As indicated by the graph “change in GDP”; depression is all but certain now/ the primary result of your fears. The realities of your debt and hidden inflation; the curse of your choices in following the leaders of “university knows”; who do in fact control everything “power related”, in America. It is not democrat or republican: it is a university diploma; each of which is indoctrinated into the cult of ONLY the universities know anything; throughout their educational lives. Giving that power of communication; (in charge of everything; from preschool, to religion, to war) to the universities.

Nonetheless, we now face the inevitable, which is an inescapable crossroads: you WILL either choose for peace, through the investigating of what is true/ and by our own choices, the decisions will be made to achieve “life with a future”. OR, you will war with each other, creating the Apocalypse (rivers of blood) for many, and ending all chances for a future for any child.

But that, is only one crossroad of many. Because the day has arrived: when you will choose “men as your god”/ OR return to your Creator, and accept the demand for respect from you; or you die/ by your own choices. That reality is divided into MANY DECISIONS; each of which is critical, to what your future is going to become. Fail the realities of life/ disguise or discard truth; and you die with extinction stalking you into eternity. Because that is what you chose: when allowing the blind, to lead the blind; and as predicted all fall into a hole. Getting yourselves back out of that hole, is no small thing. Your brain failed to function; and you MUST find it back/ by dissolving your cult worship of university, is god. They are only “devil”.

That does not mean the entire organization is without merit/ but it does with every intent to purge: mean there shall NOT be any further extreme experimentation/ or gambling with life or earth by any kind of theory or conception or purpose beyond what LIFE AND PLANET NEED TO SURVIVE. No games/ NO EXTREME ARROGANCE AS IS IGNITING ATOMS ON FIRE/ OR PLAYING GOD WITH GENETICS/ OR DESTROYING LIFE OR EARTH, as is the constant of universities know.

Your choice is then absolutely clear: choose to investigate as a nation/ or you will war creating your own HELL. CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND EARTH/ or, you will enter every catastrophic decision made, by universities: until extinct. How is that not clear?

And the people say: YOU can’t talk to us like that/ YOU ARE NOBODY! And I do agree; because I am NOT “talking to you like that”/ it is the evidence that does. And the evidence of your investigation will prove that to be so. The evidence is: you have entered the crossroads of time or death; for a world. Take your pick, because as a leader of nations on earth, this America (the place now of every nation) will decide for them all.

People ask: WHY, cannot the government keep on simply inflating money, so that no depression can exist? The answer to that is very simple: government employees, give that inflated money to the banks, and the banks give that inflated currency to the rich. When the rich no longer believe it is a fun game, to play with the poor: they contract, and keep all the inflated currency for themselves. Discarding the poor! More distinctly apart from the lies used to inflate money into oblivion (it means nothing real). The cost of forcing people out of work is: they use up their credit/ and they use up their resources/ and they have nothing left to contribute to the business of society; so they are evicted from it, to live on the streets. As more and more people lose their ability to contribute to business/ more and more businesses fail: and the cascade of failures become an avalanche. Ending the possibilities of recovery. Because now, the salary anyone, except the rich can claim: is meager/ BECAUSE OF ALL THE COMPETITION. Don’t like it/ someone else will take your job. Resources determine work. Where plenty of resources exist: work will eventually come. Not enough/ immigration surges: war erupts. THE CRITICAL TRUTH BEGINS WITH: THE US CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ it is not our employees. Therefore by US constitutional law, as described by first amendment redress of grievances: WE THE PEOPLE have every legal right. To bring our employees to court: and demand an investigation of truth in evidence. To determine if they have obeyed their oath of office to us/ if not, to remove or punish as decided by our vote. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT OF THIS USA. That is no small thing; but we agree: It is the contract we made with ourselves as a constitution (our government), that controls the courtroom, and our own decisions/ in accordance with the “virginia bill of rights (our hope) adopted/ and the declaration of independence (the critical moment of choice)”. Within those choices, as determined by the investigation of evidence; using the foundations of law; WE CAN RIGHT THE WRONGS, AND DELIVER TO OURSELVES, TRUE DEMOCRACY. The price of that is: we must think for ourselves, organize for ourselves, and accept the decision we make for ourselves; holds consequences in reality that we cannot avoid. Because truth is our only success, or even survival.

