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We now look at the last date biblically, by the old testament: for mercy to be given to this earth. Because of what men chose to do. The end result of it is: even “if the hammer” does not fall upon us instantly/ the reality of your choices have by no means disappeared. A world filled with arrogance, pride, and weapons of mass destruction. People trying to prove they are gods, by igniting a nuclear (lets burn atoms) fire. People trying to destroy nature to create chaos in worship of evolution, their god. People destroying resources/ poisoning water/ overpopulating earth beyond what it can survive/ destroying ocean life/ overheating the globe/ destroying everything about oxygen/ destroying the chains of life itself/ destroying the money by counterfeiting it into fantasy/ destroying the children, by taking everything they need to build “garbage mountains”; and more. Yet you will hear none of it, because the only thing you care about is numbers: even though they prove your wealth is an absolute lie. And the people shout: YES I CAN, because it still spends, and I still have food (even though a billion + are hungry), and I still drink, even though any amount of investigation will prove not for long, etcetera and more. The fantasies will end, because lies never survive.

You are like one of the women who did desperately want to live with me. When I asked her “would you diet for me, to a healthier weight”? She gave me a ten minute lecture on how it was her right, and so on/ which I agreed with, and left it at that, because that is what she wanted more than me. I asked because discipline/ balance/ order/ and thought are all fundamentals defined by the choices we do make; and I need my world to be “within the limits” that I choose to believe “GOD, intended us to be”. That does not mean any overweight issue is relevant to you; and it does not matter what your weight or most choices are to me regarding you: it is your life, and it is your freedom, and your responsibility to decide what is important. Just as it is mine.

But she missed her chance for food she didn’t need at all; a change in lifestyle that had more benefits than cost. Just like you; she wanted everything, she could want/ instead of what reality and its own truth would allow.

The blind will shout, “I knew we would escape”/ he is nothing.

But this is a biblical prophecy; not mine, that ends here today, and it may or may not be super-ceded by new testament prophecy that suggests what has ended is the mercy that allows for men to lead. Time will tell/ but by no means, is your “dance with extinction” over. Every possibility of extreme threat still exists, and every one of those can end all life on earth; because that is what you chose.

You will not survive your choices/ unless you accept true and irreversible change. That is the truth, and it will not be avoided or discarded for lies, failure, or foolishness anymore. That is your reality. And it will be proven true.

The end of mercy means: no more intervening in, to limit the consequences of what you chose. No more protecting life and planet from failure due to mankind. I do suggest you pray!

You have locked yourselves behind “air-conditioned doors”/ and lost your connection with people.

You have locked yourselves into a fight to survive, by accepting the temptation of credit/ which then enslaves, and makes you angry with “the world, and life”.

You have failed to fight for democracy; and the universities took over your lives, your world, and your nation; to belittle life, so they could play god.

You have failed justice, to become arrogant and angry instead.

You have failed your children, because you know the end in near; and instead of working for change, and protecting life and planet as best you can. The curse of “everybody for him or herself” has taken over, to demand a war will come. Because without courage, the best you can do is the cowardice of “I have a gun”.

You failed your world, you chose selfishness over life; and discarded the rest.

You failed your own eternity, by hiding from your own truth.

You failed your GOD with disrespect, and the alliance that is “university knows everything”/ therefore they must be our gods. Even though the consequence as reality now proves is, they were , the enemy. Even if they did not intend to be so. The reality we now face is extinction: the price of that is far beyond anything they did or could provide. How is that not true?

You use me as an excuse; simply because you don’t want to pay the price to repair or rebuild what must be done. Hiding and running away, to protect your trophies. The very ones you will soon throw in the trash, to build your garbage mountains; which prove just how truly tragic to life and earth, that you have been.

Of all things, throughout the forty years I have fought with you over DON’T BE INSANE/ don’t let this happen. Winning argument after argument by truth and evidence. The one constant scream, as you ran terrified away: has been out of nearly every mouth: NOT IN MY LIFETIME. Which of course means, that your true decision is then: to crucify your own children. Even if all you wanted, was “what you wanted, for free”. Selfishness has a price: somebody else has to pay.

It is not that I asked for a life without value/ you simply wanted a life that proved by playing games, “you were a winner”. That proved, no real consequences for you; “cause you’re special”.

In contrast with that is reality: wherein we are equals, even though not the same. Life makes us so. In contrast to that is the truth of what we need/ rather than what you want; and the realities of our moment in time, what this earth can provide, and what we must share, the realities we must care about: for the sake of life, and earth itself. 8 billion people is a reality that has changed our world. Simple as that, nature can no longer survive us. It is now our turn to make certain nature survives humanity; and yet everything your gods of universities do: is to tear that nature apart, and destroy everything about this earth we need, to survive. And you worship them, even though many of their stories are ludicrous, and without a basis in fact at all.

You are a cult, worshiping university is our religion. I am a human being thinking for myself; instead of waiting for media to tell me what I think. “see the difference?” Alas, the herd does not like that; but shout “all for one, and one for all”! As if that would change reality. It only blocks the path back to “sanity, and life as a human being alive”. I did for you what I could. I end for you the reality of my work; because you do not want it. You just want what you want; and that does not include a future for life or earth. So we simply part ways, you to your fate/ I to my destiny; simple as that. I do wish you well, however that changes nothing you have done, or the consequences that will bring.

You are like the man I told: “if you are going to play on the internet/ then you must separate your bank account; and have just one that you use on the internet NOT tied together with the other”. So it is not possible to lose everything. He failed to listen/ and he did lose it all. Your day is coming too. And if the past is any indication, THEN, you will come to me and shout: YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE US DO WHAT WE NEEDED TO DO/ THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. Because after all, “it just can’t be your fault” now can it. That is what enemies are for after all: to blame, even if it is not true. To hide the consequences of your decisions, that went bad.

