eminent domain


EMINENT DOMAIN; and the realities of WHO DOES, own the right to impose their will for the good of society, on the others?

This question resides in the framework of the constitution itself: within the following words. Their directive for life, for democracy in this nation is defined by the preamble to the US constitution: we the people in order to form a more perfect union (we share the values, we rule ourselves), establish justice (our law rules not the employee), insure domestic tranquility (fair play, equal rights), provide for the common defense (together we stand, for life, planet, world, and nation), promote the general welfare (your job, your life is no greater than mine), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (without freedom no happiness exists/ without values no future will exist/ without respect, there is no union to defend), do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.”

while it is fundamental and true: that no private property shall be taken without just compensation. The foundation of democracy is: THAT WE THE PEOPLE, WILL DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST THOSE WHO SEEK TO TAKE FROM US; our liberty, freedom, right to work, right to possess, as equals. NOT simply as subjects of the king or queen. WHEN TOO FEW, HAVE TOO MUCH: that balance of values in society has failed to deliver the purpose of our constitution, which is: WE ALL, get our chance to experience and express our happiness in the liberty and freedom of this democracy. An insurgency has occurred: when too few, now hold the keys, to everything this nation has to offer. Removing from the rest, both the directive and the order of democracy for the nation itself. Discipline states: the entire purpose of democracy is to protect against outside invasion/ and defend against an inside assault.

To achieve the defensive purposes of democracy, the constitution is divided into five basic parts. The preamble (as written, and interpreted above) declares the purpose and desire for binding ourselves together in this nation or state is as written; and does not include any other potential cause. It is, the foundation of our liberty, our discovery that we the people do govern ourselves. Only a three fourths vote; can change that. NO OPPORTUNITIES exist: for a few to control or obtain too much more than the rest. Only the right, to test your own freedom; as we identify our own liberties.

The second part; article one; identifies and creates the job opportunities and duties for the congress; who by law, are the only ones employed by this democracy to make laws for us. Within the limits and boundaries chosen by or for us, and accepted as justice, peace, and for harmony. THEY SWEAR BY OATH; “to stay within the lines, and do their duty”. Which means doing less or more than what is clearly your responsibility: becomes cause for legal actions against you. Your job/ your duty/ our right to oversee.

Article 2: identifies and creates the job opportunities and duties for the president; who by law, is employed by this democracy to STAY Within the limits and boundaries chosen by or for us, and accepted as justice, peace, and for harmony, for this society. THAT president SWEARS BY OATH; “to stay within the lines, and do their duty”. Which means doing less, or more than what is clearly your responsibility: becomes cause for legal actions against you. Your job/ your duty/ our right to oversee.

Article 3: identifies and creates the job opportunities and duties for the courts and its judiciary; who by law, are the only ones employed by this democracy to insure laws are in fact within constitutional guidelines for us. OUR DEMOCRATIC VALUES: Within the limits and boundaries chosen by or for us, and accepted as justice, peace, and for harmony; is your job to oversee. THEY SWEAR BY OATH; “to stay within the lines, and do their duty”. Which means less or more than what is clearly your responsibility: becomes cause for legal actions against you: OUR EMPLOYEE, not our king or queen. Your job/ your duty/ our right to oversee.

The foundations of personal freedom and duty; are found in the amendments to the constitution, and they are the basis of declaring: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, to intervene and take control over our lives. The law of this nation, the purpose of our democracy, the desire for peace, justice and harmony; all dictate that you shall not “tread on us”.

Articles 4-7 of the constitution; dictate duties and responsibilities shared by our employees: which means they all become responsible in these areas for failure or success.

THE CRITICAL CHOICE OF THIS DAY IS: having been discarded and thrown away, by the leaders of universities/ the playground of media/ and the failures of politicians everywhere. OUR CHOICE IS: TO DEMAND FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; AS IS THE LAW OF OUR LEGAL RIGHT, TO HOLD OUR EMPLOYEES ACCOUNTABLE/ BY TRIAL. Having done that, according to the directive of our democracy: it is then our duty to resurrect the values, liberties, freedoms, and limit the duties responsibilities and failures of our democracy; by replacing, or punishing those employees who did not properly do their job. ACCORDING TO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. That is a criminal offense.


