I tell you the truth: as has been proven to me time and again/ in my own life and work. What is to be, cannot be stopped; the odds of success or failure, make no difference whatsoever. My job, is to do what I can do. It is not to predict or measure success of failure. I simply make the decision, to do the best I can within the limits of my life, for the purpose I desire most in this existence; which is to help life and planet survive. NOT as you savior or other; simply as a human being working within respect, to establish the difference that I can be. The balance of human existence is: my part is not to be “savior”/ my part is to be the human alive, that I was born to be. Time however does have an order, because if there is an influence, there is a moment when this shall exist. What is to be stopped, shall not proceed beyond the limit that has been set; no matter how hard you try. This is the reality of an influence over which we have no control. This is, a truth of GOD’S PRESENCE; although any interference is exceedingly rare/ that does determine the outcome, the realities of life; in those who honor and respect HIM. The right to protect this world and its life/ or let it fail because of human disgrace, disrespect, and disaster as is the constant of history: belongs only to GOD . The consequence of our choices however, do belong only to us/ as these are the decisions that we made. The realities you chose to establish as your fact; are the truth of what you did or did not do.

The realities I chose, are simply: “I don’t know, therefore I search”. I cannot understand, therefore I think, and express knowledge only by its own truth. I cannot lead, but I can testify to what I have learned is true. I can communicate, even if you won’t listen.

Nothing is given outright, we must earn our identity. The decision for what you do, or fail to do: is entirely your own/ no other influence will exist; even if others interfere in your choice. It is still your choice. Pain and sorrow will deteriorate that choice, into the most basic of all elements inside your soul; as are trust, love, respect, the essence of truth, the desire for value, the courage to be “the choice I have made”; and the foundation that is a purpose for your heart, “life with GOD”; or not.

The spiritual world, is a place of exceptional freedom; a reality that cannot be underestimated for life. It is however also a place where every decision has a consequence; and unless you are wise enough to understand the truth of that reality/ it becomes a decision you cannot change. Which makes the spiritual quest for life, a very dangerous world. “Every decision matters”; is a reality of discipline that cannot be measured. The critical truth is: do not exceed the value of your own life/ do not surrender that value, unto anything else/ do not interfere in the things which you cannot change, or they may change you. As is the consequence of searching into the spiritual world of female; for a solution to this planet, and all its tragic threats of extinction as we do face today. “not even for the answer to a simple question”/ opening the spiritual door, is literally all it takes to enter in. Male and female are far more different, than anyone can honestly imagine. Not a game.

As to this world, surrounded by the truths of what can easily make us all extinct. The question is: WILL GOD interfere in the choices humanity has made, and keep this world alive or not? Because the truth of humanity is: your leadership has made it impossible for life to continue, by avoiding every single reality that is important. To be consumed by selfishness, greed, power, and pride; by ransacking and raping this earth/ or trying to play god.

The human excuse is: GOD OF LIFE AND LOVE, shall surely save this Creation of HIS OWN. Therefore we need not worry, as any religion will tell you; except the universities. They believe they are gods/ because the consequences have not yet changed their world by the true reality of their deeds. That day comes soon. But the more critical question is: WHY, should GOD save this earth; if the humanity it was created for: has lost all value to life or living or love, but for a very tiny few? Answer the question, and understand the level of disrespect that you are immersed in. If we are measured, we die/ IF we are granted mercy, we live. Simple as that.

Every soul matters: are you alive, not “just a body”?

The evidence proves: the vast majority are so selfish, they choose to live by lies/ and knowingly force their children to die; in a future that cannot survive. “should you then be saved”?

Religion demands: IF he is a messenger (change or die) from GOD , THEN he would be “everything he is not”. We need not listen, because the reality of “a spiritual woman inside a man” CANNOT exist. He is delusional at best, diseased with the rancid failures of a mind lost to eternity and the dead, at worst. He presents nothing but the evidence “of an educated mind/ that did not find knowledge here”. He cannot be trusted; because he nor his work, nor his claim of a spiritual woman inside; is known/ not by a single other on earth.

