The reality of bias, is without doubt, the critical element of most human behaviors. You believe, therefore you need no other information/ no evidence or consequence of thought matters; because you already have your answer. It is exactly what you expected it to be.

That of course is rarely true, even though you believe otherwise. Which makes bias a foundation element of belief. So the question is: why, do people believe as they do/ and why, will they not consider what is true, and is identified as true, and is clearly more distinct and valid than what they believe? Like all religion, the universities cannot conceive of anything they did wrong. If they must admit to being wrong/ then its just their practice to do things wrong, so they can eventually find what was right. Or, “not my fault”/ I just do what I am told. “unless you think its great”/ then it is my brain, that must be worshiped; I am a god.

Here we see, the elemental path of humanity: “I want what I want, and I do what I do to get what I want, and I don’t want to accept any blame for what I do, or what I want to do”. Unless I get praised for it, as a winner! Belief adds in: “everything I want will be great/ because I want it, and I am so superior, I can’t be wrong”. Bias translates this arrogance, as my right to be superior, because I found a flaw in you. Therefore nothing else matters: because you, have a flaw. That makes you, an enemy; because I want no flaws. Even though you have your own.

So, we then ask: WHY, do people choose bias and belief/ rather than truth and reality? The answer is: with bias and belief, I AM a winner/ because not only did I prove you are flawed, with belief I can be whatever I want; regardless of the evidence: I am perfect, and even eternal.

Truth and reality do not agree with that desire or design/ as a consequence to that, they are far less desirable than what I want. And the world of humanity agrees, “wholeheartedly”.

The problem with bias and belief is: neither is based upon the facts most evident to shape our future. It is a game made out of life and evidence; so as to point the future where you want it to be/ and remove all doubt so you can accept: the consequence of what you want, will be what you want, and even more. Thereby lies serve life to win the game; cheating serves life, to take what I want; stealing serves life, to prove I can win, even if I don’t deserve it; and betrayal serves life, because I am a god, and I have judged you worthless.

The problem with truth and reality is: it does shape the future, and decide the consequences of what has been done; with absolute certainty, “you, nor what you want; no longer matter”. Reality has been decided/ and truth will take control, removing all lies. These facts of life are not considered to be friendly, even an enemy: because your lies then fail/ arrogance is driven into its grave/ and the potential for death and disgrace surround you; because you did not accept the truth in time to change its reality. So people commonly hate the truth, it is not what they want/ because what they want is not governed or decided by truth. They want, what they want; and that is all there is to “their life”. Until of course death arises; and then at least for a time of concern: they do search for GOD. So the rise and fall of humanity, is constantly burdened by the reality of what people wanted. The rise and fall of religion is constantly burdened with the cost of being wrong, and the threat of death for you. Because people want, instead of people live.

The critical question is then: WHY do people want? The constant or common answer is, they measure the rest, finding someone with more; and then say: “I WANT THAT, MORE than I want anything else/ so give me what I want; or I will seek to take it away, by violence, hate, theft, cheating, stealing, tempting, conspiracy, betrayal, or all the other maladies of living with human existence.

The critical question of WHY do people live, and fail to appreciate what they do have? The constant and common answer is: time measures each moment, with either pleasure/ pain/ or absence of either. People want pleasure “happiness achieved”. People use pain or fear it, because this adds an entire definition of life and living that surrounds us with survival or loss: giving life a value, that would otherwise be lost. But people hate the absence of either; and then seek to fill that gap with games. Which then become the elemental rise of superiority as is proven with winner or loser, and then with arrogance or hate; for a large majority.

We now have the relationship of behavioral definition: I want happiness/ or I value life and what it can be. I want hate, as declared by pain: because it gives me the right to not only complain/ but enforce this is going to be you too. OR, pain is a lesson in value, as the reality enforced: to appreciate what you do have. The reality of games however opens wide an entire concentration of possibilities that have nothing to do with happiness or pain. Instead the game pits want against want; pride against pride; power against power; and reality against fantasy or its lies. Expanded with intellect, the games permit an explanation of superiority so as to make “our playing god” permissible. Because the trap, is how they play: “I got you now; slave”. Whereas for the majority, they understand pain better; so violence and hate expressed without a cover; make them more aggressive to the value of an “individual demand to play god”: as is “fear me”.

The critical question of changing behavior is: WHY should I, I want what I want, and that is all I need to get by, living a life that I chose for me/ OR, living a life that is going to get what I want for me.

The critical answer in this day, is: entirely dependent upon truth; as truth determines the future of us all. And that will affect everyone as a world. And humanity screams: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT NOTHING, THAT I DON’T WANT! Again and again and again and again. Making it absolutely clear, by repeating that to themselves: they believe they would rather die, than change. They don’t of course, so they all turn to religion; in America that religion is “university knows best”/ as is governed by media propagation of their superiority. As a cult, it is required of you, that you must simply believe in your leaders: without question, period. You must “have faith”/ let none dissuade you; the universities, are “gods”. They can’t be wrong. And that makes everything truth vulnerable to being thrown away as worthless.

But alas, what is true is true; and religion doesn’t matter which one; cannot change what is true. Wherever religion is true, that will remain/ but wherever religion is false, and without foundation; that too will die, and even anchor some into an eternal hell. So we then return to the reality of what is, or is not true: as the definition which creates our future, as life or death of this earth. Because with thought accepted, we can understand within a base foundation of real life knowledge: what the consequences of what we do, can or will become. For instance: everyone knows the end result of continuing to give birth to a quarter of a billion more people than deaths: to feed; every year. You discard it with your belief, demanding IF THAT WERE TRUE, THE MEDIA would be telling us/ and the universities would be doing something about it “cause they are our saviors, and friends” our fortress against all storms! Yet It is true, and they say nothing: leaving you, to the chaos that will come. Because this like many threats, does demand change; and in that change those who are in power WILL in fact lose some or all of that power. And just like you: THEY DON’T WANT TOO!

