want 2

want 2

Within the realities of being human, the single most critical definition of a curse: is want. Or more distinctly, the corruption of desire, into something far less truthful.

Freedom presents us all, with a decision: to let truth establish the desire of our heart, by the essence of living life in the natural flow of realities as designed by nature. OR, to accept the design of a brain, is more than enough: to get what you want/ or remove what you don’t want: by plotting, planning, temptation, manipulation, control, hate, use, abuse, deception, lies, lust, and any other method that is not consistent with “let life, rather than self, decide”. Or more simply: it is like life in a car/ versus life among the flowers, which then shape our decisions. In a car life passes by quickly, and without the slightest version of detail; don’t need that now. Whereas among the flowers, it is the details of living with expressions we cannot explain, “by our own hand”: that conceives of miracles, and show us a destiny beyond ourselves. In a car, everything is about self. Do you see the difference? The vast majority want a car, so that everything can be about self, passing all life by, except for the trophy or trinket or toy you purchased to prove “how great you are”/ just to throw away.

Want is then the difference between “loving life”/ and using life to achieve a personal goal. Few goals can be realized, without a game. So want becomes the basis of every game that humanity plays, to avoid living with life itself. Want then becomes: the human excuse, to isolate life as “its all about me”. As is the definition of selfishness and greed.

Desire is about everything that makes life more valuable, as is the creation conceived by love. Want says: “I make life more valuable to me”/ therefore the same, because I love me, the most. Yet these are completely different: as desire and life join love to become the value of our destiny. Whereas want, abandons all other life, to make the only value of living: what I want or don’t want is everything. Do you see the difference?

People grow unhappy quickly when living only by want/ so they modify their behaviors into “I want, everything I want: but I want love too (I am lonely)/ and I want hate too (I want power)/ and I want life to participate too (help me)/ and I want the future to be what I want too (I believe, give me religion to get, what I want). So they include some dimensional room, for other things than self/ and then “sit on the fence”; as to all important decisions that create an identity. Which could survive beyond time, by its own truth. Failure Ends eternity for themselves, because nothing less than truth will survive: life has no room for selfishness or greed, beyond the grave.

The most destructive mechanism throughout all of human existence is want. Because want decides how selfish you will become; and selfishness decides how tragic life, and your impact on others will become. Without want, the world is a completely different human experience: because it is human, “being alive, among the miracles”/ rather than existing, or competing in time for trophies, trinkets, or toys.

Want is the essence, or core purpose of an animal, the underlying reality of what drives an individual animal forward to exist and survive. They need a herd, for safety; so the herd wants what it wants to insure that safety, requiring obedience “to our kind”. The pack wants a predator, that will do its share, by taking risks, “for us”; that can result in injury or death; to achieve its goal called dominance. Every animal wants, because it does not know desire. Desire rises above want, to enable the comprehension of thought. As does begin with an understanding: “these are miracles, a complexity we cannot explain, other than to say: by the hand of GOD”.

Want lives in the brain, but it can overtake the brain, and destroy the ability to comprehend more than just want. Thereby becoming what is effectively a dead human brain, to let the human itself descend into animal.

Animal means: I live to want, and what I want is to live the best life I can, by taking all I can get; including examples of love and friendship. Simple as that. Taking means: “with money, power, and pride” I get more; and more of what I want, is what I want (the herd). Greed adds in: I want yours too, and won’t share nothing; because now, its all MINE (the predator).

Human means: I live to express and experience my desire to achieve life itself, as is consistent with the essence of being a miracle that is literally ALIVE. Thereby my purpose is to understand the balance between life and death, by elevating thought into the creation of, heart and soul. Do you see the difference?