I offer to religion and the rest; as from the beginning. I am not here to lead you, I am not the difference in whether you live or die; nor am I your judge. Not your prosecutor either. I am sent only to identify the truth: that you are surrounded by threats of true extinction; and if you don’t change, this world shall in fact die, because of the choices you, and your universities, have made. Whether that knowledge is from GOD or from life: it is the evidence of your own truths that matter, the realities of life or death established by you, that decide if the evidence is true. Consequently as from the beginning, I have sought to bring you a trial: to let you determine as best you can; the real life scenarios that cannot be denied/ and must then be changed. Leadership has refused at every juncture, and closed every door: into a world that can learn what we all need to know, for our very existence on this planet.

As to the “spiritual woman and me”. While It is the basis of every demand “he is a fool/ he is insane/ he is worthless at best; dangerous at worst”. The reality is much more simple. I have sacrificed once or twice, to demand an audience: to hear the evidence, and require you to listen to the cost of being wrong. That failed completely; not unexpected, but this is about an entire world dying/ so I tried. With regard to the spiritual woman and me: absolutely NO sacrifice was intended/ I merely desired to “ask a question: could females, keep life alive on earth”? Because it is certain, that men cannot. This is the best they did do, over millennia/ they can’t do better than that. So, if women cannot/ then the end is near.

To my absolute surprise: I was not given an answer, but was captured to learn what needed to be learned and accepted as change in me. It is an identity change, which allows for a different view of life and living than man can achieve; but it is also an endless reality of NO, you cannot learn anything you don’t need to know. From a life of true freedoms, and absolute by my own choice. I now know “what captured” means. Even so, as it is my true desire this entire creation of life MUST NOT be lost; as best I can. It is the spiritual woman inside, that changed me from no I won’t/ into yes I must. Granting the value of this work, to be greatly increased. “its complicated”/ and may or may not be eternal; I really don’t know what the future holds. From a life “without doubts”/ to a life without a clue; I have changed: we live together as one. “its complicated”. BUT, it is clearly me/ NOT you. And I am not asking you to believe anything other than your own evidence of threats. To alleviate your own endless delusions, and gossip, about everything; I have made it clear, “who I am”. And who I am not.

As to the constant “university must not be allowed to play god”; the reality of evidence proves why. Life is not a game. The simple truth of it is this: like government/ courts/ religion/ and everything else; they are not gods/ they are not perfect/ they are selfish, greedy, tyrant, traitor, terrorist, and worse; just as much or more than they are helpful or correct. But do to media influence, and the claim of university to be “everything valued/ and nothing bad”; the sheep follow and believe. Because they are told what to think, and the constant stories of university, tells them what they are to believe. Little of it being true.

They are also manipulators, whose purpose is to recreate society in their image; by counterfeiting our money, and enslaving all who work for them/ with little benefit for all. That is tragic on endless levels of failure, fantasy, and fool.

Of the lesser things: the demand no, subsets of human description have no place here/ everyone must be the same. As is the demand: no human gender is not separate, but the same/ so everyone must accept life as fantasies will dictate. Both declare life as we know it should die. Not because of justice or tolerance, but because of manipulation and the intent to control: by stripping away all that kept society, humanity, and life alive throughout all of history. Because they have a better way; because they are superior to the rest; because they are gods, compared to the rest, and deserve complete control over everything all the rest are allowed to think. As is the essence of a religious cult!

Women are different, but not better. Men are valued, but not “the ruler”. Children are valued, but this world is filled/ and there is only hell; if the population cannot be curbed. The universities have some value; but nothing as is granted today. I even have some value, as a messenger “who delivered the mail”. Simple and plain; just let truth decide, not theory or pride. KNOW the true cost of being WRONG, before letting anyone gamble with life or planet.

