Patterns in all animal behavior, are the result of three distinct things: “what I want/ what I don’t want/ and the links which put “the train of thought patterns” in place. Links are how we store the various inputs of information, that occur everyday, and what we chose to be of importance enough to memorize over time. Even if that was because, it is slightly different, dangerous, an image, illusion, delusion, or whatever triggers that memory because it did “get my attention, for more than a common instance in time”. We remember the things which are not common or ordinary; because they do not repeat continually.

We then begin with behavior patterns as the result of want: which is, I predict this will bring me some degree of happiness or survival as I do want. Which does include the expectations of manipulating/ tempting/ cheating/ stealing/ lying/ loving/ respecting/ and remembering people. Each of these predicts a journey with an ending I have anticipated will benefit me. Or in the case of love and respect, which will benefit us equally. Therefore behavior in want is regulated by the hope of selfishness or the realities involved in creating trust and therefrom value between us, as we join to become friends, family, or other.

The constant behavior patterns of I DON’T want: are the curse of insanity, betrayal, hatred, fear, evil, tragedy, chaos, failure, and its lesser enemies of gossip/ disrespect/ disgrace/ and isolation. The foundation being, that if I can avoid all these things, then my life will be happy. As a consequence to that, cowardice arises as the method most likely to “keep me safe; from this world”. Therefore behavior either locks the door, to create your own personal prison wherein nobody can “get you”. Or it opens the door to violence as defined by hate, so that the others can fear you: thereby stay away from me, or I make you cry. The fundamental hope is: that I will not be cursed (forced to deal with) the realities of what I don’t want in my life/ by avoidance or by violence against you (before you can do it to me).

We then find in the fantasy of links, an imaginary trail that leads each person through the maze of what memories can create. The mind is not always distinct in its search for what has past/ therefore to assign the proper journey to your decision: it does present various decisions, various images (in this category; of people, places, words, things, or images; for you to choose from. So that you can decide, within which venue you desire to remember. Thereby creating a path (my choice) or the road; as is, when the choice is decided, by how the herd would or did respond. What do they expect of me/ so that I cannot be singled out as different!

This particular behavioral pattern of links, creates the elusive elements of: how people completely lose their way, and “fall of a cliff” into the bizarre world of all things that have no ties to the majority. Or more distinctly, the imagery and associated thought patterns that allow the human brain to wander into fantasy worlds. Are consistent with the desire to leave this world behind, so as to create the illusion of something you design; thereby giving to you, the delusion that you can play god with life/ and make your own world. Those who believe in their superiority, find a way to create the fantasy itself; by covering up the truth/ hiding the reality: so they can “build their toy”, without interference. This occurs in a wide variety of ways; one of the most common today is perversion of all kinds. The assertion, that I can be something, or someone else; if I just “make it so”. In gender issues, the constant is: I want something else, to be “me”. The reality, I have not been happy as I am! In real perversion, which is to take another life, and make it obey your every desire: to prove “NOW, I have the power”/ and deserve this pride, because I won. The reality is: they have judged humanity itself, as a lost cause; and want what they want. No more games, no more excuses: I want, what I want. So I took it! As is the essence of all criminal acts.

Links also lead to all religious activities or concerns as consistent with “devil”. You cannot enter within a fantasy, unless you have allowed the elements of that fantasy to become identified by you. Or more distinctly, when you remember the causes of your fear: then when remembering anything, it is possible that memory shall take a detour dependent upon what you are trying to recall/ into anything that is attached to that memory. The trail back in time, can easily be quite elusive; because tiny little things, can trigger the elements of fear/ or the assertion “I must not be wrong here, and take all forms of precaution here”. Which inevitably becomes a reason for more fear, and a pathway into far more details that create fear: and you build yourself an imagination which refuses to die; so you become afraid of life. “Devil” means: to be feared. Therefore the imagery associated with fear, or the prevention of fear as in “create a wall, to keep this out”: simply grow larger and more powerful, because you gave the things you fear more of the space in your mind. More pathways to get, where you imagine tragedy and chaos will arise. To change this “dimensional paralysis”; you must uncouple the links, which allow the mental construction of things you did not intend to choose. Uncoupling the links means to “take the train apart”/ or refuse to allow your mind to simply follow an errant demand to take this road into your subconscious. More simply: “wake up”/ and defend yourself, by forcing the brain: NOT to follow a direction you did not specifically choose. It is your brain/ and it is your choice: no exceptions!

