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It is arrogance, and blind trust that defeats a nation. The arrogance of so many who put their trust in “university knows”/ the blind trust of media, that guides through propaganda; and never real evidence or the right to make decisions for yourself. This nation itself stands on the precipice of complete failure; due to the tragedy of “university leads”. The fears generated by media. The cost of allowing genetic mutilation; that now threatens an entire world: just because they can. Because the end result of genetic research is: NOW, they can release a disease, just to make you cry/ or to take away all your money/ or to make you beg, steal, or whatever it is that you will do when faced with catastrophe. The constant of human history is of course war; and war is coming, because the arrogant of university wants it that way. “too many people”/ no consequences for us: just release a disease; because it will be almost impossible, to be certain from where it came. That is what you chose to do; and the world itself is at risk. But “its ok”; because with CRISPR; all of nature will soon collapse due to university knows how to cause chaos. But they can’t put it back together; and the whole world of life will cry: because you chose, to believe in fools.

Your choice will be: as disease threatens, again and again and again. To gather up all the genetic researchers, and all those involved in genetic research throughout the world in all manner and ways; you can search for a tiny few who proved to have respect (if you can find them). But you will then kill all of the leaders of genetic Armageddon. Because they led to the crisis of life, that is genetic mutilation, or more specifically biological failure: the curse of horror. The forced hatred of life itself; by “your own choices, to let them”; alas consequences do exist; even for a university. As to the horrors they have unleashed: well nobody really believes in Armageddon (which means nature in chaos), so let nature die/ ain’t that right? After all people can be gods/ right! As to the masses: people will go killing whatever they see as a threat/ and they will see everything as a threat: your greeting card “the universities are here” has arrived.

But don’t worry, after all: when they ignite “atoms on fire”; just like the sun, here on earth. That will fix everything, right. I mean seriously: what could possibly go wrong? After all, in just one ignition: life or death for this world will be learned. Because you can’t extinguish a fire that burns atoms/ unless as they predict, it merely extinguishes itself. Of course wrong is: we are incinerated, and even the solar system itself is altered, or destroyed. Gee, I wander if you call that HELL? But you don’t need to worry about that; cause the universities are god/ right? After all, they aren’t just people: “they’re special”.

With a little luck; you get to civil war first; and the first casualty will be the water supply. Alas now you have just three days for the majority/ and three weeks until every drop is gone: I wonder what kind of war that could be; well you don’t believe in the apocalypse (war so intense, blood is flowing like a river in the streets). So it can’t be that; right?

Well let’s see: with the economies in ruin: what are your options? No, can’t go back to the job they forced you out of. The universities fixed the problem of: “those damn germ y people; you just can’t trust. Because they replaced you with robots, computers, and artificial intelligence: just don’t need you anymore. Oh what to do: I know, “let’s release a disease/ or make them fight to kill each other with civil war”. After all: what choice do they really have/ right?

WELL LET’S DISCUSS THAT FOR REAL, WITH TRUTH, rather than the constant propaganda of university driven media: which is discard humanity; and live like an animal, and only act or react; based upon whatever they tell you to do, or fear.

IN REALITY, YOU DO ONLY HAVE TWO CHOICES; to live as they intend for you to live; to war with fervor: while the universities escape “cause they are your saviors”; even though traitors are primarily found “Holding a diploma”.

OR BE A TRUE DEMOCRACY, AND ESTABLISH CONSEQUENCES FOR THE UNIVERSITIES. So which will it be? Reality says: its about fifty fifty; because the cult worshipers, cannot release themselves from believing what they want to believe; so they will turn traitors too. They won’t accept reality; because reality never bribed them to believe even once. Reality is only reality; and the universities took control over currencies and banking and more; so they could bribe and control and curse life on earth. As is the constant cost of arrogance, failure, and delusions. That means: you only get one choice for true democracy: PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, BY INVESTIGATION, AND EVIDENCE WILL CANNOT BE REFUTED. Because it is truth, as best we can be.

NOW, IF YOU SUCCEED IN REALITY, AND TEACHING THE DAMNED “yes you can think, if you try”. ONLY THEN is the reality of democracy actually possible.

