Life, begins to suggest: that I may have indeed fulfilled every form of duty, that was assigned to me; even by the spiritual woman, who joined me inside. Given that possibility, I choose to turn; from time, into the stars that give birth to everything beyond time could be. Not only are there an unimaginable number of stars, the incomprehensible volume of space, is more than any intelligence here on earth could understand. So, the question is: NOT ONLY does other life exist, the rise of life itself is called GOD. At least by humanity.

When confronted: with how little, I could personally contribute to that experience or expression of existence/ only the value of love allows for life to go on. Because we are not capable of expanding beyond ourselves, or this time. And that means only mercy can resolve that truth.

While others say, and the universities demand: all life is an accident, built one piece at a time, without a brain. Reality says, it would be impossible for you to be more wrong. As every miracle of existence does prove true. We are absolutely interdependent upon each other; as one life does ultimately feed the others, by the chemicals it sorts and creates. We are absolutely dependent upon “all the parts and pieces” being assembled at once; so that the unit of a human body or any other can function as a whole. WE NEED IT ALL/ want has nothing to do with it. NEED MEANS WE DIE, IF NOT FOR THIS. That fact alone, removes all doubt of evolution and more.

So then, let us look into the stars for a moment; and conceive of destiny beyond ourselves!

Value states, if survival is not threatened: then the difference between happiness or not; is as disciplined as the destiny of love can be. Love is not a game, nor is it a possession. Love is a treasury, of the life we can share; because an eternity of caring is not too much to ask.

How few, accept that challenge: to be the balance, to identify the order, and to participate beyond selfishness; so that all can be happy together. Happiness is the glue, that binds us all with trust, the essence of my life beyond a predator or prey.

So the question is: WHAT gives life, its life? Because without life, there can be no destiny beyond self. Reality states: by the rule of death/ that answer cannot be “body”; as it is clearly discarded to “recycling”.

More distinctly: HOW, does life make us free?

The answer to that is: thought, because without recognition of life, no process of living would exist. Similar in concept to robotics; even if the whole machine is completed, wiring hooked up: without software, to tell it what to do, there can be no movement of value.

FREEDOM is then located within the realm of thought, that is our connection to body through mind. The elemental rise of thought, is the recognition of that freedom.

So, the question is: WHAT does it mean to ascend beyond time, into the spiritual (only truth survives here) realm of existence? The first question is how: the answer, to disconnect ourselves from time, requires “the whole you” to participate in truth. The critical cost of that however is: IF YOU cannot survive your own truth/ then the action can result in your insanity or death; as truth has no enemies or friends, reality demands you are on your own. This will be true in death, as you are forced into the spiritual dimension. Nonetheless, it is a participation of the spiritual world; that there are those who search, for the lives and loves which can become eternal. ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES! Which means only what is true in you will survive, and if that does not include love; your destiny shall not be “too life”.

Even so: we have not answered the question “what gives life, its life”?

We must all, begin with the journey: back in time, to the progression that is “from this, we originate”. It is elemental to suggest, the force behind energy is the essence in creation, that becomes, of life itself. Energy is not equal to mass times speed/ not at any speed. Because energy itself is the cause of why and what causes energy to exist in movement, which then produces force itself. Force is an expression of order in motion/ while order at rest, is the discipline associated with balance. We then have the four most basic pieces of life itself: the expression of force/ the existence of order/ the definitions of discipline/ and the balance which sustains the composition, or elevates disciplines at rest, into motion.

Life exists, because of force. Bodies exist because of order, discipline, balance, and rest. So the question that presents is: what portion of force, can be attributed to thought? Here, the universities and others will scream: “thought has nothing to do with force”/ but yet they try to force artificial intelligence into electricity. So they lie/ or know nothing.

The question is: as we look beyond life into the stars, how does truth become a destiny?

To assess the possibilities, we must search where force itself begins to turn heat, into life. Asking the question: if force does not originate with heat/ then how does the essence of motion, and all that time is; begin?

The critical component is not for you to know: as this is only step one, in the journey of life into eternity. That does not mean: if you refuse to accept, or feel you cannot step beyond the limits of time until forced/ that you have failed. Instead, this is only a first look, as time reveals: life makes us equal, and that gives to each one, the very essence of all they need to complete their own journey. My journey is only a tiny bit different; than yours. But every individual life must accept, that is true for them too.