Always remember you own the imagery, and you can change it/ remove it/ cover it up/ alter the format/ and control your own behaviors by choosing “to clean house”. While it is unwise to alter truth (if you start lying, you open a fantasy world, and you lose control). You can however cover up what is best left strictly to the past, that needs no further remembrance. You don’t have to remember it as it was: like death, you can remember the people as they use to be instead: its your brain, and you can do with it as you please. The key to “cleaning your brain(from what is like a computer virus, a small variant that causes chaos)”; is to remember your decision controls your memory. Your decision to clean house is then to take what is not helpful to peace, harmony, and discipline; and remove it by controlling what will remain in you. I visually simply “force it into oblivion”/ by establishing I am in control. The same can be done by you.

It is worth repeating: that when young, I was once afflicted with a very severe “fantasy event for a week”/ which was hard to control: until I took charge, and stood guard to clean this out. What it did do for me however was to teach me, how much less sleep I actually needed. And that did change my life, by opening a door to search and investigation that I did not know existed before. Resulting in a wide and true elevation of knowledge and understanding; because I now had the time, to seek “what is truth”.

The constant of all behavioral models is: that if you do not choose to want/ then want has no control over you; and life becomes your friend, along with all the participants in it. Who are not proclaiming themselves as an enemy. Want thereby controls happiness. Because it controls where your desire shall go. If it is too play games with the other “children”/ as is the constant throughout all of humanity: then the competition will make life about winning or losing; and there is no love in that. If however your desire is for love, then you will respect this world, and identify with the miracles that support an awe inspired relationship with its Creator as you choose to journey into the values which do exist. It is your choice/ neither is free.

In the elemental tragedy of: I DON’T want this. The constant is, this circle of death, will conspire to make you choose your fate. Or more distinctly: when I don’t want this refers to something honestly important to you, then it will not let you go: until you have made the decision that directs and transforms your life into the choice that you have made. Most all of I don’t want this, is about hate/ and whether you will “forgive and forget”, the cause of this transgression, or not. Right or wrong does not matter: because this is a decision about love or hate. Hate is the beginning of violence, which is the most common description of insanity. But it also includes those who become truly depressed, addictive, maligned and isolated, frozen and unable to mentally cope; and so on.

The links we associate with memory are the “wild card” in behavioral health. They appear out of nowhere, to interfere or redirect your actions: by presenting an alternate view of life, even if it was not expected as your own decision to recall. This is the pathogen of religious “there lurks an element of existence, to deceive or control you if you are not careful; with your life”. That actually exists, as the fundamental associated with mental evaporation of purpose. If you do not assign to your existence, a deliberate desire within love/ the brain will begin to measure. In those measurements are the judgments, which align the future with choices that have no love or mercy or respect, in them. Therefrom we do commit in our own way: to a direction in life as is love/ or we begin to define ourselves, as a relationship with hate, which can then take control over your existence; to become what hate will be. That gives to hate an element of independence (an association you accept/ rather than strictly me), if you accept the deliberate decision: this will be allowed to enter, and participate in my life.

Love has an element of joining life, to become more than self. In that regard the critical journey is not into selfishness as is hate/ but to establish the foundations of equality, that transform an individual life into family. Do you see the difference?

The entirely different realities of a spiritual behavior; are not common to the construction of a mental decision; as is all other behavior. Instead the reality of “going beyond time” as a participant in what is not fantasy, but is elemental truth expressed. Does commonly end in fear: which is translated by psychotic descriptions that cannot be understood, because they are not functionally about time. It is not as the majority believe: but consists of the dimensional loss of space. Or more specifically: when confronted by realities so exact as to be deadly, if a single mistake is made/ the end result will be either: this one died/ this one feared and ran from his or her own truth/ or, truth has been refined, and another level of dimension in truth has opened. In terms of space: where once there was infinite possibilities before you opened the door. Now there is only truth, which has very strict boundaries and tolerances or it cannot survive. And this is your truth being expressed/ so it is your prison, as you made it to be: if you cannot be refined. The spiritual world NEVER plays/ and none should enter it, unless they are willing to “bet it all”. Failure has consequences, because you have entered on your own; through a gate, you did not earn.

