raw sewage


RAW SEWAGE; the realities of what you chose, or allowed the monkey cult of university to choose for you.

Unfiltered, falling out of their ass: disgrace/ disrespect/ disaster/ devoid of value/ diseased/ defiled; “or more simply the rights and realities of a university intellectual in charge.” ODDLY ENOUGH; the university elite do not believe in thinking, or thought, or consequences; using evolution as their guide. They assert that genetically changing DNA structure doesn’t matter/ because chaos created all life. ANY FOOL, with a mosquito brain would know better; but alas they do not. Which means they WILL REMOVE the thought structures associated with DNA; and biology will sink into the mire; because they have no mind; as according to their creator, had no mind either; and yet built everything one piece at a time, without tools or anything; just chaos/ as is the foundation called destruction, meaning destroyed: “to its most simple form”. And still they pride themselves exceedingly, claiming to have a brain, “when finding a grain of sand on the beach; so to speak”. Alas, their brain failed, the more complex truth:  life is more, than lies.

As with all righteous people; since they are gods in their own mind/ the second thing they do is judge everyone else as less. Since you can quickly be thrown into the trash from that moment on: the majority become worthless, and that allows for extreme gambling or abuse without the slightest concern for consequences to anyone but me. And since all righteous people are gods/ and all university elite are more than gods in their own mind: they can destroy nature/ try to play with the sun/ abuse and use anything to be found on earth/ and in all ways, enslave and destroy the trash as they see fit. The only difference between “hitler for instance”/ and the intellectual college elite is: hitler didn’t need deception or distraction, because he could use brute force. The intellectual does not; because they believe, “we are so damn smart: let’s play a game with the rats and vermin below”.

In even more distressing news: scientists have been crossing species boundary lines for decades now; mixing DNA to see if they could play god. People have been mixing very invasive chemicals in their pharmaceuticals for decades now: chemicals easily able to mutate biology inside. The worst plagues have been due to species disease crossing boundary lines/ the vaccines we use; have been due to similar, milder disease found in other species; to inoculate us. Viruses can mutate everyday/ every time they replicate. Or more simply: like the flu; there is little escape, unless nature provides the means. In contrast to that: scientists use crispr to discard nature; and look for one tiny variant that they can control. Without a single clue, as to how the machinery itself, as a living structure works. Potentially changing more than they can even conceive of. Genetic chaos: “is a structure, without the software, to become a life”. They have no clue; but millions mutilate genetics every single day: hoping for something, they can declare “we are gods now”. Not a game, the ending of life.

As the game progresses; the vile truth of it is: how do we make the people believe they are vermin and rats? The answer is: make them fear a disease, that cannot be found/ because that; makes everyone a potential enemy. Now, they will fear each other; and as that progresses on: the fear will make them enemies to each other/ as the intensity of disease invades and threatens life. Robbed of a face, all creatures are then defined as a: rat carrying disease, or vermin robbing me of my life and needs.

At the other end of the spectrum; are the people who do not wish to be intellectuals/ and make their mark on life, by destroying what the other people have. To prove: If I can’t have this/ then neither can you. Proving again and again: those who are not building an answer for life/ fully intend to tear down what is being built; because they want the destruction to continue. Thereby hiding the truth, their only true desire is violence. Both the intellectual and the non-intellectual share the same basic purpose: “to prove they can force, we are gods”, over life.

As puppets on a string; the game then progresses, to what will the politicians do, when confronted by the masses of animals who are threatening to stampede into “wild abandon of peace” (the prey are released)/ causing destruction and mayhem, with their fears? The answer is of course: either we try to lead them with all forms of bribes and lies and fantasy or delusion/ OR, we try to control them with all forms of weapons that mean, death and hate (civil war threatens). But the question is why, does this exist?

The answer being: when the games have gone too far/ they fall out of control. Or more distinctly, the choice is: to propagate peace by establishing truth and the evidence of justice as leading the way (which rarely, and certainly is not happening here)/ OR, to guide the damned animals into death, by propagating fear; until the slaughter begins. The reward: now we, the university elite; are in complete control, after the refuse of bodies and blood, is cleaned up. We can leave the curse of hell, created; because of all the theft and betrayal that the university elite, has been done.

So the question is: WHY look back, at the universities as the problem?

The answer is: when accumulating threats, endanger the mind; as a place of fear residing in the sewage of those who created that fear. The answer to where did that fear come from is “university”. They mutilate life/ they try to ignite atoms on fire/ they created the poisons spread across this earth/ and they take credit for every single “WE RAMPAGED/ WE RAPED/ WE RUINED/ AND WE CURSED THE FUTURE; by what we did”. Because they believe consequences WON’T come in our lifetime/ WE ESCAPE, FOR FREE! Taking everything, by forcing the children into HELL. All hail the lords of the damned: “university”.