IN COURT FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: BY THE LAW, WE TAKE CONTROL OVER OUR GOVERNMENT, AS WE THE PEOPLE. Nothing more/ nothing less, than the constitution rules over the rights and realities of our choice. As is the basis and foundation of governing ourselves. NOT your way/ NOT my way: by the law we created as a nation or state, to govern life in this society: WITH JUSTICE, AND FAIR PLAY.

The legal definition of eminent domain is: the right of the government to take private property for public use. We the people are the government of this democracy; there is no other. That, by our vote of three fourths of the people; does make us sovereign through our constitution. The individual property ownership is immaterial 29 N.E. 1062, 1063. So, the real question will include, according to the fifth amendment: what is just compensation? To take back, what this nation of people needs: to replace what was stolen, by those who defrauded us with lies/ condemning business, ownership, rights, and realities of freedom and liberty with their insurgency (we know/ we are gods/ we alone decide: YOU have no say) to destroy the nation, or state itself. By discarding democracy, and proving they are “the king or queen”; who cannot be questioned/ who aid and abet the collapse of this government, by using media propaganda to alter and avoid the realities of our choice.

In determining the cost of deceit, the insurrection by fear, the rebellion against democracy, and the denial of constitutional law: every branch of government in this USA and the state of IL; are accused of treason. YOU TOOK, what belonged to us, as our constitutional democracy/ and you threw it away, to take individual and organized power over us. That is anarchy: the intent to destroy, our government with violence, by any and all means used against us. WE OWN THE RIGHT: TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, AS IS CONSISTENT WITH AMENDMENT 10.

IN DETERMINING: WHO PAYS? The foundation for that looks directly at those who gained from this attack on our lives. We then see with clear eyes: that those who gained the majority because of traitorous acts are these

  1. universities gained trillions of dollars; by pretending they can be gods/ and the politicians let them. Funded them, and refuse to control them; claiming “we are too stupid”. Clear corruption.
  2. Media gained hundreds of billions, with a general claim to much more; as the cost of this propaganda to force people into the healthcare system takes control. A reality of coercion.
  3. HEALTHCARE; as the force and fear of death propagate through life and society to remove peace, harmony, and hope: trillions are gained
  4. The banks: stand ready to foreclose on millions of citizens forced into situations/ based upon “the university expert/ political decisions not within constitutional contract/ and media propaganda”. Gaining tens of trillions of dollars; which they will then control; as the means to destroy the middle class. An organized army, an intent called crime.
  5. The politician gains contributions: by enforcing FEAR. Using the enemy, for force compliance: the demand for power. TREASON.
  6. Foreigners, who will come to collect our property, forcing us out of our own nation/ because our politicians, who come directly out of the universities: who taught them to betray us. Because your university diplomas (our leaders): worshiped their pride so much; they gave away your trillions/ they gave away your business/ they gave away this nation; and now the universities who run everything: seek to hide in your distress: while they finish destroying our world. Because that is literally what they are doing, with extreme experimentation; and the complete denial of a future to life or world.

EACH OF THESE SHALL PAY; but that is not enough, to resurrect this nation; as hidden behind closed doors: the inflation of currency, and the denial of debts have bankrupted us all.

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; IS LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY BACK, to our democracy. Because civil war gives you nothing back, but pain, loss, failure, and catastrophic horrors. The end of our world.

The courts are very corrupted with power by counterfeiting money for bribes/ they will not help you. THEY MUST BE HELD TO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, AND THE CLEAR PURPOSES DESIRED BY DEMOCRACY; as are written out in the preamble.

Through numerous lawsuits; James Frank Osterbur vs state or nation: the reality is, when demanding, we must be allowed to see the evidence of what it means to be wrong/ when extreme experiments are being taken with our world, our nature, or our everything. Their response: we aren’t experts/ so you cannot know either.

