Love begins, at the edge of meaning. The place where we find hope! Even the curse of loneliness, has a passion that lives inside the truth of what or who can make me sing for joy; therefore it can be “a blessing in disguise”. Because very many, need a push, to make the heart sing aloud. The critical question being: are you the essence of my soul. The value of being a truth pure enough to become “my destiny”/ my home. Is the value identified by love, as the relationship only GOD can create. Between people, that relationship is constructed with trust; as the place we know, that freedom: the honesty of sharing, the truth of caring; without judgment for the wings which lift my heart, even in error. Grants, that I know, this is the soul, that lives for me. When we touch a moment as one, we search no more. While the truth proves to us all, it is indeed a hard reality to find another soul “like mine”.

Sex is a pathway between souls, the place where we cannot hide the value we seek. If it is only lust, a body to use; there is no love. But if respect teaches us to trust, and truth identifies the value of why we share, and the essence we have given to the life journey, that we do care. Then love will seek to express the meaning of everything we can be as one. The equally shared decision, to be “home” for both you and me.

It is purity that gives us hope, just like it is trust that builds a life together as one. Without truth we die. Holding truth precious in the light of day, grants the miracle: “we are the creators of this”; our lives as one.

Love is the grace of understanding, I choose to leave force behind, to accept the decision I desire a home, and will respect the boundaries that create our union. Love is the discipline of knowing, that freedom is a core truth of happiness, and that gives birth to joy. Love is the order of wisdom, to achieve the steps which ascend into eternity, without measuring cost or failure, so long as the intent is to build, and respect life. Love is, the essence of a journey beyond time, because without destruction; the price of existence is both peace and harmony. Each is a cost that gives back justice. Justice returns life to life, by truth; because we are then at the core of our own creation, “fair and wise enough” to choose love.

The cause of man is constantly to destroy what he has built; because justice fails, and fair play loses to the games they play. Humanity worships force, not love. Humanity dies, because they have no home, because they respect very little of love, because they want what truth does not allow.

HOPE, is the destiny created by love; but it is not from want or belief. Hope identifies truth, and from that truth arises the value of living in the ways that bring love to life itself. Where there is love, a home is born. Where there is truth, an eternity can arise. Where there is respect, the possibilities of CREATION ITSELF come alive, and we begin our relationship with GOD. Fools believe in fantasy, and want lies to be truth. It is never so. Cowards believe they can run away and hide from truth, to save their own lives from death or pain or the price of living; it is never so. Courage is required to survive. Courage is required to attain hope, and therefrom find the love which sustains living and life. Courage lives from love/ while only violence descends from hate, to hide the truth: these failed.

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Jim Osterbur

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