I do not suffer from it, but I know that people do. As a consequence to that, this may or may not be important to you. I recently took medicine for a rash. The two medicines most likely responsible are: prednisone and doxycycline/ they are not new.

The issue I am reporting is taken together at 4 prednisone per day and two of the other; the unfortunate side effect was “an entirely new experience going to the bathroom”. The anus hole, or just above; was altered from “normal to small”. Which means apart from the consequence to me: IF YOU are experiencing diarrhea; as with colitis . IF YOU could take these medicines or what is in them to restrict that area very significantly. IT WOULD give you far greater control over your own body. As to long term effects or extended periods I do not know.

There is a secondary set of informational material that is useful to understand.

Of the many things a body does for you, one of the disciplines that you do need to accept and obey is: when you sit down to “do #2”, it is entirely necessary to not push that out for the first fifteen seconds or so. Simply wait for the blood valve in your neck that opens when you are physically active and closes when you are not: to reset the blood in your head.. IF YOU push immediately “in the bathroom” before this closes. The extra blood that is in your head remains there; and can or will, when squeezed hard; give you a brain aneurysm

simply wait, pay attention; and do not let your own blood pressure spike too hard.

It is likely this type of occurrence is responsible for many migraines as well.


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