EVEN THOUGH WHAT THEY DO: IS LITERALLY GAMBLING LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS WORLD. How is that not within the domain of a courtroom: they are a segment of the university cult! Used to turn reality away; as in the evidence they use, is filled with proven flaws.

When confronted by constitutional law, the disciplines of democracy: they refused to comment a single word. Can’t fight, if we won’t recognize or accept, the law. When confronted with: failures in the court so blatant, they the US 7TH DISTRICT made up stories; and inserted them into the case; as if they were mine. The US supreme court: when asked, before it was a case in their hands. Are you going to let them get away with this, as was congress/ used that, to later dismiss a case about “THEY ARE INFLATING OUR MONEY/ AND FAILING OUR DEBTS”. When demanding it was cruel and unusual punishment: for the poor to be given the same monetary penalty/ as was given to the rich! Corruption rose higher. When demanding: our government MUST ACCEPT REDRESS IN BOTH STATE AND NATION/ the US SUPREME courts blatantly committed treason, BY USING a secretary of the court to throw out two docketed cases. Refusing not only the law, which demands a judge’s decision: but our democracy itself; as that is anarchy. The demand for trial over healthcare billing; was discarded, because the powerful control the court. And more.


That means: YOUR ONLY CHOICE; is to gather together, and prove we the people still exists/ and we will take back control over our government. MAKE A NOISE, AND DON’T STOP TILL ITS DONE.

As to the costs unintended in that: take a good look around you, and understand the stores are going to be cleaned out. Because that is what removing millions from their jobs will always mean. No money to buy/ no money to hire/ no money to make an opportunity: so the banks sell everything to themselves/ or to the foreigners who have the traitorous acts (trillions given away) of “university knows” boiling out of their pockets: just WAITING, for this nation to evict its middle class.

when it gets bad: you will enforce the constitutional mandate …”to insure domestic tranquility”; and have congress issue debit cards to meet basic needs. For those who are participating in …..”securing the blessings of liberty to us all”… whosoever does not care/ and does not work, for a clear and proper legal resolution …”establish justice”…. of all our problems as a nation. Fails the test ….”to provide for the common defense”…. as such they need no assistance/ as they take more than they give. To form a more perfect union: REQUIRES YOUR HELP. To promote the general welfare; requires that you care.

OR, IN THE ALTERNATE EXPANSION OF DEMOCRACY AS WE THE PEOPLE, OWN THIS NATION. The choice is: to accept and identify “limited capitalism” as your choice for how to go forward. By describing the limits and boundaries of what can be done/ what can be owned: by any and all citizens or people finding income, or possessions here, through our society. In the simple example of that: there shall be NO MORE BILLIONAIRES; because that is not fair to the rest. Life is not a game: we do deserve our chance/ just like you. Which literally does mean: we do not as a nation, allow the few to own or control it all.

As to life and society itself, across this earth: the consequences of humanity are very real/ you have consumed your way, ravaged this earth, destroyed resources, polluted life and environment, poisoned as much as you possibly could, caused extinction, ransacked every chain of life, mutilated nature, and in all ways chose what could never be sustained. Because “not in my lifetime/ was shouted everyday”. Well sixty years later basically, time to pay has arrived; and those who chose it: get to be referenced as “devil (you, failed life)”.

Our choice, as a living world: must be to correct and replace, as best we can all that was lost/ so that life on earth can survive. Anything less is futile, and will fail: causing extinction for us all. And all the people say: “not in my lifetime”/ but alas, yes; in a future so near, you can not only see it/ but it is beginning to reach out and even touch you. In more ways than you can imagine.

Regardless: basically everything your university gods have led you to do, must be examined for their impact/ and life chosen instead. Which is about 90% of everything they have changed.

