There are, five types of insanity in this world/ 2 types of hate expressed beyond that point of human failure. They are:

  1. wanting something that then becomes risking so much more than your trophy is worth, that it is ultimately insane. Pride/ power/ and making life a game of winners and losers exist from this point on. “I can be greater than you”/ NOT equal.
  2. NOT wanting something important to be true, that then drives you beyond the edge of personal control, to accept the descent into hate as it begins to take over your life. This is a refusal to forgive, even when it is your own life that now threats you. Many erratic Behaviors emanate from here.
  3. NOT caring about the things which keep you alive, which let you survive and be happy; as is ultimately everything about this natural world of life. To discard the chains of living/ is to choose death. Depressions start here.
  4. Making the deliberate decision, to manipulate/ control/ tempt/ lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray/ fear/ or worship; that which causes the collapse of peace and harmony in society, or family, or even world itself. Because greed and its selfishness controls you.
  5. Searching beyond the realm of human reality, where fantasy and delusions are the elements which can betray the truth. I know more/ I am the superior one/ I can be god. Searching beyond the limits of time, where truth defines itself into a spiritual reality; is fraught with peril/ and must not be encountered unless you are truth itself.
  6. The reality of hate is divided into two categories: the first is jealousy (I cannot compete with you), cowardice (I cannot survive you), use and abuse (you will not escape me), perversion (I can own you), homosexuality (I can recreate me), arrogance (I am the winner/ or I make you lose too), gossip (you can be used), bully (I can make you cry), judgment: nobody truly matters but me. As is the reality of this category.
  7. The worse reality of hate is: I can take life, and play god by using fear, violence, revenge, and pain to make you believe. I am the worst enemy you will ever have. The purpose being: to remove all sense of love/ peace/ harmony/ life/ joy/ happiness/ or soul from you. “to make you like me”/ just before you die, and change your mind. “to rob GOD “, of you!

The purpose of identifying insanity is: to present the possibility of creating an understanding which then transforms the world; by letting you heal yourselves.

The passion of life, is not simply understanding how best to live; but how best to love, and find peace inside yourself. If you belong to truth, and accept reality is the price of life/ then you can understand the blessing, and the cost; every miracle is.

The foundation of love is respect, therefore if you have not found respect, through the truth of evidence that exhibits itself in your friendship: this is not love, and you must go on. Trust is what binds us together. But the difference between a life long relationship and “just for sex, or friendship” is: are moments which allow the conception of what we do share as one, and if we can care as two joined for life.

The foundation of peace, is not wanting more than truth will allow for you to own. That is different for each, therefore it is necessary not to judge anyone, including yourself. Instead look for purity of your own heart and mind; so that truth can expand your world, and increase your options. Life is not a game, if you treat it as one: someone will break the rules, and you will lose.

Harmony exists through justice, freedom, fair play, and equality. These things are not small nor trivial. Which does mean they require your protection, because hate will always try to take them away. Going to war does not make you “a patriot”/ defending your nation does.

The value of our world CANNOT be underestimated; or we all die. NATURE IS SACRED, or catastrophe is waiting; and there are no second chances, because you chose, to play god.

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Jim Osterbur

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