So reality says: either you get your face out of their ass/ and spit out the shit they forced into your mouth; by evicting your fears. Or they finish killing this world, and they curse you into HADES (ETERNAL terrors); because that, is where this road, particularly in America leads. Hell you got guns right, don’t need NOBODY, telling you what to do: and hidden away are machine guns, and bombs, and fire, and we will make them fear us. WHICH IS WHAT WE WANT; as history proves true. But alas, the world has changed, and 8 billion people cannot be destroyed so easily as with bullets: so weapons of mass destruction will be released. And every resource that would help you to survive: will be lost. Making extinction, and absolute cannibalism your only choice.

Truth says: to evict your fears/ DEMANDS, that you find what is true! No more/ no less/ no bias/ no want: strictly what is true, by investigating the evidence, and learning what can be learned; as best we can. Nothing less will evict a fear/ even if you cover it up; because it will come back, until you learn to accept truth itself, as your leader. THAT MEANS; you need your own brain, to accomplish that. That means: you cannot wait for media or universities to “tell you what you think”. That means: YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK, and pay the price for more than just being an animal; who stampedes, because that makes us all the same. Or we evict those, who are not. Human, “ANIMALS” WILL NOT survive this future you chose.


SO YOU NEED A BRAIN! Or more distinctly, you need to remove yourselves from the rat maze of universities know/ and assemble plain, simple, distinct laws that govern life and existence; so that you can determine what is best for this democracy. LIFE is simple enough: no more riots, because that is just the rats enjoying a meal. CHOOSE TO CREATE THE LAW THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR POSITION. Identify a bill of rights, that all can agree upon.

FEAR is always an enemy, and it rarely buys you time enough; to survive. So you MUST accept the cost of life and death, and gather the damned who gave you fear instead of truth by information collected in the evidence: and throw them out. NO MORE OF THIS! Another disease, does not mean a pandemic. Acting as if a pandemic exists: is simply and plainly destroying the fabric of society/ discarding lives/ and destroying the future for every child. How is that: “to be valued”? Those who cannot contain their fear: must be removed from participation. NO YOU cannot continue to be in charge of anything but yourself: go home and die in the grave you dug/ or climb out, and face your life. One or the other; but no more of “complete cowardice”. It is unworthy of the rest; and you, are the disease infecting society. Which makes you: the vermin you wish to destroy. Find your face/ find your brain/ find your life: and either remove your fear/ or be thrown out of business and society. Because you don’t belong here, as the malicious scourge of society scorned. You don’t want people to be people/ you don’t want nothing to do with people: THEN GET OUT.

Oh wait, silly me: evolution says, EVERYTHING HAS TO MUTILATE CONSTANTLY, so enough biology can die, and only leave whatever is left. So, disease is “their buddy”; and quite literally what they have been trying to cause for decades. As prior to crispr: their deliberate intent was to make genetic structure as is nature: fall into chaos, so they could sort through the pieces. With crispr; now they can do that, by discarding the genetic laws of nature entirely. Oh wait, I forgot: you don’t want to know, what your scientists have been doing. You just want, what you want; so, “let them play god”/ DON’T do nothing!

As to the future: you have only one chance: as being SURROUNDED BY THREATS OF EXTINCTION; proves beyond any doubt, “these leaders [everyone of which comes from, the university is god] won’t do”. EVICT THE UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA; and identify the laws which then govern our lives and our society, and our future, and our world: by doing/ by building the laws for yourselves. Start simple, and work your way up the ladder of this will govern justice/ peace/ truth/ and value, by fair play.

STOP THE DAMNED AND THE DEAD; CLEAN UP THIS DAMN MESS OF SEWAGE SPEWED EVERYWHERE, by the dead; who have believed themselves to be “god”. And return to life is, at least now possible; for a child once more.

By removing the middle class from America: with unfounded fears. Destroying businesses/ removing you from any and all organizations/ evicting the foundation people who make America work. The insurgency succeeds in taking complete and utter control over your lives.

But don’t you worry, the universities will fill every vacancy “with their people”. After all, they need a job too; and the university money pot will run dry; if a diploma cannot get better jobs. Since they control government, all currency, soon every business, and everything else: “they can do it”/ shouts the mob.

As every religious group, including universities throughout history does do: WE DESERVE to take control, because WE KNOW what the truth is: WE BELIEVE. “we even have a book, that proves it”. And when the group gets big enough: they march, on the others with war/ shouting we can’t all be wrong. After all, a believer is never wrong/ because truth does not matter, they believe. The intellectual, simply wages a different kind of deceit as war; to prove, “we are smarter, than you”.

As every big investor, or general knows: “what is bad for them/ can be very good” for me. The key to victory is: just keep chasing them with fears, until the give up, or have nothing left.

As every swindler knows: “you can’t cheat them out of everything” UNLESS, they believe they know something. Because belief, is what makes them fall into the abyss.