To that humanity has always said: YOU AIN’T PERFECT, so you ain’t nothing. Even though the evidence I have presented consistently over the years has been irrefutable to anyone who tried. To that humanity has always said: IF you had anything important to say: GOD would send you into a crowd of believers, to help you. You have none, which proves you are worthless, and to be denied: rejected just because “you are you”. Don’t need no damn evidence; it is you that we judge. Because you, are simply NOT what we believe in. We want what we want, or nothing!

So, I have said to you: your scientists are trying to ignite atoms on fire, and I have proven it is so/ with theories and fantasies that absolutely hold no truth whatsoever. Which demands: bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ will result in the same fire here as is on the sun; utterly uncontrollable, and will change the solar system itself. And even that is not enough to cause a single one: to question the universities who are gambling with this entire world, and every living thing on it. Such is the reality of your belief: when confronted with absolute proof, and what it means to be WRONG. Today then, it is up to you: to search your heart for better, and fight for your world, before it is gone forever. That would be the difference between us: I have/ you have not, not even when faced with a nuclear fire, the greatest abomination to life that has ever existed. And that is just the beginning.

As to the crowd you expect to follow me. I tell you again, “the mailman” does not need a crowd to deliver a message. It is your soul that decides to understand the message; we cannot let these be so wrong; or we fail life.

I tell you just this once: that do to the level of thought required to “be educated”/ there have been numerous incidents that moved, or removed people from me; so that my own work could continue without “chaos”. As is required of discipline and duty; and the reality of a world quickly approaching the crisis of extinction. I have presented that knowledge, as proof of the education. When thought lifts you up into the elements that are beyond time; it is absolutely necessary to be “completely involved”. Nothing less than everything, is reality. You must be secured, within yourself; even a small “imperfection in the translation of thought,” becomes a danger. It really is, “a very personal journey”.

Are you not “your own crowd now”/ go ahead “be perfect”. That, is not me, nor will it be you.

Still convinced you must worship the universities as god? Well a search of the evidence will prove: it is not the universities that you worship, but the money they have presented that proves your extreme greed is undeniable. You did not fall for their lies/ you accepted them, so you could pretend “WE don’t have to pay”. As they counterfeited US currency into oblivion with endless numbers that have no meaning. Claiming its all “asset accrual” and not inflation; by using media to cover the truth, and propagate that lie. But of course the reality of your assets requiring a higher number to buy: just means it was inflated by the extra numbers. $ 9 trillion dollars more numbers per year; for decades now. Which means, with little exception: the only thing universities really gave you, was debts that can never be paid. But the only thing you really wanted from them: was a lie, you don’t have to pay for your own life, you don’t have to protect their future, you can live “the fantasy”/ just, LET THE CHILDREN be slaves, crucified by the reality of your choices. To your shame. WAKE UP OR DIE. Prove the evidence is wrong, or accept: your choice is to throw away this entire world, just to hide the truth of what you did do. But hey, your children didn’t want to grow up poor either. After all SOMEBODY has to pay for all the weapons of mass destruction the universities did bring into our lives. The delusion, that “going to the moon” was anything other than the excuse: to build intercontinental missiles for destroying this earth.

As we look now to extinction, as is consistent with all the threats about to consume us all; world war three not the least among them. You do “stand at the gate/ and just like world war 2 held unpleasant surprises; world war three shall be far worse. The endless delusions of men come to the forefront as a reality determined by power, to illicit both failure and fantasy as their choice. War is never an answer, unless it is absolutely determined by hate. Hate is not a delusion, but an act of violence so heinous: that our world must react. Very few realities of hate have existed to that extent, which proves a need that cannot be avoided. World war 2 provided that. The current situation with Iran and America does not; it is a fantasy enforced, for the purpose of war; by believing in Trump and others. If they “save or rescue Israel”/ they get rewarded in eternity. They do not/ Israel is completely disjointed from its past, and is a participant in “GOD’S will” no more. Destroying this Creation will NEVER bring; a happy reward in eternity.

Even so, history is history, and men never change. Which is why a prophecy is predictable by the evidence.