YOU ARE NOT given all the information you want/ because wanting is not enough. YOU MUST EARN: The value of your life, is determined by the value of your love, the essence of your truth, the purpose of your heart, the expressions of your soul, the desires that can become eternal, the deliberate decisions that produce respect, the foundation of your hope, the acceptance of trust where truth conceives of wisdom, what are you willing to worship as life displayed with happiness, are you free, and will you obey the laws that keep life itself safe.

And this human world said to me, for over forty years: “that they will wait and see”/ even though, there are no second chances. A dead world from “nuclear fire”/ a dead world, from human induced biological chaos/ a dead world from poisoning the water/ “and a thousand more” all ending with extinction that cannot be turned back. Which is the cost of being wrong. Yet even knowing that; with only extremely rare exception: the masses run away to hide/ & the leaders yell, “you ain’t nobody”; and media doesn’t tell us to fear. While for me: I have repeated we all need to investigate these threats; to learn exactly what is true, and the cost of being wrong: because as is the same fire here as on the sun (universities promise to ignite it). EVEN YOU, know the cost of being wrong. And still all hide; as I never found someone who would stand up and say: “yes, I too” am working for life by demanding WE MUST KNOW. Alas, “its not just your funeral”/ death of a world, is more important than that. I DID, what I could, and would, literally discarding everything else; and by the facts, did do.

I feel like it is necessary, to advise you a little bit.

My mother followed the rules of the church; which led her to believe, if you follow the rules of the church, then you are guaranteed “heaven”. When asked specifically, I told her; that her life was like that of someone in the bible, and she recognized that as true. It was a life, that needed a little work; but was clearly invited to participate in a future beyond herself. Mom wanted to be special/ and she did not want to change; and that caused her much grief. Because pride is always an enemy. She ended her life, without repenting of that pride. Even so, because of all she did for me, and others, I do accept the honesty that is her eternity of life. The lesson for you is: without change you cannot grow, without growth in the validity of your truth; the future is limited to who you are today.

My dad followed the rules of the church; until he inherited money; and at that moment he became proud/ and those who used to be friends, and were never judged: became judged. Even though he simply inherited the money. When he heard my mother explaining to very young girls that they needed to look ahead at what their lives would become; when choosing someone to marry. He understood that to be, “she didn’t actually love me/ I was an investment, and a good deal instead”. It was not so, but he had no ears: pride does that. Pride wanted new friends, when the old ones died; and spent some soul to buy them: no enemy is worse than that. As for me: broken ears changed our positions in life and time; and pride caused damage in that as well. Even so, I forced him into recognizing the changes he had made for the sake of pride; and I accept that he did survive into eternal life. Because of all the good he did do, before pride changed that. The lesson for you is: pride will eat you alive, if you let want control your life; discarding what you do love, so that pride can take its place. Pride is an enemy, and it will never change: unless you evict it.

Pride makes life a game/ and games demand winners or losers; because that is the price of a game. Superiority rises, judgments fall, measurements cause tragedy, and realities change for everyone involved. Pride lets humanity play with genetic life as if it were a game; instead of nature itself. Pride lets humanity gamble with this entire world; as if they could control “the same energy as is on the sun”/ you cannot. Pride forces family apart, and it is pride that causes your debts to enlarge into slavery. Pride is a terrible thing; and it exists, because other than the value of life itself, nothing is harder to remove. Pride lets people die, who just needed a friend. Think about what you value most!

It is only fair, to include, a few of the elements in my life as well. Lots of mistakes were made/ nothing enormous or extreme; other than, the search that includes “beyond the limits of death/ there must be a spiritual world”. Death would then be given the conception: when time has no meaning, and the body or its burden and benefit of a mind are cast aside: only thought remains, as the presence of energy itself. The spiritual world then becomes: where energy lives, only truth as is the law of each component defining that truth, resides within the dimension of itself, as thought achieved by purity. It is a strange world, to a degree; until you realize, the purity of your own truth is the price you must accept as your invitation to stay. In contrast to that is: needing a solution, beyond what male can achieve/ I opened the door, to the female dimension; expecting “to understand; so as to learn”. But I could not, because it is literally a completely different experience in life. Or more specifically, it looks similar to male, because we live here together/ but it is not even close. That became a passage through truth, that would not be allowed, nor could I escape. Even so, the experience balanced life; and the dimensional enlargement: added to me, what was necessary for this work, I have done. As to previous to that, learning requires adjustments to be made; as truth becomes more evident to the experiences and expressions of life. In accordance, with the truth: our world is being threatened with extinction for real/ I kept my distance, and refuse to be distracted; even from women who I was attracted too. Because distractions at a time of danger, can cause death. For the sake of a world, I simply “even slightly ran” away; from realities that held even the slightest possibility: this world could die, because I failed to do my job. NOT savior/ employed to work, “so to speak”. A bit like some person, whose only job it is: to watch over this one thing/ and declare an alarm, so the rest can react. Even if you refuse to react; that is NOT my job. My job has been to declare the alarm, because that one thing, is now threatening life or death: by extinction. That is my only job/ and I have finished it. What you must or need to do, for life and planet: is given, as your job.