DEMOCRACY MEANS: together we will search for the values and methods which bring peace, harmony, happiness, and a future for all life on earth. Together we agree to the contractual disciplines of order and balance, that are the basis and foundation for justice and peace through fair play on earth. Having found these, as our constitution of values and purposes in life, by the desires we share as a society. Then comes the voting by its true purpose which is to determine the laws, which will guide our lives, by instructing our society: in their duty, and our desire to make them whole people; shaped as life in justice, through the disciplines of truth can become. Laws represent order/ and order represents the value of our hope. Leadership is the balance of laws with life, to achieve the understanding: we can choose for ourselves, if we let truth itself decide. Which means: our job, as well as our duty, is to define and establish what is true; as best we can/ as best any society could do. Together we share that responsibility, so that none may doubt.

In order for democracy to work, there must be VALUE. Without values, you have nothing to work with or for. Therefore the very first order of business in shaping a society to rebuild: is to find out WHAT DO YOU VALUE? Because if it is only money (the game you play); then you are dead meat, soon to be devoured by horrors and hell. Without value. But let’s assume you aren’t completely dead inside; even if that cannot be proven true. Who knows; maybe you can be reborn/ right? And at least one billion people WILL SCREAM; you can’t take my game away, that is all I live for! But alas, the earth is dead/ or you will change: because plundering/ rape/ cheating/ stealing/ ravaging/ ransacking/ betrayal/ terrorism/ and outright evil have reached the point of no return. Causing CHANGE or die, to be true.

DEMOCRACY MEANS: WE NOW OWN THIS NATION, AND WE WILL CHOOSE ITS DIRECTION, PURPOSE, DESIRE, AND METHODS OF OPERATION FOR OURSELVES. In order to do that, we will vote/ and upon three fourths majority (yes that will do); the decision will be made/ until a larger percentage of affirmation produces a change.


  1. World law shall rule the leaders of this earth/ by our decision for justice among the nations: instead of war, and the cost of military.
  2. We will then cause every weapon of mass destruction to be “removed with peace”/ replacing that with our law, our policing, our courts, and our purpose as a world.
  3. There shall be NO EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION WITH ENERGY, NATURE, OR ANY OTHER GAMBLE with life or environment. Period, let there be no exception. The universities will be shut down; and the people shall review who did contribute to life and world/ VERSUS the dregs of sewage that brings our world to its knees, and our lives to the edge of biological chaos. They shall be separated and the refuse discarded to the edge of the world/ or removed. Consequences exist.
  4. TRUTH SHALL RULE, which means want is evicted; and reality decides. NO MORE currency inflation/ NO MORE lies/ NO MORE FANTASY/ NO more arrogance in charge of life. You will seek truth, and you will let it decide for life and society; particularly by the decisions: WE CANNOT LET THIS GO WRONG. Which ends 90% of all the universities do. Even if you cry and scream; we want what we want/ all the trash, disgrace, disrespect, damage, and devil humanity created through a university shall be removed. LEAVING ONLY what has true definable, REAL value to life and world. No theories/ no promises/ no lies/ no assertion that leads to play god; or removing reality from life.
  5. You will redefine and recreate healthcare: in all its ways. Establishing what is fair and realistic for life and world and a future for every child that survives. NO PLAYING god; because you will remember, without death, NOBODY ELSE gets to live.
  6. The value of work is: that we may all do the best we can for ourselves, and share in the rewards of living as a society; which means, no, I don’t have to do everything for myself. We can share the burden, and create for ourselves the rewards. With limited capitalism: we create the foundation of our future. By removing power, and the games of pride: from the few, and redistributing that power to ourselves. Reminding each one, life is not a game; and together we find justice and fair play for each one/ OR, society falls into the abyss that is want; and all the lies, failure, and delusions (university) that will bring. A reality that will then EAT YOU; for the very last time.