The fourth dimensional cost of entering into the spiritual world, once refined. Is the opportunity to open any door that exists by law: to find yourself trapped within a truth governed by laws, you cannot understand/ by your own choice. Which does make it impossible to leave, until you do. Even then, every substantial truth has a cost, and a reward.

There are more distinct elements regarding the spiritual world, but these have nothing to do with you; until you die. Prepare by becoming truth. Understand, unless you have an identity that can be conceived of by your past: you will not be allowed to continue as life. To the failures who believe they can “hide or lie”/ the reality is very simple: YOU KNOW, everything you ever did or did not do. Simply opening “your door” reveals all of that.

When you want: you open the door to the animal inside; as this conforms to whatever the body or mind believes it wants. Want is the least of what a human can be; because it like a herd, has only the desire or design of what can I get for me, next.

When you don’t want: you open the door to what the animal inside conceives of by hate; and how you let that continue or deny its ability to control you; determines the level of violence in your heart or mind.

When you enter within thought, as the value of your existence, by accepting its relationship with life and happiness through the miracles which require our respect. Then you have become an individual human, “being alive”; within the possibilities of eternity, and the endless conception (I will live here), that is expressed as love.

Intellectual thinking is not thought, as it perceives of life only through the existence of a herd, and how to trap, plot, plan, or in other ways control or manipulate the others, or something else. It cannot and does not stand alone; which is why a university exits.

See the difference?

The critical element by design and development is: are you willing to stand alone, because anything less does not allow for true freedom. It takes true freedom, to experience real joy, which functions as the value needed, to sustain life in eternity.

The patterns of betrayal, are different than the others; as they require you to assess and measure those others, “as not worthy of you”. This is done, by simply gaining superiority, whether by games (trophies) or internal imagery (trinkets and toys); the purpose is to abandon their lives in favor of “something more, for me”. Thereby it is based in greed, but determined by selfishness; and is the cause of heartbreak (I believed in you). My trust, even in my own ability to perceive a threat; is broken.

How then, can I protect myself from harm/ I am vulnerable and afraid.

The pattern of loneliness is: “I wanted more, I loved more, I needed more” but none responded in kindness or desire, with the opportunity to participate. Examined to conceive of love, the elemental decision must become: wherever love exists, there I shall search. No greater love was shown than JESUS as written of in the bible. Therefore no greater love can be found, than where HE originates from. The treasury of time is then how far must the journey travel, and life seek, until “we find” our destiny (the essence of what we desire most)? The answer is: to search beyond self, requires that you surrender self to the search. That search then seeks, only what is true to love.

The pattern of suicide is: “I lost my heart, it was displaced without care, or someone to share life with”. In the honesty of this reality, the critical decision is: that what you want, has not been allowed. Therefore what you want, must be transferred into what truth will provide. In that truth, survival comes. In the life you desire most, the passage between “life and life”; is an understanding, of what miracles do mean.

The pattern of addiction is: “I wanted to escape, more than I wanted to receive what I was offered”. The critical choice is then: why did you not fight for the truth you desired most? The answer is always: because I wanted it for free. Life is not free, its price is to adapt for the purpose of survival, so that you can search for what is more of everything being alive can be. That “alive”: is not measured by trophies, trinkets or toys; but by love.

The pattern of human choices: is a constant we want what we want, and we don’t want nothing except for what we want. There is a minimum of love involved, if any; because that interferes in the games “children play”. You can’t be a winner, and a friend: unless the game did not matter. Pride will not share. Power the purpose of most games, is a boundary line that separates us all/ or the intent to make you cry/ or the desire to be superior, and make you and all, believe in that. Or as a loser, the demand is depression or revenge; “for free”.