Instead of complete dependency upon vehicles/ that must change to a reality that mirrors much more, a time similar to the early fifties: where vehicles were useful, but not overrunning the world. Instead of complete dependency upon poisons; a world that respected life and environment. Instead of consuming this earth for humanity; you must isolate yourselves into skyscraper buildings so that other life has a chance too. Instead of driving to work to escape your life/ you must accept walking to work, and finding friendships instead of possessions. Instead of everything stolen, with power to us is god/ as is the university way: diversity in life and society means we all have our chance. Instead of throwing everything away, absolute recycling, protecting the future for your child, rebuilding, insulating, reusing and all things related to: NO YOU CAN’T condemn your child into hell. Instead of fantasies and delusions as are the constant of university led government; reality and truth must return. Instead of endless armies and spending: world law and policing of leaders instead. Instead of letting everything burn, as the damned of university knows commands: you must learn to protect your own neighborhood, and fight to keep it/ because we don’t have anywhere else to go. Instead of immigration: BIRTH CONTROL IS MANDATORY; and only then, may any movement across the line be allowed. Instead of farming as it is/ reality must decide for the sake of us all. Instead of fishing as it is; LIFE FOR THE OCEAN, comes first/ even if you starve; because you will war and go extinct; if that life fails to survive. Instead of endless heat release, you will change dramatically. Instead of poisoning the water; YOU WILL save it. OR MORE SIMPLY: INSTEAD OF DEMANDING, “NOT in my lifetime”/ YOU WILL WORK FOR A LIFETIME, that will sustain itself into the future, as far as humanity can possibly go; because of the choices you, and your children will make. NOT A GAME, life or death for our world.

There are endless failures: in America the aquifers are in danger or nearly dry/ you must vent Yellowstone to survive/ major water sources are in jeopardy/ the horror of university terrorists, have almost completed their work [mutilating nature/ let’s ignite atoms on fire] to destroy this earth, and all its life. The disease of belief in university, is nearly unanimous, and without truth or substance of value: as is proven by a covid pandemic that is not a pandemic. You believe anyway, regardless of the evidence. They have lined you up to get a vaccine, prepared to become ARMAGEDDON itself across this earth/ yet you refuse to know anything. Because that would make you a participant/ and you want to proclaim: “I didn’t know/ so you can’t blame me”. WRONG, it is your choice, to be blind/ stupid/ and without respect for life or world. Eternity will blame you; and the curse of destroying life on earth: will be sustained in your terrors beyond this earth. Because that is what you chose; to let the universities play god/ by worshiping them as a cult. Cult worshipers never think for themselves; it is not allowed: they only believe, as they are told to believe. As is the whip masters of media; and their propaganda to make you believe what they were told too. No evidence/ no truth/ no life: you fell into the abyss, and failed for eternity. That was your choice; because you said: “not in my lifetime/ and I don’t want to know”. Because you refuse, and won’t change for life or world. Its called conviction!

You don’t have to worry, because there is no eternity: so say the university gods?

The miracle of life and earth is not a game, and it does not respect the delusional, failures, fantasies of fools, or other disgrace of life that is “your university gods”. It knows just one thing: that complexity of these realities, can only arise from thought/ and that thought can only arise from “a reality” that is far beyond our levels of comprehension. Therefore what is death/ just like life: is not functionally within our grasp, but must only be understood by thought; as it seeks life beyond self.

The dead need no evidence of life or death; because they have an excuse: “I DIDN’T PARTICIPATE/ I ONLY USED, ABUSED, WANTED, OR REFUSED”; so you can’t blame me, for nothing! And so it is, that you have proclaimed yourself to be: “worthless to life”. Congratulations, as dissipation into “nothing” occurs/ it is better than eternal damnation, and the terrors beyond anything you can imagine begin for those who chose to destroy; an entire living world. Not to worry though: people who can’t think beyond themselves, and have no respect for life or world; couldn’t possibly be wrong. Now isn’t that right?