  7. The elemental description of life is: with resources, we have the option for a future. With happiness, we have the purpose of love; to join together with trust. With value, there will be justice through respect for each other. With fair play, harmony begins. When we are not threatened, there is peace. When truth leads, the liar fails; and everyone benefits from that. Hate and love are opposites; and they do not choose to live together as valued participants. Hate is a predator/ and they use love as their prey. So by removing the predator; love flourishes and blooms in the realities of; miracles do share our world. Search, and you will find them. And all the people say: we want what we want/ and we all want to be rich/ and we all want to have weapons of mass destruction on our side (but not their side); to make them pay. We all want “to stay out of the grave”/ so we worship anybody who promises anything; and will never stop; even though eternity comes for us all. We all want whatever we want for eternity; and therefore we believe whatever we want will be true: because that, is the only control we believe we have. We want more of everything good for ourselves/ and we want the rest of them to believe we are more than they are; so pay attention to me/ listen to me/ obey what I say; and so on. We all want however many children we want; It is our undeniable right, and nobody takes that away. We all believe in our numbers as money as real: because our world falls apart if we do not. We believe in universities, because we hope for better/ not because we want to let them play god; its the price we pay. Hate moves people/ when love cannot: therefore we want revenge, when we want revenge. And so on. Reality will prove: I refuse to argue. Instead, I remind you: examine the truth of your reality, and let only truth decide what the future will be. Then make your decision: if your own child, will be killed by you! Because that is, only one of the prices, for being wrong. AND ALL THE PEOPLE SAY; the universities will tell us, if we need to change/ media will warn us, if we must decide something else. They are our saviors, and we can’t all be wrong: we are doing just fine, and the future will be great. The universities will get things right, even if they have to do it over and over for decades. They would never risk our lives, or take too much for themselves; “you know, cause they’re gods”. But alas: the universities have already bankrupted this nation; because they did take everything for themselves, by controlling our currency and hiding their inflation. Declaring debts don’t matter: unless we owe them. The universities did change you: they gave you evolution, “we built ourselves one piece at a time” from chaos, without a brain, tool, or anything involving thought! Discarding the respect of religion for our Creator/ and giving you to HELL; as they worship their god of chaos in mutilating all of nature. By disrespecting our entire world, and every living thing. And media declared: “what a brave new world”/ to their shame. Not a word about consequences or reality: as always the propaganda of BELIEVE ONLY IN UNIVERSITIES. Alas, truth is truth: and the truth of our reality proves we live on the edge of extinction; as everything we need is dying because of the choices human leadership has made; and ALL THE PEOPLE DECIDED “YES WE CAN”. Even though it meant destroying the future itself, because a university diploma declared: we don’t need to care/ that is for the fools. And the herd said: YES, WE DON’T need to care. Proving the universities are god to you; and they took you on this journey, that reality says will soon be HELL. Unfortunately for humanity, the universities risk your lives every single day; by mutilating nature itself. By ending respect for life and planet. By discarding every chain of life or living environment; to achieve wealth by numbers that exist only in “fairyland”. And they won’t be able to remove the catastrophe of what they have done; because they are not gods of more than death. And NO THEY CANNOT repeat the experiment of igniting atoms on fire as is literally what they are trying to do: because it is a fire that cannot be extinguished. EVERYTHING HERE IS FUEL! EVEN the rocks, just like on the sun.