My need, to “save myself from being distracted” is over. Even if my life, will never be the same/ as is so absolutely clear. That price is happily paid, whatever it will be:  as living itself, deserves that respect.  NOT homosexual, transvestite, or perverted;  simply removed from “strictly male”& bonded together with female spirit instead. “its complicated”/ and a complete surprise.  After 12-13 years of me in primary control;  my deciding to quit, put her in primary control. Life is now different, but not perverted, etc. Just a very different view. Even so, this world is worth what it costs. Even for my little part; because life has value. Binding female and male together for this one purpose: is literally what it costs, to complete. Whether you believe it or not!  True is true.

Life, is about life/ not so much the living of it; but the reality of existence itself; and what can or cannot be learned, in the search for eternity. It has been made clear to me: that my search for life as a male is closed. Instead the living of it, has become more female than male: still not homosexual/ transvestite/ perverted/ or other; I remain “utterly without, a sexual interest in men”. Simply, a dimensional change that forces me to consider living “from a different view”. I don’t know why; it is like starting over again. But even so, the critical choice is life; that is non-dimensional: as it constructs the bridge between male and female beyond time. Time cuts life into dimensions: “this is dedicated to that/ and so on”. Eternity divides life into truth or lie; and only the purity of truth survives the distance of a never ending life. So the question is: WHAT can be desired enough, to accept the limits and boundaries that are pure in the laws of life? I “believe” love can be that pure, because as the intensity rises, the value of your heart aids in the discovery of soul. Soul would then be, as if, “the universe itself”; grants a living, with its CREATOR. I AM, more than certain that is desired enough to become eternal; when searching inside the boundaries of what is true: an eternity would probably not be nearly long enough to understand it all.

Even so, because the universe itself is dimensional/ the question becomes: what else, could there truly be?

I am going to leave you with a little advice: boys will never be men, until they recognize, their penis is not a toy. To do that, most will have to experience: “more intensity” than they can really stand/ or less control than they want. The foundation of male sexuality is: I CAN quit, whenever I want too. Take that away, and he will learn instantly; what rape does mean. A lesson he won’t forget.

Young women: when finding what they want, will suddenly “release a flood” of needs/ wants/ desires/ happiness/ sadness/ threats/ slavery/ tears/ SEX/ and a “hundred other things” to keep that man from walking away. I do not yet understand truly why? Even so; that fact is used to isolate men away from their friends; and sex is used to keep the man from running away from this, woman or girl. The end result is: all love is spent/ all hope is dashed/ lies cover everything/ and truth itself dies. Because what is holding the two together is drama (let’s pretend). Sometimes they marry/ sometimes the female will attack, by getting pregnant: some men will lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray/ and all manner of mischief; to get sex. And most of the time: the female decides to get pregnant/ and the male has no say, and no rights; which cost the child. In more ways than one!

So, to achieve happiness between male and female: NO TOXIC BEHAVIORS can occur/ only truth and love will grant happiness, and only truth and hope will grant trust, and only trust can bond male and female together as one. You cannot achieve trust, with lies. You cannot hold onto a woman or man; with less than they need to feel accepted and desired as a valued addition to their life, or yours. In other words, to be a man: requires you to accept your penis is a tool/ NOT a weapon. More correctly it is a key, to unlock her wishes, with the honesty of your care. To construct a very specific value between you and the female you do love. While to be female: requires you to accept the realities of life that I can and will provide, without complaint; because love is worth its price. Sex is not the price you pay: it is the decision that we care, equally! We share the work, we desire the same purpose; means we share our lives and hopes, and will find love in the moments “simply our own”: it is the foundation of what becomes, “our lifetime” together. Even so, without respect there is no true relationship/ only something else, driven by want. True respect does not need to be coaxed; it is real, or it is not.


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