Within the foundations, of discipline as it creates the interactions of life: the essence of our core experience is expressed either through life itself as spirit; which means life (not body) meeting life (not mind)/ the essence of our energy balanced by the direction of motion. OR, it is expressed through time, as the distance and creation of moments tied into a body of experiences. OR, it is the heartbeat of what we believe the value of our existence can be; either in love, or the distinction of thought. OR, life is cast aside with all things of value, to become the essence of hate displayed or hidden from view.

Of these elements, the critical development of our time is “the decisions that we make”. In our own decision, we create the identity called “I”; as these establish a purpose as well as a desire. So the quest of living is to determine what best describes the boundaries of “me”? To that end we search or want/ we live, or die inside/ we value or hate/ we think, or simply believe.

The question is then presented: WHY, do you choose the way you choose, and what is the dimension called love/ or the destruction called hate? WHY, do we choose for one, but not for another? WHY, do we believe, when only truth matters to the end result? WHEN is it time, to account ourselves as “a desire for living”? WHERE is the home called eternal? WHO, will offer a journey beyond time? And HOW, do we achieve love, in a world that has clearly stepped into the maze of death?

We begin with value, the essence of a decision; even though It is not, the determinant factor. Value is the definition, “I have found cause to keep on living, even if the price is high”. If every decision is about life or death/ then this is all you need to know. Every decision is not about life or death; which makes the essence of a human life, far less intense to describe “dramatic”. Or more distinctly: every action does bring a reaction, and the consequence is not always predetermined to be whatever we want it to be. Therefrom life is misdirected into the fantasies of want/ instead of ordered by life. That brings us to the potential called love, or, I am alive because you are here to share my soul, and care about my heart (we are important). When there are none who care, and what is shared has no substantive value: the temptation arises to discard the whole, as worthless to me/ which then assembles itself into hate ( I alone, have value).

The question follows: that although one person does something for me, that I accept as valued/ when another person does what is “exactly the same thing”; they can be rejected as without value? A judgment, that bears no resemblance to a reality shared with measurement: “same/ same”. The critical choice is “measurement”/ and that measurement comes with the credentials you assign to the individual. Or more simply: if the same thing were done for you by two people; whom you had no possibility to determine an answer based upon anything other than what had been done. Then both would measure the same. Instead, judgment comes with your own idolatry (small things have great importance). So it is human to judge, based upon what we believe, or interpret as truth or lie. The reality is: each human life has a limited ability to accept “another person in it”/ which does require us all to choose. Even if that choice cannot be supported by reality. To be family, requires intimacy (this house cannot hold another one), a knowledge that goes beyond the others; a reality of understanding that can find forgiveness when that knowledge is wrong.

Belief allows the person who has been judged less, to find their own solution even if it is wrong/ because we are free to believe whatever we want or desire life, even eternity; to be. That has a value, because then you are not judged, but free to be whatever you believe you can be, or are allowed to be by religion. Religion provides discipline, order, and balance to a life that has not congealed into an identity that will not be changed. The search is extensive; to achieve this goal. The reality is, there will be turmoil as we journey to the description that will become our time.

The desire for life and living, is called a passion: “I live for this/ I work for this/ I love for this definition of my hope”. Therefore all passion and purpose that has a value is determined by the construction of your hope. Hope is: the elevation of what can be purified into the creation of our own eternity. Or more distinctly, it is not up to “GOD” to provide your own cause for life: it is up to you, to identify the destiny which you have designed as the home which grants to me, a life and living to be cherished without end. This is no small thing! It begins with a foundation, rises with desire, constructs the inner workings with love, and dedicates the “roof” as our respect for GOD who made this possible in me. Not a game.

Eternity is then, a very critical acceptance required “to build a home”! As without that home, conceived of and created by the foundations of “life with truth”; none will build. The question then is: if eternity does exist, then where shall I find it beyond the grave? The answer is quite simply in life itself! Or more distinctly in our relationship with the spiritual world that gives birth to your existence, desire, everything: through thought. Without thought we are not living, even if “a life, in its most basic form, can exist”. With thought, we are everything life can be/ with body in time, we are the living existence, experience, and expression; of our own decisions/ their consequences/ and our desire. Even so, nothing is possible about being alive, without the creation of thought inside of you. That can be mundane as is “the animal mind of measurement and want”. Or you can be identified as the creator of love, value, hope, and more: as is the essence of living within thought. The core existence of thought is creation itself; and that is the door beyond this world into a spiritual transition that goes, beyond self. So then the fundamental of an eternal home is, directly tied too: the search that is beyond self, a relationship that turns to the critical path of purity and truth to define another world. No lies accepted; that begins with the assertion, that a brain controls thought! It does not. LIFE controls thought, your ability to participate beyond self (everything living matters, not just me), identifies your journey.

That journey into the realm of creation (miracles, beyond any ability for humanity to describe; surround us all) itself. Can be isolated into the descriptions of love or hate; as these are the only primary “I”, decisions that any person can make. Hate has no value, and is your curse if you find it. LOVE HOWEVER owns the universe of all that can be experienced or expressed as life to be valued. Therefore love creates the path, and the decision to walk that path identifies a journey. The critical core description of “what direction must I go”? Is identified Biblically: as JESUS was the love of GOD OUR CREATOR among us/ and HIS life does create a decision revealed, as to the path we must go. To find that love, within ourselves! CREATION IS THE EVIDENCE OF LOVE, as everything here “could be so much less”. We, are Created (no human/ no accident/ no excuse: GOD. A reality beyond ourselves in all ways and things__) ; which means the evidence of love is inherited by us.

Today, the curse of “university knows religion”; seeks to destroy everything they can touch/ offering useless stories, horrifying experiments/ lies unending/ theft by counterfeiting government currencies/ cheating with propaganda/ temptations through bribes/ manipulation through lies; and so on. By using the fear generated with weapons of mass destruction to enable the fool and failures to say; “we better not take any chances/ and give them what they want”. But as always, that has only made things worse. So the question of this day is: LOVE HAS A PRICE, it begins with respect/ lives within the boundaries of courage, discipline, desire, hope, happiness, freedom, passion, truth, trust, justice, dignity, fair play, and purposes beyond ourselves to offer a value that is greater than just want building an army, with bribes. It is a choice/ a decision of the heart: which means, something more exists that I do desire of living/ than just time.

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