THE REASON; media does not report anything other than what they are told is true by “university knows” is: THEY WERE INDOCTRINATED INTO THE RELIGION OF “university is god” from a very early age. ONLY UNIVERSITY KNOWS! And as every cult religion proves: you may NEVER question your leader; they are gods! As to the reality of it: a university diploma proves, “YOU CHOSE, to mimic and memorize exactly what you were told to believe”. Focus only on the “rat maze”, follow the maze, and ask no questions other than the maze; because the maze is your trophy. The trophy is your test, to determine if you will obey! in other words: university is just like being in the army, except you learn to use words, manipulation, temptation, humiliation, and more;  as your weapons. and when the leader says; “they sky is green/ or the ocean is orange: the soldier replies, yes sir”. Because as every occupying force knows:  UNLESS YOU MAKE THEM FEAR, and control all communications/ you do NOT have full control. Because the leader cannot be wrong in their own mind; and you have no say. “after all, they have a book”! Making the enemy: all those who do not fall down in front of their words, or offer resistance to their demand. Fail that test, and you are locked into a debt; proving the religion of university, will never let you go. Ever wonder why: we cannot escape that? Because the US SUPREME court sold us out; and gave complete control over media, into a very tiny few hands! THAT WAS, LITERAL BELLIGERENT TREASON against this USA. The universities debt, is the only one that cannot be escaped for any cause other than death? The answer to why, is: because they control this government; NOT the people/ NOT the constitution/ and NOT THE LAW/ not the representatives who are elected with US inflated currency: by claiming assets increased. Behind closed doors; the university elite spend an additional 9 trillion dollars or so, in any way they want; per year. UNIVERSITY does own the nation and state: by slowly eroding democracy, freedom, our law, and our liberty to decide for ourselves. Instead claiming “we are too damn dumb”; only the university (your former classmates, plain ordinary people: NOT god) is smart enough to make a decision; FOR YOU. Because the people are trained to fear: the university/ THEY talk better, and are an army, and hold control over all communication to say whatever they want to say. All bow down, they alone make decisions.


https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/index.html covid is not a pandemic/ they simply steal your world; by distracting you long enough; to make it impossible for this earth to survive. Your “university god” is SATAN; to your shame.


in the trials and tribulations of this life, at this time, in this America: we now face a reality induced entirely by the cult of “university is god” people. They are the religion of this time and this place; and they are filled with such belief/ that they are willing to destroy their own nation, with fears created, and fears multiplied by the consumption of “media news”. The university priest, the critical “whip-masters” who keep the people in line; so they never question the leaders of their cult. Never question the consequences of their leaders choice. It is an horrendous thing, and Armageddon may soon result because of it/ the Apocalypse may soon erupt, because of it/ the HELL on earth may soon ignite because of it/ and of course any other prophecy of doom; as are many, can all be seen in the distance as a reality standing on the edge of this time; as a world that lurches into extinction.

And all the people say: I will not listen to that/ it is fear mongering, and the universities are my god. Or, I listen only to them, as I have been told to do; by a university education; from preschool on. But alas: what I offer you is not fear mongering/ it is reality, and within that reality truth demands: without change in humanity, the consequences of your own actions and reactions, are now identified as predicted; even from a long time ago. So, what I offer is an understanding to the evidence: change or die.

And all the people say: we will only listen to our leaders, “the cult of university knows”/ because they are far greater than you; and we believe them, because when our body is damaged, or we want more than we have: THEY PROVIDE, not you.

But let’s review: of the things universities claim as a whole/ are a few tiny things that individuals did create. Of the things universities claim in healthcare; nothing was more, or is more life altering than antibiotics or vaccine. Each was obtained by observations in nature, and the natural processes a tiny few adapted to human existence. Everything else, was trial and error; although with the addition of chemical analysis, and advances in “what can we see inside”; healthcare has in fact improved/ to the point of a human population crisis; that will by its own self, cause extinction on earth, as it already is. In the lives of things not human.

