Frameworks, within the human psychosis of what is, or is not important to life/ as determined by want, and the need to hide from reality. Are elementally at pandemic levels, due to the cost of “university knows” leadership that denies, belittles, destroys, and denigrates the value of life at all its various needs and methods of survival and society. The constant is: “the university cannot truly lead everything/ until it destroys what the people depend upon for life”. So that is exactly what the people who lead the university cult (we are gods/ no one questions us) does. This is the basis of a plot and planning, that is literally designed and intended to take over this world: by replacing truth of life by reality, with university story, fantasy, theory, and delusions.

THE QUESTION IS: why do the people listen/ and what is the primary disease, that allows for life to be eviscerated by stories that cannot be proven true; and are in fact so dangerously outlandish, as to be impossible to believe with just a tiny bit of thought.

The answer is: people want to be a herd of animals, rather than live the life of a human being alive in the essence of thought. Because it is easier to believe, than to study and accept the responsibility of your own decision. The disease is: “we have proven to be smarter than you/ because we did things which you cannot do”. But the question that poses for life is: DID they make things better, more than just for a moment?

The answer is about 97% no they did not/ therefore what they did do has no value to our existence: and in fact has degraded life, nature, and environment to the point we do face extinction now. Of the three percent improvement in our ability to survive; the reality continues to prove the cost and consequences of that improvement is leading to a crisis for the future which will in fact destroy life and planet. Letting us look at the one half of one percent, that could be counted as a blessing: as “expensive indeed”.

Even so, the basis framework of the human condition (this is what we want); is to demand “I got what I wanted, NOW”; AND I don’t and I won’t care about the rest, or the future, not even for my own child. Because all that really matters to me, “is what I want”.

That leads us all to the precipice identified as the cost of continuing as we are: or stepping back from the abyss, and accepting the price of life is order/ balance/ discipline/ and whatever truth demands for life to be; in accordance with our best efforts to gain and understanding of what truth is.

The constant human decision is: “we are a herd, and cannot make a decision for ourselves/ we can only operate as a herd; and we will not think independently for ourselves”. Simple as that, after forty years +, I know it is true.

The constant human demand is: DON’T TELL ME NOTHING/ I WANT MY EXCUSE. Because the outlying reality of human behavior is: If I let them decide/ then you can’t blame me, when this goes wrong! So, let them do what they do/ and when it goes bad, I will get out my gun; to blame them, and punish them, and take from others whatever it is that I need or want for me.

The alternative

Is to think for yourself, accept the consequences of your decisions, and prepare yourself with thought, by identifying truth. To do the best you can by understanding, that will never be perfect/ and neither will anyone else. So we will make mistakes, but if we let truth decide as best we can; learning from reality, the opportunity to change our mind will make life the blessing it was meant to be.

The critical question is: why does humanity want?

The critical answer is: because want, requires little or no thought at all! It simply measures and judges everything, and assesses the reality of what I don’t have, with what I could get; if I could manipulate and control the situation. Which makes life a game. And games, are meant to be “fun”/ so I want to have fun, by playing with people (with hate and love).

That is another framework of humanity: the decision that allows people to believe they can have both “hate and love”/ even though they are entirely opposite of each other. Which means it isn’t sustainably true/ each must choose. Because life does go in one direction or the other/ it will never remain “on the fence” for long; and you cannot jump back and forth. Life is: either about love/ or it is about hate; each by its various forms of interaction. This fundamental produces most of the behavioral catastrophe’s that inflict damage on life and society. Because people are afraid of descending into hate, and being buried by violence and revenge. They scatter “into the wind” when fear takes hold, while every attempt to get back out is a direct decision, to hide. People are afraid of ascending into love; because they believe at some point, this one will make me sad, and break my heart, and I will be lonely and afraid of life itself.

We then see the test of a new life; a life that can be assigned to love: is found only, when the opportunity of love is not fraught with the fear of being used or abused or cast aside without value.

Love creates thought, because it is an environment that allows for the creativity of freedom. And freedom is an essential cost, to beginning the journey beyond oneself. Want is everything measured selfish! Love and thought is everything beyond selfish or without true value. Do you see the difference?

Love elevates truth, because core value has its reward. Hate identifies with lies, cheater, thief; because all things done for hate must be hidden (you can’t stop me) until violence is known. The essence of love is “creation itself”; as is known by the value of miracles, and the balanced design called freedom expressed within limits. The essence of hate is, “death itself”/ as the lack of value does prove. So the people say: we want everything now, because death is coming. While the value of miracles say: beyond the comprehension of human, is a world filled with truths that are eternal, and a life that is known only by truth & love. It is JESUS that said: “we can be invited there”/ if our love is true to life and GOD. In contrast; hate argues, the dead as well as the living, are nothing more than dirt. A reality that cannot be proven in fact/ because far more is present than a chemical exchange.

No better view, of the reality that is: human greed controls. Than can be considered in the take over of America from the Indian nations. They could take it all/ so they did. The land was enough/ the resources were enough/ the people were little different in reality. BUT: They did not choose to share or accept any boundary whatsoever: because a gun, made murder easy. Just as today, weapons of mass destruction make war easy to start; but extinction of every life, will follow. YOUR HUMAN GREED caused this march to death, by destroying a world of resources; so you could just throw your trophies, trinkets, and toys away. Ending the future for every child. It is “greed”, the university way: like parasites eating the life, that is going to become a corpse/ but hiding that fact, so the people cannot make changes to survive. Propagating the lie:  “don’t worry/ be happy”, the university is your savior.

So the real question is: given the opportunity to make changes that will allow for life to survive on earth. Can you control your greed, or will you continue to take the easy way out, so that only selfishness exists? Because if you cannot accept love and truth will control the future: there is literally no use for you, on this earth/ and life is going to pass away forever.

love sits at the core value of life itself, the development of a desire that accepts the cost is worth this reward. That fact drives the truth: when invaded by the lies that divide our existence into love or hate/ the very soul of our existence is tested by the truth of what we then choose. Soul means: I have achieved a relationship with GOD . NOT by the ways of men or women, but where love begins. To journey back into time, where our own creation exists: is the essence of trust. Because trust lives in the values accepted by your heart. That heart (the driving energy of time and human life), is the gift of GOD; the place, where we meet our soul. 

Hate despises love, because it proves what they will never have; a life worth living “like that”. Therefore they take what they can, to demand fear me, “I can make you cry/ or even play god with your life”. It is, called freedom/ and it is the reality humanity demanded for itself. The vast majority want “love and hate”; because they want to be measured happy (where love is)/ and they want to be feared (leave me alone or give me what I want). They fail, because opposites never choose to occupy the same space. One or the other will be true of you. Those sitting on the fence when they die; have lost their way. A reality that cannot be changed, because death ends that choice.

You are energy as life; which does mean as reality states: instead of being simply lost, energy transforms itself, into something else, when forces require or allow it. If however, there is nothing fundamental about “you”, as is identity defined/ reality says “the bits and pieces of energy that had no effect on anything”; simply drift away, to dissipate into “nothing worth keeping”. You should consider that a warning.

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