It is the tragedy of both, men and women; that they have allowed their lives to be turned into a game. Life is not a game, it is precious and disciplined with respect. Without respect, it becomes a game, that can be measured, by any measure desired; for either winner or loser. Precious means: without a price/ thereby the existence of life itself, makes us all equals. Do you see the difference?

Games exist to construct an image of what you want life to be, or what you believe your life is: and that allows for the fantasy, delusion, or lies to take control over reality and assign to you a religion of what even eternity could be; because after all, in this game, “you get to be god/ over you, or even more”. So the primary purpose is: to be “mentally god”/ instead of being real life you.

People construct and destruct themselves to produce something else, other than real life me. The critical question is then WHY: are you not enough as a human being, to simply accept being you? The answer common to that is: I have failed to be what I wanted to be/ I have failed to take what I wanted to take/ I have failed to be “the most of everything, and have lost to another”/ I have failed to be the human being alive, that I intended I should be; life is too harsh, and too hard. So now I pretend, and accept lies are better/ even though the price of a lie, is failure: if not forced to admit it is a lie, then it is whatever I say. Images help create that illusion; as owning this or that or whatever it is: makes you believe the others will accept your lie, instead of your reality. The constant failure then becomes; you gradually invade your lie, and become what you were not, a liar.

In the elemental structure of human society, once past the critical need to survive: the possibilities for what you can be, in addition to living, do occur. So the question most pose is: what do I want to be? The answer to that, then determines your direction/ and the journey you will take is dependent upon the price you are willing to pay, and the realities involved; to achieve what you want. Some succeed and get pride: I am a god/ compared with you. Some succeed and get power: I can make you cry, because I can make a decision you cannot refuse. Some fail and get depressed: life is not worth this price. Some fail and become addicted “to an escape”/ with this, I will be ok; life can still be worth living. Some commit suicide: life has abandoned me, and I no longer care.

The alternative of want is: that I live to search for life itself, and combine in that the values which make me happy; as is the basis of love in all things desired. Thereby love determines the direction, and life identifies a journey into creation itself; as is proven to exist by all the miracles which surround us. The value of the journey is given to GOD / the reality of the path is given to JESUS; as these names identify “the best humanity has ever been” in its relationship with life and love. Some succeed and create their own family of joy. Some succeed and give back to life and the living more than they took, because it is my duty to return the joy. Some succeed and enter within the spiritual identity, that becomes their own truth; granting respect to all the love, they stand for. Some fail, and enter within a spiritual world that takes from them their peace; due to fears. Some fail, and become a religious zealot: you can’t tell me nothing/ I believe whatever I want. And so on.

The critical discussion is: while want leads a human into being “like the animals”/ which allows for contentment through the collection of prizes or superiority. The more distinct reality of being human alive is: to enter the destiny chosen, by those who encounter thought, and attain eternity. To be an animal lets you live in the simple translation of time, which measures all things; and even accepts you get to play god, if you can enforce your will on some others. While to be “human alive” in the creation of life itself, is ultimately the discovery of truth, by its existence within the laws of this universe. To be truly alive stands the test of expression, and becomes the validation of purity. Yes, I did pay the price of love itself, to be more than I could ever be alone. To enter within thought is to surrender the measurement of humanity, and become one with life itself, thereby encountered within the spiritual dimension/ rather than simply participating as time. Each of these things has a price, and what you pay through the essence of truth, or refuse to pay, by lies: does determine your eternity.

So we then ask: WHAT is eternity that I might choose that instead of being simply “a human animal in time: the measurement of trophies, trinkets, or toys?”

Eternity begins: with a miracle; you are alive! That simplified fact, identifies the truth, that this is no game. The university curse is: that they take that truth, and turn it into a lie, to convince you life is not precious or a miracle. But merely an accident controlled by chaos. You do have to choose, one direction or the other: because they are opposites, and can never be joined as one.

So the question of an eternity is divided into two distinct parts: to accept the miracle of living with respect for all the value it presents/ or deny that with lies. And to accept that thought has no real boundary other than what we assign to it. Thereby constructing the value of our destiny as a life, is what we are willing to conceive and prove, within truth. The question of why would I desire an eternity is answered by love; because with love, life is a new joy, and a new living with every moment we make in the freedom that is beyond all comprehension of pain.

As to the essence of thought: it is again the miracle of life, body, planet, etcetera that proves this is no accident. If not an accident, then it is order, discipline, balance, truth, respect, courage, love, and a value that will not be denied. Each of these do represent the value that is thought: to conceive of the possibilities, beyond what even truth can describe. Thought builds/ thought creates/ thought identifies/ thought controls/ thought assembles the participation of love through spirit/ thought guides us, into ourselves; so as to begin the journey that is our own living, our own life, and our own eternity. We are at its core: the essence of what thought can do. Anything chaos, attempts to destroy that (university knows/ university is god), as well as your life, as well as your eternity: is not less than a curse (we did this to ourselves, with arrogance and pride).

If we then look into eternity, we see existence itself, as the beginning of what can and must be created to become “the presence of I/you”. Without existence life dissipates without time, just as the body disappears into dust because of time. The question is then what conceives of existence? The answer very simply is thought. So the dedication of a life, is determined within the realm of what can you become as the thought which you inhabit/ or which inhabits you.

Thought is then an environment dedicated to the one which owns it/ as in this is you, or yours. Unless you give it away, or let someone take it away; and your soul is then robbed. The critical question is: do you love, as the core value of your life/ or do you hate, as the reality of your choice having been identified/ or are you simply lost, and without definition, as is the lack of a substantive truth?

Truth determines your identity, just as love or hate determines where you live inside the life that exists as you. If you have no true identity in love or hate/ then you have no boundary of discipline, to keep your existence alive. If you are hate/ then you are an enemy to all that is love, and will go where hate exists against you as well.

If you are love, combined with respect in the absence of fear: the essence of trust can complete the journey into ordered and balanced relationships, that are the seed of all love throughout this universe. Thought exists within boundaries, but love is a freedom that has no true constraint, other than “we care, we share, we are equal, we are free”. Discipline then asks: if thought is to become our home, and love is to become “the world of our influence established as itself”. Then how do we arrive, where destiny accepts this decision and creates everything we can become?

The value we achieve as life on earth, defines our own contribution to this world of Creation by GOD. The reality of our love translated as the decisions which make being human a home, rather than an existence; defines our own contribution to this reality of being alive, as a tribute to JESUS Himself. The teacher of love most deliberate.

The critical question of eternal love is: where only truth survives, and only respect invites you in, the order of our acceptance is determined by soul. As is our relationship with GOD , as CREATOR. Nothing short of that will enter the true destinies of love. Soul is found, by searching inside yourself for the gift of life that you were given to be “you”.

As to the “mechanics of reality” when avoiding extinction to become a child of GOD; just look to the miracles which surround you, and understand. Even if they could be explained; nothing is more powerful than to realize just how miraculous the truth of our existence here on earth actually is. To understand and accept: I need not know more, this is enough to prove, eternity shall exist for me! Just as love created this world, love shall invite, and I will accept: without a single other word.


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