    the fact these machines exist/ the reality of nature itself being crucified/ the cost of your disgrace as is mountains of garbage/ and realities of severe failure growing across the globe, in every possible way. Proves they don’t care, and are far more enemy than friend. They won’t warn you, because you might stop them: and THEN, the playground is closed, and they must live in the real world, where fantasy and delusions are far less forgiving.

    And then of course there is covid 19: where the universities and their propaganda teams of media: have exchanged the delusions of society at peace with lies about the future. Into what is now a society governed by fears. You all worship fears, cause you get to control how scared you are/ like riding a roller coaster, or going into a haunted house: we will escape! But alas for you: tearing down democracy/ destroying your jobs/ your relationships/ your organizations/ and your ability to think for yourselves: HAS NO GOOD ENDINGS. Be sure to thank the universities for that, after all they believe no consequences for them. Would you not want to say “thank you/ we return the favor”? Oh wait, they are your gods; even though they were just your schoolmates. Who you probably didn’t even like or respect/ because obviously “they don’t like, or respect you”.

    In terms of working life today; the assertion is, that we can just wait this “covid 19” out. All disease dies out, is simply not true. The impact of a disease is regulated by what nature itself does inside the human body; with immunity responses, that then are prepared for the fight. The critical failure here is: that cult worship, has made you into believers. That the universities can do no wrong; or are there to protect you. They are not: they are there, trying to get rich/ attain power/ and take whatever they want, as best they can. Just like all the rest. THE GREAT TRAGEDY OF LIFE IS: that now with crispr, nature has been displaced in its relationships with how the body of life works. Therefore nature is being changed; and when they give you the vaccine they made with crispr: humanity becomes god over the human body/ NOT nature, as gave you life. But as men whose only decision, when faced with adversity is war. NOTHING CAN BRING NATURE BACK TO HUMANITY; which means as the chaos created by universities overtakes the body due to chemistry buried inside [where you cannot change it back]. The end of humanity itself, will not be far off. WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH: universities are not god. WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH: changing biological nature, by mutilating genetics: WILL go to far. Just like causing extreme experiments with energy; can go too far/ and the atom can become fuel for a fire, just like on the sun. NO, you don’t have to believe me: but only a fool believes, when gambling with all life on earth/ you don’t need to question realities that cannot be reversed. NO SECOND CHANCES; done is done. Unlike the death of a few individuals [wrong place, wrong time]/ the death of an entire species, because you chose to play god: is extinction. In terms of life, we do: just have to keep on living, be honest with our situation, accept the risks that are important. Search for romance, live for the values we hold dear, accept the costs of community, and do our best not to be afraid; as that ruins life itself. Disease can be spread in infinitesimal ways. They say “a million germs” can live on the head of a needle. If that is true; why are you so concerned, with things you cannot protect yourselves from. NATURE keeps life living; healthcare corrects a few things that are simple and obvious, if nature cooperates; but we will never be god over life. Only death.

    The critical struggle of our time, and our future is: we will face extreme water shortages/ food system collapse/ currency catastrophe/ environmental horrors/ population wars/ and more; because of the choices humanity made. That is not up for debate; it is the choice you made, following universities leadership.

    Water shortage, poisoning, pollution and more are all without doubt.

    Food system collapse; is a certainty due to ocean contamination and practices/ due to collapsing chains of life, which are important to the creatures and plants we eat/ plant and animal mutilations, which occur everyday by the choices of universities/ no habitat for life, environmental temperature rise, and a very long list of other realities due to the choices you made. With universities leadership.

    To gain whatever they wanted; after gaining control over currency here in america/ by removing the currency from reality. The universities inflated that currency, spent it on anything they wanted; and that was never life or the value of this earth. Nothing left but numbers; and they won’t translate into reality soon.

    Too many environment catastrophes to list

    healthcare has proven to be one of the worst decisions humanity could make: because now we face our own defeat/ in numbers of people which cannot be sustained on this earth; and “there is no planet b”.

    THE FUNDAMENTAL of that story is: that we must isolate ourselves into groups, and distinct environments just like the people of old. Because that will be the only way, those who chose wisely, can enforce their own truths. But when you do that: you choose war, because those outside the gate; are facing death/ or you die instead. Just like the days of old.

    So, a decision has to be made: to change what can be changed, in order to save what can be saved. To accept the values that will keep us alive/ so that those realities which are killing our future can be erased. It will not be easy; and unless you convince the masses with clear and certain evidence they will not be able to refute. As is necessary by an open public courtroom to prove, it is not all lies. You don’t stand a chance: UNLESS the vast majority agrees; this must be done/ it is not a choice. The failure of that will prove; you did not survive.

    These are decisions humanity must make for itself/ a reality that needs no leadership: only true, and accurate information. Before it is forever simply “too late”.

    It is not so much the face mask is your friend or enemy. The reality of this day is: how utterly you believe in whatever the universities expert demands. Without the slightest evidence untainted by what the propaganda wants and demands that you must accept: ALL FEAR, AND BOW DOWN TO UNIVERSITIES AS your god. Cult worship never saved anyone. CHOOSE to learn what is, or is not true; that is what being human alive in this world, must do for each other/ as is find the truth. Use your own work, and do not be swayed by tests which have been proven unreliable at best.

    And you say: we have too believe/ as we know nothing else about this business of disease, other than fear it! They produced healthcare! But reality says: the patients throughout the centuries produced healthcare, by their pain and struggle/ endless trial and error. The ability to sort chemistry created diagnosis. The advent of antibiotics produced all the foundations of healthcare; a reality observed in nature. And the vaccine rose from the differences observed in species; which then became something we could survive/ even if they could not. In contrast to the past: the universities expect to play god with genetics, and do absolutely nothing else: but mutilate nature itself, by demanding “what will happen to this life” if we change the instructions which build it? Which can only lead to CHAOS IN NATURE, and the END OF LIFE ITSELF; because believe it or not; “life is very fragile”. And your university gods, treat it like manure!

    And humanity says: we don’t know, what we don’t know/ and we don’t have time to learn; because we are too busy trying to survive, or get what we want: RIGHT NOW. So it is impossible for us to be involved in any of these decisions: we are EXCUSED!