IN CONTRAST, “to your university gods knowing everything”: are all the drug, and industrial lawsuits that do exist. NOT your protectors at all. In contrast to the doctors never making a mistake; as this humanity wishes to believe. Reality says: if they cure you of something you never had/ they get a bank-load of money; and you will never know the difference. You will never investigate, or find evidence: because you believe, and you want to believe, so that your own fears are controllable; by knowing the doctor “is god of perfection, too”. YOU know extremely little, about what does or does not go on in a university; primarily, because they change the language, so you won’t understand. As the military does with its codes/ as the young do, so their parents won’t know. Want to get rich as a doctor: give them a disease, so they can come back every single month for the rest of their lives; and more.

MEDIA CANNOT tell you, that the pandemic is over (never really existed, past the weakest of the weak)/ and the universities which own their soul; will not let them. Because if they did: the public would stop believing/ and could start asking questions, which they don’t want to answer. That is the price of saying they were wrong; and they won’t be doing that. Instead they will carry on as if the pandemic is real: because then in a few months, they can declare themselves and you as “hero’s, for wearing a mask, and doing EXACTLY what you are told”; like good little children should. Too bad your economy will be ruined; and millions will be homeless or dead; and that means millions who are so angry civil war begins. Well thank goodness, the universities can’t be wrong/ and media would never deceive you just for their own benefit: now would they, of course not; “they are gods”/ and more important; you are believers. The evidence be damned; because believing solves everything; I have my excuse/ and I DON’T have to change or do NOTHING.

BUT unfortunately for you, reality exists; and truth absolutely does not care about what you believe/ nothing is in fact less important than that to reality. I therefore leave you with your lies, as you refuse to learn. LIVE FAST, BECAUSE DEATH IS AT THE DOOR. Proven true particularly: by those who build machines to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”. HELL, what could go wrong/ your university gods PROMISE: there is not enough gravity here on earth, “so the atomic fire” will just extinguish itself! Now who doesn’t know: that is a FOOL PROOF; theory. And its just the literal end of this earth/ BY FIRE. So, who cares; AS I HAVE BEEN TOLD “a thousand times”; the universities know better, “they can’t be doing that”. As all believers say! Alas, ignition comes soon: and then, there are NO SECOND CHANCES.

Period [because atoms are the fuel source for the fire/ and EVERYTHING is made from atoms]. EVERYTHING!   which is why, the sun continues to burn.

. “its a ten million degree fire/ with million mile long flames; just like the sun”. OH WAIT: even though its proven wrong, the universities say: every btu of heat comes from combining hydrogen into helium; and they call it fusion. BUT ALAS: if every btu creates helium on the sun/ THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? Oh wait, we can’t use that: its called evidence/ and every cult worshiper knows; “we don’t need no damn evidence or truth”. The leader is god. To your shame.

Oh wait: media will tell you everything you need to know/ so no threat here, after all “without a big university diploma”; NOBODY has a brain. Ain’t that so?

Now don’t you worry, “they can’t all be wrong” just assumes a tiny few people know: what they cannot study, from less than 91 million miles away. So the experts surely can’t be wrong: after all they are gambling every life on earth/ and a cult worshiper knows; “we believe”.

EVEN THOUGH: ignition occurs only once, because the fire source is where the gravity comes from. But don’t worry, the universities promise: radiation that would literally cause your body to explode in a millisecond won’t be a problem. Not to worry; after the fire sucks up EVERYTHING within a thousand miles, almost in an instant; having ejected the entire atmosphere of this earth in 36hours; you won’t really have to die instantly. You can lay there, on the opposite side of this earth; for weeks maybe. Don’t worry, they only intend to ignite plasma; with an input of energy equal to 50 megawatts of electricity: and its only suppose to expand by 4 million times more, in an instant. So it can’t be hard to control; right! Like the difference between DYNAMITE, and the NUCLEAR: atomic bomb would be. That is just equal to a candle flame suddenly becoming 62 miles high: so, its worth gambling THIS LIVING WORLD; on what they want. Now ain’t it; you know cause they spent a trillion dollars, on just this one machine. And of course they do have more; in case it doesn’t work!

