7/16/19 the one certainty in the human world is: when the competition gets too much, there will be those who are forced out, under threats of death/ to live somewhere else. They then invade the lives of others, to compete for resources they didn’t work for. Even being so brazen as to wear “their uniforms/ no, we won’t fit in”: you change instead, as is pride beyond compare. While a few are welcomed, as they represent no great threat; the hordes are not/ as competition decides the level of wealth or poverty for “them all”. In this world of “endless humanity”; the insurgency of failure/ the disease represented by every nation on earth/ the environmental costs of too many humans/ and the constant truth that is, every natural resource does in fact belong to us all; not just a few. Makes the battleground no less vindictive or severe. At a quarter of a billion more people over deaths which now arrive screaming to be fed each year; immigration no longer works. The only solution is: CONTROL YOURSELVES or we all die. The only real enforcement we get is: stay inside your own boundaries/ so that there is proof, you have in fact done what this world needs for you to do. Because humanity threatens this earth, this entire world of life: with extinction, because of too many humans, leaves nothing, for no life whatsoever. That fact makes women “one of the most powerful forces on earth”: they determine the population. The universities threaten more; and are the curse called “satan (we can play god)”/ because of what they do. Even so, without recognizing what is true (plain and simple); you have no possibility of survival. This world is already dead, without severe change; because what you want is not enough. Soon you will starve/ soon you will fight with greater violence than this earth has ever seen for water/ soon the entire chains of life (which does represent the food you eat) shall end/ soon you will cannibalize each other, and insanity shall rule. Because these are, only some of the horrific, “university led choices”, that you have all made. They are your gods, even if you won’t admit it/ and they don’t give a damn about life; only pride, and playing god. FACE YOUR TRUTH, because you can’t go back. Stop the death march of university knows, to all life on earth; OR, be condemned to the fate they chose. IDENTIFY what is wrong, and choose better; or crucify your world, and yourself. Simple as that. Open your eyes, pry open your ears, remove the pride from your arrogant heart; and find life back/ or it ends forever on this entire planet. Because that is, what you chose.

JUSTICE/ TRUTH/ REALITY/ DUTY; all agree, that being human does make us equal. But that ends with: “your decision to invade our lives” CANNOT be dealt with or allowed; UNTIL the real trouble here has been resolved. Which means, the population rise MUST END, with proof/ or there is no room for any of us to survive or live. Only then, and only with acceptance of our society, our language (as you expect in your nation). The reality is: you shall not demand we change into your society; the place you left, because those decisions could not support you anymore. To bring that here is neither wise nor fair.

We are equal as life, but we have not made the same decisions or done the same work, or had the same opportunities for each one. What is fair is: that we should benefit from our own work, and our own decisions; or pay the cost of it for ourselves/ as is consistent with capitalism; modified by democracy. We all have a say!

There is no reason to listen to those who continue to create the trouble which causes so much grief; the insanity of university fantasy and fools who lead with: “life comes last/ unless its me”. There is no reason to listen to those who clamor for placement in other nations because they cannot control their own population: and it is WOMEN/ not men who decide that for themselves. Let the men pay, it is only fair. You stand at the graveyard of fools/ the edge of extinction, and will not survive, not even as a world, without true change. The clear and certain demand: LIFE FOR THIS WHOLE PLANET, MUST COME FIRST, IN EVERY DECISION WE NOW MAKE. And that does mean: the universities are no longer allowed to control anything. As their leadership, along with men; brings us to the edge of our own extinction.

But alas, “you don’t care”/ you just want what you want, and you know what you don’t want; and that is anything other than to be as selfish, rich, and proud as possible. And it sure as hell ain’t never going to be: “lets pay this world back (not even a little), for our lives/ and keep this world living”. Such is the constant of human.

History proves, there are only three things the vast majority of men will choose: I want everything for me/ I want what they have/ I want to enslave them for me, any way I can. History contains no distinct record of women; but it is a constant, they don’t choose for war; in general terms.