By the same concept: religion is based entirely in want/ while the reality of faith is a destiny of desire. The curse of want is, that it leads to pride, and pride leads to power, and power leads to the arrogance of “playing god” with life. Religion lets you believe whatever you want, within its declaration of order and discipline/ thereby humanity finds (lots of choice) its savior, by believing whatever he or she wants to believe. Faith does not allow for belief, it resides entirely within truth, and functions as the path that lifts desire into love. Love, the joining of truth, value, and respect, to life; therefrom elevates truth, as a path of value into Creation (where life resides) itself by respecting the laws which sustain our existence, and control eternity. You must desire the truth, before you can search into the essence of love. You must desire value, before you can construct the passions of destiny. You must desire respect, before you can conceive of the laws which govern life. By the reality of the bible itself: when the old testament has completely finished its work; as is the countdown of days (we have now past the “2nd death”). Then the new testament would control, for the last “half time”.  Believe it or not, it does divide at Revelation 12.  A prophecy that has begun; and it leaves room for a “remnant” at the end. But only time will tell if that is so. The critical decision is:  IF you will not change (that includes letting women control by producing the laws we vote upon, for nation and world)/ then the prophecy will be enforced as written.    “According to biblical theology”; I have no say, but I do believe you have an additional “30 days” to seek your answer.  I could be wrong. 

We then see that life is a choice, to want selfishness as your home/ OR, to desire life as the cradle of your future. They are not the same!

Everybody wants, at some point in their lives; because life has not delivered on a promise or a need or a life with love, that we had hoped for. Therefrom hope, is an elemental crossroad, in the distribution of your life, from time to its composition as reality. The distance we are willing to travel in search of our hope, is the substance that will determine how we choose, “what life we will live”. Or, more critically, if you have no patience, and accept no discipline: you will lunge for whatever you want, whenever it approaches/ and you believe for whatever reason, that you can. That has consequences, which can last a lifetime, for you or another life. In contrast to that, if you have accepted patience, and the promises of discipline, as are consistent with order, balance, and truth: then you will wait until the time arrives that the cost of waiting longer seems prohibitively high. Gambling “I must” do something. It never works out/ this is a sacrifice that will end badly.

To illustrate that point I offer two lessons of my own life: I wanted to find a solution for this planet and its life that was not extinction. Finding no possibility, after a ten year search: that male could change this world “men had made/ because that is what they want”. Knowing not even fear would change this outcome. The only solution left was to ask female. That became a spiritual decision to search for what is true of female as life; and the consequences have been serious/ but at least, there is a possibility of hope for this world. A tiny bit longer. If life survives it was worth the price/ if it does not, it was still worth the price, because my soul could not tolerate doing nothing. But make no mistake; the changes required are just devastating to being male; trapped in a situation I cannot escape. Because the spiritual world knows only truth/ and my truth has become, “I live in a female world/ and they are not entirely happy with male therein”. On an individual level “I lost”. But in terms of finding at least a hope for this world to survive: I found what I needed, and that makes it “really strange at times”/ but ok; it was my choice/ at least initially to believe I could understand. The surprise was how truly different women are. Its complicated, we need each other. ANY TRUTH you enter in the spiritual world can trap you forever, unless you understand that truth. Every truth has power due to the laws which make it real: make no mistake every choice you make is, or could essentially become, “your future”. The spiritual world will not “be left behind”/ once you have entered its domain. Unless you are pure enough, to understand the law.

At any rate, the second example is: finding time running out, with the opportunity arising due to chemical contamination/ I decided to have a working gall bladder removed. NONE suggested I should not; because medicine gets paid “large sums of money”, for your pain/ or their surgery; and they want the money. Even so, I believed it would most likely lead to a trial regarding “inappropriate billing charges”/ and was correct. that is a reality of American life, people would be interested in. That would offer a media opportunity to say: this world is dying/ there must be change. What I did not evaluate was my sisters intervening to insure I could not take this matter to court; by using money from a trust fund, to pay their billing. They want the money, to be inherited for their children, after I die: “just going to lose”, was the excuse. So my sacrifice ended with a lost gall bladder, and they collected around $45,000.00 for a couple hours work plus 4 nights in “their motel room (insurance too good, or money expected to be collected)”.  Alas: Never sacrifice/ it never pays, and always makes things worse. I knew better: but an entire world of life being lost, is a high incentive I just didn’t resist. It was a choice; a gamble that I lost.

The critical reality of this world is very simply want: the desire covered over by lies, to keep everything the fantasies of university has provided. “as, yes we can play god”. Yes we can avoid paying for our reality/ “let the children pay”. Yes we can just shout, and pretend there is a government; even though shouting, nor arrogance, never solved anything. It just makes things worse.