Just ask the courts; ANY ONE OF THEM, AS THEY ARE ALL THE SAME: the university is god, you can’t question god/ and the people cannot know: not even when wrong is the end of our world. “Cause they are gods”/ they can’t be wrong; WE BELIEVE.

So, let’s review; before I quit. The monkey brains of university; claim they know all about what goes on in the sun/ and you believe without question, “they can’t all be wrong”. Even though just one individual presents an idea; and all the rest decide “hell yes, he or she is god; and can’t be wrong: BECAUSE THIS will make us money”. So society says; we are gods/ now we know; we can’t be wrong; because the monkeys (your holy ones), “made a book”.

Even so: lets review the evidence one last time. They say.

  1. The sun is made out of hydrogen (lightest gas possible)/ and yet It is the heaviest object in the solar system: because the core is made out of a graviton (a fantasy element; which cannot be proven to exist). Because they claim it is 15 times more dense than lead.
  2. Why did hydrogen not get evicted from the sun when it began to burn: as “million mile long flames that burn your skin 94 million miles away in summer” prove the effects of jettisoning radiation materials at the speed of light. As a gas, it has no possibility of staying within that sphere of FIRE. Their spectrography of the sun, finds hydrogen ONLY because it is the ash cloud presented by the fire. A few single atoms escaping.
  3. Their claim as to the energy source is: that the entire core of the sun is “50 million degrees” formed by gravity. Which they cannot describe as anything other than a large rock pulls at a small rock. But reality states if the entire sun is on fire as 50 million degrees demands: then the entire fuel source is being burned all at once; and the orb will die quickly; because the fuel is/ will soon be, all burned up.
  4. If everything is being pulled into the sun core: just like a black hole/ THEN HOW does light escape. If it is not/ and we know, atomic debris from mass is being ejected: explain your delusion.
  5. A supernova event (exploding star) is known by the universities as first presenting a fire that grows almost three times larger than what the sun it represents had always been. THAT MEANS MORE FUEL HAS BEEN ADDED to those flames/ or it will not occur. If all the fuel is already on fire as with a molten core (fire on the outside/ fire on the inside); that is not possible.
  6. If all the fuel is on fire: a sun cannot last “billions of years”; as they claim has already occurred: no hocus pocus; explain your theories with facts.
  7. The monkeys ARE GAMBLING OUR ENTIRE WORLD, on these delusions; and there is no way out/ no escape, once a nuclear fire as is the real source of energy emissions from the sun is ignited. The only thing universities have ever invented was a few tiny additions; after decades of playtime/ and millions of experiments; on your dime. A NUCLEAR FIRE GRANTS JUST ONCE, AND LIFE ON EARTH IS OVER.

Oh wait, I know: “they can’t all be wrong”/ and I can’t possibly know anything; cause I DON’T have a big trophy diploma. Now ain’t that right.

Or, on the other hand: it doesn’t matter if I am right or wrong/ WHAT DOES MATTER IS: IF THEY ARE WRONG, EVEN ONE TINY LITTLE BIT; YOU DIE IN THEIR NUCLEAR FIRE TOO! With no possibility of survival, every child, every life, even the planet itself; changing the solar system with your own decision. Because you can’t even control a forest fire/ and nuclear by “university scientist submission” is 4 MILLION TIMES MORE ENERGY RELEASE than that.

HELL, DON’T WORRY; its just trillions of dollars spent; to destroy you with their fantasies.

And it works so well with the universities decision: to discard nature entirely, by mutilating genetics through their own decisions; “to make new life, they can call their own/ cause you know: if you can’t make life/ and you can’t control the sun; “you just aren’t a real god”. And they are, absolutely certain, THAT is what they are going to be.

Cause you know: COMPLETE ARROGANCE AND DISRESPECT FOR WHAT EXISTS; is the key to playing god. Oh don’t worry, “they call it life safety”/ to assure you, we know everything; and they are your saviors. After all, life safety lets them take control over everything; as covid 19 proves.