Every living thing on earth is faced with the realities of human overpopulation. The cost of humanity taking everything they can get their hands on or steal; is no longer a right or a reality that can sustain anything. Brute force to control and enslave humanity (everything), requires nature to rebuild what you destroy; it no longer can. We are too many, nature cannot keep up or survive us. The cost of humanity trying to enslave each other, is no longer a reality that will let you survive: world war 3 is all but here. The cost of humanity letting the intellectuals rule; is manipulation, temptation, deceit, fantasies, stealing, cheating, lying, betrayal, terrorism, and more. Because their primary purpose is to tear down what the others have depended upon: SO YOU MUST obey me, worship me; and become my slave, as they have destroyed all your other choices. The intellectual wants a trap, to prove how smart he or she is: we are the superior ones, we deserve more than you. They want your jobs; it makes you beg. They want your medical disaster, it makes you beg. They want your future, it proves they can be powerful over you. They want your money, and to steal everything they wanted; it was counterfeited to oblivion (no real value here).

Basically every decision made in the last fifty plus years has been a disaster for life. Even medicine as that has led in part, to our endless humanity; that nature itself cannot survive; which proves “end of this world”. I can, is not the foundation required to prove if you should; a reality that the universities (every single one) utterly refuse to acknowledge. Some things are sacred, which means DON’T touch this.

As to the rest of simple “yes we can theology”; it would seem realistic to portray the problems of that, with one simple description. The grain elevator close to me; now ships basically all the grain from a fifty mile area; making all the grain travel by truck, to this area for rail shipment to the gulf. Apart from all the other realities of what has been done/ what stands out most is: a one hundred car train ships a million bushels at a time with 3 engines pulling it. To get that grain here, which used to ship from all along the railroad line: they must add an additional (now we must) trucking expense along with resource depletion and pollution for the 1250 truck loads of grain required to fill that one hundred car train. 3 locomotives combined; 18,000 hp more or less/ as opposed to same weight transferred by truck, with a minimum of 375,000 combined hp. The politician sees that as jobs/ the environment sees that as the creation of hell, the end of our future. Every child, without resources. And it is only one tiny little thing, of all that has been done. Your entire human world has made the same decisions: to drive, etc/ it will be great.

So lets go a bit farther; in agriculture ethanol exists because “farmers want what they want/ and the politician believes it is a job”/ but alas the aquifers which keep agriculture alive pay the price, and will end; making it impossible for us “to live here”. Farmers want “chemicals, it makes life easy”; and the constant is “the poison, headed for the aquifer; hasn’t killed us yet”. Farmers want “field drainage”, and the universities say “put a tile every fifty feet”; which insures the aquifer never gets replenished. Another favorite thing here is: to insure the little ponds that keep nature alive (incubators for small fish and things, that feed the streams, rivers, and lakes with new life) no longer exist at every bridge. The reason, “it looks better this way”/ nature don’t matter. While all of society, makes these very same decisions in their respective lives and work. And they all cry “I WANT”, what I want: just give me what I want. The biblical prophecy is; “an apocalypse” which simply means a war so intense blood flows like a river. Nothing is more capable of causing that war, than no water; because time is short!

DIFFERENT DECISIONS MUST BE MADE. Because you are now at least 8 billion people wanting all you can get; 365 days a year, and some expect to live one hundred years. So just how much resource is that; when the economic world brags: “we use more resources in ten years” than in all of human history preceding us combined! THIS IS A FINITE WORLD. Wake up or die.

The intent, and propaganda storm, to demand that all manner of people must be accepted no matter what; does in fact reek of hate/ as being different is not the reality involved. Instead the demand is: you cannot be recognized as a group any longer/ all groups are discarded/ all independence of acknowledgment of a group is abandoned. Which makes the inevitable “we stand above as: the superior ones (we have a university diploma)/ we are the nobles above all the rest” simply closer to taking over our world. It is betrayal, and its purpose is to subdivide and conquer, the various “species distinctions” that do create the human subsets by design that exist on this planet. Just like the universities did with religion and education: nothing matters but us, our ways, our decisions, our control, our propaganda, our purpose, our leadership!

While it is not your purpose on this earth to judge the others. It is a duty to respect the realities which gave you life, and protect the various distinctions that are intrinsic to being distinct, within a broader base species determination as is “human”. Love that is real, is accepted. Want that does nothing but inflate pride, and devalue the true elements or essence of life “by design”, is not. Just remember: you are not GOD / and it ain’t your eternity; so leave them alone. Either that, or simply be fair; remembering freedom does have its cost.


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