    Alas; none are excused. Because life or death for this earth, and all its living existence: is threatened because of you, and what your humanity is as a world. Proud of taking everything you can want. Consumed by wanting everything you can take. And shouting or demanding ALL THE POWER belongs to us. Commanding “the universities are our gods”/ and by supporting them in all they do: their failure is yours as well.

    As we have looked behind the curtain: what becomes obviously clear, and has proven to be true over forty years of work. YOU DON’T WANT, to be involved/ so you can claim the excuse, “it wasn’t me”. Reality however disagrees: as every attempt to define and create a change was met with complete apathy, absolute greed, a consuming pride, and the depths of power controlling your heart.

    Even so: this has become life or death of this world. As such: you are whispered for one last time: CHANGE OR YOU WILL DIE, IN HELL that you created for yourselves.

    Whispered, because the reality of life is: unless you care, survival has no meaning.

    So, let’s review: as for me, I got parasites for putting a finger or something in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was treated for TB and cured, because the wrong person stood behind me for five minutes. I lost a gallbladder due to a new glue, invading chemistry below the skin line of my hand; ( including a small attack on the pancreas). And more. Nephew dies of brain cancer; most likely due to an insecticide used in his home area. OR MORE SIMPLY: wrong place/ wrong time, applies to us all, and that cannot be changed because you fear. Unless you just simply want to build yourselves into a coffin, and close the door. HOW, would that be better?

    200 viruses; and “a thousand+, other causes”. Either accept the risk, without being stupid; and do the best you can with what you have: BY NOT LETTING FEAR control you. Whether that includes masks, and more; is up to us all. BUT THAT is not a decision for “experts”/ as it does affect all our lives. THAT DECISION is for our democracy; as we learn what can be learned about the realities of our truth; by the evidence that can be proven true. NOT tests, which have been proven, far less than accurate.

    70,000 people die in auto accidents every year in this USA; many of them “one second sooner or later” and they would have lived or avoided the accident altogether. How are you going to predict that, even if you are taking every precaution you can? Because mistakes will be made. Going to stop driving? This society won’t let you, without real sacrifices made. People buy a gun, to control their fears: IT RARELY does them any good at all; because that, is not how a personal attack occurs. THEY DON’T wait for you to get your gun/ and they usually just take it away. Your covid response; is even more dramatic and irrelevant: than those who buy a gun “to protect themselves” with fear. As is: “all people are my potential enemy; they could kill me; I HAVE TO BE AFRAID”! Wake up; NO, you can’t be truly safe. Simple as that: so live with it, as best you can; or you will: throw your life away.


  8. ECONOMIC DEPRESSION EXISTS: because there are not enough options, not enough resources, not enough opportunities, for massive amounts of people. All of that failed, due to the choices that were made. Not to worry though: you have the fears they gave you instead. Even though they were a fraud: “we can’t all be wrong”/ right. All hail the university gods. Believers believe, because they want what belief will give: NO, you don’t have to think for yourselves/ “just believe, what you want is true”. Thinking requires acceptance of truth, nothing less will do; for life. Society wants what it wants/ regardless of the truth; so it believes. People want what they want, regardless of the truth/ so they lie, making want the foundation of all lies. Making want, the critical failure of all things human. Stop wanting, and you will avoid nearly all: “loneliness, addiction, depression, and more”. Stop believing, and learn what is true: then you will have faith, in that proven truth. Stop worshiping “university”; and you will investigate to learn what is wrong. These are distinctions, that let you begin to think!

    When removing the covers, that hide the truth: the one thing that becomes abundantly clear is, YOU DID NOT, all decide that covid 19 was a true threat! YOU CHOSE TO BELIEVE instead, your university leaders, and their “whip masters” propagating media; that requires you to fear! Which literally makes you their cult; because fear makes you a herd; not a human. You act or react, instead of think, know, understand, and then decide; distinctly as self. To think: you must accept only truth can lead. To know requires the evidence that is our reality, not simply whatever we are told. To understand means: I have applied my knowledge of reality, to form both a reference and a foundation upon which truth begins. To decide accepts that my decision, will affect my future; and that is no game, because there will be consequences. None of that was used to form the basis of we can’t all be wrong. YOU CHOSE to discard all that, for the easy way out: which is “let the universities decide”. Unfortunately for you: they too take the easy way out, and let the expert decide. And the expert being a human driven by wants, pride, and a thirst for power; NEVER lets truth make the final decision. Which digs an abyss, for the cult to fall in.

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