Eminent domain, is simply: WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS AND OPTIONS, BEYOND YOUR SELFISHNESS. LEGAL REDRESS, is simply: WE THE PEOPLE MUST BE PREPARED TO DEFEND OURSELVES, by using the court system to identify the truth, by its evidence. NOT by a theory or anyone declaring themselves to be “the expert”. WE OWN, this nation/ and you “the university cult”; cannot burn down our world: without our permission or submission. IT AIN’T NO GAME.

Oh wait, I know: you cannot fight for yourselves; because the universities are your saviors “gods baby gods; don’t give us no more of your blasphemy; they are gods”; damn you!  As the healthcare systems prove after all gods cannot be expected to live like the rest of us. Ten thousand dollars per citizen is just a measly $3,330,000,000,000.00 after all, you can’t help it: if you are the sickliest nation who has ever lived. And if you lift the covers/ then there is more. We all know: “doctors and hospitals are perfect, and would never take advantage”/ now ain’t that so. Why, I had a gall bladder surgery; and it only cost ten thousand dollars a day, for the bed, and almost nothing else. Who could argue with that price? Well not my sisters, who stepped in; and paid the bill out of our trust fund: so the reality could not come to court.

But then, in a world of university cult worshipers (the universities are god); without a brain to themselves/ this entire society cannot be depended upon: to make a single sane or respectful decision in support of life. And the entire court system will only support the powerful or rich/ simply playing games with the poor. So, maybe they did me a favor. Either way, the trust is now dead. And believe it or not: soon, so will this world be extinct as well. After all, a true cult worshiper, can NEVER question its leader; “god is god you know”/ all bow down, to get fucked now.

Oh wait, I forgot to acknowledge your excuse: and all the people say, “that is not us”. But then: BECAUSE THIS IS THE HOSPITAL, WHERE I MIGHT NEED TO GO; and they could remember my name, and take revenge on me. So, I WON’T fight against them; not for anything. Let the insurance pay; let the government pay; let anyone pay: BUT ME. And of course if you do go to the hospital: they will attempt to take everything you have or ever earned in your life; and make you their slave. BECAUSE OF PEOPLE, JUST LIKE YOU. But don’t worry, SELFISH; “is the american/ world, spirit of the damned”. YOU got lot’s of company; can’t blame US all. SO JUST SHUT UP; and don’t do nothing. We want, what we want!

If not, for the sake of an entire planet; I would have abandoned you a long time ago. Yet this is, about our whole living world; and nobody is excused; until dead. Then It is: judgment day for you.

Explaining: it does not get more serious! So, in an effort to subsidize my work, as more than just “a failure chanting religious curses” / which I am clearly not. When talking to a cult or its worshipers; absolutely nothing matters, not even the cost of being wrong is so severe: the earth and all its life will be devoured by fire. Just like the courts, and all its failures; you are blind, dead, mute, and dumb inside; discarding everything, as is the evidence; for your beliefs.

Of major issues that might spark the slightest cut, in your beliefs is: that your university monkeys ONLY definition of gravity is, “big rocks attract little rocks”. That’s it/ its all they know; and they gamble your earth, your life, your child, and your future on the assumptions that they need not know more: delusions are enough. As always, and with every fantasy: they are not. Only truth is true.

So what is the truth of gravity?

We begin with the obvious: that all atomic power is held within the spin of an atom. That is the physical presence of kinetic energy that can then be released, or even burned. To hold that atom in spin, and keep it from slowing over time significantly: it must be contained by an opposite force of slightly more; so as to achieve a balanced state/ separated from the consequences of time. The space between dark energy and kinetic energy is a dimension: unrelated to time.

I have already explained significantly enough; in a book; so that is discarded. We will simply dwell on gravity, as the participation of an electron in the orbit of an atom nucleus. When the spin is established/ any less than perfect obstacle; can be chipped off; to be an electron. So electron speeds represent the nucleus spin; at a distance from atomic balance. The electron forms the basis of electricity, by its ability to be used as kinetic energy when separated from the nucleus. When that erupts, and the electron is lost to the nucleus a balance point fails/ an electron orbit is opened; and that orbit attempts to fill the same with another electron from something, or somewhere else. Because the orbit itself sustains a vacuum. That functioning vacuum; is the basis of gravity; as well as electricity.