Organizations did not “like me”; because what life demands is true forever change; that ultimately takes away want, to let truth decide: and that is not what they want. Like all of humanity, they want what they want; and the future does not enter in. They hide from it, so they can have what they want. Religion did not “like me”; because they want to believe whatever they want/ and truth comes first, does not allow for that. Politicians hate the concept of “want must die/ to let truth decide”; because that want, is what they sell to get elected, and achieve power or pride. Universities cannot play god, and they will fight; because that is exactly what they want to do. Media worships universities; they own their soul; as is proven by the truth, “we will let this earth die first/ before a university can be questioned”. Policing is about the war machine that is “us versus them”; a change highlighted by “university knows how”. A reality, because no matter what evidence they were given: they only considered me to be “the threat, or the fool”; And so on. Nothing mattered enough to choose for life and planet comes first. Simple as that, even though failure to accept that truth; literally insures extinction. NOT EVEN the people who are trying to ignite atoms on fire, which makes this entire world a fuel source for that fire; just like on the sun. instead of reality, you choose to believe the endless fantasy of science without any basis whatsoever in fact. And that is the truth, even though I don’t pretend to be your god, as do they. No going back, ignition will prove the end of this earth; even the end of this solar system as we know it. And still you do not care enough, to ask a single question that matters. Shame on you.

Discarded, because the herd is a herd/ not a human being alive. Which does require you to think for yourself.

Of all things blind that you have become, the worst intellectually is: that you allowed a tiny few without a brain, to convince “the world” LIFE IS JUST AN ACCIDENT OF a few quadrillion things all lining up in order/ becoming disciplined by law/ balancing itself without even a brain; and literally destroying the truth for every child you let them touch. That life comes from chaos, and is survival, just by chance.

That life, as any living body of evidence on earth will prove: is purely and truly a miracle that could only be created by thought. Has been cast aside, even though nothing is more purely true, than is that fact of life and living.

They obviously stole your brain; which does make you animal instead of human.

Regardless, I have delivered my message to this world: change or die. Reality will prove it true. Whether you listen or not, is not my job; I did deliver the message, established evidence, and answered every question presented by truth: which you could not refute. That produced enough “advertising” to make this your own decision, as humanity itself made this choice; for life or death of our world. Not a game, reality does not lie. NO, I did not have to be perfect/ because I only asked you to investigate for yourselves, before it was too late to change the outcome. You have refused. I do “hate” that, as it means you cast aside this world; for nothing but toys, trinkets, or trophies that can only prove how selfish you really are.

You have had your chance, your decades, to say: this world and all its life, and all its future life, are more important than just me/ and I will do what I can for the sake of this world. Because quite honestly, I do owe that much, for my own existence as a human being alive. You chose no.

What your punishment for that is going to be, I don’t know: because GOD IS GOD, and this is HIS WORLD OF LIFE that you are sacrificing to extinction. HE CAN intervene in any way HE chooses. HE CAN “change HIS mind”; and present some type of mercy: this is HIS WORLD. I am, just a messenger. I DO suggest you pray honestly.

As for me, I do belong to GOD, through JESUS as is Christ. Whatever the future brings for me, is literally whatever the future brings for me; it is not my choice to make. Truth decides. Given that reality however, truth has given me over to “the spiritual woman inside”; a consequence that is evidence of Revelation 12. Even though you will never understand it. Even though, I do not know why, other than as evidence: GOD does intend to change this world, into now women shall rule over men. By creating law for that truth. That as a fact, would mean this world shall in fact survive. That GOD will intervene. Time will tell what is true. But make no mistake, it is humanity itself that must change, or extinction will come soon. I did my part as the man, I was born to be/ what “the woman” in me demands, is now, an entirely different story.

Not a clue; functionally lost”. Even though I am spiritually trapped inside a “female world”/ I literally cannot identify with “a woman”; and am not allowed to study them at all. Although I am required to identify with the distinct realities that I know to be constant and true to this life; as is conceived by marriage and more: life changed ; to experience a very different “point of view”. ITS COMPLICATED!

That said, the man in me bids you goodbye.

At this point in time, retired from the work finally/ having refused for over forty years to be significantly distracted. Bad things can happen when distracted, from what is truly important. It would be nice to find an honest friend, who has the time; although I have had friends, it has been years. NOT gay, NOT transvestite, NOT perverted in any way; just plain, with a reality of “women need to be understood, in a different way”. I don’t know why me. I am “very disciplined, balanced, and orderly on the inside”/ although less so, in the normal aspects of living or even life. Romance would be nice “with a WOMAN”; who is similar to me. But “I have tits, just to start”. Not rich, tinnitus/ don’t travel well. This is “live till you die/ don’t whimper and cry for what you cannot change”. MY philosophy is: Be plain, be simple, be honest, accept truth decides, choose life, choose love, we all have to work/ we all have to die; don’t hide, be happy as life can be; never asking or expecting tragedy; as it always comes “soon enough”. Simple as that.

My address is not that hard to find, send a letter. All sites I provide, will close as of August 1st; this invitation goes away: when the billing renews, and I don’t pay.

All sites I provide will now close as of August 1st or shortly thereafter; as I now refuse to pay. If you wish to keep them, you must pay the provider. They may NOT collect anything beyond what is needed to keep any or all sites open. NO donations to me for any cause or purpose are allowed: I will not be fighting for you any longer. The battle is yours.

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