Just as it was in JESUS day, “HE, delivered his message to a few” who were then expected to deliver it to the rest. Without their work, and their writing, their sacrifices; HIS life, would have died in vain. Same as today, their religious leaders assumed: someone to do the job JESUS did do/ would have been given to a description built on power, wealth, pride, and standing in society. HE was not/ nor am I. HIS work pointed to eternity, and said: IF YOU love your GOD enough, by choosing to respect HIM AND ME/ then you will receive mercy. My work, is merely to remind you: there are no second chances when you gamble with an entire world of life, as is clearly being done so says the evidence of your truth/ “following blind fools”. There will be no mercy if you refuse to stop, only HELL on earth, till you are gone forever. Not a game: your universities have seen to that! MAKE YOUR DECISION, TIME HAS RUN OUT.

DO, whatever it is that you can do, its your duty to life and Creation itself. Regardless of the others, YOUR own eternity will know your truth.

I am NOT your leader, and I am NOT your savior, and I am NOT asking you to believe anything more, than what the evidence of our reality states is true. That the universities are gambling with LIFE AND PLANET AND FUTURE; and to be WRONG WILL: ESTABLISH OUR EXTINCTION. Demanding proof that is not going to happen: is not only sane, it is our legal right. It is our democratic authority: as WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation, and we do have a duty to this world, every child, and every living thing, including the planet itself. You cannot wait and see. Because the proof of being WRONG: IS YOUR OWN EXTINCTION. REALITY THEREFORE DEMANDS: we must have a trial, to prove what is, and what is not true; as best we the people can understand it to be. Simple as that. No hidden agenda or purpose: life or death of our world!

THAT, makes this YOUR DAY, as in YOUR TIME, as in YOUR EVIDENCE OF CHOICE: the REALITY; that does or does not establish YOU, as a servant of GOD . Just as you have said, and even believed.

The proof of threat is absolute, and can be found in countless ways by the widest number of people in the history of this earth. THAT REMOVES YOUR EXCUSE.

THE CRITICAL CHOICE IS: are you going to hide and run away, from your own inescapable extinction/ OR, ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP, AND BE COUNTED? It ain’t a hard question, “COWARD OR COURAGE”: YES, or no.

it is not me, that you will choose or deny: I will never be your excuse. I am just “a messenger”; essentially, the mailman who delivered the letter. How is that not true?

If you believe there must be another option/ you are wrong. Everyday threats mount/ and it only takes one single mistake or action to make this world lost. Just take a look at the true possibility of world war, started through Iran and the US/ or your own government officials who have no value; so they look for excuses, and play games instead of deal with reality. More simply: they discard you, and our democracy; because they have no answers to any problem of depth or reality. Prove the universities are god, by trial/ or dig your grave. Because this world cannot wait any longer!

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED (put your name on your decision and be visible); or you have chosen to let life, and planet die. Simple as that, the evidence is insurmountable; the realities are clear.

But alas: the universities have “ate your brain”/ and you have no courage to find it back. It is true, because nothing less than life “without a mind”; would allow the destruction of nature itself by intentional mutilation, and a complete lack of respect for life itself. Nothing less, would allow energy experiments which are deliberately trying to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun” here on earth: which cannot be extinguished, because everything on earth is then fuel. Nothing less, would allow resource destruction so grievous that this world will be dead, and every living thing cannibalized; because there is nothing else to eat or drink: as is the result of throwing it all away/ and adding a quarter of a billion people more each year, above deaths to feed, and deal with. Nothing less would allow a world filled with weapons of mass destruction. Nothing less would destroy the foundation chains of life that we and every living creature depends upon. Nothing less would find excuses, for changing the planet itself; because you want what you want/ and don’t give a damn about the future of anything but you. While you all SCREAM at me: NOT, in my lifetime/ but are wrong. So, I say to you: if you just had a brain somewhere in between you, that you could at least share/ there might be a possibility of life remaining on earth. But as it is, I remind the tiny few who are left of life beyond the grave: that this is no game, and eternity will not remember “for life”/ those who did not care, even a little. So, do the best you can, and discard the rest as lost, if they will not join the effort; for just one last time, “to find a brain”; before our world is lost.

I am not allowed to go further, I have delivered the message/ I have bribed you with a machine you need/ I have done what I could do. Either you care enough to work for life and planet, or you don’t.      Simple as that, find a way. If I were to be more involved: it would seem as if, “I were more important than I am”. It is not so, just a messenger (delivery man).

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Jim Osterbur

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