Think not? There are untold trillions of atoms in you. When added together, they equal weight do they not. When you add in more atoms of mass; you then weigh more yet; because the end result is many more electrons moving in and out of an orbit with the atomic nucleus that gives it power to move.

Now if I was a university diploma: they could sell that theory instead of “big rocks attract little rocks”. But since I am not: they won’t shake up their game, or lose their playtime/ because answers outside the covers of “the university is god”: hurrah, hurrah, we are fans. End the game/ playtime is then over.

Which causes them to lose money and power.

And the people say: that is too small to make an effect, it doesn’t count. Unless I remind you of the speed involved. And the people say: still too small/ the universities know. As is proven by “big rocks attract little rocks”. So I ask you plainly: “when was the last time you saw a pebble move over and clamp itself to a mountain”? In terms of tiny effects, how is that not the same or less?

And the people say: even if the universities are not god/ they are still greater than you!


I DEMAND: that price is NOT your decision to make/ and all the world needs to know.

And every leader I ever talked too said: YOU, ain’t enough/ YOU can’t be right: the universities are god. Simple and plain, let them: RISK THE WORLD.

Because you, are worthless.______________________________!   argument solved.

So, now its your turn: with real time knowledge of an impending extinction for this entire earth/ a possibility far more heinous than a nuclear bomb. YOU GET TO DECIDE: if you are just going to hide, or accept the responsibility that is: WE MUST KNOW, FOR A FACT WITHOUT DOUBT: IF THE CONSEQUENCES OF LETTING “UNIVERSITY KNOWS” continue gambling with all life on earth: CAN GO WRONG! With such horrific consequences; that every life on this planet will soon be dead/ or mutilated with genetics, or other. Not a game, your own decision matters.

As for me: I chose to use my life in time on earth; for this one specific purpose. Without distraction, because the question of life or death for this entire earth; cannot be less than everything. Stand up for life, and be recognized; because nothing less will do.

And the world says to me: YOU AIN’T PERFECT/ so, we won’t listen to you. One tiny flaw, and you are proven WORTHLESS. To which I reply: no, I ain’t perfect; and do make mistakes. As to worthless however: I am not on trial here/ because I am not what threatens you. The evidence of your own lives, your own realities, and your own “monkey cult, worship” is. University evolution: the religion of university cult; says “the monkey is my daddy”; so it fits/ and I call your universities FLAWED, and in danger of destroying every life on earth. To which you say: “even a monkey” is better than you. Since everybody knows: “your university is god”. EXCEPT OF COURSE, BU T LIFE AND WORLD; which knows them only as SATAN (destroyers of a world).

Oh wait; lest we forget, the universities say: that a variant of slime (the least orderly, or disciplined of life) is your creator. You know, by gluing itself together in the ocean/ and processing chemicals without a clue. And even selecting how best to live, by mutilating itself into “a billion new and different parts”/ that all had to be assembled, in a world without a tool or a food source, or a brain. So, you know; how could that fail/ right? Oh wait: maybe they are wrong, and a flaw in that plan proves their fantasies and delusions: worthless. To which I said: prove me wrong, by the realities of the evidence. And they replied: with a locked door, and guards at the gate.

The cost of continuing: “WE AIN’T GOING TO LET THIS goose who lays the golden eggs, on our doorstep: die! Or, the military power. Or the political power. Or the inflation we get to spend, without interference. Or our fantasies: Period. But alas, the cage door is open, and who knows “a brain cell” might still exist. Either way reality will prove: the universities have prepared to make you extinct; and that means “their own powerful men and women too”. The children are dead, without true change; as is this earth. So, there really is nothing to lose; no threat matters: but changing extinction with truth.

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Jim Osterbur

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