I now look to summarize my work: it is elementally a lifetime of fighting to keep this earth and all its living creation from dying due to human causes. That was a failure, even though I did the best I could do; none found sufficient cause to join/ not for life, nor money, nor planet, nor biology, nor children, nor any other thing which all express “they care/ but do not”. You care about money, and you want what you want; and that does not include anything other than what you want. Simple as that. But life is not saved by want/ nor is it simple.

Some will say, if only he had bribed us “sooner” then we would have listened/ but that is not true. As you listen only for money, and you want only the trophies to prove you won the game: and life is not a game. I chose not to spend time at any other thing: than a life planet, under extreme threat. You chose to run away and hide, no matter the evidence, or its reliable proof: even at the cost of igniting this world on fire/ still no response, because you worship at the religious cult of: “university knows”. And the truth is, I don’t do well around religious zealots: as is truth absolutely does not matter/ we are believers, and that is all life can be. Your constant is: the university is your god (even if you call yourselves a believer in other religions)/ and you call me worthless, and to be avoided “because I might make you think”; and that is not allowed in any cult.

Your constant is “us against you”/ my constant is: not us, you, or I, but truth decides what reality will become. You refuse truth by the evidence; and long ago judged me as worthless, or less. Never to venture close to that decision again; because I am “separate from the herd”. And every herd is the same: nobody gets to be very different, or you are pushed out. That can be lonely, and that can be a hard consequence to bear; if you do not belong “ to GOD” , as a truth of life.

The big break of course is: we only follow what we want/ and we don’t want your life. We don’t want to listen to your evidence or their threats; because that is not happy, and we want to be happy. So lead us to happy, and then maybe we might follow. Alas I don’t lead; and the only happiness you will find in your future is created by the changes you make within yourselves/ and you don’t want that. Because you are busy with your games, going to be winner/ or going to get revenge/ or going to cry. As history proves: when the big winners have made you all slaves: war breaks out, to take that away from them, even though it can cost you everything. Repeat and repeat and repeat: because the vast majority play games, which then requires the rest to play games to survive; instead of living life. That is the way of men, “leaders of this world/ now under the complete control of university: because they want the weapons, and they do, expect murder”. After all, the purpose of a game is just to pass the time, until the next round of death.

So, I asked the spiritual world: what would women do instead? That did not go as planned; and caused the next big break between us. Even so, women have proven to be very different; and of the massive effect I was required to endure: the end result is, for this world to become different than it is. Women must rule instead of men. That in a democracy, is far easier than it sounds: because the law decides, and we the people can in fact make our own laws. Which means a vote on the laws themselves, can change our world. The one constant of female rather than male is: men war/ women do not. A reality that is absolutely necessary to sustain a future; even though men hate that conception. Nonetheless, each wants; both men and women: what they want, and that does not include paying a single penny for mistakes or realities they do not want. Its like taking water out into the desert: if you don’t you die/ and yet you refuse because “the universities are going to save you”. But alas, they only care about themselves; which is why you trust them because you only care about yourselves: so they are just like you, “we are gods then too”. To your shame.

I offer you evidence of threat, you absolutely are not allowed to refuse, because the cost of being wrong is extinction. YOU REFUSE ANYWAY, because the media has not propagated anything other than he is to be ignored; and you believe in “the university”. So nothing else matters, not even burning the entire planet or mutilating life or a quarter of a billion people being added to this human population every year (all wanting to be fed/ to drink__+)

I offer you evidence of theft: currency inflated to fantasy/ and you don’t care; because the truth of that makes you afraid “then we have to pay”. Instead of hiding a trap, for every child; their future is revealed as chaos, caused by you. And the response is “we could murder you”.

I offer you democracy; and every leader cringes and corrupts even more to hide the truth of what life can be; instead of the few playing god with all life. It is buried in: “if only you were rich/ then you wouldn’t have to put up with us”. So work hard, and bury your life in that work, so there is nothing left to live for.

I offered you more/ showed you more/ asked you for more; but not a single penny was given. Even though I am clearly “friend, and not enemy”. You chose to continue toward HELL.

I showed you the prophecy of Daniel 12: now exists, because the great abomination cannot be other than gambling with this entire planet; by trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. wrong is not only a dead earth/ but a changed solar system; and it is impossible to be a greater abomination than that. So the biblical countdown began; and you refused to accept it, because the prophecy was tied to me as the interpreter; throwing away a world, because I am that repugnant to your religion. After all, I only search for truth, and do not accept belief (whatever we want); a reality you cannot abide in. So I must be “corrupt”/ after all, that is not what you want. And what you want, is the basis of all religion: beyond the tiny few things you do accept, that are true. Just like the universities, “the book is god; and cannot be questioned”. After all, it was written by men, language of men, interpreted by men, etc. Do recall: that is a biblical prophecy not mine. My prophecy for you is: the evidence of what is true SHALL decide your future. Simple as that, and it is bleak or less, without serious, and immediate change.

So I end there; after all, nothing worse than me preaching to you about things you don’t want to hear. “Ain’t that right”! True enough, “don’t ruin my excuse”/ cause I ain’t going to pay nothing, not even for a whole world.

As for me, come the tenth of July, 2019; the biblical end of mercy for you/ I end my battle for life on earth. Nothing further will be accepted, to aid that fight; even if you change your mind. The very most I could expect from you now, is “as an infant”: completely helpless, and in need of everything. As a man of 66 years; looking at a future you will not survive, without true mercy/ it is more than I desire to give. Forty years is long enough; fight for yourselves, or die. It truly is not over, until the point of no return has pasted. YOUR CHOICE IS: GO TO GOD , and do it now.

With regard to that: the new testament book of Revelation, may or may not give you a reprieve, beyond that old testament moment! Since Revelation is divided into two parts: the first eleven being men finish leading this world into extinction/ and the second part, from chapter 12: which begins with, a spiritual woman leading life back to a future. It is possible that the book of Daniel identifies the end of men in charge. Because Revelation 12, has in fact already occurred, and changed the end of life on earth/ into the end of male domination on earth. One or the other will occur, by biblical prediction. The spiritual woman resides with me, which does mean the second part of Revelation has already begun. The impact on me is, as has been written of; and controls “51%”. The reality of changes in me, is real. Which does make the ending chapters of Revelation concurrent with what the future can become. There is no perversion, and you cannot comprehend “a spiritual world”/ no purpose in trying. Time will prove what is true.

The reality of me, is then entirely dependent upon “the consequences of her”. We have traded places, as is “woman in charge”; whenever there is a dispute. Even though you can understand none of it; truth does not care, it is, whatever it is. I have no clue, “why me”. I have no real clue, what my future is going to be/ not even for an eternity, as things have changed that severely. It is not all bad/ it is worth the price for completing this work; as was necessary to regain hope. But it is both strange and different at the same time; not good/ not bad, just different and not the life I used to live. You wouldn’t understand.

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