This is a world of shouting/ at least a nation of shouting; because each wants more than they have, OR, they utterly refuse to share anything so others can be equal with them. The end result is chaos that grows over time to become the basis for war, prejudice, and all that ails humanity. A reality of shouting, because you cannot hear me. While the others demand we hear you fine; but we ain’t going to give you nothing. We want it for ourselves/ which just makes the others mad.

So, let’s talk reality; because neither side likes reality, nor do they accept what truth would apply: because in the end, “THEY ALL, WANT TO BE RICH”. In one form or another! The majority: Not wealthy as in comfortable/ but rich as in slaves for me. So they measure each other, to decide their place in society; and as long as “we are above or at the middle”: we can at least live with that. But alas, with an insurgency so large as immigration today: the battleground is forming.

WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT; we built what we built; and we don’t intend to just give that, and the future of our children, away. Simple and plain.

While the insurgency says: GOD MADE THIS EARTH, and it ain’t just yours/ we are here too; and we want our share! Simple as that, regardless what you claim is yours: we have needs, hopes, wants, and everything you do; too.

The end result is: “earth has become a woman’s world”. Because unless the scourge of human population growth ends: not a creature is likely to survive. It is a woman’s world, because only women give birth to children/ man cannot give birth to one single child: only women. Their body, their choice, their duty or not as they see fit/ but this is no game, as life or death for this planet hinges on the truth: no further increase can be allowed. IF MEN try to make women obey them in this: your world will end. It will not be allowed. Only women will choose, “everything” in this matter of their lives. Men will not/ but make no mistake a vasectomy only makes more trouble, and answers nothing. Even one man, with fertility clinics could give birth to a million children: THAT, is reality. So it won’t work, no matter how much women believe it should. Your body your choice/ not their body your choice; same as you.

As to all the ingredients of society itself, and what is necessary for a future to survive. The reality is: change will come, or you will all go extinct. Basically everything the universities have been able to change/ must be changed, with few exceptions. As their choice was strictly selfish, power ridden, and laden with pride, manipulation, temptation, theft, and betrayal. None should complain; because it is the price. Such as the vehicles, and driving must be reduced by at least fifty percent. To do that requires “small village business; and living where you shop”. NOT commute “a thousand miles” for a job. Let the job come to you. Yes you can; as all of life proved before the automobile. No you can’t “have a space program” because everything is needed here. Etcetera and more.

The critical realities of change are very many and extend over every facet of life and living; so they are not going to be discussed without you.

What is going to be discussed here is: that the reality of overpopulation, and the absolute need to prove you have compiled and done your part/ requires a group. The more similar the group, the greater your chance of compliance truly is. The more diverse, the more complaints there will be: “its all their fault”. Consequently, to divide into critical alliances will make life and society easier to deal with. If not, there will be anger and tragedy will follow. Because the failure to comply, MUST have penalties that apply to the whole group; and that makes people mean. I lose because of you: is, a path to insanity for some.

So let’s talk the difference between “black and white in America/ as well as Latino, and others.” It ain’t a game!

Not only do people want to keep what they have earned, and expected for the future. They DON’T want to be invaded by those who break the law, or fail to respect the reality of unity as a nation and this society. You cannot respect the nation you live in without learning the language; because that is the basis of harmony, education, stability, law, work, and everything life needs to remain at peace. If “we came to your nation”/ YOU would demand the same from us: therefore you KNOW, its fair. The reality that this is even a conversation point, is as always the result of university insurrection and basic greed. To build their armies, (more to carry our flag/ more to shout we need to do this): they needed to employ more people: so they made more jobs for themselves, by keeping the languages separate.

In contrast to the expectations of those who came first. The reality of an education in America is: this is worthless to the majority, and only provides extreme debt for the majority of those who do go to college. Because that is what is intended by the controllers of this society: the university graduates, whose sole purpose of ruling is to control the world, and make the rest slave. So they took over education to give you nothing in 12 years of schooling; so that you can either memorize and submit to anything they say. Or be cast aside, and found poor or in poverty which they hope “shall be for the rest of your life”. Because nothing makes you feel more superior: than the reality of “saving someone else”, by giving them a trinket or two/ perhaps even a trophy or toy. So they will know, just how superior you are.

More simply the entire education system must be eradicated; to be replaced with real life benefits, education for work, opportunities for life, legal understanding of democracy, medical understanding, financial independence, and critical how to deal with your neighbors and your life and your opportunities to be with the opposite sex. In other words an education/ NOT an indoctrination into their university cult. It will be radically different. It will also be fundamentally true: that we must live, and work in different ways, to survive our numbers, or we will fail.

You will remember: that every group has its leaders/ whether you see them in front of the people; or not. The critical battle is not with any single group, because people are just people. The battle is with what causes trouble for the rest! Remembering it ain’t the group you hate; it is what you cannot have, that they have made rules to protect; and insure you won’t play in their game. THAT IS LITERALLY the difference between laws, and rules/ and justice and fair play; as is consistent with the democracy we create for ourselves. MAKE THE LAW, and you control the world, the nation, and each other.

Reality states three distinct truths now reside to make the difference in what this world is going to become.

  1. Limited capitalism: means share the wealth, and the resources/ but don’t give nothing away to those who refuse to earn it. Remember the future for us all.
  2. Currency limitations by constitutional law change: there shall be only in circulation or claims: the amount of numbers that are consistent with what society accepts for itself. In the reality of “per person, there is this many numbers”; or per citizen. So that we all know what is fair/ and no “government employee” shall create a debt, establish a financial decision, or create a tax unless we the people vote that it shall be so/ after a clear understanding of the cost is reported and accepted as fact. No playing games. No “let the children pay”: enforced by constitutional demand.
  3. There will be WORLD LAW, chosen by the people of this planet: TO CONTROL THEIR LEADERS WITH LAW. That will include a policing force to “go get the leaders” and bring them to court for trial: in front of the world.this is then a call to each and every group: PUT YOUR DAMN TRAITORS, out in front/ where they will be examined by trial. To determine what is, or is not true, about threats/ and other issues of value to this nation or world. STOP protecting those who do not deserve the protection. And we will build a better world!
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