this ongoing declaration of what independence, and the reality of rights do mean.

In the elevation of our desire for democracy; the foundation of our authority as WE THE PEOPLE: is judged to be more than a vote, for someone to vote for me. INSTEAD: our authority as a society in charge of our nation or state: DEVELOPS DIRECTLY, from redress of grievances as the legal right, to institute for ourselves the demand for true public trial. To then demand an accounting of what has and is being done. To determine for ourselves, the direction we demand this nation or state can survive and accept. To consider and construct, by the power of ownership: whether or not our employees have in fact kept their sworn oath of office to us: or not. To develop and change the contract we designed by Uniting as a Nation, or even state; under the banner that we the people ARE BY FACT: A DEMOCRACY, with the power to prove our ownership extends to the control of government itself.

THEREFORE, UNDER ORIGINAL JURISDICTION, in the language of the court: 147 P. 2d 759, 761 the power is established, to hear and determine the following case. As we the people are in fact, “the final authority” of this state and nation called the United States of America.

Original jurisdiction is the authority to hear and adjudicate the value of a decision that does not come up from the steps that are imposed upon other hearings. But is limited in redress; by the consequences of the decision: to what is most important to the nation or state as or: by the value of that decision to us all. We cannot simply let people rule over us: they have no right to do so! We cannot simply let people enforce their beliefs upon us: as is they are the expert/ informing the rest, we have no rights. We cannot let the power of government, be so corrupted as to remove the liberties and freedoms which are the authority of democracy itself. We must fight and define our government/ OUR LAW, to achieve OUR TRUTH. Therefore “in the language of freedom”; as presented by the declaration of independence. The following reaffirmation of a divine right exists.

Quote: “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government. Laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…..”
THAT PORTION OF THEIR STATEMENT, was used to form the basis of war: as is, WE WANT OUR FREEDOM BACK/ the LIBERTY to decide for ourselves/ THE REALITY OF BEING GOVERNED for the blessings of peace and harmony. NOT simply to serve, or bow down to the cult worship, and tyranny; that is “you”.

The quote goes on: “prudence indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably to the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security….”

THIS PORTION OF THEIR STATEMENT: FORMED THE BASIS OF REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as is the true intent. WE MUST NOT WAR WITH EACH OTHER. But we must defend ourselves by trial. Establishing the accountability that is democracy by our own vote; on the matters, and the changes, that are most important to us all.

To achieve the ultimate authority that is WE THE PEOPLE; by taking back control from our employees: to then decide for ourselves, WHAT we will allow our nation or state to become/ WHAT we can do, or must do; by our own vote/ WHO owns the right, is our decision/ HOW, we define freedom and liberty when confronted with a new decision, and when an immediate response ends/ and what our future will become, by our own choice. IN THE ESSENCE OF A COURTROOM, where the truth shall be laid out as it is/ NOT, as any desire or want it to be. But as reality proves it to be. WE THEN AS A NATION OR STATE: shall assert our right, as the authority of this democracy; to choose for ourselves what will be, our future!

IN THIS MATTER OF REDRESS; where the possibilities of trial are so many; because failure, and true threat: exists, behind so many “closed doors”. The elements of beginning this trial are as follows.