Or more simply: everybody wants to keep their lies, and their bribes, and their stolen lives, and their betrayal silent, and their belief that nothing bad is going to happen in their lifetime, here on earth/ because the university is god. And they want that religious zeal to protect them from reality. But alas, truth will always win; and your truth is, “you chose for extinction” of this world. Because want, was more important to you, than life, or truth, or child.

Another way of saying that is: “when all the low-hanging fruit” has been picked/ you either must find a way to reach beyond your grasp; OR you are out of a job”. SO, ALL TOGETHER NOW: let’s pretend.

So the universities are reaching “to be god over biology” because work is no fun.

So the universities are reaching “to be god over energy”, because it is fun to play god.

So the universities are reaching “to take control over everything” because they are superior and deserve to play god over life.”

so the universities are reaching “to manipulate all of humanity; just to prove they can, because that makes them think they are gods”.

So the universities are reaching “to destroy all other options, because they believe you will have no choice but to declare them gods” even though that will backfire, and the horrors unleashed will be terrifying.

But hey, “they don’t want to give up their easy, & free to do anything you want, job; or give back the money either”. And , Neither do you: so bring out the lies, let’s tell stories, let’s bribe, and let’s play games; and gamble this whole world won’t die. How is that not true? Alas the price of being wrong in any of the major threats is extinction for our world; but “lies can cover that up”. After all, if nobody wants to surrender their lies/ and everybody wants to gamble with the world, to protect their power and pride: we can’t all be wrong. Right? Alas, lies are lies/ makes no difference how many people spread them; they are still lies. Just like the american currency has been inflated by $9 trillion dollars a year for decades now: and everybody lies. Because they just can’t face the truth, that the game is over and all their promises “to pay later” were not kept. The cost of course is simple: we can pretend until the resources are gone/ and then HELL ON EARTH will arise as every child is eaten or worse. Hey, but who cares right/ let the children dig in your garbage “its full of resources”. Right!

UNLIKE the universities who believe there are no consequences, and they can continue to do anything they want without regard or respect, for literally anything about life or planet. The reality is: this world dies only once! World war three will start, and end all life on earth: and no matter how much the people say “that will not happen”/ the people who lived through world war 2 know better. The people of Germany believed, until chaos began to rein. The people of Japan felt completely trapped and enslaved, by their own hordes. Throughout history, the majority have been wrong about their future, more than they have been right. Once a nuclear bomb explodes, there is no going back/ and there will be no mercy, not for this nation either. All the rest will say, “we cannot accept this, and choose sides”. And even that is more fundamentally merciful, than igniting this world on fire just like a sun. Or mutilating all of life into chaos. Or the rest of the consequences, that can clearly be predicted by the threat. This is no game, life or death for our world is being decided right now: either vote/ or dig a grave/ because nobody gets out, by hiding or running away. 8 billion people will insure that is true.

You have not escaped, YOUR deliberate decision too:

  1. alter and mutilate nature, through DNA.
  2. Weapons of mass destruction, “takes only one to begin the end”.
  3. Changing energy boundaries, and playing where discipline and order do not rule.
  4. Poisoning the earth
  5. destroying resources
  6. cursing the environment
  7. overpopulation of humanity
  8. destroying the oxygen level with your fires
  9. destroying life in the oceans, along with all pollution involved.
  10. Changing disease into a monster, instead of a controlled reality.
  11. Destroying the currency of many nations by university led counterfeiting; hiding the inflation, discarding the debts to children: by claiming asset generation (we got a bribe) instead. The reality: you stole all our money, and made us slaves with nothing/ a true cause for war, as every human knows.
  12. Playing god, over every living thing you can touch.

And thoroughly disrespecting GOD AND LIFE ! to your eternal shame.

As you continue your arrogance, demanding pride is all the power you need to control reality; the lies make you blind, deaf, and dumb. But truth has no regard for lies, and it will change reality by the laws which govern whether we live or die.

Nothing is more certain to be a foundation judgment against you, with eternal consequences: than is the intentional ignition of an atomic fire, as is being attempted in more than one place. But the biggest and most likely to succeed is www.iter.org EVEN YOU KNOW, that once an atom is ignited on fire; YOU CANNOT EXTINGUISH THAT FLAME. Just like the sun, it will consume this entire planet and change the solar system; because that is what YOU CHOSE. No going back, no second chances to “do this over”. No mercy, or opportunity to survive. Not one! With less than a one in one billion chance to “let them be correct”/ and the almost infinite reality as has been proven true: that they will be WRONG. Still you want your pride, more than your life; even though that will change in a single heartbeat. As you know, and it is proven true: you chose to create HELL.

