If there is a goodbye, it is this: that do to your pride, the demand for ignorance over respect for life, the disciplines you lack, and the order you are constantly fighting against; we have ceased to be friends. Not enemies; simply no longer engaged in a fight for our world; as you have no concern or care for truth or its reality.

Pride lets you play games, discarding life itself. Ignorance lets the university play games for you; by demanding even the complexity of a human body which you know is true/ is nothing more than an accident replicated an infinite amount of times, to become better than it was; without so much as a brain to make that decision, a tool to carry it out, or a knowledge base to learn from. Shame on you. You want freedom without a price/ so you make your children pay with their lives, by destroying their future. You want hate, because that lets you play god over another life. None of which I can tolerate or accept; unless you change.

You utterly refuse to listen to me: even though I speak with truth and knowledge/ about the reality of people who are literally trying to ignite the planet itself on fire; just like the sun/ and have spent trillions of dollars in that effort, to do that very thing. With no second chances. Shame on you; as I only ask you to recognize what is easily true and simple to share. You utterly refuse to believe “the universities are not your god”; and wallow in the cult that is, “we will never question our gods/ but believe everything they say, even to the point of extinction comes soon.”

You utterly refuse to accept biblical prophecy proven true. You utterly refuse to accept biological mutilation; because DNA is nature itself. You utterly refuse to consider the cost of what you do, either to the environment/ chains of life/ oceans/ resources/ or other: because you want what you want more, than life or a future for your child. Until of course the day you die/ the catastrophe you made comes.

You refuse to conceive of chaos and cannibalism: even though the historical one hundred year average population rise is 3%; which even at the current lies being told about population itself. That still equals one quarter of a billion new mouths to feed over deaths; each year. You eat other life, and the balance teeters on collapse at any moment in time. Each needs water, and that too teeters on collapse at any given time. The ocean is in trouble, literally everything we depend upon is in trouble; including your money. Which always leads to war; this time with weapons of mass destruction; ending life and planet.

But hey, you just want to be happy! So you lie; which causes you to cheat, which causes you to steal, which causes you to betray each other, which causes you to want more money to escape “the rat hole”. Gee, I wonder what could come next: not to worry the children are dead anyway; their resources are gone?

I provide the ways to better; but you don’t care: because you want what you want/ and what you want is to be RICH. Even though you cannot be rich; unless you make many other people be poor. Its the price.

You want to believe whatever you want in religion: “because everybody else did”/ so its your right. Even though religion has been a problem through the centuries, as well as a solution that could do much better.

You want to believe in science; as the constant propaganda has told you to do. But reality redefines that science by the cost of what it has done: the consequences both good and bad. Which reveals, “we paid too much” for too little.

You want to believe in democracy: but in court case after court case, I have proven that democracy is all but dead/ replaced with the people who have taken control over government and seek to impose themselves as “king or queen” in charge of everything. Your courtroom is a failure, and your justice is a fraud.

You want to believe in medicine: but in reality after reality it is the primary means of extortion and grand theft being displayed all over this nation. A reality of greed so extreme: there are truly people being “treated”/ just to take their money.

The public “worships” the idea, that no matter what they do/ there will be no “eternal cost”. Even though they still expect eternal life in some form or other. Reality does not agree, as life appeared without the slightest touch of mankind/ exists in time, without any decision of man/ and has been presented with JESUS, as a testimony presented with evidence; that life is complex, not simple. In other words, consequences exist along with each life.

I am simple: truth decides, not me.

The universities are fantasy: “chaos built everything out of nothing/ over a billion years”. Yet they offer nothing about how the sun should have lasted that long/ or how big it would have needed to be/ or how hot this planet would have been for that to be true. Just to make it simple.

The universities control: everything, therefore they are called to defend themselves; and you say, “they need not”. Because the herd believes themselves to be better off. It has been so for a single generation of people; because you didn’t pay for anything; thanks to machinery, resource destruction, and lies. But you cost the future everything; and there will be consequences accordingly.

You refuse to respect GOD WHO CREATED YOU! An extreme mistake, forever. To your shame.

But, you are who you are: freedom guaranteed you that right. The cost however is also a guarantee; because there are consequences to other living things.

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Jim Osterbur

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