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Life is either a discipline which sustains itself by the laws of order and truth, or it is a level of chaos that leads into more than simply death of a body. Since we are human, each must encounter some of the above at different moments in their lives; your choice expresses your truth/ ( their choice as others influencing you) balances the movements which create your experience, as a living existence, among the blessings and curse of freedom.

Freedom is: the shapes (I have an image of what I want, and don’t want), contortions (bend to the others), developments (plotting & planning/ tempting, control, and manipulation), elements (rights and reasons/ justice, or power and pride), and realities (yes we can, or no I cannot) that we conform (I trust this for me/ love includes other life, hate does not) into the life and living we chose.

Freedom grants the opportunity to express your individuality, by controlling your environment as best you can. Freedom grants the opportunity to include other lives, or discard them; whether for good or bad. Freedom grants the opportunity to participate as a “herd”/ or wander into the realm of thought, which does required you to be alone. As thought constructs a dimension, which shapes the purpose, and desire of your own heart. Elemental construction beyond that limit; requires an entirely different level of dimensional stability.

Freedom lives in the assertion, that I “can be god, over me”. Or more distinctly, it means: I have accepted the conclusion, that my own decisions shall influence and control my life and living; as best I can/ without interference by another. Playing god, allows you to interfere in another life. Being human alive, refers to the disciplines which do not allow you to interfere in another life. The influence of being alive, is to express and prove by experience, the value of love. Playing god, refers to the assumption of superiority; therefore I have a right to accept power, pride, want, greed, lust, hate, and so on. Being a human alive in the relationship of miracles which sustain all life; refers to an acceptance of humility, the simply truth nothing here of value, was not a gift: which then created the blessing that is my time. Do you see the difference?

Freedom reveals happiness as the cause of our desire. Desire means, I have received more because of this; than my hope has ever known before. Therefore passion arises to explain, I have a purpose beyond existence.

Freedom creates hope, as the distinction we understand to be the basis of joy. Joy is: the expression without fear, that I am worthy to live within this world. That does make joy, an element of what has been earned; do to your own decisions.

Freedom shouts: whether I believe (in anything) or not, is entirely up to me/ not you. Therefore freedom shouts, I am an individual “man or woman” of my own choosing/ not a slave or servant to you, or them.

Freedom lives in the heart that needs life to be, an acceptance of me: both as I am, and as I will choose to become. The value of that life, changes the living of my life, into the creation I chose to be. Because freedom is also the decision: to accept love as the dignity of my existence (even if you don’t agree)/ or hate as the creation of violence in you. The essence of freedom is: “my choice/ not yours”. My right/ not your judgment. My expression, not your demand. The experience we share, is then determined by us both: because freedom accepts, that we are equal as life.

The freedoms to shape and share our world as one humanity, one world; rather than the chaos of many who will not accept order. Is a constant that can only be sustained by law and its truth. That law must be known, and accepted by “every” citizen, or it will fail. Therefore the law is limited to what people can achieve as their own obedience within the law/ their own rights applied by the law/ and their own forms of government because of the law. In reality: that takes about ten thousand pages of your laws today; and reduces that into just one page that covers and creates knowledge for the whole. So they understand, what law/ NOT penalties, truly does mean.

It is the curse of humanity, to shout: to focus on one tiny thing, as all that matters/ and constantly lose sight of life and environment are about this planet: NOT just about you. It is the curse of being human, that the endless majority shouts back: NOTHING is important but me, and what I want. It is the curse of politics: that everything depends upon a bribe, a hidden agenda, and a failure of truth. It is the curse of media: that propaganda never fails/ and life is rarely supported; because the cult of university wants to play god, and take everything for themselves; is always first. It is the curse of policing, that the world is divided into “us or them”. It is the curse of military: that a tiny few decide if we live or die or kill and maim/ letting law decay into hell. It is the curse of education: that a few determine what you believe; by telling stories, and refusing to support real life.

The essence of human experience in society is defined by “economy”. Which simply means: by taking resources from this earth, we survive as a society, by sharing the source/ or letting wealth take that source for themselves. Playing games lets the people believe they can take all those resources for themselves if “they can win”. And if they do, those who can: will change the rules, control the courts, modify the education, and buy the government; so they don’t.

The essence of government is, at least in democracy: THAT NO HUMAN BEING IS “THE GOVERNMENT”/ neither is any organization within “the government”, or employee a sign of government conceived of by “official”. INSTEAD the true government is: the contract we ratify by our acceptance, that this is the nation we have chosen to be. That contract is called a constitution, and its true supporting documents. Therefore words are “the government”/ and employees are bound by those words and their oath of office: to affirm that their decisions will be guided ONLY by what we the people have chosen for our nation to be. That is the foundation of democracy, and there is no other. Because every society understands: without law, there is no peace; without justice there is no harmony; without equality, we cannot be united; and without fair play, all the people simply shout before they rage. Because you have lost your way, and the insurgency to transform government by the cult of university gets to play god; has won. By making your nation a game, played with counterfeit money, and controlled by endless lies. Which is why history constantly repeats as war!

The one constant of university rules is: that they will tear down, ANYTHING you depend upon/ with an incessant purpose to deny you that right of choice. So they can replace what did work for you, with what they want to prove how superior they are with. They can’t be gods, unless they destroy what does work. Therefore they cannot accept what reality has chosen, and laws governing reality have done: because it does not make them “gods”. The purpose of every human god is; to control your lives, make you slave, and create their toys. Bribes build an army; because all of humanity wants whatever they want, without paying or considering the price of what that will cost to our future; or even their own. Beyond the next immediate, instance in time. Hell no, it cannot happen to me/ and DON’T tell me nothing; so I have an excuse! Ain’t my fault/ even though “you were driving the vehicle forward, on this chosen road; too”.

To achieve their goals, fully fifty percent of everything a university intends to do: is manipulate (we will decide), control (we know/ you don’t), tempt (believe we can), isolate (you are worthless), destroy (life doesn’t matter), deny (we are the government), disgrace (we change the words, so you can’t play), disrespect (the money is ours/ not yours), malign (your children belong to us; we are their gods), interrupt (media controls to propagate university rules), plot (we are “the nobles”), plan (by counterfeiting, we will buy the government we design), conspire (nothing is allowed for a future), corrupt (the constitution is legally dead), vacate (we took control over your economy), study (we took control over your lives), mutilate (we will destroy your biology; to prove we are gods, and your world is dead: without us to fix it), and of course hate (we will burn this earth, and even change this solar system; with our experiments). THAT YOU paid for, as the gullible fools you are. How is that not true?

In contrast to that, some one or two percent of what university has achieved within the realities of truth, does have a limited value. The difference is: if life does not come first/ nothing else will matter soon. As is, the realities of this day. You are blinded by the greed; just as you have been for over fifty years. Focused entirely on want, this earth and all its foundations for life: now sit at the edge of extinction. That is a price too high, to remember the universities as “good”. Some individual benefits have arose, but at the cost of our world, and the future for every single living thing on earth. How is that not true?

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