As we must now look into eternity, for our own individual lives, what is clear surrounds us with the certainty: unless we attain a level of “individual identity” consistent with the disciplines of truth, and the order of law, there will be no foundation upon which we can rest. Nor a canopy above our “head” to resolve the threat of a freedom gone to far. More distinctly, life without boundaries is based upon the environmental certainty of a decision developed by thought to achieve your own destiny. It is not “a sure thing”/ unless you are simply granted mercy: which does present and impart a boundary that then keeps you alive within these constraints. The purity of freedom does not allow for that restraint, but it neither survives as a life; unless you are able to live by the law. Thought is the structural equivalent of a home. What you place within, to participate as your own acceptance of what is or is not important; decides the value of your home, and controls the destiny of your travel throughout the experience that is at its core, the essence of thought itself. To express your own value, is to understand what is truly important to you. To participate beyond the limits others place, as the value of their lives; requires a courage few will encounter. Thought grants freedom, but freedom can destroy life. It is a risk, that never leaves life. To master the reality, is to learn what the spirit world teaches: never open the door to any choice, that is not true to your own purpose or desire. Because if you do, and fail to achieve balance; your life will change or die.

LIFE is about the purity of your own complexity; the summation of what is “purely you”. Chaos is the intent to destroy complexity, and as such it is death. Therefore the critical test of life versus death: is to achieve thought as a destiny (the desire of your own truth)/ rather than a fate (no choice/ that is over). Desire reigns over life, by its core hope called love (everything happiness and joy can be). Hate reigns over death, by its decision to destroy, abuse, or imprison. See the difference?

GOD IS THE PURITY SO PERFECT, nothing can approach, unless invited by the truth, according to its law. The quest to understand that journey, governs eternal life.

Pride is the greatest enemy you will face, because it is the evidence of a weapon to bring chaos into eternity. A reality that will never be “UN-quashed”/ failure to remove, is death. No exceptions.

It is necessary to assert, that although thought can experience life, it cannot express that life without heart. Heart being the very essence of your desire, searching for its purpose among the core principles of what is love. Love is then the essence of living as life; nothing less will survive an eternity.

In the preparations for entering life as an expression for your own desire, the elements are simple. The direction of all love, is from its origination “moment” back to you. Therefore your only true journey is to search back inside your life, to find this origin and attain the essence called its truth. Purity demands all love comes and originates with GOD OUR CREATOR. As this is a very narrow path throughout all the things which have interfered due to our presence in time; an extreme focus is required.

Heart (the core value of your life surviving) originates as a decision to understand love has a value to me. In that acceptance of a desire to learn what is true, the possibilities expand, and the door to knowledge opens. Heart identifies the purpose, and life understands the meaning of discipline, as order arranges the opportunity to escape the influences of “humanity”; and return to the essence of life itself. Purity is not “human: want must be removed”. In contrast to being human, reality requires, that you must enter a different framework of participation to achieve entry into the spiritual world (destiny) as life beyond time. In truth, that framework of resolution to be as love would have me to be: encounters JESUS as the example “most pure”, of that purpose. The consequence is then “to follow HIS example” and identify the base realities of HIS life; so they can be repeated in you. This resolution of purpose, cannot be undertaken without the acceptance of desire that identifies who you are. If love is your truth, then “JESUS” becomes “your shield”/ to what will follow.

There are not less than 7 levels of energy which separate our lives from the origination of love that gave us time. Each level represents a threat against life itself, as energy is neither friend or enemy; if untouched. That is not the purpose of your journey, as energy must be “touched” to enter inside. Each level removes what is not purity in you; and as such: if you refuse to surrender that failure to the life you were given/ the potential to die (the energy will take you) “for an eternity”. That exists equally with the alternative; life intensified by order achieved. Of things not expected: is the list of images, realities involved with human acceptance, threats, fears, and other elements which only truth and discipline will survive. None of these things will harm you, IF you are truly disciplined in your soul. Soul then means: the relationship you cherish with GOD , is absolutely real. There is a balance between life and self, where respect understands what is my responsibility to remove/ and what shall be removed for me, if I ask.