  1. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE PLAINTIFF: “we, seek the remedy”; and you will define and create. What, where, and how the problems you face have crept into the fabric of society; and now create a threat against this democracy itself.
  2. The EMPLOYEES of OUR GOVERNMENT: are the defendants: “those being brought to trial, to provide an accounting of why our society is faced and confronted by this complaint:_______ as is consistent with the remedy we seek/ in bringing you to court. WE ARE NOT, “taking the government to court”. OUR GOVERNMENT IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL AGREEMENT, WHICH UNITES US AS A STATE OR NATION. Our employees, merely work for us within the oath of office that they swore; and WE DO, have every right to inquire and assemble the evidence of whether their work has been “for or against us” as the owners here.
  3. THE COURTROOM BELONGS ONLY TO US AS A STATE OR NATION: it never belonged to a judge or group of judges. THEY ARE, our employees; and by their oath of office, they shall do their duty in arranging and providing all that society does need to insure the best result possible: FOR OUR DEMOCRACY. Not, “for you/ or for me/ or for us: BUT AS OUR DEMOCRACY, controlled by constitutional intent.”
  4. THE NEED for public awareness and participation is: a FOUNDATION FACT OF TRIAL; because we the people are judge and jury, in the execution of what our future is going to become. Who we are going to trust. And what evidence is pertinent to the values WE MUST IDENTIFY, in order to attain and accept the validity of our choice, as a people who must unite in accordance with what we did accept; as necessary and true.
  5. THE FOUNDATION OF VALUES: as is the basis of our society, cannot be underestimated in scope, or concept. Rather the very essence of society itself is the value they hold as: OUR CHOICE, for living/ OUR CHOICE, for life and planet/ OUR CHOICE, for truth by the measure of our own realities. OUR CHOICE, as a living participant: in both peace and harmony for this world.
  6. OUR DUTY: is to protect this world, this nation, even this state; for the future of ourselves, and every child, and even every life on earth. That is not a game/ and no theory of fantasy, or control by university delusion: should interfere in the evidence of what does or does not need to be done. REALITY DECIDES/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG, CONTROLS. Simple and plain: the expert is removed: we decide by the evidence/ as is the fundamental of our own truth. Thereby “we get” what we deserve. Rather than sink into the sewage of what another attempts to force: “we must believe/ we must fear/ we must let them decide”. That is tyranny.
  7. IN THE ELEVATION OF LIFE, beyond the realms of history: are the constants of change. YES we can learn, by the costs of what we do, or do not do. Thereby asserting: YES, we can now do better than this. Or more distinctly, the constitution itself: was written in a time when it was in fact impossible to organize or create a democracy that did not rely upon: voting for someone else/ to vote for me! That day has ended, and reality proves: WE CAN NOW VOTE ON THE LAWS THAT GOVERN AND CONTROL OUR LIVES AND OUR SOCIETY, from this day forward. Eliminating the need for employee control over that law. SIMPLE AND PLAIN SAYS: “far more reliable to the purpose for which it was formed”. Less than one hundred plain and simple laws, that are the basis of living in this society: WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE. For every single citizen to be aware of the law that is his or her or our own: as we the people did decide. That fact lets us defend ourselves. While, US; 1st amendment; redress of grievances; does not give any numbers for requiring the ascension of our authority as we the people must now be exercised. It is REALISTIC: that a petition for that demand of democracy, to create our own public courtroom; so that we can achieve our purpose as a democracy: to prove we are the owners here. Should be more, than just one individual, who claims the right. It is trial and accountability for a nation or state after all. YOUR PURPOSE MUST THEN BE: to achieve an appropriate level of signatures, that validate the reality: “we must know, what is true, as a state or nation/ by deciding upon the evidence for ourselves”. Therefore the right and proven democratic authority for trial to exist. Because this is “a jury trial”{a few, will decide for all the rest}; by, and for the nation, or state itself. The legal right of a plaintiff to demand a public vote, through a courtroom. To be orchestrated by common methods in election/ OR, assemble a petition drive to collect those signatures of the electorate: shall not be denied. Either way starts with the individual who establishes an opportunity: but then extends to the public, as our own means: to gain the authority inherent and protected by democracy itself; as society demands. Because it is a jury trial: ONLY THE BARE MINIMUM of signatures or votes are required: to undertake an investigation of the facts/ by which we then may make a decision based upon what the constitution allows or is designed to do. A judge does not control that vote, and may not interfere in the construction or decisions that will follow: he or she is an employee/ NOT an authority on our own society. We are the owners here, each individual one: by our vote. Like it or not. A bare minimum of the electorate: who may demand an investigation of the state/ an accountability for the purpose of democracy in a state, is one thousand in favor: proving this specific complaint is important to us. A bare minimum count of the electorate for this nation is: fifty thousand signatures or votes in favor. Proving this specific complaint is important to us. Trial opens: by established proven methods of communicating with the public: what that, or those specific complaints will decide.THAT LEGAL RIGHT TO PROCEED {with distinct democratic authority decisions to be made}: then opens the door to public funding, and all appropriate access as is needed to inform the general public: that a redress of grievances trial, involving these specific realities of our democracy; will be needing your vote, as a jury of WE THE PEOPLE, in charge of our democracy. BECAUSE JURISDICTION REQUIRES NOTICE OF TRIAL: you must notify the court, and establish the cause of your petition, and where the intent to collect votes shall occur, and with what funding/ so that others can respond to it, in like kind. Or, in the alternate the court must arrange and the public pay for a vote in their jurisdiction; that will then allow for response to occur in that manner. LIBERTY IS NOT an individual matter: freedom is. YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL ARGUE: “WE ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE HERE”! But democracy as is WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS STATE OR NATION, and our government which is the contractual agreement identified as a constitution (along with the bill of rights and declaration of independence) has declared: in order to protect our state or nation IT IS OUR DUTY, to understand what is going on in these specific matters. BECAUSE AS THE OWNERS HERE; nobody has a more distinct right of authority to make improvements or change what is being done: than WE THE PEOPLE. Our government/ our right. YOU, LITERALLY do, work for us/ and that means: the final say, belongs only to ourselves.

