If, we examine the elements and essence of life itself, the values which arise are astounding. The reality of a composition even in its most minimal form of life, is simply beyond comprehension: because the complexity, requires a very significant amount of thought, to even conceive of the possibility called life. That is a fact, and that fact causes all other stories regarding the fantasies of men and women to be destroyed. They have no basis in reality; but that is true of nearly everything the universities have declared, “as a fact”/ where more than simple exists.

The critical question is why? The answer is: like all religions (we can be gods), if they cannot answer all the questions, it leaves room for their believers to doubt (you can’t be gods). So the demand is: MAKE SOMETHING UP, even if its wrong/ that don’t matter if they believe: “gods get to play, and pretend”.

So, lets start with the obvious: that you provide. “Somatic cells usually have one copy of chromosomes 1-22 from each parent, plus an X chromosome from the mother, and either an X or Y chromosome from the father, for a total of 46. There are an estimated 20,000-25,000 human protein-coding genes.”

These are very orderly, and very specific in what they do; and by no means a possibility of chaos or accident; as is constant in even the proof of your own lotteries. No chance happening. As you well know, without thought, nothing can be organized, disciplined, balanced, or constructed.

Without even the most basic realities established by facts that cannot be denied: every universities assertion of their fantasies falls into sewage.

We shift to the assertions of “time and age of a universe”. Relying upon reality to govern the distance between mass and energy: the construction of time itself. Requires us to understand where does the energy of time come from? That shifts to the energy of an atom: as the fundamental of proven mass organized into time. Time is a method of decay, but that decay does not originate with time; it originates with chaos. Thereby time exists as an eternity, until chaos initiates a death spiral. Consequently we can only search for the beginning of chaos, as a method of distance.

I have dealt with these subjects in a book sold on: “amazon books; and will not write it again. James F Osterbur should find it. “secrets of the atom is a subtitle”.  its called “building time” I think.

Regardless, what is important is to understand that it is the atom which defines the grace and beauty of time itself/ because that is where our energy of motion, as a physical force resides. While universities offer no realistic definition of why do atoms have such large amounts of energy stored; as is proven by an atomic bomb. The reality is very simple: the proton spin at the nucleus contains the energy. Simple centrifugal forces involved in that spin, which can be siphoned off by electron movements. We can calculate that spin, by understanding the measurement of “how many atoms”, as the explosive: are involved in an atomic explosion/ and how much energy was released by the weight that was displaced over a given area. The calculation reveals a number that greatly exceeds the speed of light. That speed did not simply produce itself/ therefore it had cause to move that fast. Which establishes “the big bang” was far more expansive and way more rapid than the universities suggest. Throwing their calculations of age completely off. And they do not even account for the fact: than an explosion will have an action, and a reaction: so the center of that explosion is at the center of the mass that can then be found. It is not at the edge of the opposite side/ as that discounts the laws of physics entirely.

Without even a basic understanding of the facts that identify an atom, by its energy: in “concrete terms of understanding, that are specific to its expression”. There can be no assertion of truth, and it becomes a religion (some truth exists, other assumptions do not)/ with only a cult following to insist it must be so.

Just these two facts are enough to dispute any theory on age. But lets review common reality as well: universities suggest life simply arose and built itself into a complex reality without even a brain. Can you do that; just wait for time to deliver to you whatever you want? No, you cannot: YOU NEED a variety of things in order to survive/ and you need more, as in thought requires a discipline, order, balance, etcetera for you to attain anything other than chaos. Or more distinctly: even if you were suddenly taken to a remote desert island “complete as you are and fully functioning in all ways as a human being is”. You cannot survive, unless there is food, and water, and everything you need to survive with. NOTHING ORIGINATES, to find “without a brain”; what it needs to survive on a rock field (rocks don’t feed life) or in an ocean. There is no real organic matter, UNLESS something living dies first: that is the definition. A sterile ocean provides every possible method of diluting and distributing anything that arises from a boundary which allows for life to organize and protect itself: by simply washing “your puddle of promise” away. Life is not a chemical, even if the body is made from very many complex chemicals. Life is an elemental rise, above mere existence as time. Mass exists/ energy exists: life creates thought, as is a conception beyond time itself.