The pattern of human sexuality is: we can do whatever we want, unless there is a cost we didn’t expect/ therefore we must hide, so no one can suspect. The cost of human sexuality is wide, and deep: because it does affect life, and does change the realities, and decisions, of a lifetime in many people along the way. There is no “free sexuality”/ because there are no elements of intercourse, or even less: that do not affect the basic foundations of life. Trust elevates and creates a dimension that is the destiny we can share; establishing soul by heart and happiness. The destruction of trust causes all life to descend into the realities of disrespect, and the functions of being used or abused without a cause. Ending in the cost, can be too high. The animal says: “sex can be free/ nobody needs to care”. The human being alive says: “love creates the environment, but life identifies the truth of whether we respect each other or not”. Without that respect, there will be no true joy; only chemicals. Without true joy, the essence of what we do, cannot bring the creation of more than will ever be found simply as self. These are decisions not only to care, but to share without measuring time.

The pattern of human time is: that we do arrive in the understanding of need, and the reality of loneliness enforced. Or a care that is substantial enough to insure love has entered our existence: by the decisions of those who came before. Those who are “lucky” find that love, and build inside a shared world. Those who begin their lives under the burden of no one substantially cares; must understand the gift of life is worth enough to go on; or time ends.

The critical truth of death arrives early, as that which cannot be rebuilt; only replaced. From there we begin our time, under the knowledge that we are responsible for ourselves, but in need of others to survive. Death proves, there are no guarantees to survival.

The foundation for human development; is the recognition of others, and how they are going to interrelate in our own lives. To accomplish this; tactics and manipulation are used to define our place, in this new existence to our world. The learning process grants experimentation must occur/ expression must follow, to highlight or disguise our choices.

Discipline arises with the potential of gender recognition, as is “I want, or desire you too”. That fundamental of courage, becomes tempered with the realities of what can and will go wrong. The critical test is: are you willing, to let me be free? Are you willing to be “everything I need”?

Order constructs the cause: I must make a living for myself. Whereas the deliberate failure of elders to teach what I need to survive; causes immense distress for the vast majority of children. Who only now begin to realize, they have no guarantee for the future.

Value shapes our world, as we teach ourselves the meaning of life beyond the measure of family. To accept balance and purpose as desire honors life. The critical test is: what is, the single decision, that defines your heart? Because without a direction that has value “to me”; there will be the entanglement of doubt, the subterfuge of failure, and the fantasies of lying even to oneself. A life adrift, rather than secured by the direction we cherish most.

We begin down the journey, deciding our destiny; that will identify our truth; as we face the question, “I am not young anymore”. That fact drives a wide variety of consequences, all of which are designed to establish your soul. Because there is no tomorrow coming: the idea of escape must fade. The realities of religion, the decisions established by “our individual truth”, or the demonstration of hatred as is consistent with choosing to play god over life and earth: are then chosen.

The critical time of fading away arises to consume the value of life and living by making us aware of our age. It is not a punishment/ but a time to accept: eternity will come, and without preparations that matter, it will not be “as you hope, or believe”. We then face truth itself, and the judgment of our soul.

Once alive, you have no other choice but to die. The difference between life and death, then becomes “a reality of thought (born in freedom), created by an environment of energy (the pulse of movement): bound together as one expression of life (the shape and conception, called home)”. Your physical body cannot come/ it is not, and never will be eternal. But your truth is eternal (truth survives time and beyond), so long as your identity can sustain itself. So the question, beyond death is: where is home, and how will I search?

The answer to that is found inside Creation itself, as a relationship with GOD (soul) determines both!

Every type and form of behavior begins with what you are willing to allow, accept, or choose to direct your brain to follow the direction that is: “the train of your own order, by desires”. It is the illusion of a train, because the course is set/ it is a reality of your desires. What you couple together, then gets pulled along inside of you, as the summation of what you bring to life and time. Your purpose is the engine that drives your desire/ but your desire forms everything else you choose, as the hope of what you want, or the honesty of your truth. Passion rises and falls within the honesty of why you chose this path. Duty exists or fails, with discipline. Love balances life with hope, by adding value to your search. But hate descends from life into chaos, because you chose to bind yourself with darkness (no one can see, lest they ruin the attack). The end result is: be very careful what you allow as the substance of your mental world. Cleaning out the trash, grants peace. Keeping what you know to be less than true for life or you, is an action that will cause pain: because it forms a fantasy, and that is built upon lies. Every lie, makes it hard or impossible to achieve a true direction to your life. Every fear makes a consequence of being wrong, even if unintended: makes your reaction, much worse to deal with. Understand your desire as your own identity exemplified by your action or reaction to life. That fact creates your future.

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