    FUNDING: includes affidavits filled out and signed by volunteers, who commit their time, energies, properties, etcetera for the purpose of this trial. It also includes money which will be placed in a bank account under court supervision: to prove authentic interest in proceeding. If you fail to get the required one thousand signatures for a state, within a realistic time frame/ you will not get any money back. If you get the signatures required: whatever funding is left, returns to you immediately as is common or normal to life.

    If the court decides, that a vote would be better. It may confiscate the money, to be used for that voting process along with advertising: in an amount that will NOT exceed half of the total expenditures made. And NOT WITHOUT your own signatures, as indicate: you have been informed of the costs, and what the itemized listing of expenses will be/ and accept the transaction does not limit either side from independently spending more. All advertising for more than simply publicly organizing this vote: shall go through the court. It shall be recognized as legally useful to this democracy, by both sides/ or it shall not be done. Expenditures by both sides, shall not exceed ten percent more than the other has or will invest; proof is required.

    BECAUSE THIS DEMOCRACY, has never been allowed to use its constitutionally legal right of redress: the issues of funding rest, until such time as reality proves: now, we can be more “legally refined”. In either case; democracy comes first.

    THIS IS A WARNING/ NOT A THREAT; to those employees of our government, who might consider standing in the way of “LEGALLY ASSIGNED, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF DEMOCRACY. AS IS REDRESS”. The reality is: the law is the law, and those who stand in front of that law, intending to deny its existence: are guilty of treason. An act in defiance and denial of the people, and their laws, and rights; as guaranteed by and to the citizens; of this state or this USA.

    Treason is not worth the price. “you” were told.

    As to the citizenry: make no mistake, if you do not use the laws of our society, to correct and identify the value of our democracy; then you too are a traitor to the rest.

    WAR IS NOT an answer, it is an excuse not to use the law. If you abandon the law, there can be no peace. And as is the constant of war: nearly everything of value will either be stolen or destroyed.

    WE DO NOT need civil war; it accomplishes nothing. WE DO NEED to raise the legal right of redress of grievances; and by our vote: through the procurement of evidence verified as true by reality, NOT simply propaganda. WE WILL then change our government as our constitution defines: by three quarters vote among the citizens. WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, and it is our right to change what needs to be changed: INSURING that freedom and liberty remain as best we can: an inherent right provided to us all. As to change itself: the simplest beginning in changing the constitution itself/ is to start with the electoral college, and remove their control over the presidential vote [a vote that can be bought and sold, as a product, by those with power]. As is proven by this election cycle, which does not allow their presence. We can view our video monitors same as them. We are citizens same as them. We have a right to vote, that is not tampered with: as is majority under the rights and demands constitutional intent: rules. WE DO NEED, AN IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM: and all extreme experimentation/ on all foreign investment and ownership/ and the legal rights and realities of those who discarded democracy, to enhance their control through “covid law”; and the propaganda of fear. A reality that does not exist: under constitutional terms.

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