The distance that we live between life and death, is the summary of your heart. That essence of existence equals the value you placed on time. Time discovers value by adding or subtracting what made you happy or hate. Time delivers the opportunity of thought, to achieve the quest called destiny in you. The difference between time and eternity: is your relationship with GOD, as is called soul. The curse of university, is tied directly to all those who deliberately intend to take these things away; even all of them, with worthless stories, lies, cheating, stealing, and betrayal; as is the cause of hate. Their purpose is power, their desire is to make life a game; without consequences to themselves. Their failure to accept reality or truth, is your own extinction from time, an entire planet lost; because you wanted to play their game! Their delusions are becoming your HELL; as is the evidence of your reality, proven by truth.

You stand at the door of world war 3 and don’t know it. You stand at the door of nuclear fire, that will consume this planet as a sun; and don’t know it. You stand at the reality of cannibalism; because you overpopulated the earth; and don’t know it. You stand at the edge of no drinking water and war; and don’t know it. You stand at the edge of global environmental destruction; and don’t know it. Because you refuse to believe the university is not your god/ your savior/ your “friend”. Even though the evidence proves their foundation changes, and extreme experimentation; are the essence and core of ENEMY.

While some value has been gained: it is not without cost!

The critical cost of university is: THEIR LIES, AND FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THE TRUTH. The constant curse of a reality changed so they can play god; is both vile and vomit and a complete failure for the living. SO I HAVE DEMANDED A LEGAL TRIAL, TO DETERMINE WHAT IS, OR IS NOT TRUE; REGARDING THOSE THREATS WHICH WILL MAKE US ALL EXTINCT. PROVE, why they should not answer, so that we can all understand: when gambling with the existence of our whole world.

IF, you do not claim them to be you’re “religious god” for yourselves; THEN THEY WILL NEED TO ANSWER, HOW AND WHY IT IS, THAT THEY GAMBLE WITH OUR WORLD, our EVERYTHING. WHEN THE TRUTH OF THEIR WORK IS: THAT ALL LIFE CAN DIE, BECAUSE OF THEM. That is called terrorism, and belief will not protect you or me. WHAT WE NEED IS TRUTH, by the evidence proven; by the facts placed; in front of our eyes, ears, and reality.

It is not me they need to convince of their stories (it can’t be done). It is however me, that they need to face in court; so that we can identify what is true: that threatens our world with extinction. No little issues! Only the facts, which confront us with life or death or HELL. You have passed by the day, when I believed you could do it for yourselves; a cult has no brain, not even when it is massive. It is the zealot and the fool, who cannot stand to question their belief; because truth does not matter.

I have given you answers; NOW, I do want answers for myself, in legal trial: so that we can end the insanity, with truth. In the real world, truth does matter! Unless you just want to die, forever as a world. All base elemental questions have been provided within my sites; search them, and understand why.

IT IS YOUR FEAR, that makes you afraid of challenging them. BECAUSE WITHOUT THEM, and your belief they can answer the questions, and protect you from what you are afraid of: there is nothing to follow, but fear. “sheep”!

LIES ARE NOT ANSWERS; they are a death trap!

Reality is not an enemy, but it needs truth to decide; or it can be.

TRUTH EXISTS, as the laws which will not be denied; the critical reality that is not a game. Which does mean, there are consequences! University fantasy and delusions, are a game built upon the assertion: we “can play god”. In an extremely complex world, those fantasies WILL END; as the reality of even simple failures continue to pile up into catastrophe’s that will not be stopped. ENDING LIFE ITSELF!

I DON’T CARE, WHAT YOU OR THEY BELIEVE; “its your eternity, not mine”. I DO CARE, this entire world is about to be lost forever; and only truth can stop that. Only trial, WITH ALL THE INFORMATION, gathered throughout this world (by universities and others): about what our future is going to be. Can make you aware: THAT IT IS HUMANITY, THAT THREATENS EXTINCTION OF ITSELF, and this whole EARTH. Because you let the universities be your god. STEP BACK, AND LEARN WHAT IS TRUE.

This is not death of a university; but it is the end of a cult that believes anything, no matter how utterly delusional it is! Or more distinctly it is, a purge of the “religiously (they are gods) insane”. The end of those who say, “I don’t have to care”; regardless of the excuse!

THIS IS, AND IS INTENDED TO BE: reality returns, not you or me; but the foundations upon which our lives depend must rule the future. Simple as that, before we have no choice.

THIS IS: NOBODY GETS TO THREATEN LIFE ON EARTH, not by any means! And that includes weapons of mass destruction/ SHALL BE REPLACED, with world law to govern over all leaders.

fight for your world, or you are going to lose it all.  Too damn late, is worthless!

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Jim Osterbur

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