To cover a truth, that is causing you “problems”/ is not to hide it. but to recognize, “if you have brought pain” for instance/ then you need to cover that up by bringing hope or happiness, to those who may or may not deserve that as well. And so on. As would be true of “if you have chosen to deliberately disrespect GOD / then you need to do what will establish RESPECT FOR   GOD  to cover over what you did do, that created trouble, for life on earth.

As for me: I chose to spend my entire lifetime as an adult and before/ in search of the means to save this world from humanity itself. As the constant is: “we want more/ and we don’t want to pay/ and we won’t protect life or planet at all”. Unless we can pretend.

I did that, and I accept my choice. I chose to enter the spiritual world, knowing in advance it was particularly dangerous, if not for truth. It was, a blessing that I did survive. I did not choose to encounter the dimensional reality of women/ but only intended to ask a question: believing that was possible. It was not, but it was my choice to open the spiritual door to their world; so I accept the consequences. The most devastating of those being: “my tits” have been pushing out for over thirteen years/ what seems like must be at least; over 12,000 hours worth/ they are just relentless. They have caused change, I have lost all resistance/ they do whatever they desire. Never my intent, but it is my reality: I feel weird. So we end those descriptions; without any significant proof other than “tits”, and change you cannot fully see. It has been a lifetime of “blocked doors”; as each method of establishing a conversation with “humans in time”/ was not allowed. GOD has HIS own plan, and I literally can do nothing but work, until the day arrives when HE releases the message/ ONLY THEN DOES this message our world must change to save itself;   IN FACT,   “becomes from   GOD “.  HE alone,   can make the world take notice; certainly not me.  THAT HAS been proven with absolute certainty, from the beginning, and over forty years +/ with no room for error.   I do say its HIS message: do to the severity of your situation, and the reality of an education that does suggest; “I did in fact enter the spiritual world”. Whether by death first, I am not truly certain: “its complicated”.

As always, you can ridicule and deny anything you want. But you cannot escape what is true, and truth by the evidence says: extinction will come soon. NOT because I desire it, or even GOD does not desire it: this is HIS CREATION. But because you refuse to respect life or planet, clamoring only for greed, selfishness, pride, and power; “more”, that cannot be sustained. I asked for you to question your leaders in trial, to prove the evidence is real; one way or another. You said to me: “our universities cannot be questioned/ because they are gods”. Even if you didn’t use those words, it is what you meant.

Time is not a perfection, because nothing measured, “at least in this world” ever achieves perfection. There is always “some detail” that people will argue about. Time is not “a given”; as being wrong, even about the smallest detail, can lead to death. Time is not a question that can be argued: because death will tell you nothing. Time is not the essence of life itself, because we are more than the chemicals which make up a body: we consist of thought, as well as much more that cannot be seen.  YOU KNOW what the chemicals are, that build a body of human life:  yet put them all together any way you like, and not one tiny detail resembles “life”. Time is not the critical definition of a life, because we are more than can be measured as a man or women or child. TRUE Love is, a value that has no end. Time however, IS a reality that can end; because being wrong, leads to chaos. And chaos is the destruction of everything complex; down to its most simple form possible. As is the defined meaning of that word! Without order, discipline, balance, thought, energy contained, truth, respect, law, and more: absolutely nothing exists. Random accidents cannot build or retain, a single thing. Without thought, and all the rest this whole world provides, that you take for granted; as well as, in your own life, what would this world truly be? Answer is chaos, and chaos builds nothing, because it is, and will always be: simply destruction. Which proves evolution is no more than a lie/ adaption being the sign of “perfect design (I knew, it would be needed)”.

That makes trial, NOT about what you learned that is irrelevant/ but about what you did not learn, with regard to respecting the reality, and the consequences:  of what it means to be WRONG.

As is the reality of religion, most of which describe the world ending/ but none of which will accept, the evidence of our extinction is now real. They all scream: GOD  will never let anything bad happen to this earth or its people. Yet apart from history, the truth is you are not  “GOD’S  people”/ as is so clearly proven by the plague you ingested that gives evolution its claim to be “your creator”. You are, “the people who belong to the university knows cult”. Because you clearly and deliberately “let them play god”; with life, and planet. To your shame.  How is that “your protection”?  Oh wait, I know: they are your gods;  even if that is absolutely wrong/ it is your choice.