As to being greater than I; that is no issue at all/ let them be greater, because only the evidence of life or death for this planet has value to me. And the evidence is: that we will soon all be dead, even our world destroyed by what the universities are doing. They lie/ they steal/ they cheat/ they betray/ they terrorize; and yet you believe. Because belief is a very safe place to be: no thinking required/ no realities of choice are allowed/ no assertion of right or wrong exists, because there are rules to decide that. Or more simply, people believe for the same reasons there are herds in other animals; they want what they want, and they follow the leader, to remove their fears of death or other. But alas, nothing in the history of this earth: has proven to be more catastrophic and dangerous to all life and earth/ than a universities diploma. They threaten our whole world, not just a few.

The fact you want more is nothing new. The fact you have been allowed to terrorize this earth on an individual level is. Destroying as much as you can touch; so you too, can claim to be “little gods” over your own individual world/ NOTHING here, but what I want; is the claim. Measuring everything to play god over life itself; thereby removing everything, that is not “your claim to fame”.

Unfortunately for you; life is not about trinkets, toys, or trophies. The cost of what you have done is extreme, and the point of no return is not far away: an entire world of life, collapsed, from humanity playing god. Barren and lost forever; is the badge of your decision.

Which leaves us, within the realities of what will come next?

The formula is simple: universities have destroyed your currency, and all securities aligned with that currency/ to give you nothing but hell, in return for their toys, pride, and trophies. And you bowed down to say, “we believe”; because the foundation of all that, for the last fifty plus years, has been: DON’T MAKE US PAY! They came Reagan; who said; be damned to all who want paid/ let the children die instead; and gave away the currency itself, to the universities for their game of we want MORE too. And all the people said: HURRAH.

So now, with debts that can never be paid/ children whose lives have been assassinated due to resource losses/ currency inflation beyond your wildest imagination/ and a reality of lies so extreme; as to cause literal extinction for this earth. Your claim remains; “the university is our god”.

That is true only in the sense of SATAN; as a destroyer of worlds/ the arrogance so extreme the cursed and damned and dead inside: now choose to mutilate nature beyond repair/ ignite a nuclear fire/ destroy the entire possibility of fighting even now to save this world. All under the covers of “the university is god”/ believe forever. Even though forever, the end of life and planet: could literally be “only months away”. Because that is what the herd of men and women did choose, even for their own child. And all say: no we did not/ WE ARE BUSY GETTING ALL WE WANT; there is nothing else in our lives. SO WE HAVE AN EXCUSE; they did it/ not us. But alas, you followed/ you chose to let them lead/ you chose to let them steal/ and you chose to believe in lies, without ever investigating anything; even though you knew enough to accept, “yes it is important”/ but NO, DON’T tell me anything. Because I DON’T want to be involved/ I want only what I want; be damned to all the rest. Let someone else, “sacrifice their life” for this world/ NOT ME. And humanity dug a hole, and buried themselves inside; hiding in their own fears: just as covid 19 so deliberately proves.

The probability of extreme economic breakdown/ invasion by foreigners/ the collapse of peace/ the cost of guns/ the beginning starvation/ the failure of water supplies/ the rising probability of Yellowstone erupting/ “and a thousand more” all wait for its release. But that will only be the beginning; as nature dies, because men chose to play god with life; saying “yes we can”. Alas, no they could not. And then as the world is engulfed by nuclear fire; because men were certain, we can ignite the same fire as on the sun/ and never worry. Because not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so on a planet made out of fuel: “the fire will just extinguish itself”. Gee, what could go wrong; its just million mile long flames/ with radiation that will kill you in an instant. But hey the universities are god; RIGHT?

Reality is, what reality is/ just like evidence is, whatever the evidence actually is: because truth is truth, and that cannot be changed just because you don’t like the outcome or consequences of that truth. Simple as that/ I did do, what I could do, for you. Because more than anything else: you want to believe, all you have to do is follow the rules; and “heaven” will come. Or GOD will save you from yourselves; even though respect is all but gone. For such a pitiful excuse as is evolution: a fools disease/ courtesy of “university knows”. All an accident of chaos? Even the sewage sludge at the bottom of a septic system has more brains than that. Shame on you.


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