Mercy allows for the intensity of living to be simple and plain: a concept that you can and will understand as a blessing from your own existence. This is not found within the existence of energy itself, and limits love to the boundary area’s of happiness. But mercy also is a safety net, so that none die from their own failures/ giving many the potential for eternity shared.

The critical question is: the purity of true love cannot be experienced outside of the “energy which made it”. Therefore the passage beyond being “human” at its core; is governed by the truth of what are you willing to pay, what are you willing to risk; to receive what can never be earned or achieved in any other way? Before you answer UNDERSTAND with absolute certainty: NO SACRIFICE will ever be accepted. Only truth identifying purity, as the value of your love given without measure: to GOD OUR CREATOR, and no one else. In that love, we then share the value of our hearts, the desire that is love, as life among us all, cares forever.

In case you have failed to understand it: life, is about energy/ without energy there is no life. The body dies, because it can no longer manipulate the energy into an action or reaction: chaos has entered, and displaced the order life requires to participate in time. The life force, that manipulates body: is a separate reality, as thought formed from the essence of true energy; is the essence of an individual identity. Thought, as well as energy do exist on “a different plane”/ than does mass. How is that not already proven to be so? The question then is: does body mass, make you a life/ or does body mass provide the experience and expression for a life? The difference is: as simply, a mass you truly don’t have a choice. The manipulation of energy is a choice/ and every choice comes from some form of thought.

The curse of idiots and fools continue to suggest, that there are no miracles. Clearly they know nothing of design, engineering, architecture, building, chemistry, biology, intelligence, or any other form of thought; as the body is far more than just those things in abundance, and in reality at a level of complexity no human being can touch with just a simple mind. Everything about life, each life; is a pure miracle which means nothing on earth brought this here. That is the truth, of life and earth/ and only the decision to be a liar, or a fool, suggests otherwise.

The foundations between the separation of men and women/ boundaries between species/ ocean life/ chains of dependency/ every form of living survival as is nature defined by the realities of our earth: is a miracle, and cannot be constructed by chaos (which is destruction, simple as that). Nor is it build one piece at a time, as suggested by the curse of evolution: can you have a body, without a heart/ or without lungs/ or simply WHAT part did you not need at exactly the time life began as a body called you? The answer is, you need them all at once; which makes building a body one piece at a time: a clear and certain lie. The endless fool, exists as “university knows religion”/ because it is they that undercut and intentionally demolished common sense: with yes we can/ even though the consequences would be horrific. As is just beginning throughout our earth: extinction of all species/ destruction of all habitat/ death of all ocean life/ destruction of the balance that makes life on earth possible/ demolition of the drinking water supplies/ expansion and support to make every disease we face “a monster”/ and so much more it is horrifying. All because they wanted to play god, and declared they could: if you just let them. And people not only let them, you worshiped them as gods, refusing to question even the most ludicrous of stories. Even refusing to stop what is absolute insanity and beyond the limits of life to survive; not even as one single existence left. But of course you owe them for creating “your saviors”: each and every weapon of mass destruction/ ain’t that right? “death of everything alive”!  where even one single man can enforce: if you attack me; our world dies. And yet you assume leaders, and others capable of making this same decision;  aren’t insane. To your shame; history is full of men to prove you wrong/ in nearly every nation under the sun. YOU are that insane, because you let your university gods: “gamble with this whole world/ surrendering it to extinction” if they are even a tiny bit wrong. When in fact, proof exists to prove: they are only a tiny bit right!

And the only thing I can be certain of: throughout the forty years I have been telling you of all these consequences coming/ is you are going to call me   “the fool/ while you run away to hide, from your own reality”. because no matter what: YOU DON’T want to pay, not one single penny to correct failure, and give life a chance.    CONSUMED by greed, selfishness, and pride; to your shame.

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