Just so its simple, I will add in: there is “no magic” here with regard to an education, nothing was given for free. EVERYTHING was learned by hard work and always taking risks, that made sense to me. It is however true, that situations occurred “not created by me”; which led me, and required me to learn; as best I could. But make no mistake, the tools, the brain, the body, the life and time and everything that makes understanding anything possible: is entirely a gift. A reality that life came with for me; just as your abilities, no matter what they are, came with you. OUR CREATOR gives us these gifts, therefore it is ultimately true: every truth can only be truly defined as a respect for GOD . there is no such thing as perfection, not for you or me; all of life is simply “as best we can”. That is my story.

It is also my story, as presented on several of my sites that I provided: that I did in fact enter within the spiritual world of women/ it was NEVER intended. But that is irrelevant now. What is important is the result: that my work to establish an understanding in you of the need for change, and the outline for making that change has been done due to her influence. You need not deal with more/ as you will never understand. I repeat the warning: this is between women and me/ and has absolutely nothing to do with men other than me. “its complicated”. What is not complicated is: NEVER approach me as man other than to be friends. There is absolutely NO possibility of “sexual anything”/ at the risk, and even certainty of your own eternity lost to Hades (eternal punishment) forever. That is no game, and I take no responsibility if you fail. This is not about any desire to be female (never was, not ever)/ its not transsexual, or any other perversion. I just opened the door to “the eternal truths governing female existence”/ and was captured, to my surprise. But it is proven true: that we needed each other, to accomplish this work. What happens from here is unknown, but whatever it is to be: IT IS, between women and me. Or, the spiritual world of women could simply let me go free; I literally have no choice. Her truth, is greater than mine; her laws rule this place, inside the soul. I literally have no say; its all gone.

Its complicated; and I did not say “fun”. I can only assume, because she refuses to let me go, and more; its because you are going to need some help, should you actually work for life and planet and a future. When you have proven your choice; I suspect my life will change accordingly. One way or the other; no real clue.  life is what it is, there is no purpose in wishing for what it is not. The value of living is finding happiness in what you do have. The reality of our choices, is a consequence cannot be truly undone. Therefore make your decision early, because real second chances are rare. As to me, “never wanted tits”/ never wanted to be “female”; it is not “my thing”.  These descriptions have all kinds of consequences to male, that are not desirable. Wishing won’t change anything.

It has become abundantly clear, that her intent has not changed since we first met: she is still angry about how men have treated women, throughout history. Still determined, I should know what that really means; even though I am personally innocent of all charges. This is not likely to end well for me. No, not a clue how, what, where, when, why; not a clue what I am suppose to do about it. I feel like I went from being in trouble/ to the edge of potential catastrophe, no exit door; reality wins.  I just needed to ask a question/ as the only thing left “for male: was war.” Men are men, and that was destined for failure, and world collapse as the result. Just had to ask, “life or death for a world, affects women too”. They are different, so their solution had to be different as well. It did work/ except for this. Having considered the reality, that I did receive exactly the help, which I asked for: “help me find a way”. I should not be complaining about her need for what she accepts as a major threat to women. It is only fair; although “nothing compared to what was expected”. It was just a question/ but the answer could not be understood, without at least a fundamental introduction to what women would do. Just how it is. Life can be strange, not a man in the history of the world would have come up with this plan: “to make a man, experience some things as a woman”/ just so it would be clear what is wrong. Not even the mental failures, who just want to be what they want a woman to be; instead of reality. Life is not a game, it is what it is.

It also occurs to me, that if this spiritual woman is going to accomplish her decision: then she must, or she must be allowed, to keep this earth alive. A reality we both cherish as valid and true, to the essence of our own respect for this whole Creation. UNTIL that decision is proven true or false/ as is “accepted, or denied”, by the human heart! Time, will prove what is true.

You should take the lesson: and NOT allow a decision from which you cannot return/ human decisions that will end life on earth as we know it.  From happening, in every case, where any possibility of  NO second chances, might exist.  LESS, IS insane!

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