Destiny, is the difference between what you truly did do/ and what you didn’t do, even if you believed you did. The value of truth is unending/ while the failure of lies, or fantasies, will always have a consequence. The critical truth above all the rest, at the core principle of eternity is: did you, or did you not, harm or help GOD’S CREATION! That answer, decides your fate; believe it or not.

To build an international public trial: REQUIRES YOU, to get involved! This is “fight for your world, your nature, your child”; by investigating: what is true. Not theory, not story, not religion, not want; but true.

This is America, where I have been blocked out of every courtroom; hidden from view. Even though the law here forbids it; corruption does not. Because I stood alone, with just the law.

YOUR DECISION: is to support your democracy, support your world and all its life, support your children and their future/ OR, let our world, and our future; continue to fail. I AM: ASKING YOU, to learn the difference between trusting those who lead you (as is a university diploma)/ and the realities of where they are leading you too!

I am asking you: to care enough, to learn what is a true threat. TRIAL Evidence to [identify, what we cannot allow others, to threaten us with] . THE LEGAL RIGHT; to protect our very existence, and then decide, what is not to be allowed.


YOU can do something; so just do it! Social media links exist on the site, to help you organize.

international TRIAL IS: An invitation to examine the real evidence, as a world: with legal rights. Asking what can go wrong. When humanity plays god.

If you feel you must or honestly need, to contact me; FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS TRIAL. Then you can do so by writing me a letter: care of






I will get it.

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Jim Osterbur

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