By creating CHAOS WITH FEAR; the enemy sneaks inside, where the real power lives. A WAR so disabling, your opportunity to make a choice/ no longer exists. Because they own the weapon. That weapon completed, will be: facial recognition, and control over every business such as food; will allow the selection of anyone considered to be an enemy. Removed from access/ or simply discarded in the trash. The computer will easily kill you; and if you don’t do exactly what you are told; it will kill each one, until they do. Because what you need to survive, is now completely controlled: and is no longer available TO YOU. CONGRATULATIONS to the enemy of life; and world. And the people say: “we will fight/ we will destroy”. But reality says: humanity, AT 8 BILLION people, is stretched to the limit now, and if you fight; the resources you need will fail. “its called DAMNED IF YOU DO/ DAMNED IF YOU DON’T”.

and all the people say: “that can’t happen”. But alas, reality proves you wrong/ as every face is recorded on social media. Methods exist for a computer to kill you easily. Poisons exist: that are said to kill an adult with just one molecule. And of course, there is the preferred method: to create a disease, where just a few droplets, will let you bring that disease back to your household, and infect all your friends. All praise the university gods; for creating the perfect “robot soldier”. Just don’t get back up; it ain’t allowed.

But don’t you worry now, cause university born “biological chaos/ from mutilating genetics and playing god”: will make death look life relief. As your own bodies begin to turn into SLIME. (disorderly/ undisciplined/ and without balance); because that is what you chose, by letting the universities play god with nature.

Don’t worry, once they ignite a fire just like on the sun (atoms burning) here: the rest won’t matter any more. Because EVERYTHING is fuel. And all the other threats, “just swept under the rug”; because you are believers, in the monkey cult of university.

Well, “thank the god of universities; an arrogance so Deranged/ they no longer know what true insanity is”: for this distraction of fears, as is covid 19. because after all, YOU really DON’T want to know what is coming; now do you. Because after forty years of work: we all know, YOU AIN’T GOING TO DO NOTHING, to stop extinction. Because that is not what you want/ LET SOME OTHER DAMN FOOL; cause you got trophies to collect, people to manipulate, and lies to create. Now ain’t that right!

The constant of man is: “life is a fight” to prove NOTHING but what I want lives here. A reality of violence, to prove: I will take everything I can get. Each shouting: MINE/ MINE/ MINE. That fight has no overridden nature, that fight now threatens the earth itself; and every living thing: because there is no respect. The curse is then: without true change life will die, and humanity will go extinct. Because you cannot live without nature, and you cannot exist without resource, and nothing can prove “this creation is yours”! In another reality between “man and child” that is not fair; are the elements of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, here too: the demand for punishments commonly given out/ often do more harm than good. A new set of consequences must be chosen/ and a new understanding of how children are affected; when they do not talk. As is: if they cannot trust, and seem to be belligerent or unwilling to learn instead/ as is: if a young adult cannot trust sleep, and spends the night in fear instead.

It DID NOT, work out for the Chinese to kill all their intellectuals, more than a century ago/ and it will NOT WORK OUT for you either; to simply focus on any particular group, as did Hitler. Because it is humanity, not a group; that causes the trouble, “we are too many people to survive here”. Then seeking solutions, no matter the delusion or cost of consequences.

If you desire life to be sustained: YOU NEED RESPECT/ YOU NEED REALITY to prove the evidence of what matters/ YOU NEED TRUTH, to decide, instead of you or me/ YOU NEED A DECISION: that lets life, all life, and the chains which keep life living, and the keys which let environment survive. None of that exists today; as the university devils said: “we can play god” instead. CHANGE OR DIE, this ain’t no game.

We then alter the concepts of their university: with the elementally conceived development, of why, and how does life itself, intervene.

The fundamental is: life is demanding, you see things from a different view!

I have faced that same, “personal demand”: to achieve a balance that was not sufficient before. Even though, change is hard, and life is different: without that change, I would not still be here; and this work, over the last fifteen years would not exist. Hard or not, truth must decide. OR LIFE, WILL DIE. Your opportunity is to participate in that truth; as reality demands.

From the other point of view.

The righteous, will always say: “he is nothing/ we know everything”, no damn evidence or reality is going to change that; “because we are, the children of god”. That is their defense/ their belief, that stands as a bulwark to all who challenge what they want life to be. Unfortunately for them, life nor eternity is so simple as claiming to be “children of god”. It is not true! We are children of time, by nature, as it displays in us through the decisions of sex. Our brain, exists to “tell the tale”, of what we did do, with the creation of life in us, by the identity of our truth, as the evidence of living, will prove. Our soul, is “the child of GOD in us”; but if you don’t have that relationship with life through creation; it does not concern you. Heart builds a path, but only truth in your love, invites you inside. GOD IS, for humanity itself, an invitation that builds its bridge: on your acceptance of thought. Without thought, no life exists. Therefore thought is the first transition from time. That is NOT an intellectual saying, but a description that begins with trust.

The functional summary is: I DON’T want to hear it/ when you capitulate, to the realities of truth; as the evidence proves you will. I gain nothing, from world extinction, and neither do you. It just proves: you were wrong/ and that, has absolutely no value to me. After all, “this earth, and all its life; only dies once”.  TOO LATE, has no value.

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