Without the basic formations of all things known to be needed before life can exist or continue on: the fantasy and imagery of a story without facts that can be found as true. Falls into the pit, that is psychotic delusions.

So we then look at thought, by the creation of what can or cannot be conceived out of energy and mass? This earth is a wonderful example of what that can be. But it does not identify thought beyond the stage of miracles in existence, freedom in motion, and disciplines balanced by order and truth.

The more critical relationship is then: by what method can we know eternity? Why did chaos originate to end the relationships of purity, and allow death? Where does life explain the value of existence? How do we achieve the expression of an eternity? And who will we experience life beyond time as? When will the gate between life and death close?

The critical method is simply, thought originates life/ thought controls the experience, as your own conception within the boundaries of time/ thought expresses the boundary of your identity, by creating the treasures you value most. Without thought the body is dead: thereby with thought, we can originate the path back into creation itself. The “blueprint (by design) of everything”.

Chaos forms the development of value/ because when you have lost that value, what is left identifies that value with tears. Making it possible for “the living” to understand the value of each miracle in their own heart. A reality that is required for peace and harmony in society. Therefore things die, so that life can escape the tragedy and joys, of “childhood”/ by an education. As is we know better now, and need no further instruction. This fact also explains the value of our existence, because death takes it away: granting the truth, and proving to you: how you really felt regarding life.

An eternity is expressed as life without end, thereby a freedom without chaos. To achieve the reality of “no chaos here”/ there must be purity in your truth. To achieve purity, you must desire it. To achieve truth, you must be willing to live it. Each expresses your reality: thereby conceives of your destiny in search for life, by design.

The question of individual experience or expression is governed by how you think on your own. Freedom is governed by your ability to stay within the laws which define and create the boundaries of life without chaos. Therefore you are to become, whatever your own creation and conception decides; as best you can.

The boundary line between life and death, “is a door/ gate if you prefer”. The difference between life which exists within the purity of truth. OR, death which exists in the chaos of failure, fantasy, judgment, and disrespect. Is your own decision. Therefore it is that decision that forms the gate, and decides your fate (no choice/ the consequence is) or destiny (continue on to our home). What you decide, opens or closes “the door” of life or death. By your own distinct truth!

Elemental to all theory of value, is the creation of steps. Steps are the assembly of knowledge, that leads to an understanding, where wisdom (truth purified as best we can) takes control. The universities lack all steps, to anything other than delusion or hate: as is evidenced by their worship of chaos “as the creator of life”. A fact that denies knowledge/ wisdom/ and understanding at every level known to exist.

Given that reality: the questioning by trial must begin, to assess and confine those who have been leading life into its abyss of extinction; by the reality of their own words.

NO, I am not tearing down the universities: rather is this NOT AN OPPORTUNITY, for them to shine out like stars, proving once and for all that everything they say is “pure truth”, without a cause to question anything? Indeed it is, this is their chance to prove “how god-like” they have become. How could they not want that, after all: we need not question anything they say, “so says the courts, politicians, religion, and more”.

The only real question is why are they NOT carrying a banner and shouting to the people: YES LETS DO THIS, LETS PROVE WE ARE god, with REALITY. But no theory, story, or other forms of delusion by which they hide what is true.

Unlike the rest, I am not a believer: I ask questions/ I demand truth. Not of your religion called “universities know”; its your religion, I don’t give a damn. But of the facts surrounding our planet, our nature, our world of life, and the future of everything: because these religious zealots do believe they can play god. And they are: literally trying to ignite atoms on fire; “just like the sun” . Ending this planet and changing this solar system if they succeed. They are literally trying to destroy all balance, discipline, and order in biology by mutilating nature itself: to worship their god called chaos. Demanding chaos will do better, and bring us bodies men and women chose to create. They are literally ending the possibilities of a future for every living thing. And every single threat, they created: is a road to extinction of life, planet, world, you, and me from time.     AND I AM LEGALLY ENTITLED, DUE TO THESE THREATS, AS ARE YOU!

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