Not a single threat, not a single cause; is worth fighting for to your leaders; as they all “have a university diploma”/ and absolutely none of them, are willing to disgrace or destroy their pride, power, and superiority. Not even for a world. NOT EVEN when the insanity of universities extends to the purpose and machinery of trying to ignite “atoms on fire”. Which will end with our world on fire just like the sun/ changing this solar system along with incinerating ALL life.

So the endless reality of what you assume to be is bias against the universities: is in fact instead, a need recognized that must be dealt with; before you can escape your cult worship of “the dead zone”. The place where playing god, has grown into SATAN: we can destroy this world/ and will do so soon.

Like all combined criticism of a group: like saying “I hate all Americans/ or I hate all Jews/ or I hate all Asians/ or I hate all men or women instead or whatever it is. The fundamental is simply: as a group, there are elements of behavior proven to extend out of this group that are causing trouble for all the rest. That is not a description of individuals within that group/ nor is it an accurate statement of the whole group. BUT IT IS A REALITY STATEMENT of those within the group who are being protected from trial (thereby answering why should we, be threatened by you), by the group itself. And every group says: WE WANT WHAT WE GOT/ AND WE AIN’T GIVING NOTHING BACK; because that might limit or change what we got. We will fight instead/ even if its wrong.

But alas: when fighting to prove yes we can/ when our entire earth is at stake; when every life on this planet is involved. Only proves you are completely INSANE, and living in a violation of mental capacity so extreme, as to become the living dead.

The unfortunate truth of that is less complex, than the reality of it. A case in point: as is consistent with Revelation 12 of the bible (without religion involved). I was basically attacked in a spiritual sense that you will not understand. Even so, it does represent the reality of our world situation. So I tell you anyway, fully knowing: you will use it to proclaim “HE IS NOTHING/ HE IS INSANE/ HE IS WORTHLESS”; and as always NEVER listen or expand ANYTHING he says.

Regardless of that: confronted by a reality that was trying to overwhelm me with change I did not desire. My mind “took a vacation”/ and the next week was bad. Nearly went blind from some chemicals/ nearly got my arm torn off by a machine/ nearly fell off a rook/ could not think of the consequences even though they were simple and plain; just kept making mistakes. And they were not little ones. Which then DID make me stop trying to avoid the situation I found myself in; and accept the reality: I AM going to have to deal with this truth, in the reality of my life, that is not going away. What I want, is absolutely irrelevant; and what my life is going to become; will be shared. Whether I like it or not, doesn’t matter. Having dealt with the truth (no escape), life and living returned to normal; insofar as “my brain started to work again”, and I quit failing to recognize threats.

You will come to the same conclusions soon; or your time to decide will run out. As it already has by old testament prophecy. The new testament prophecy starts at Revelation 12; but the critical test is: WHAT WILL TRUTH DECIDE, and that is governed by your decisions in this day. The reality of men has been constant throughout history, and this prophecy is based upon men. IF YOU CHOOSE to let women try, to rearrange the future by making LAW INTO JUSTICE FOR THE WORLD. Acceptance is BY PUBLIC VOTE. There will be time granted, to try. If not, I do predict your days on earth are numbered; and it won’t be long before this world is dead.

Because believe it or not: all life is a miracle, and that makes all life subject to its CREATOR. OR, subject to its truth of failure.

The reality that began “change in me”: was simple enough. After searching diligently for ten years, and finding no way this earth would or could survive under the leadership of men. Because THIS IS, “The best they did do”/ and history proves the rest. I decided to “ask women/ WHAT, would you do differently”? Since women had utterly refused to talk: I decided to search for, and found “the spiritual dimension of female”. JUST TO ASK THE QUESTION: what would you do differently/ because our planet is going to die. That affects you too!

Instead of a simple answer that I was expecting: this opened the door, to all the things women were angry about with men, and a LONG LIST of you need to change this about men. You need to understand women. You need to fight for us. And much more. It was a complete surprise; and it appears will be permanent. Even so, the only solution I could find as male alone: was make them listen with force/ which would have failed completely, without question; because then you are “simply enemy”. They must learn, or they cannot change. Joined with “spiritual woman”; I was forced to teach, and this became the new reality of my work; as is before you now. I offer you, CHANGE IS BETTER, than a dead world! Make your own decision.            you, will of course assume, “this is plenty” to discard everything he says. As always.

As for me; I continue to lose “one tiny grain of sand” called everything male; basically everyday, over the last 13+ years. And have recently lost (can’t find it back) more than I can replace. She insists you need to know. I don’t know why, “its complicated”. She never stops, and I never win. It really is “like a marriage”; that has traded places (I get to live, the woman’s point of view). It is not so wonderful as men think!   if you are so blind as to let this world die, simply because of me or this: it is you that is the fool. Because I am irrelevant, to the evidence of your threat:  of a world going extinct. only the evidence matters, and the truth that can be proven. I am “just the messenger”.

What is not complicated is:  that I truly desired an opportunity “to help this world survive”/ as it is at the brink of extinction forever. The price is then “not to high”/ even if it was completely unexpected. “life, is not for free”.

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